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  • New Language For Trump In The Next Debate (Vanity)

    09/29/2016 8:37:50 PM PDT · by mbrfl · 10 replies
    Self | 9/30/2016 | Self
    It is time for the Trump campaign to embrace new language regarding the MSM`s clear disregard for nuetrality It is no longer accurate or effective to refer to it as media bias. Not only is media bias an innacurate term, it`s a term that is used so often, that people tune it out. The truth of the matter is much worse than simply media bias.The new language Trump needs to use in the debates is to call it a conspiracy. We are dealing with a conspiracy to keep pertinent information from the voting public.If he faces the same lopsided questioning...
  • Donald Trump Is Wrong—Immigrants Don’t Commit More Crimes

    09/29/2016 8:15:48 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 62 replies
    The Cato Institute ^ | September 27, 2016 | David Bier
    Immigration only made a brief cameo in Monday night’s debate, but Donald Trump managed to once again falsely connect immigrants to crime.In response to a question on race relations in America, Trump said:“We have gangs roaming the street. And in many cases, they’re illegally here, illegal immigrants. And they have guns. And they shoot people. And we have to be very strong. And we have to be very vigilant.”No matter how researchers slice the data, though, the numbers show that immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans. But that’s not good enough for Trump’s followers. They firmly believe immigrants make...
  • WOW: Trump Camp SHATTERS Fund raising Records Less Than 24 Hours After Debate

    09/29/2016 7:29:33 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 23 replies
    Americans must believe in Donald Trump, because just after the first presidential debate, Trump raised millions of dollars for his campaign. According to The Hill, Trump’s campaign raised $18 million in less than 24 hours after that debate. “As a result of Donald Trump’s huge debate win last night, we had a massive fundraising day, bringing in more than $18 million,” Trump finance chairman Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.  
  • Kaine preps for debate with spouse of moderator’s CBS co-worker (More Media Corruption)

    09/29/2016 4:03:20 PM PDT · by nhwingut · 29 replies
    NY Post ^ | 09/29/2016 | Daniel Halper
    Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, is being prepped for the vice presidential debate by the husband of a CBS correspondent — just as another CBS correspondent and anchor prepares to moderate the high-stakes political duel. Bob Barnett, the liberal Washington super-lawyer, has been playing Gov. Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate, in mock debates being held by the staff of Hillary Clinton and Kaine. Barnett’s wife is Rita Braver, a longtime and influential senior correspondent for “CBS Sunday Morning.”
  • Lester Holt's Debate Bias: By The Numbers

    09/29/2016 2:07:30 PM PDT · by grundle · 50 replies ^ | September 28 2016 | staff
    As was expected, Monday night’s presidential debate moderator, Lester Holt couldn’t exactly hide his bias towards Hillary Clinton…. The Daily Caller points out, “Holt interrupted Trump a whopping 41 times, either to “fact-check” the Republican nominee, or to ask a follow-up question. Clinton was only interrupted seven times during the course of the 90-minute debate.” The so-called NBC journalist interrupted Trump 10 times during an exchange about the GOP nominee’s position on the Iraq war, and demanded at least 5 times why Trump thought he had better judgment than Clinton. A Breitbart analysis of the debate transcript notes that Lester...
  • Advice for Second Debate

    09/29/2016 9:56:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 28 replies ^ | September 29, 2016 | Cal Thomas
    Donald Trump scored a gentleman's "C" in his first debate with Hillary Clinton. She was programmed, like one of those androids from the film "Westworld," spewing out well-rehearsed sound bites, smiling (sometimes condescendingly), and even tossing in a few wiggles. It was all designed to make her look warm and wonderful. As the saying goes, if you can fake sincerity, you can fake anything. Trump did best when he didn't focus on himself and this is the pattern he should follow in the next two debates. As a seasoned debater, who has taken on professors and liberal thinkers on campuses...
  • What Trump Should Have Said About 'Birther' and Tax Return

