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IRS Leaked Christine O’Donnell’s Info the Day She Announced Her Senate Candidacy
Pajamas Media ^ | 07/19/2013 | BRYAN PRESTON

Posted on 07/19/2013 7:41:03 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

It may turn out that within the IRS abuse of Tea Party, conservative, Jewish and other groups was another layer of abuse: women. Catherine Engelbrecht so far has the most harrowing story to tell, of abuse by multiple executive branch agencies after she founded the grassroots election security watchdog True the Vote. Now former Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is naming names, saying that her tax information was compromised the very day she announced her Senate candidacy. That same day, the IRS slapped a lien on a house that it believed she owned, only to withdraw that lien when the agency discovered that she no longer owned it.

O’Donnell ran for Senate in 2010. She only found out about the breach of her private information this year.

The phone message earlier this year shocked the battled-scarred candidate, a tea party favorite who knocked off Republican mainstay Michael Castle in the primary before losing in a bid to win Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s former seat.

Ms. O’Donnell, this is Dennis Martel, special agent with the U.S. Department of Treasury in Baltimore, Md. … We received information that your personal federal tax info may have been compromised and may have been misused by an individual,” he said in the January message left on her cellphone.

For Ms. O’Donnell, the message immediately raised red flags.

On March 9, 2010, the day she revealed her plan to run for the Senate in a press release, a tax lien was placed on a house purported to be hers and publicized. The problem was she no longer owned the house. The IRS eventually blamed the lien on a computer glitch and withdrew it.

That’s an awfully coincidental computer glitch.

Now Mr. Martel, a criminal investigator for the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration, was telling her that an official in Delaware state government had improperly accessed her records on that very same day.

Beyond that, Ms. O’Donnell and Senate investigators who have tried to help her have run into a wall of silence, leaving more questions than answers about whether abuses of the IRS system extend to private individuals and not just the tax-exempt groups already identified as victims.

“I don’t know. And I’d like to know,” Ms. O’Donnell told The Washington Times in her first interview about the case. “Because whether it’s one, eight or 80 [cases], it’s an abuse of power at the IRS. It’s using the IRS as a political weapon, and that shouldn’t be done.”

Ahead of a new hearing on IRS abuse today, the Treasury Department told Sen. Chuck Grassley that at least four politicians — that could be candidates for office or officeholders, we don’t know — had their private information improperly accessed through the IRS since 2006. Evidently O’Donnell is one of them.

So have women been even more unfairly abused by Obama’s IRS than others? Well, at this point we don’t know. But it has been obvious for years that liberals reserve special venom for women who happen to be conservatives. The left pushes a narrative that it “stands for women” — that was the Texas Democrat Party’s exact line during the recent battle to pass a modest abortion law — but the reality is that while it does stand for some women it by no means stands for all women. Juanita Broaderick found out how little sympathy women who stand up against powerful Democrats will get.

When women disrupt that narrative, as state Sen. Donna Campbell, state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, state Rep. Stephanie Klick, state Rep. Stefani Carter and other women did by championing the abortion bill through the Texas legislature, leftists either denounce them or pretend that they do not exist. Either tactic is demeaning and dismissive of women who happen to disagree with the left’s lines on issues. Carter, who is black, is running for statewide office now on the Republican ticket. As a black woman running as a conservative and pro-life Republican, Carter can expect to become the left’s next target of unreasoned hate. Battleground Texas is probably already building an arsenal of hate to unleash on her.

Sarah Palin has endured years of misogynistic abuse from the left for being a working mom who was a successful governor who happens to be a pro-life conservative. During my own years at Hot Air and on the Laura Ingraham Show I saw liberal abuse of notable conservative women up close. The abuse liberals heap on conservative women every single day is quite real and it reaches insane levels. It remains to be seen whether the IRS reserved any special scrutiny for women who stand for themselves as anything other than Democrat.

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To: CitizenUSA

I was involved with government from local to fed for many years. I have been telling people that it is a matter of people’s evil that ruins the intent of/for government. The whole spectrum of humans in government reminds me of basket ball players making intentional fouls to prevent a score by the opposing team. I believe that the Founders knew human behavior very well when they cautioned that the workings of the new Republic was only as durable as the the people of the Nation were dedicated to It’s law/Constitution. The Nation has gone down the path the Founders feared.

41 posted on 07/19/2013 9:43:19 AM PDT by noinfringers2
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To: FlingWingFlyer

42 posted on 07/19/2013 9:49:53 AM PDT by unixfox
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To: Soul of the South
It was noteworthy when I changed my registration I was not asked for any kind of identification.

My county recently switched from contract mail addresses (RR-xx Box-yy) to street numbers. In order to change the address on my driver's license I had to provide my birth certificate, SS card, two forms of proof of residence (utility bills) and my then current DL. To change the address on my voter registration card I needed to only supply my then current card and verbally transmit my new address.

43 posted on 07/19/2013 9:51:46 AM PDT by Roccus
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To: I want the USA back
“computer glitch “

They really take us for fools.,

We are fools. For letting them run over us year after year after year.

It IS time for revolt and destruction of those that hate us.

44 posted on 07/19/2013 9:57:05 AM PDT by unixfox
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To: txrefugee

Sorry, but I take slight offense to that statement.

