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Sarah Palin under fire as Arizona sheriff blames political 'vitriol' for massacre ^ | 9th January 2011 | Daily Mail Reporter

Posted on 01/09/2011 11:19:07 AM PST by Celtic Cross

Can we blame political rhetoric such as Sarah Palin's inflammatory 'Don't react, reload' for triggering the Safeway massacre? It is not yet clear why a gunman, believed to be 22-year-old Jared Loughner, went on a terrifying rampage in Arizona yesterday, killing six people and wounding a further 12.

But whatever his reasons, the local sheriff - who is coordinating the investigation with the FBI - believes it is time for America to do some soul-searching

'When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government,' Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik told a news conference.

'The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. 'And, unfortunately, Arizona I think has become sort of the capital. We have become the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.'

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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A nutter goes on a shooting spree? Blame Palin!

The left doesn't miss a single chance--To them these tragic deaths are nothing more than a vehicle to attack Palin and other conservatives.

1 posted on 01/09/2011 11:19:11 AM PST by Celtic Cross
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To: Celtic Cross
New Black Panther: "You gonna have to kill some crackas" video
2 posted on 01/09/2011 11:21:35 AM PST by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: Celtic Cross

Gee,all these years I thought that the job of Sheriff was law enforcement.Now I discover that it’s really political pontification.Imagine my surprise!!

3 posted on 01/09/2011 11:23:50 AM PST by Farmer Dean (stop worrying about what they want to do to you,start thinking about what you want to do to them)
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To: Celtic Cross
We have become the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry

Wonder if he's gonna inflame some muzzie hatred with that statement...

4 posted on 01/09/2011 11:23:53 AM PST by steveo (PETO-VT-IN-MARI-SVB-CRVCE-AVSTRALI-SEPELIAR)
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To: Celtic Cross

Apparently this sheriff feels his job also includes given forth with his political opinions.- I haven’t heard anything on Fox or CNN about this Loughner and his left-leaning politics and rants on DU and YouTube. Not expecting to either.

5 posted on 01/09/2011 11:23:55 AM PST by jmacusa (Two wrongs don't make a right. But they can make it interesting.)
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To: Celtic Cross

"I hate every iota of crackas!"
6 posted on 01/09/2011 11:24:16 AM PST by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: Celtic Cross

Wonderful that our “cousins across the pond” are really into Clarence the Unbalanced Clown. They can have him. I’ll stick with Joe Arpaio.

7 posted on 01/09/2011 11:24:27 AM PST by FlingWingFlyer (DNC memo - "Don't let this thing go to waste! Exploit! Exploit! Exploit!")
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To: Celtic Cross

I don’t think a Gay Commie is under the influence of Sarah Palin

8 posted on 01/09/2011 11:25:04 AM PST by GeronL (How DARE you have an opinion!!)
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To: Celtic Cross
#11 January 9, 2011 at 9:47 am
Chisum commented:

Xian @ #3,,

Here you go.

I found this list at JOM.

Why don’t people who are so intent on blaming things politicians have said for this tragedy ever mention rhetoric from Democrats and liberals including:

President Obama:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

And “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.”

Or John Kerry who said on the Bill Maher show: “I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone.”

Or Howard Dean “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for…”

and: “This is a struggle between good and evil and we’re the good?”

and “we need to remember that the enemy here is George Bush, not each other.”

Or Senator Chuck Schumer who called a flight attendant a “bitch.”

Or the Florida Democrats who ran an ad calling for the assassination of Donald Rumsfeld

Or New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi who called for Senator Schumer to “put a bullet between the president’s eyes?”

Or Jonathan Chait who said “I hate President George W. Bush.”

Or singer Rickie Lee Jones who aid of President Bush “You’re an ignorant, low-class, opportunistic man, both personally and politically, who does everything for political gain and nothing for the wellbeing of the people, and you should not be in office, and the kind of fascism you’re perpetrating on our country we don’t want, and you’re out. We’re done with you. Ffffhgggmm.”

And when asked if she would be willing to take Bush out for the benefit of democracy? “If I say that, I might get arrested when I go back. And I have to go home.” She’s thinking it out carefully. “I guess the question is, would I kill anyone? And the answer is, no. But would I feel sorry if someone killed him? No, I wouldn’t. It would depend on who killed him, I guess.”

Or “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” where they superimposed the words “Snipers Wanted” over an image of Bush delivering his acceptance speech at the Republican convention.

Or Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams who said she could kill President Bush?

Or Randi Rhodes who joked about killing the President?

Or Reverend Wright who called Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Condoskeeza [sic] Rice.

Or England’s Charlie Brooker who wrote: “On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr – where are you now that we need you?”

9 posted on 01/09/2011 11:26:11 AM PST by B4Ranch (Do NOT remain seated until this ride comes to a full and complete stop! We're going the wrong way!)
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To: FReepers

To: DJ MacWoW; onyx; All

Support Free Republic in building a strong Conservative Foundation

52 posted on 01/09/2011 10:50:10 AM PST by RedMDer (restoration of our honor, dignity, and freedoms will save America. - Sarah Palin)
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10 posted on 01/09/2011 11:27:35 AM PST by onyx (PLEASE SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC BY DONATING NOW!)
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To: Celtic Cross

The last news I received was that the guy is a left wing kook.