    09/29/2016 9:49:10 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 35 replies ^ | September 29, 2016 | Larry Elder
    Monday night's debate moderator, NBC's Lester Holt, asked Donald Trump why he "perpetuated a false claim that the nation's first black president was not a natural-born citizen." Hillary Clinton added that Trump "has a long record of engaging in racist behavior, and the birther lie was a very hurtful one." Trump defended himself by saying: "Sidney Blumenthal works for the campaign and (is a) close -- very close -- friend of Sec. Clinton. And her campaign manager, Patti Doyle ... during ... her campaign against President Obama, fought very hard. ... And if you look at CNN this past week,...
  • Trump claims he was 'holding back' in debate with Clinton (and it worked - LINK ONLY)

    09/28/2016 2:47:53 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 63 replies
    Link Only
  • “The Cleaner” Part II – Cleaner Identified – The Plot Thickens

    09/29/2016 8:32:13 AM PDT · by bobsunshine · 13 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | September 29, 2016 | Sundance
    Earlier during our initial review of the debate we identified something that looked entirely suspicious because it is only evidenced for one specific candidate, and one specific lectern. We initially drew attention to it as “The Cleaner”. Well, this intrigue just got a whole lot more interesting. See “The Cleaner” at work here immediately following the debate. The Cleaner has been identified as George Lewis, a former member of NBC staff. Here’s where it gets even more interesting. And again, unfortunately no-one is putting these disparate segments together into one cohesive story. First this video where something electronic is clearly...
  • Hillary caught signaling Lester Holt during the debate.

    09/29/2016 7:04:42 AM PDT · by pacificus · 35 replies
    Must watch video. Absolute collusion! Sorry if this is a repost.
  • “The Cleaner” Part II – Cleaner Identified – The Plot Thickens (Hidden teleprompter)

    09/29/2016 6:47:13 AM PDT · by Whenifhow · 102 replies
    Conservative Treehouse ^ | Sept 29 2016 | Sundance
    Earlier during our initial review of the debate we identified something that looked entirely suspicious because it is only evidenced for one specific candidate, and one specific lectern. We initially drew attention to it as “The Cleaner”: Well, this intrigue just got a whole lot more interesting. See “The Cleaner” at work here immediately following the debate: The Cleaner has been identified as George Lewis, a former member of NBC staff: 🐸PepeTrump @fige1000 Remember the guy that took the notepad from Hillary's podium at the debate? George Lewis, NBC Nightly News Staff @Cernovich@mitchellvii Wiki: George Lewis (born 1943)...
  • BUSTED! Hillary Caught Using Hand Signals at Rigged Debate (video)

    09/28/2016 5:10:05 PM PDT · by libertarian27 · 37 replies
    YouTube ^ | Sept 28, 2016 | UNRAVELING THE MATRIX
    This video shows Hillary Clinton using hand signals to communicate with Lester Holt at the first Presidential debate.
  • Analyze these Debate Photos

    09/29/2016 6:31:49 AM PDT · by tired&retired · 82 replies
    September 29, 2016 | Vanity
    Notice the differences between the two podiums. Why was Hillary's tablet full of notes? Was it a pre-planted crib sheet? What is the white light or screen by the base of the microphone? Hillary's is white. Trumps is wood grain?
  • “The Cleaner” Part II – Cleaner Identified – The Plot Thickens

    09/29/2016 5:03:07 AM PDT · by detective · 40 replies
    Conservative Treehouse ^ | September 29, 2016 | Sundance
    Unfortunately, this post is going to be severely fragmented. Our apologies in advance. However, if anyone can clean up these videos please notify us ASAP in the comments. You’ll see what I mean. Earlier during our initial review of the debate we identified something that looked entirely suspicious because it is only evidenced for one specific candidate, and one specific lectern. We initially drew attention to it as “The Cleaner”:
  • Diamond and Silks Take After The 1st Presidential Debate. Round 1

    09/28/2016 6:44:34 PM PDT · by GilGil · 13 replies
    The Viewers View ^ | 9/27/2016 | Diamond and Silk
    Donald Trump came in and stood his ground. He didn't waver nor did he back down. He won all of the polls after the debates. Now old Crooked Hillary lied lied lied. The truth is not in her. She will say and do anything to get a vote. Diamond and Silk tells you what they really think.
  • Diamond and Silks Take After The 1st Presidential Debate. Round 1

