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Texas Debate Results
1/30/2010 | Agondonter

Posted on 01/30/2010 7:09:10 AM PST by agondonter

Has anyone heard the results of last nights governor debate in Texas? I watched it and thought Medina did an excellent job. I am curious to know who is considered the winner of last nights debate.

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1 posted on 01/30/2010 7:09:11 AM PST by agondonter
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To: agondonter

News hounds at DMN tend to support Hutchison, but they’ve been in the tank for her and her Washington friends. Medina’s the truly conservative one. So, we’ve got a Dem in Rep clothes (Perry) a Washington elite (Hutchison) and a conservative (Medina).

2 posted on 01/30/2010 7:11:40 AM PST by rstrahan
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To: rstrahan
Question for you.

I hate 3 way races, so who will Medina steal votes from?

Perry or Hutchison?

The answer had better be Hutchison, because if it is not then Medina should do the right thing and bow of NOW.

Unless she KNOWS she can win, the alternative is Kay Bailey being handed a the great State of Texas on a silver platter

3 posted on 01/30/2010 7:37:13 AM PST by BornToBeAmerican
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To: rstrahan

Oh I REALLY like Medina, but we need her to WIN not split the Conservative/GOP vote. That’s all

4 posted on 01/30/2010 7:38:24 AM PST by BornToBeAmerican
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To: BornToBeAmerican

It will come down to a run-off between Perry and Hutchison. Don’t think either will get a majority, and you have to get 50%+ of the vote.

5 posted on 01/30/2010 7:56:55 AM PST by rstrahan
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To: BornToBeAmerican

Do you understand what a primary is?

6 posted on 01/30/2010 8:04:03 AM PST by willyd (Reducing Taxes Reduces our Carbon Footprint)
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To: BornToBeAmerican

Medina does not have much money. I would love to see her get more exposure. The more people see her the more they like her. I would like to see her take Texas by storm the way Scott Brown did Massachusetts.

7 posted on 01/30/2010 8:05:01 AM PST by agondonter
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To: agondonter

Medina does not have much of anything. What a disaster she would be. What did the Dem’s say about Bush, no gravitas. Medina has zero’s gravitas.

8 posted on 01/30/2010 8:22:16 AM PST by mulligan
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To: BornToBeAmerican


Perry is pro life.

9 posted on 01/30/2010 8:24:43 AM PST by MrEdd (Heck? Geewhiz Cripes, thats the place where people who don't believe in Gosh think they aint going.)
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To: mulligan

I wanted to like Medina . but she doesn’t do much more than offer platitudes.
She says what she would take away, Property taxes, but then says it would be up to the legislature to find ways to replace the money.
Uh NO Medina you proposed it, you need to plan it

10 posted on 01/30/2010 8:30:19 AM PST by RWGinger
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To: RWGinger

She proposed sales tax so that everyone, not just property owners would pay. That way even the illegals will have to pay for the schools they use.

I still want to know if anyone has heard any results about who won the debate last night.

11 posted on 01/30/2010 8:45:07 AM PST by agondonter
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To: BornToBeAmerican

This is the primary we are talking about. Kay Bailey Hutchison will hand the great state of Texas to democrat Mayor White.

12 posted on 01/30/2010 8:46:57 AM PST by Ditter
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To: agondonter

I was referring to when she was asked specifics about that and ashe said it was up to the legislature. She did it twice
. when asked how high the sales tax would have to be and whether other things would have to be taxed she said that would be the legislature’s responsibilty to decide.
second example, when asked whether her plan meant first time home owners would face sales tax and what that tax would be she said that would be up to the legislature.

How nice to be able to offer people something they like to hear ( I would LOVE to not pay property tax) and make no effort to explain how to offset that loss but instead push it off onto th lege

13 posted on 01/30/2010 9:28:59 AM PST by RWGinger
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To: RWGinger
There's an old saying in software development, "You can't compile a Power Point presentation." That means just because you can say it doesn't mean you can do it. Eliminating the property tax would be great, but government does require money and it would have to be replaced some way. There's a sales tax, a property tax. a user fee and an income tax. Texas does not have an income tax and proposing one around here is the fastest way to find yourself out of politics. Perry has gone with user taxes, and if anybody's noticed, the toll roads aren't exactly popular. The state has also increased fees in other areas. Perry's limited spending. As an example, community colleges got a 10% funding cut with another possible 5% on the way.

Medina has very limited political experience and some of her proposals seem totally unworkable. My guess is she will pull more votes from Perry. Hutchison gets support from the Rockefeller Republicans, Perry is about 2/3rds towards conservative, but more liberal than some rock ribbed conservatives want. Medina appeals to the Ron Paul crowd and scorched earth conservatives.

I've looked at Medina and like some of her ideas, but I do not believe she has the experience or ability to take care of the job. Perry is the best option.

One nice thing about Texas is that the legislature and the governor seem to understand the idea of "we can't afford to do that." The Texas Constitution requires a balanced budget. A few years ago, the liberals were pushing hard for a new constitution and they got shot down big time. Ben Sargent, cartoonist for the Lost in America Spaceman (Austin American-Statesman) did a cartoon showing the voters hugging an ugly fat chick while the beautiful new (leftist) Texas Constitution stood by. That requirement for a balanced budget is one HUGE reason Texas doesn't have California problems now.

A lot of people on here diss Perry, and I've been very critical of some of his decisions, but this ain't FantasyLand. You have to go with the best candidate, and right now that's Perry.