I am not religious, but I can READ and FOLLOW the Constitution. Being a (L), I’d say I follow it more-so than the (R) [I’ve yet to understand just what Conservatives are conserving....the NEW big gov’t (today) or the OLD big gov’t (191x)]. There are plenty people of religious background that would use the power/force of gov’t that would run counter to the Constitution.

It is those who understand what Life, Liberty and Freedom MEAN, not by words, not from their religious dogma, but by actions. Gov’t is primarily instituted to protect our Rights, but I see very few championing that job.

45 posted on 07/19/2013 10:26:21 AM PDT by i_robot73 (We hold that all individuals have the Right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives -
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To: noinfringers2

You’re absolutely right. The founders intentionally created a system of checks and balances, because they knew—without a doubt—that people are inherently evil. That’s the Christian perspective, too. Sinful man cannot be trusted to wisely use their power over other men, and Christianity tells us that we are all evil, sinful at our core. Sure. We can wage war against those evil feelings, like envy, jealousy, hate, deception, etc., with Christ’s help, but that doesn’t mean the evil nature no longer has any sway over us.

It’s also possible to be a morally decent person without Christ (from a man’s perspective—not God’s), but that takes exceptional self discipline created by proper upbringing and a strong will. A government of moral people can do the right thing, but the problem is simply that evil people are naturally drawn to want power over others, and the more powerful government gets, the less moral the people become.

A moral people don’t even need government.

46 posted on 07/19/2013 10:27:32 AM PDT by CitizenUSA (Why celebrate evil? Evil is easy. Good is the goal worth striving for.)
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To: SeekAndFind
It is a federal crime for anyone, IRS employees included, to make public tax returns or taxpayer information. Yet, the corrupt Holder Justice Department has held none of these scumbags accountable.

Too busy harassing an innocent Floridian, I guess.

47 posted on 07/19/2013 10:55:48 AM PDT by colorado tanker
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To: bray

Her tax problems became a huge issue in her campaign, but to you it is a big joke.

I never thought her tax problems were a joke....a little irresponsible on her part, but her video saying she wasn’t a witch was her downfall. She was a great conservative who destroyed herself.

48 posted on 07/19/2013 11:04:20 AM PDT by napscoordinator (Santorum-Bachmann 2016 for the future of the Country!)
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To: CitizenUSA


49 posted on 07/19/2013 11:12:10 AM PDT by Earthdweller (Harvard won the election what's the problem.......? Embrace a ruler today.)
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To: SeekAndFind

the IRS has not changed a bit since the scandal erupted I bet

50 posted on 07/19/2013 11:24:38 AM PDT by GeronL
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To: SeekAndFind

the IRS has not changed a bit since the scandal erupted I bet

51 posted on 07/19/2013 11:24:39 AM PDT by GeronL
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To: SeekAndFind
ALL of this points to ONLY ONE course of ACTION.


52 posted on 07/19/2013 11:26:42 AM PDT by VideoDoctor
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To: CitizenUSA
Well said.

The core argument for Judeo-Christian upbringing. Our founders knew what they were talking about. Communist governments are consummate evil with no restrictions. They only get bigger and more abusive.

53 posted on 07/19/2013 11:29:24 AM PDT by Art in Idaho (Conservatism is the only Hope for Western Civilization.)
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To: napscoordinator
Actually, the media brought her down and nobody was willing to take any heat with her. Why do you think we have nothing but McCains and GOPe candidates?

New blood will always be destroyed for a previous misstep.

Pray for America to Wake Up

54 posted on 07/19/2013 12:20:15 PM PDT by bray (Coming soon: The Republic of Texas 2022)
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To: ilovesarah2012
So what can she do about it? I have never seen our government so out of control.

She's a fighter. She'll be back.

55 posted on 07/19/2013 12:31:09 PM PDT by Art in Idaho (Conservatism is the only Hope for Western Civilization.)
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To: SeekAndFind

So the IRS was working with Karl Rove?

56 posted on 07/19/2013 2:40:05 PM PDT by Mamzelle
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To: Cowboy Bob
The IRS did not leak the information. The IRS is an organization.
A PERSON working for the IRS released the information. We need to find out who that person is and “Go Alinsky” on their ass.

The police aren't a person, that doesn't prevent them from committing crime as an organization, or covering for it either.

57 posted on 07/19/2013 4:04:46 PM PDT by OneWingedShark (Q: Why am I here? A: To do Justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.)
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To: napscoordinator

“But she emphasized she is NOT a witch.”

Well we did do the nose....and the hat.

58 posted on 07/19/2013 4:29:58 PM PDT by lowbridge
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To: tacticalogic
Perino admitted, live on The Five, to shacking up with her husband six months before getting married the other day. Goodie Two Shoes, indeed.
59 posted on 07/19/2013 5:31:28 PM PDT by itsahoot (It is not so much that history repeats, but that human nature does not change.)
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To: txrefugee
Pres. Washington was correct in recognizing that a nation can only be free when the people are committed to religious faith. Alexis de Tocqueville echoed the same belief. We are finished.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." --October 11, 1798 John Adams

60 posted on 07/19/2013 5:33:38 PM PDT by itsahoot (It is not so much that history repeats, but that human nature does not change.)
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