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Are "Legal" Activities of NY Abortion Clinics Any Less Horrifying Than Those of Kermit Gosnell?
New York Post ^ | April 28, 2013 | Kyle Smith

Posted on 04/28/2013 10:56:14 AM PDT by lbryce

Complete Title:The truth about late-term abortion. Are the legal activities of New York abortion clinics really any less horrifying than those of Kermit Gosnell?
The quotation marks around the word 'legal' are mine.

Is the Kermit Gosnell baby-murder mill in Philadelphia an isolated case? Consider what happened at Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center in The Bronx on Jan. 11, 2013.

In an undercover sting operation, a woman who was 23-plus weeks pregnant (abortion is illegal in New York and other states after 24 weeks) secretly recorded the conversations she had in this abortionist’s office.

In an exchange laden with euphemisms on both sides to conceal the gruesome nature of the discussion, the pregnant woman wondered aloud what would happen if “it” (her fetus) emerged from her intact and alive. Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial for infanticide. AP Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial for infanticide.

The employee assigned to take note of medical history reassured the woman, “We never had that for ages” (a seeming admission that a baby did survive abortion at the clinic at least once) but that should “it” “survive this,” “They would still have to put it in like a jar, a container, with solution, and send it to the lab. . . . We don’t just throw it out in the garbage.”

Oh, and this innocuous-sounding “solution” was, of course, a toxic substance suitable for killing an infant.

“Like, what if it was twitching?” asked the pregnant woman.

“The solution will make it stop,” said the clinic employee. “That’s the whole purpose of the solution . . . It will automatically stop. It won’t be able to breathe anymore.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Extended News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: abortion; murder
As for any qualms a woman might have about seeing her newborn child being poisoned and drowned in a jar, the employee advised her “patient” not to worry: She’d be under sedation, and the murder would take place in another room anyway.

The employee said, humorously, that “the doctor” is “not gonna wake you up and be like, ‘Hey, excuse me, you have—’ ”

The sentence was left unfinished, too unthinkable even for a euphemism. There’s no polite way to say, “You have just given birth, but we will murder the child.”

In fact, when the pregnant woman brought up the idea that, if the abortion failed and resulted in a live birth, “I would have to take it home,” the employee said, “No. That is so illegal! Once was start this, we have to finish it.”

Inside a Bronx clinic

So went a sting operation conducted by Live Action, an anti-abortion group founded by activist Lila Rose. Rose’s recording raises the alarming possibility that some abortion clinic employees think it’s illegal not to murder any infant who survives an abortion.

If true, that (the possibility exists) some employees think it's illegal not to murder any infant surviving an abortion illustrates a mental threshold, the disability of which that would make them unemployable in any other capacity.

Motherhood, the process of childbirth, is either giving life, or if death is not via natural causes is nothing other than murder. This third option, murder as a consequence of convenience is legally a wholly fallacious contrivance.

1 posted on 04/28/2013 10:56:14 AM PDT by lbryce
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To: lbryce

They are all Gosnells. Every last one of them.

2 posted on 04/28/2013 11:00:22 AM PDT by Faith
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To: Faith


3 posted on 04/28/2013 11:02:42 AM PDT by GeronL (
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To: GeronL

So damn sickening. I have asked no less than a couple dozen people over the last week if they heard anything about the monster known as gosnell - not a single one of them knew anything about this story! I quickly pointed them to where they should read and learn. Not that it will do a darn thing with his case, it’s almost over isn’t it?

4 posted on 04/28/2013 11:19:10 AM PDT by AllAmericanGirl44
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To: AllAmericanGirl44

I think this whole world is almost over.

The tial? Gosnell didn’t put up much of a defense, then again since they kept pro-lifers off the jury...

5 posted on 04/28/2013 11:22:56 AM PDT by GeronL (
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To: AllAmericanGirl44

His lawyer rested without calling any witnesses.
They’re counting on his summation to sway the jurors.
I guess the closing arguments are this week.

6 posted on 04/28/2013 11:24:02 AM PDT by FES0844
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To: lbryce

I have such a difficult time reading about this stuff- I can’t seem to treat it as just another news story because it is just so horrific to me-

I also cannot ever imagine getting up in the morning, having my coffee and going to work to kill babies—it literally makes my stomach turn just to read about it.

It is barbaric.

7 posted on 04/28/2013 12:30:25 PM PDT by homegroan (Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option....)
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To: homegroan

In the old days the left would act solemn and say abortion was necessary but not something to celebrate. Today they believe it should be celebrated. There was an HBO show where the characters throw an “abotion party”.


8 posted on 04/28/2013 12:32:37 PM PDT by GeronL (
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To: homegroan

I’m with you. I have to FORCE myself to read these stories. One problem is that pro-abortion folks won’t read them at all. It’s as if they’ve self-anesthetized and don’t want their ‘beliefs’ challenged.

9 posted on 04/28/2013 12:53:50 PM PDT by EDINVA
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To: lbryce

The media will make sure the general public doesn’t hear about this. The truth is so horrible that it would make 2 or 3 hundred people outraged and demand that it stop, while millions of others immediately shut their minds and go into denial.

10 posted on 04/28/2013 2:46:50 PM PDT by I want the USA back (Pi$$ed off yet?)
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Truth is I don’t even need to read the story to know how horrific it is-but I’m glad I’m not has been just unimaginable to me what an abortion is like-and this story has forced me to have to “see it” if you will. And this story is far worse than anything I could have ever imagined.

I have known since I was 13/14 yrs old that it was wrong to kill—I cannot comprehend how anyone can do or have an abortion and murder a child, and then scream about saving “one child” by getting rid of guns.

I only wish God could make these people literally SEE what they are doing; specifically giving the “right” to kill children as a form of “healthcare” is so much worse than what all of the terrorists do...God help us.

11 posted on 04/28/2013 3:17:57 PM PDT by homegroan (Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option....)
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To: GeronL

I had heard about that story- despicable. And I remember when abortion was talked about in hushed tones-but now they call it a “right” and “healthcare for women”. It is celebrated as an American liberty-”the right to choose”...well, with murder, only one party gets to choose.
And the murderer is paid to do it...

Abortion makes me sick on so many levels; there is no justification for it-ever.

12 posted on 04/28/2013 3:25:41 PM PDT by homegroan (Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option....)
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To: homegroan

The ‘seeing’ is what abortion proponent refuse to do. They can excuse it all because they cannot SEE the life; they cannot SEE what is happening and they don’t want to. That is what makes it acceptable to them.

As to the performers of the abortions, I can’t and never will understand it. Especially when you think of late term abortion, there is no excusing away the baby as a zygot. It is clearly, physically a human baby. They have to be mighty cold of heart to do what they do, to sleep at night, face themselves in the mirror, and ‘pass’ in civil society.

13 posted on 04/28/2013 5:13:34 PM PDT by EDINVA
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To: GeronL

A miniscule bit of good news. Did anyone watch Huckabee? He had a reporter who is covering the trial who stated in his twenty-four years of trial coverage it is the worst. The man had a visceral sadness in his voice and his eyes were haunting. He said he was talking to another reporter covering the trial, who is left-wing pro-abortion, because of the trial, he has changed his belief, he is now pro-life. (THIS IS WHY THE SATANIC MSM IS NOT COVERING GOSNELL.)

14 posted on 04/28/2013 5:22:43 PM PDT by Toespi
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To: Toespi


15 posted on 04/28/2013 9:55:33 PM PDT by GeronL (
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