    09/29/2016 1:27:31 AM PDT · by thesligoduffyflynns · 6 replies
    You Tube ^ | 09/27/2016 | The Viewers View

    09/29/2016 3:05:02 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 14 replies ^ | September 29, 2016 | Ann Coulter
    At least we know Trump wasn’t lying when he said he didn't practice for the debate. Based on the behavior of trained, professional journalists, I gather I'm not supposed to say what I really thought of the debate, but to cheer like a pom-pom girl for my candidate. But the truth is, I -- along with my Trump-supporting friends -- thought it was a draw: Trump won the first half, and Hillary won the second half. Since most people stopped paying attention after the first 30 minutes, that's a win for Trump.
  • Unidentified Man Removes Folder From Hillary's Podium, Slips To Lester Holt

    09/29/2016 4:09:27 AM PDT · by gaggs · 116 replies
    Very interesting! Watch as the 'Debate Cleaner' takes a folder from Hillary's podium and gives it to Lester Holt, with a nod.
  • BUSTED! Hillary Caught Using Hand Signals!

    09/29/2016 1:58:01 AM PDT · by thesligoduffyflynns · 24 replies
    You Tube ^ | 09/28/2016 | Unraveling The Matrix
  • Poll: How did the first presidential debate change your vote?

    09/28/2016 6:18:46 PM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 22 replies
    Headline of the Day Poll How did the first presidential debate change your vote? No Change (81%) From Undecided to Trump (8%) From Undecided to Hillary (8%) From Hillary to Trump (2%) From Trump to Hillary (2%) Vote Read more:
  • Hillary's Rigged Debate? Video Analysis Suggests Pattern of Signalling, Collusion

    09/28/2016 5:50:28 PM PDT · by gaijin · 52 replies
    YouTube ^ | Sept 28th, 2016 | Joe D.
    Video analysis of Presidential Debate #1 raises uncomfortable questions about the moderator role, much as questions have been raised about Hillary's email server. Hillary might have been using hand signals to indicate debate junctures where Hillary saw chances to use pre-memorized debate zingers. Other signals seem to prompt Holt to abruptly break in and contest certain claims advanced by Trump. The video will put Freepers in a mindset optimized to be on-guard against similar tactics in Debates 2 and 3.
  • #TrumpWon the debate? Legitimate polls show otherwise (The CBC's pollster is mad at Trump)

    09/28/2016 3:27:45 PM PDT · by jerod · 48 replies
    CBC News Website ^ | Posted: Sep 28, 2016 12:23 PM ET | By Éric Grenier
    Online 'polls' pegged Donald Trump as the presidential debate winner, but scientific polls did not. The hashtag #TrumpWon was trending on Twitter Tuesday. Partially boosted by sarcasm, it was fuelled primarily by Donald Trump, who was quick to claim he won Monday's debate by citing a slew of online polls that pegged him as the winner. But there's a problem. None of the polls Trump has pointed to are actually legitimate polls. Instead, all of the scientific, real polls published so far have shown him to be the loser of the debate by significant margins. In the world of public...

    09/28/2016 2:40:57 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 1 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/28/16 | Jeffrey A. Friedbergy
    Freaking HILLARY and her medical or nonmedical hijinks and perjorations are a DISTRACTION Okay, calmed down yet? Many recently witnessed the the most over-marketed, over-produced, and over-sold product in human history. Bill Clinton’s wife, backed by a rabid, global propaganda machine never seen before on Earth. And by variegated forces, from average Democrats, politicians, invested socialists and entertainers—to seething, rampaging, world-dominant Globalists. Okay. Big Fkg Deal: she did not fall down; she did not faint; she did not seize; she did not throw up.
  • Lie Witness News - Presidential Debate Edition (video)

    09/28/2016 2:08:21 PM PDT · by Lera · 2 replies
    Jimmy Kimmel Live ^ | Sep 27, 2016
    The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a major event and with that, there is pressure to appear to be informed. So we went out on the street during the afternoon before the debate and asked people what they thought of the debate 'last night.' The debate hadn't even occurred yet, but that did not stop them in this special debate edition of #LieWitnessNews.
  • Your Host Ruins the Post-Debate Glow for Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