14 posted on 01/30/2010 9:56:09 AM PST by Richard Kimball (We're all criminals. They just haven't figured out what some of us have done yet.)
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To: Richard Kimball

That is an excellent analysis and informative. You said what I was trying to say.

In many ways the popularity of Medina reminds me of the popularity of Obama. Tired of the old ways ( altho why people should be tired of the current state here, we have fared tons of times better than other states) people gravitate to someone who says things they’d like to hear.
Doing away with property taxes in Hope and Change.

Frankly I want to vote for KBH but she needs to step up why she’d actually b e better.

15 posted on 01/30/2010 11:09:40 AM PST by RWGinger
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To: Richard Kimball

Agree Perry is the best of the lot. What most people don’t know about Medina is she is a Ron Paulite libertarian. One website says she worked in his presidental campaign. She has never been asked about any of that, hasn’t been asked what her opinion is on war, abortion, making drugs legal in TX and basically she was just given a pass on any tough questions in the debates. All she does is talk about the “constitution” to get the lemmings.

The elites want her to take votes from Perry so Hutchison can be their “go to” girl with her liberal ways.

16 posted on 01/30/2010 3:31:06 PM PST by Hattie
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To: Hattie

C’mon you people spreading disinformation about Medina. Her position on the elimination of property taxes is very clear and very simple, especially if you take the time to look at the specifics on her website and even more so if you read through the study she references from her website.

If we eliminate the property tax and DON’T broaden the current sales tax (at all) to include purchases of goods and services not currently taxed then it is true that the current sales tax rate would have to go up some in order to maintain current revenue levels to the state. Furthermore, Debra is correct in asserting that ultimately it would be up to the state legislature to determine the specifics of how much the current sales taxes would be broadened.

Her preferences on the issues, and what she would be using the bully pulpit of the governorship to encourage all the Republicans in the state legislature to approve can be found right on her campaign website.

I’ve summarized Debra’s proposals below:

If we eliminate the property tax and broaden the current sales tax to include most of the goods and services currently taxed in other states - plus currently untaxed purchases like initial real estate purchases - then we could actually have NO PROPERTY TAXES AND A SALES/CONSUMPTION TAX AT ESSENTIALLY THE SAME RATE WE HAVE NOW OR EVEN LOWER THAN WE HAVE NOW WITHOUT SEEING A DECREASE IN REVENUES TO THE STATE.

To give you a sense of what kinds of numbers we’re talking about... according to the Texas Public Policy Foundation study that she cites just adding in a one-time sales tax on the sale of property by itself (as opposed to maintaining the current annual tax on property ownership)... would only necessitate raising the current sales tax rate from 8.25% to 8.8% in order to maintain current revenue levels to the state after the elimination of the property taxes.

In reality, as Governor of Texas Debra Medina would (assuming she could get the Republicans in the state legislature to go along with her of course) call for decreases in state spending and as broad a base of goods and services to be taxed under the new sales (or consumption if you rather) tax, which means we could have under a Medina government no property taxes at all AND a lower sales tax rate than we have now at the same time.

I encourage everyone to read through the TPPF report linked above.

17 posted on 01/30/2010 4:26:11 PM PST by beanshirts (Vote Medina for Life, Liberty, and Property in Texas:
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To: beanshirts

The legislature is the only one who could remove property taxes in TX and they are not going to do that. Medina knows that full well.

18 posted on 01/30/2010 6:52:06 PM PST by Hattie
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To: willyd
"Do you understand what a primary is?"

And do you understand that the GOP candidate will win in the Fall and become the next governor?

19 posted on 01/30/2010 9:24:29 PM PST by Redbob (Pray for Pres. Obama...Psalm 109, v.7)
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To: beanshirts

A $17,600 tax on a new $200,000 home? That’s going to pretty much shut down new home construction in Texas. Dallas and Houston can end up looking like Atlanta and south Florida.

Of course, it will help resale values of existing homes.

20 posted on 01/31/2010 6:43:20 AM PST by PAR35
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To: All
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What choice do we have?

Medina ad:

“Who is going to think more about Latino families? Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison or me, who has a Latino family?” (Medina’s cultural heritage is German and Bohemian.)

She told a colleague last month in an e-mail. “Being married, however, to someone with a Mexican American heritage, I certainly embrace the culture.” But before she explained that, she told my colleage, who had asked her whether she considers herself Latina: “I’d not consider myself anything other than a wife and mother, a nurse and a patriot. I believe we too often get into race when it’s immaterial.”

No, Thanks, Mrs Medina.

She is also running Spanish ads. Hello Mrs.Medina! If they cannot speak English then they have no business voting IMO. When they learn English then let them vote. Assimilate. Learn English. Appreciate all America gives you.

So I’m sure she is blowing a lot of hot air just like Obama did just to get elected. Running those ads and saying what she has, tells me the border issue is just a try to get votes for herself.

No, thanks, I’ll stick with ‘ol RINO Perry. Texas has remained in better shape than almost any if not all of the states in the union under Perry's watch. As someone said, 'he's the devil we know'.

The motly crew running for governor is laughable; a MUSLIM, a trecherous RINO woman* (Hutchison) and a woman with questionable loyalties

*Feds Have Built Only 32 Miles of 700 Mile Double-Border Fence Originally Mandated by Congress “One reason DHS has been able to do this is an amendment that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R.-Texas) slipped into an omnibus appropriations bill that Congress passed on December 18, 2007. Hutchison’s amendment put a loophole in the fence law that allowed the secretary of Homeland Security not to build the fence Congress had mandated the year before.”

21 posted on 02/02/2010 6:47:19 PM PST by patriot08 (TEXAS GAL- born and bred and proud of it!)
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