11 posted on 01/09/2011 11:27:43 AM PST by Cisco Nix (Real Conservatives stay sober and focused)
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To: Celtic Cross
Sheriff Dupnik sounds like Paul Krugman.

Vitriol is part of the political process, Sheriff. In fact, its part of the First Amendment and our right to freedom of speech.

This is another example of leftwing political correctness and hypocrisy.

12 posted on 01/09/2011 11:27:54 AM PST by Reagan Man ("In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.")
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To: Celtic Cross

Even Al Sharpton said that the sheriff’s words were “ill-advised”. Geraldo was sorely disappointed. He had Al Sharpton and JD Hayworth on his show and they agreed with each other. It left Geraldo sputtering.

13 posted on 01/09/2011 11:28:03 AM PST by Eva
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To: Celtic Cross

The local sheriff should pull his liberal head out of his rectum and read this article.

The local sheriff may be trying to blame Palin/Rush and other conservatives for his failure to do his job re this self identified potential terrorist. Like why did this nut case have a gun and get by with threatening to kill cops?

What was the relationship if any between the sheriff and the parents/mother of the killer if any.

Why haven’t we read one thing by the left wing mediots about the parents of this insane killer?

Below is an excellent article re the insane killer with a lot of his personal quotes. No where did he profess any love/devotion for Palin/Rush or the Tea Party.

Suspect in rampage called ‘very disturbed’

TIM STELLER Arizona Daily Star

The man arrested for opening fire at a community meeting held by U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Saturday — killing six people and injuring 13 others — disrupted classes at Pima Community College, tried to manipulate his dreams and posted rambling messages on the Internet.

The suspected shooter is Jared Lee Loughner, a 22-year-old who lives on the northwest side. He is mentally unstable and may have had an accomplice, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said Saturday evening.

A former classmate of Loughner at Pima, from which he was suspended Sept. 29 for code-of-conduct violations, said he was “obviously very disturbed.”

“He disrupted class frequently with nonsensical outbursts,” said Lynda Sorenson, who took a math class with Loughner last summer at Pima Community College’s Northwest campus.

Dupnik said the suspected shooter has made death threats before and been contacted by law-enforcement officers. The threats weren’t against Giffords, Dupnik said.
Investigators are looking for a second person who may be an accomplice, Dupnik said. “We are not convinced he acted alone,” Dupnik said of the shooter. “We have photos,” he said, of a man in his 50s.

“There’s some reason to believe that (the shooter) came to this location with another individual. And there’s reason to believe the other individual would in some way be involved,” he said.

Loughner has several online accounts, which suggest he has spent most of his life on the northwest side: His MySpace profile says he attended Thornydale Elementary School, Tortolita Middle School and Mountain View High School.

As a middle school student, Loughner was “kind of an outcast,” said Shannin Macey, who said via e-mail she attended Tortolita and Mountain View with him.

In high school, Loughner was in jazz band and played the saxophone, but he dropped out in junior year, said Tommy Marriotti, who was a high-school friend of Loughner. At the time he dropped out, Loughner was having drug problems, Marriotti said, but he seemed to do well once he started taking classes at Pima.

Loughner attended Pima courses from summer 2005 until he withdrew in October after his suspension, the college said.

He tried to enlist in the Army in 2008 but was rejected, said First Sgt. Brian Homme, who oversees Army recruiting in Tucson. Loughner was sent to Phoenix to take a test and physical, but “he was found to be unqualified,” Homme said.

Loughner registered to vote for the first time in 2006, said Chris Roads, Pima County’s registrar of voters. He registered as an independent and last voted in the 2008 general election.

Sorenson, Loughner’s classmate at Pima, said he was asked to leave the pre-algebra class several times and eventually was barred from class.

Pima officials said in a news release that from February to September 2010, Loughner had five contacts with PCC police for classroom and library disruptions at Northwest and West campuses.

Another Pima classmate, Lydian Ali, said Loughner would frequently laugh aloud to himself during the advanced-poetry class they attended. Only about 16 people were in the class, so Loughner’s behavior stood out, Ali said.

“It almost seemed like he was on his own planet, because his comments would have nothing to do with what we were talking about,” Ali said.

Loughner’s online accounts contain some political comments but are dominated by bizarre discussions of his desire to establish a new currency and his disdain for what he considered the public’s low literacy rates. He also wrote threatening and despairing messages.

“WOW! I’m glad i didn’t kill myself. I’ll see you on National T.v.! This is foreshadow .... why doesn’t anyone talk to me? ..” he posted on MySpace Dec. 14.
On Dec. 13, he wrote: “I don’t feel good: I’m ready to kill a police officer! I can say it.”

