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NET CALL: The Way Ahead
a Wealth of Experience | 11/7/2012 | Military Cop

Posted on 11/07/2012 5:11:48 PM PST by military cop

This post is written in anger and frustration.

Angry that we continue to follow the Republican Party's elite ignorance. A party that continues to pull defeat from the jaws of victory characterized by pompous fools who fulfill the sterotype built by the left.

Frustrated that the reality of politics is this: There will be no third party capable of competing with the coalition constructed by the dems. As a result, true conservatives MUST take steps to irradicate the ignorance of the Republican Party while still adhering to the core values of our forefathers (beliefs that I discovered are considered extreme by over half of my countrymen last night, BTW).

I have no solve for exactly how to accomplish this. Only advice based on a long military career in several foreign lands for how to defeat the dems once this is accomplished.

This thought process is based on the concept of irregular warfare with twists thrown in here and there for good measure.

With that, I provide the following advice for the good of the order.

LEADERSHIP: The old crew has proven either incompotent or outdated. McConnell and Boerner must go. They represent a failed plan to defend and resist without clearly explaining their position. They are content with looking like the bad guys and face public scorn when they don't realize how important it is to manipulate a clearly left leaning MSM. They represent the failure of the last four years to our own and obstructionists to the opposition. We've got to show a new face to the nation. That is the genesis of rebuilding this movement. Ryan or Cantor in the House, Rubio or Demint in the Senate.

They represent a change in a party that has been beaten soundly in the last two elections by a charlatan and his traveling circus. A fresh choice in leadership represents change you can TRULY beleive in from every angle.

GROUND GAME: It is IMPERATIVE to develop and foster an intricate ground game. It requires a MICRO-ANALYSIS of every county, every city, and every early and absentee ballot by demographic to find how how, why, and with what method they voted. Give it to the dems on their "community organizing" machine. We don't need to reinvent that model. we MUST develop our own.

It will require an insurgent effort at the ground level. An infiltration into dem areas that we identify are weak or vulnerable to start cutting in to the blue.

This isn't as difficult as it sounds. It requires a patient and immediate effort that starts with the post election analysis.

The COIN (insurgeny/counterinsurgency)effort would include the identification of these areas, the inflitration of the areas through churches and charitable organizations AND PARTICULARLY THROUGH EDUCATION.

I'm not talking about traditional public schools and universities. I'm talking about the new way to educate - the online universities, the trade schools and nightschools. Corporate allies need to invest and educate with the ideals of economic and fiscal conservatism.

The RNC needs to lead and develop this effort. A novice like me can see that there is a disconnect between the voting habits of catholic-dominated hispanics and baptist blacks and their actual stated values. That disconnect can be exploited if it is done slowly, deliberately, and effectively.

INFORMATION WARFARE: We are ATROCIOUS AT THIS. Dems get a simple message out early and often. They poison the well and we are left to change minds rather than get the initial impression right from jump. We constantly play defense and think we are sooooo clever when dems (as they ALWAYS do) do something stupid or illegal.

We ABSOLUTELY MUST be proactive. We must attack at EVERY OPPORTUNITY then add each fail of the dems to a trend and theme. These themes must be simple, tailored, and repetitively broadcast to each target demographic.

We must look out beyond the 5 and 10 meter targets. We've got to effectively interpret what the dem message is on the horizon and confront it at all levels - from the national MSM level filtering directly down to the target group level. Even I can see what the talking points of the upcoming week are by watching the Sunday talking head programs. Defense is unacceptable. Attack, attack, attack.

This is only one part of an overall information operation plan that is constant in a simple party message and what it means to each target group.


I find it unbelievable that Obama has hijacked the reputation and imagery of the Party of Lincoln. COIN operations involve a very in depth understanding of cultural idocyncracies and how best to exploit them to our advantage. It's not a "wool-over-the-eyes" approach or a "free shit" approach like the dems sell. THAT ALWAYS COMES UP SHORT.

It's a sell based on how it effects each target group and what it means to them. If it's done right, I am CONFIDENT that the tenets of conservatism sell themselves.

In Civil Miltary Operations, assistance in areas that seem unrelated builds trust in the agency. Granted, there's a fine line between assistance and the giving of free shit but, the special operations forces walk that line well. It can be done. Community outreach in areas that we identify, in ways that we haven't before can build a larger tent without sacrificing our beliefs.

The military has been doing this in third world countries for years. We've been more successful in some areas, less successful in others. In the United States third world strongholds of the Democratic Party,I am confident that it can be done.

