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Since Nov 29, 1999

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This is a representative Republic and WE are in charge, if we choose to be.

Don’t like Democrats? Vote Republican. Don’t like RINO’s? Get Tea Party candidates elected in your primaries and have a Tea Party majority. Don’t think we can win President? Work to get a veto proof majority. Work to get majorities in your states. Work, work, work, work, work.

It is OUR job to keep the Republic. It takes hard work. Even if Sarah Palin isn’t running. If you don’t work you get what you get. Even the guys bunkering for CWII are working for something.

There are no options. There is no country to run to. We fight for this one or we go down to Tyranny.

Fight to the Death.

Fight to the Last Man.

We have no other choice.


Active in the leadership of the Lee County GOP central committee in the Iowa 2nd district and working to restore conservative ideals and candidates to elected office and state government.

Am an active gardener with a quarter acre, down from a full acre a few years ago now that I just grow for myself. Here's a list of the seed companies I order from in any given year:

Fedco -
Landreth -
Gourmet Seed -
Jung -
Shumway -
Baker Creek -
Willhite -
Johnny’s -
Peaceful Valley -
Southern Exposure Seed -
Seedsavers Exchange -
Tomato Grower’s Supply -
Nichol’s Nursery - www.nicholsgardennursery
Territorial -
Totally Tomatoes -
Vermont Bean Seed -
Horizon Herbs -
Bountiful Gardens -