    09/28/2016 1:39:07 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Rush ^ | September 28, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: "Clinton Feels the Pressure." Why? Even after a strong debate, Clinton has a huge staff advantage over Trump. The Electoral College is tilted in her favor. She's running to succeed Obama, who's a popular president. She's running against Trump who ought to be the easiest candidate for president ever to beat. And despite all that, she finds herself in an excruciatingly tight race. "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Apparently she is feeling the pressure. The next headline from Politico: "Clinton Campaign in 'Panic Mode' Over Florida Black Voters." This story is from today. It's a post-debate...
  • In 30 Years of Public Life, Hillary Clinton Has Never Made Anyone Feel Good

    09/28/2016 12:08:29 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    Rush ^ | September 28, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: If you establishment types really, really want to understand how Trump supporters look at this -- if you really do -- let me remind you of something. By the way, I'm proud of how often I'm seeing this pop up in columns and opinion pieces. It is something I have been reminding people over the past month. You guys in the Drive-Bys in analyzing Hillary's debate, you're judging rhetoric. You're judging the spoken word. That's how you define intelligence (muttering), "It's intellectualspeak. You communicate (muttering) so you're really, really smart, really... Obama does intellectualspeak. It's a specific...
  • Please vote for my question for the next debate.

    09/28/2016 10:48:43 AM PDT · by Rocky Mountain Wild Turkey · 9 replies
    Please vote for my question for the next debate. Thanks in advance.
  • POKER PRO AGREES – Hillary Was Sending Hand Signals to Debate Moderator Holt

    09/28/2016 9:43:46 AM PDT · by kevcol · 181 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | September 28, 2016 | Jim Hoft
    During the debate when Clinton wanted to signal Holt whent she wanted the floor, she rubbed her face in a manner similar to a baseball manager. According to True Pundit she has not done this in any other debates during her career supporting the accusation that these were signals. . . Poker pro Mike Matusow agreed– Hillary was signalling Lester Holt.
  • USC Poll: Trump's lead expands after debate.

    09/28/2016 8:14:58 AM PDT · by dangus · 48 replies
    46.7-42.6 (4.1%). Was 46.2-42.7 (3.3%).
  • When TV debates go wrong! Fist fight breaks out between politicians (tr)

    09/28/2016 7:54:07 AM PDT · by DFG · 20 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | 09/28/2016 | Sarah Dean
    This is the shocking moment two Georgian politicians had a fist fight on live television. Union of Industrialists candidate Zaza Agladze clashed with opponent Irakli Glonti from State For The People bloc ahead of the country’s parliamentary elections on October 8. Female news anchor, Maka Razmadze, was left panicked after Agladze, wearing a black suit jacket, poured a glass of water over Glonti during the broadcast this week.
  • Hillary got some home-cooking from Lester Holt

    09/28/2016 6:30:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 27 replies
    Todd ^ | September 27, 2016 | Todd Starnes
    The nation got to see the best and the brightest that the Republicans and Democrats had to offer last night at Hofstra University. Here are six takeaways from the debate: 1. Somebody forgot to tell the moderator that he was supposed to moderate and not debate Donald Trump. Lester Holt, of the Nobody But Clinton network, was clearly in the tank for Hillary Clinton. I suspect he was secretly auditioning to be her press secretary. Just tally the number of times Holt interrupted Trump and pressed him on follow up questions and then compare that number to Hillary’s. As we...
  • Corrupt Lester Holt shows why Americans are sick of media

    09/28/2016 5:19:06 AM PDT · by detective · 53 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2016 | M. Catharine Evans
    Lester Holt's blatant bias against Donald Trump Monday night held to Hunter S. Thompson's brutal description of journalists and journalism: Journalism is not a profession or a trade; it is a cheap catch-all for f---offs and misfits – a false doorway to the backside of life. Holt just proved to tens of millions of Americans that absolute media power corrupts absolutely. If trust and confidence in the media have fallen to the lowest in history, as recently reported, Holt, in his total abandonment of any semblance of objectivity, has lowered both even more. This bootlicking cog, beholden to his pro-Hillary...