This is, by far, not the only avenue we've got to pursue in order to turn the tide.

But, if we are going to war, the RNC must look to the military to rediscover and reorganize. The number-crunching beancounters have their place in the organization but, on their best days, they can only identify who will and won't vote Republican.

This is a "Hearts and Minds" effort.

It requires a new way to think about the political battlefield.

Rangers Lead the Way.

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1 posted on 11/07/2012 5:11:56 PM PST by military cop
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To: military cop


2 posted on 11/07/2012 5:20:14 PM PST by Rudder
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To: Rudder

A neutron bomb could prove effective.

3 posted on 11/07/2012 5:21:23 PM PST by Paladin2 (.)
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To: military cop
Nice try but you obviously missed the obituary! The GOP is DOA! America is DOA. In four years time you won't recognize any part of this country. Actually, you'll be lucky if you die early. At least you won't have to watch it's death throes!

And forget fighting back against the Dems or the Rinos. You don't stand a chance. Mark my words. There will NEVER be a GOP victory again. The House will fall in the next mid-term elections and that will be the end. That will be all he'll need.

I seriously doubt that there will ever again be a Presidential election. I believe he will cancel the 2016 election and remain as dictator for the rest of his life. And just exactly what are you or anyone else going to do about it?????????? Nothing. Because you are powerless and the majority of Americans will want him to stay in power. Forget the Constitution. It's not worth the paper it's printed on. He'll probably burn the sucker on national TV!

Get a grip and relax. Have a beer and hope they try to euthanize you too soon!

4 posted on 11/07/2012 5:26:15 PM PST by Doc Savage ("I've shot people I like a lot more,...for a lot less!" Raylan Givins)
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To: military cop

I’m with you and like your approach . . . . . . assuming that we are too complacent to bother seceeding from the rathole.

Tell me what I can do to help.

5 posted on 11/07/2012 5:27:34 PM PST by DustyMoment (Congress - another name for white collar criminals!!)
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To: military cop

The following is my post from an earlier thread today.

We're a little late waking up to the movement which made last night possible!

In America, beginning in the late 1800's, under the name of "liberals," now known as "progressives," that movement began its now decades-long effort to remove the principles and ideas underlying our Constitution's protections from the nation's textbooks and public discourse.

On another thread today, the question was aked, "What do we need to do differently?" Good question!

Constitutional illiteracy--that is the primary reason we are continuing on the road to tyranny under deficit, debt, and government control! The secondary reason is the GOP's failure to use its billion-dollar campaign to focus like a laser on educating voters!

During the primary season, one of my FR posts stated the following in response to a Jonah Goldberg comment about Romney:

Sorry, Jonah, but this is not as simple as "not speaking the language (of conservatism) naturally." When a person is steeped in the ideas of Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Washington, it just "naturally" slips through in the ideas they convey. Remember Reagan?

Do Republicans seriously want to conserve America's constitutional principles? Or, are they just objecting to Democrats? Do they have a passion for liberty? Is this just about changing the Party in power, or is it about preserving freedom?

If their concern is for convincing enough voters to reject the idea of "a government big enough to give you everyting you want" and turn to advocacy for "a government small enough to allow you freedom to keep most of what you earn," then they'd better get busy seeing that someone is nominated who has been "marinated" (to use a word coined by Ingraham last night on "The Factor") in the Founders' ideas (isn't that what conservatives purport to "conserve"?).

So far (February 2012), Mitt Romney, though a good man, demonstrates no such "immersion." He has been "successful" in benefiting from those ideas, and he recites familiar words and phrases from patriotic speeches and songs, but that is different from understanding and being able to call up and articulate the philosophy which made such success possible.

Ronald Reagan's life and letters reveal that he had "immersed" himself in those ideas for years before he agreed to run for President, and that is why he could set "issues" in light of constitutional "principle." and explain his advocacy or rejection of solutions in by that light.

The other three candidates in the Primary--Paul, Santorum, Gingrich--couch their answers to questions in a manner which indicates personal pursuit and understanding of the Constitution's protections, each in his own way.

Of the two so-called "frontrunners," however, the lifetime history scholar, teacher, legislator, and participant in what was called "the Reagan revolution," appears to be the one most likely to be able to successfully articulate and distinguish those ideas to voters, if given the chance to compete with the "counterfeit ideas" of tyranny cloaked in righteous benevolence by Obama.

