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Free Republic-February 22, 2011:Poll:Should The US Adopt A 'No Confidence' Provision to Rid Ourselves of the Likes of Obama?

Poll:Should The US Adopt A 'No Confidence' Provision to Rid Ourselves of the Likes of Obama?
Posted on Monday, February 21, 2011 9:37:19 PM by lbryce

In what is arguably one of the worst political events in US history, the election of Obama, we are forced to stand by and watch the piecemeal destruction of our very nation, the very political, economic dismantling of this great country of ours, the greatest country in history, by what is the greatest, most insidious nemesis America has ever known or faced.

The wisdom and sagacity of our forefathers providing for the all-encompassing political contingencies as law of the land having stood the test of time, yet not having foreseen, imagined the nightmare scenario which we are in midst of enduring, may not endure through.

Our forefathers having confidence in the people as fundamental principle of government, the decision of the people as being sacrosanct, averse to tampering with terms of elected officials thus having made no provisions in which to reverse, hold up to inspection, the validity of their decision, in mid-term, with a constitutional provision of 'Motion of No Confidence' that has worked so well in Parliamentary forms of government, such as Great Britain.

Indeed, despite overwhelming unpopularity of our past presidents in serving out their full term of election, our country has survived intact.

But with the current White House occupant I am not very secure that our country will manage to recover from the cataclysmic forces ripping it apart from within and without, the deliberate, irreparable evisceration, destruction of the very institutions that has made America the shining city on the hill, this bastard of a politician who dares call himself a citizen let alone the leader of the greatest country ever.

Every day I cringe, every day I grit my teeth with every decision this bastard president takes monumental jubilation in tearing down all that which through the centuries, our very patriots, soldiers, every day citizens paid for with their lives, every day I am filled with worry, sorrow pondering the fate of our country, wondering how we are going to endure, survive another two years of such wanton, deliberate political, economic implosion of the United States of America.


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