    09/27/2016 10:23:42 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 55 replies
    Dilbert ^ | 09/27/2016 | Scott Adams
    I Score the First Debate Posted September 27th, 2016 @ 8:27am Trump and Clinton debated each other for the first time last night. Here’s how I score the night. Clinton won on points. She had more command of the details and the cleaner answers. Trump did a lot of interrupting and he was defensive. If this were a college debate competition, Clinton would be declared the winner. I call that victory on the 2D chess board. But voters don’t care about facts and debating style. They care about how they feel. So let’s talk about that. For starters, Trump and...
  • Clinton’s Latest Campaign Surrogate is a: Murder Accomplice, Porn Star and Drug Lord Concubine

    09/28/2016 3:56:12 AM PDT · by detective · 32 replies
    Conservative Treehouse ^ | September 28, 2016 | Sundance
    Shortened title. Full title: Oh Dear, Clinton’s Latest Campaign Surrogate is a: Murder Accomplice, Hard Core Porn Star and Drug Lord Concubine This has to be the worst campaign vetting in the history of failed campaign vetting… Or the most horrible exploitation, Clintonian level exploitation, of a very troubled woman…. You decide. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign narrative is now centered around, and vested in, using a former Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, as an attack surrogate against Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton’s campaign goal is to paint Donald Trump as anti-woman, and fat-shaming, because the Miss Universe pageant owner told...
  • ANALYSIS: @HillaryClinton’s #AliciaMachado Definitely Had Anchor Baby With Mexican Drug Kingpin

    09/27/2016 11:39:27 PM PDT · by pissant · 18 replies
    GotNews ^ | 9/27/16 | Charles Johnson
    GotNews has already exposed Hillary Clinton’s Alicia Machado as a lying attempted murderess and porn star with a Mexican drug kingpin’s anchor baby. The Mexican Attorney General and GotNews’ unnamed federal law enforcement source both agree that Machado’s baby daddy is locked-up drug trafficker Gerardo Alvarez-Velazquez. Alicia Machado herself has variously claimed it’s her “best friend” Rafael Hernandez Linares and that “she’s kept quite about his identity because he isn’t involved in the entertainment world and she’d like to respect his privacy.” Does Alicia Machado’s daughter Dinorah look like she could be the drug kingpin’s kid? Yep.
  • Is Hillary Clinton's ‘win’ in the eye of beholder?

    09/27/2016 10:30:02 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 35 replies
    The Boston Herald ^ | September 28, 2016 | Chris Cassidy
    Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of the most watched debate ever by the bulk of the media, but they may be once again demonstrating their failure to understand what makes Donald Trump voters tick — and why his fans think he came out on top, according to political analysts. “Clinton and Trump are talking to two very different countries, and political analysts and reporters are generally in the country Clinton, not Trump, inhabits.” wrote Larry Sabato, the author of Sabato’s Crystal Ball and a political science professor at the University of Virginia. Sabato, elaborating in comments to the...
  • The Nuclear Option: Trump Was Very Good — And Will Be Even Better

    09/27/2016 6:11:07 PM PDT · by Helicondelta · 8 replies ^ | 27 Sep 2016 | CHARLES HURT
    Monday night’s debate here was a tremendous victory for Donald Trump, but his performance left plenty of room for improvement. Big picture: Polls show support for Hillary Clinton is collapsing, and she desperately needed to stanch the bleeding. She did nothing during the debate to change the trajectory of those increasingly bleak polls. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER With states like Pennsylvania and Colorado in play this week, we could be talking about states like Michigan and Wisconsin in play next week. That would put the race away early for Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton’s primary charge against Mr. Trump is...
  • Pat Caddell Post-Debate Poll Analysis: Trump Won on ‘Leadership, Honesty, and Who Cares About People

    09/27/2016 6:18:47 PM PDT · by Helicondelta · 31 replies ^ | 27 Sep 2016
    “First of all, ninety-five percent of the people who watched the debate and we had pre-interviewed, of almost 900 interviews, said they didn’t change their minds. Of the small number of people who did, Trump ended up with a slight advantage among undecideds to him. But more importantly,” continued Caddell, “and this is what does matter long-term in debates, is how you deal with the challenges and impressions you have.” Caddell said based on the polling, Trump “actually topped Hillary Clinton” on who was seen as plausible as president. “That was his great test,” said Caddell, “that he stand there...
  • VIDEO - Hillary's Spooky Involuntary WIGGLE FINGER During Debate..!