Is "politics as usual" to win the day, or might we not bring Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, and others who embrace founding principles together to help to create a "passion" for liberty among citizens sufficient to defeat the counterfeit ideas which are leading the Republic to ruin?

The following is excerpted from "Our Ageless Constitution," p. 181:

"It was John Adams who said: "The foundation of every government is some principle or passion in the minds of the people." Clearly, the Founders' passion was liberty, and in order to secure that liberty, they sought out and incor­porated into the United States Constitution those ideas and principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence.

"The French historian, Guizot, once asked James Russell Lowell, "How long will the American republic endure?" Lowell replied: "As long as the IDEAS of the men who founded it continue dominant."

"Herein lies the answer to the question, "Will the Experiment Succeed?"

"It can and will succeed IF the motivating "principle or passion in the minds of the people" is LIBERTY, and if that passion causes them to exert the determination and will to complete the needed restoration of the IDEAS upon which the great American experiment was based." ---(End of excerpted material)

My call to the GOP and all lovers of liberty is the same as then! To rediscover and recover liberty from the hands of those who are turning America into just another failing nation dominated by a government-over-people ideology, a determined and massive education effort should begin November 7, 2012, focused on the teaching of the fundamental principles essential to the survival of individual liberty. Unless people understand the ideas essential to liberty, they will not recognize tyranny when it presents itself as a caring and benevolent Santa Claus.

6 posted on 11/07/2012 5:28:23 PM PST by loveliberty2
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To: military cop

Your observations here are uplifting, but what the Democrats have successfully done eludes you. Re-imagining the Republican party by kicking out the elderly elites won’t change anything in terms of how the party does (though it might allow our presence to have more backbone in congress). For one, it can backfire horribly. Dick Lugar is a great example. A terrible RINO, who we knocked off and replaced with a solid conservative... the problem was that Mourdock was inexperienced, naive, and he lost us a seat we didn’t need to lose. It was 100% a grassroots backlash backfire. It also doesn’t seem to matter who our messenger is, they have an uphill struggle against the media and a liberally leaning electorate. Mia Love is a great spokeswomen. She’s telegenic, and would have been the first black woman elected by the Repubs to the House. She lost, to a lame, angry candidate. What happened there?

We are witnessing a massive change in how our electorate looks. We felt that without the MASSIVE 2008 enthusiasm, Obama would surely not get the +6 Dem advantage he needed, especially since we were apparently so enthusiastic... but he did. He got them all out. The young, the single female, the black, the Hispanic. It tells you that the Democrats are smart. They know that they can swamp us if they get these people out, and they have proven they can do it on zero enthusiasm.

Here are the three steps that a left-leaning party need take to transform a split country into a ‘dominant party system’.

1) Get as many people as possible onto some form of government welfare.

2) Import as many third-world immigrants as you can, posing as their defender against “racism” and “xenophobia”

3) Indoctrinate each successive generation of children through the college professors.

The Dems have done all three. Could we have stopped them? Perhaps. Bush could definitely have taken action to secure the border and crack down on illegal immigration. He didn’t. The Republican party itself could have taken action to put in strict measures on college educators to weed out communist radicals, but it flew straight under the radar.

It is what it is. We have to deal with it. It has some effect on our chances in the mid-term, but it has disastrous effects on presidential races in the future. Whatever happens, we are not going to move to the center. Conservatives in this country will not embrace abortion to get votes. Nor will we embrace amnesty, and if the RNC attempts this, the whole party will collapse.

My belief is that if we wish to use as much of our influence as we can, we need to consolidate as a minority of the electorate, in states we own. Why waste money on senate races in Mass, when it could be used to lock up a Missouri or a Montana? Our regional influence would be huge, covering most of the map, and we could resist any federal interference with the states like never before, as one, backing each other up. What are Barry and crew going to do? Call in the National Guard to arrest nearly half the country? No. We will actually have the federal government afraid of us, and that means they will be cautious before challenging us all on things like gun rights. It will be kind of cool when you think about it. We’ll be like a rogue nation within a nation, unpredictable, determined, and very much connected to each other.

I think this would be a good path for conservatives to grab what we can and hold it, at least until something happens (like a Greek collapse). It’s just a matter of time.

7 posted on 11/07/2012 5:43:37 PM PST by Viennacon
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To: military cop

Add a (Free)TV network to compete with ABC, NBC,and CBS with national news on the morning and evening (we need this BAD!) millions of people can’t afford cable or dish. We need (demand!) conservative news anchors to moderate presidential debates, We need some kind of official law enforcement on each polling place @ presidential elections. And the military vote should be safe fast and secure (absolutely no exceptions)!