In a posting on YouTube, Loughner wrote repeatedly about a new currency. “I’m thinking of creating a new currency,” he wrote. “Therefore, I’m thinking of a design for my new coins size, shape, color, material, and image to start a new money system.”

He also wrote repeatedly about literacy. In a message on YouTube, Loughner wrote: “The majority of people, who reside in District-8 are illiterate — hilarious. I don’t control your English grammar structure, but you control your English grammar structure.”

In a message posted on his MySpace account, titled “Goodbye friends,”Loughner said: “Dear friends...please don’t be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven’t talked to one person who is literate.” It was unclear when it was posted.

In a MySpace profile, Loughner said “My favorite interest was reading, and I studied grammar. Conscience dreams were a great study in college.” Conscious dreaming is trying to manipulate your dreams, an interest Loughner pursued, Marriotti said.

He lists among his favorite books “Mein Kampf” and “The Communist Manifesto”. But he also includes a broad variety of other titles, including: “Animal Farm,” “Brave New World,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

In another YouTube message, Loughner said: “I know who’s listening: Government Officials, and the People. Nearly all the people, who don’t know this accurate information of a new currency, aren’t aware of mind control and brainwash methods. If I have my civil rights, then this message wouldn’t have happen.”

“In conclusion, my ambition - is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency; in a few days, you know I’m conscience dreaming! Thank you!”

In a YouTube video dated Dec. 15, titled “Introduction: Jared Loughner,” he describes himself as a U.S. military recruit who had applied to join the Army.

In the video, Loughner makes a rambling mention of “MEPS in Phoenix” an apparent reference to the Military Entrance Processing Station in the state capital that all Arizona recruits from every branch of service pass through before leaving for basic training.

“Every United States military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix is receiving one mini bible before the tests,” it said. “Jared Loughner is a United States military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix. Therefore, Jared Loughner is receiving one mini bible before the tests.

“I didn’t write a belief on my Army application and the recruiter wrote on the application: None.”

Sgt. Homme declined to say why Loughner was rejected, citing confidentiality laws.

Loughner has had at least two minor run-ins with police, online court records show.

In October 2007, Loughner was cited by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for possession of drug paraphernalia, a charge that was dismissed in November 2007 when he completed a diversion program.

One year later, in October 2008, Loughner faced a “local charge” in Marana Municipal Court. That charge was also dismissed following the completion of a diversion program in March 2009.

Court records indicate the Marana case file is due to be purged in December 2013. It’s unclear what the exact charge was.

Grant Wiens, 22, attended Mountain View High School with Loughner, although they were not in the same grade. Wiens also took a class at Pima Community College with Loughner, where they occasionally talked, he said.

“He was a guy in high school who definitely had his opinions on stuff and didn’t seem to care what people thought of him,” Wiens said. “He did his own thing.”

Star reporters Carol Ann Alaimo, Alex Dalenberg, Fernanda Echavarri, Patrick Finley, Ernesto Portillo Jr. and Sarah Trotto contributed to this report.

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To: Celtic Cross

The Democrats are beginning to look foolish on this one, just like the funeral celebration that they had for that Minnesota Congressman or Senator. They are exploiting another national tragedy.

15 posted on 01/09/2011 11:30:17 AM PST by Eva
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To: Celtic Cross

Since this guy was a left-wing lunatic, I blame Barack Obama’s reckless quote, “They bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun” and Rahm Emmanuel’s demonstrative, “Dead, dead, dead, dead” as he stabbed a table witha steak knife signifying the imminent defeats of Republicans in ‘06. Clearly, THESE radical pols sent Loughner over the edge. Bob

16 posted on 01/09/2011 11:30:27 AM PST by alstewartfan ("Only in the darkest places will she feel at home tonight." from Mixed Blessing by Al Stewart)
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To: Eva

Sheriff Dupnik, wasn’t the guy an anti-semite? The Congresswoman was jewish not Mexican.

17 posted on 01/09/2011 11:30:39 AM PST by scooby321
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To: Celtic Cross

And now the Liberals want to silence debate. This is because they are losing the debate. Liberals will always lose a reasonable debate if it is an open and truthful debate. What the liberals can not tolerate is the truth about liberalism. It sounds good but never ever works. They have just been given the Bums Rush by the people and can not tolerate it.

18 posted on 01/09/2011 11:30:44 AM PST by screaminsunshine (Surfers Rule)
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To: Celtic Cross

I find far more vitriol in the Sheriff’s words than I do in the people he’s complaining about.

Classic commie tactics there Sheriff. Wait, he’s a Democrat. Nevermind.

19 posted on 01/09/2011 11:31:44 AM PST by Free Vulcan (The cult of Islam must be eradicated by any means necessary.)
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To: Celtic Cross

The good sheriff is fairly vitriolic himself, but it’s OK because his intentions are good.

20 posted on 01/09/2011 11:31:59 AM PST by E. Pluribus Unum (DEFCON I ALERT: The federal cancer has metastasized. All personnel report to their battle stations.)
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