    09/27/2016 6:16:02 PM PDT · by gaijin · 45 replies
    YouTube, Live ^ | Sept 27th, 2016 | Amy Adams
    Excellent one minute YouTube video compiliation captures Hillary's WEIRD INVOLUNTARILY WIGGLING FINGER during the debate..! No whacko pixel pusher BS, here. Another spooky, subtle piece of the neurogenerative puzzle falls into place...?!
  • Post Debate Poll: Clinton Won on Performance, Trump Won Votes

    09/27/2016 9:32:12 PM PDT · by bobsunshine · 29 replies
    People's Pundit Daily ^ | September 27, 2016 | Staff
    A Post Debate Poll conducted after the presidential showdown at Hofstra University finds Hillary Clinton put on the best performance, but Donald Trump won votes. While voters 47% to 44% think that Mrs. Clinton “won the first presidential debate,” Mr. Trump won over undecided voters who changed their mind by nearly a 3 to 1 margin. Nine percent (9%) were undecided on the question of who won the debate. Among those who were undecided (5%) before the debate, 31% changed their mind and now say they’ll support the New York businessman. By comparison, only 11% of previously undecided voters said...
  • Donald J. Trump for President Celebrates Massive $18 Million Haul After Debate Win

    09/27/2016 7:35:34 PM PDT · by Dave346 · 45 replies
    Donald J Trump ^ | September 27, 2016
    NEW YORK, NY – Less than 24 hours after winning last night’s debate, the Donald J. Trump Campaign (in conjunction with the RNC) has officially brought in a massive fundraising haul of $18 million, signaling momentum of historic proportions. “As a result of Donald Trump’s huge debate win last night, we had a massive fundraising day bringing in more than $18 million. This is a movement to Make America Great Again. We are grateful for the support of millions of Americans across the country. With this kind of energy and generous support behind us, we are going to have President...
  • Did last night's US presidential debate Wi-Fi rip-off break the law? (Hofstra gouges reporters)

    09/27/2016 7:25:33 PM PDT · by dayglored · 26 replies
    The Register ^ | Sep 27, 2016 | Kieren McCarthy
    The host of the first presidential debate on Monday night, Hofstra University in New York, may have broken the law and could be in line for a huge fine. Reporters at the event were appalled to find that among the heavily marked-up items they were offered – $150 to rent a lamp, anyone? – was a $200 charge for a "secure wireless internet connection." Worse than the clear effort to price-gouge people trying to file stories, however, was the fact that the university decided that only its wireless access points were allowed to be used, and even sent someone around...
  • Bozell: GOP Should Have Vetoed Moderators from NBC Networks Due to the Far-Left Tilt

    09/27/2016 6:12:51 PM PDT · by Cheerio · 33 replies
    MRC News Busters ^ | September 27, 2016 | NB Staff
    Media Research Center president Brent Bozell continued his tear on Tuesday denouncing Lester Holt’s “failed” performance as Monday’s presidential debate moderator with two appearances on Fox Business Network (FBN) programming and called out the Republican National Committee (RNC) for accepting any potential moderator from NBC, MSNBC, or CNBC. "You are supposed to vet these people. What do you expect somebody from NBC? NBC/MSNBC/CNBC have been in the tank completely for Democrats, have been savaging Republicans all season long. If I had been the RNC, I would have simply said, I’m not taking anybody from that network," Bozell told FBN host...
  • Dear Deranged Naive NeverTrumper