8 posted on 11/07/2012 5:43:54 PM PST by BlueJ7
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To: military cop

I like it. There is much for the Republicans to learn about fighting.

9 posted on 11/07/2012 5:46:47 PM PST by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")
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To: Doc Savage
Not for nothin, Doc, but, there's an old infantry adage that goes something like this:

“The cowards never started, and the weak quit along the way......That leaves US”...

By the veracity of your comments, you aren't part of the first two so, why don't you shake it off and continue to march with me?

We can't afford to lose guys like you.


10 posted on 11/07/2012 5:51:10 PM PST by military cop (I carry a .45....cause they don't make a .46....)
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To: military cop

I’m game.

11 posted on 11/07/2012 6:07:38 PM PST by Army Air Corps (Four Fried Chickens and a Coke)
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To: Viennacon

I’m very clear on what the dems have done. I see it and have seen it coming. I have observed and identified the ins that I beleive can be exploited in an effort to swing the pendulum back in our favor.

I’m not talking about kicking out the old guard. I could care less if McConnell dies in place in the Senate as long as he holds his seat. I just want a leadership coup within the party. If you think that’s the whole of my plan, you’ve missed the point or read it too fast.

with the media and the liberal electorate, you make my argument for me. This is the winning of hearts and minds that we must transition to if we truly beleive in this country.

You’re argument sounds like more of the same: defend what we have and get out the vote. It isn’t working. I see a way to gain ground in enemy territory.

Don’t get bamboozled with all the red on the map. It’s big ass counties in South Dakota with less than 3000 people and 50+% going red. That’s not enough. We need to go to the masses, show them why our platform is better for THEIR lives and getthem under the tent.

That doesn’t expand the tent at the expense of our principles, it customizes the message to the cultural and demographic that votes blue because of the crap they fill their ears with.

It’s doable. I’ve seen it done with sheephearders in Northern Iraq and farmers in Central America who had to learn from jump the very meaning of the concepts and values we hold true.

12 posted on 11/07/2012 6:11:13 PM PST by military cop (I carry a .45....cause they don't make a .46....)
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To: military cop

I strongly urge you to send some version of this to the RNC because it is spot on. The wounds may be still be raw enough for this message to penetrate their aura of being “oh so wise” and wake them up. Libs managed to tailor their message to so many groups...blacks, hispanic, young white women, Catholics etc. We need to learn to communicate Conservative values to the audience we are addressing. Part of America now has the attention span of a squirrel and can be distracted by shiny objects. We need to find a way to communicate with them too.

What I saw yesterday while poll watching scared the crap out of me. Drug thugs were voting(I watched, it was a legit vote). How did the dems manage to register them? Who turned them out to stand in line at 9am? But the most frightening thing was the dem poll watcher. She was a white woman of 55 or so with a thick NY accent who never shut up all dang day about how people needed “help” to do the most simple of tasks like changing addresses in databases. Then she went on to national ID cards as a solution to that problem which I see getting repeated all over the net today.

The left seems to have a knack for getting their people no matter their sex, sex pref, race, age, or income to move in the same direction at the same time. They take an idea like a national ID card and sell each group on it AND get that group to promote it to others. That should be so much easier for us because Conservatism is a legit sell to every person on earth. But yet it isn’t. The RNC hides it under a barrel.

So Please MC, send this on and hope that maybe this time RNC leadership is ready to try something other than “loyal opposition crap” that has worked so bloody well for us post clinton.

13 posted on 11/07/2012 6:15:26 PM PST by lovesdogs
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To: lovesdogs

I’m trying to but need some help.

I also plan to expand upon this premise the more that I think on it and get specific but urge you to send this to as many freepers as possible and keep this in the Latest column.

Think about this: The US Military in general and the special operations community in particular have been winning hearts and minds overseas for DECADES.

OVERWHELMINGLY these planner and operator retirees are Reagan Republicans. Who better than to win the hearts and minds of the third world masses WITHIN OUR BORDER than the men who have won it OUTSIDE OUR BORDERS.

The RNC should IMMEDIATELY hire these guys as consultants to assist them in reorganizing and going on the offensive in identified blue areas.


Help me get this into the hands of those who could influence the fight.



14 posted on 11/08/2012 7:12:04 AM PST by military cop (I carry a .45....cause they don't make a .46....)
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