    09/27/2016 4:49:36 PM PDT · by Eagles Field · 3 replies
    Eagles Field
    Yeah, it would be terrible to have a wall. What right have we to be a sovereign nation. How can illegal immigration possibly be an issue. Well, if you wanna get all nit-picky, OK it cost hundreds of billions of dollars, crime, murder, child molestation, overwhelming the the healthcare system & flooding the prisons etc. The audacity to pause muslim immigration ... look how well the euro-peons are benefitting from the influx. And since when have muslims been a problem ... well, except for the last 1400 years. Cutting corporate taxes just because we’re the highest in the western world!...
  • Trump Changes It All! You Can't See This Debate Through the Traditional Prism

    09/27/2016 3:27:59 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies
    Rush ^ | September 27, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Okay, folks, let's just get straight to it. For people watching this debate last night through the usual prism, through the standard inside-the-Beltway, insider establishment elite circles, if you watched the debate with that as your life experience, with that defining your expectations and that defining your analysis and commentary, Hillary Clinton won this debate in a knockout. If that's how you watch these things. And that's how the Drive-Bys see it. That's how party officials see it. That's how elected officials see it. That is how people inside the Beltway in the business of politics saw...
  • Mika Despondent Over Debate: Hillary 'Amazing' But Trump Will Win More Voters (suicide watch!)

    09/27/2016 3:44:43 PM PDT · by GilGil · 91 replies
    MSNBC ^ | 9/27/2016 | Morning Joe
    On Morning Joe, discussing the first presidential debate, a despondent Mika Brzezinski repeatedly praises Hillary Clinton's performance but frets that Donald Trump came away the winner politically.
  • 1st Debate: Clinton-Holt Tag Team vs. Trump

    09/27/2016 3:39:59 PM PDT · by detective · 24 replies
    The “Debate of the Century,” the first face-to-face matchup between presidential contenders Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, quickly turned into a three-way affair, with NBC “moderator” Lester Holt (shown at left) repeatedly taking sides with Clinton and badgering Trump. The hour-and-a-half debate, broadcast live Monday night on all the major networks from the Hofstra University campus in Hempstead, New York, was expected to attract 100 million viewers, a new record for a political event, and second only to the Super Bowl. From tabulations now available, it appears the final viewer count may come close to those predicted numbers. Another even...
  • Last night's debate revealed that Hillary thinks every single American harbors a deep-seated racism

    09/27/2016 3:19:47 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 20 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/27/16 | Robert Laurie
    You're a racist, you're a racist, everyone's a racist. Repeating a theme we’ve heard from virtually every Democrat for years, Hillary took some time last night to argue that, sure, cops are a bunch of racists. However, she went a step further because she wants you to know the problem isn’t limited to police officers. According to Hillary, virtually everyone in the country harbors their own secret racist feelings. She calls it exercising “implicit racial bias” and - in Hillary’s mind - you’re all guilty of it. Here’s Hillary, demanding that ask yourself “why am I feeling this way?”
  • Smear – Lie – Assault Hillary – worthless ‘middle class’ savior for America

    09/27/2016 3:17:16 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 2 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/27/16 | Dr. Laurie Roth
    No matter how awkward the debates may seem, never forget the truth for America’s sake Contrived and coached Hillary’s game on the first debate was to appear collected and together, with apparently, way too much bright red lipstick, while throwing ‘racist’ bombs regarding old lawsuits against Trump. The old lawsuit she brought up was deceitfully used to paint him a racist. Never mind the lawsuit had gathered up many companies and Trump in his innocence ended up paying zero. Hillary also tried to paint Trump as an unethical, non payer of business contacts, with one disgruntled former merchant sitting in...
  • "All The King's Horses And All the King's Men Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again"

    09/27/2016 2:44:57 PM PDT · by limpholm
    Voters got it. But the pundits - who generally want to score a presidential debate like a high school debate tournament - missed it There is much more going on in a debate than just the rhetorical thrust and parry and the mastery of policy details A presidential debate is also a job interview, an unspoken conversation between the candidates and the American people about trust, strength, compatibility, and more. These things are hard to quantify, particularly for a pundit class that often misses the forest for the trees.