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(Vanity) Barack Obama, the Candidate for Everyone?
grey_whiskers ^ | 5-19-2008 | grey_whiskers

Posted on 05/19/2008 8:55:52 PM PDT by grey_whiskers

The course of the Democrat primaries this year has surprised everyone: most pundits figured going in that Hillary Clinton had the nomination all sewn up, and that by next year she would be crossing the country on "Broomstick One". But a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. Another candidate, named Barack [Censored] Obama.

Charles Krauthammer has written a brilliant and insightful piece on the errors made by Hillary Clinton's team, and how they contributed to Senator Obama's success. But I feel that his analysis did not credit the brilliance of the candidate himself. Obama has correctly sensed the mood of the country, in that the left was primed for "anyone but Bush, lead us out of the wilderness". (Well, anyone but Bush, *except* the Clintons; we've had enough of them too. His comeback to Hillary in the debate, that "I'm looking forward to having you advise me too" was the perfect comeuppance to her smugness, and positioned him as an underdog which people could feel good about supporting.) He also realized the dissatisfaction of the Republicans with the endless stream of RINOs and brush-offs of conservatives by the power brokers in DC. And finally, he was able to position himself flawlessly (in today's all-too-PC political climate) as the only candidate legitimately able to challenge Hillary in her historic role as the first viable female candidate for the Presidency of these United States. Not on the basis of experience: oddly enough, her only experience was as the captain of the Titanic during her failed bid to nationalize health care. Not on the basis of military experience, either: while McCain, as a POW, can "out-tough" Hillary from the right, Obama didn't even try to do so. Instead, he veered to the left, and has offered to negotiate with state sponsors of terror, such as Iran and Syria.

So how did Obama vault to the top of the Democrat party? By simultaneously pandering to, and denying, the class warfare rhetoric of the left. As a black man, he holds a trump card over Hillary's historicity -- everyone instinctively knows that a black man ranks higher on the preferred victims' hierarchy than a mere Yale Law School graduate woman, no matter how much her husband has cheated on her. Senator Obama's on-again, off-again embracing and rejecting of the Rev. ("God D#$@ America!") Wright, and the intemperate remarks of his wife ("...for the first time in my life, I felt proud of America.") -- despite multiple Ivy League degrees and a job earning more than most physicians -- are all part of Obama's attraction for his fans. "He hates America, so he's one of US!" the left thinks; in the meantime, they try to sell him to Middle America by saying "Well, no wonder he's angry -- he's black. Isn't it wonderful how he doesn't play the race card?" And his upbringing in Indonesia has exposed him to both Muslim and Christian thought. How wonderfully...multicultural of him!

So this explains his appeal to disaffected lefties, guilty elitist white liberals, and to black people: but it also shows how he (despite the talk of 'transcending' race) is failing to appeal to Middle America and the Reagan Democrats. "God D@#$! America!" was bad enough. But his remark that some Americans were bitterly clinging to their guns and religion (as though the Puritans were a group of anti-NRA atheists) caused him to lose any chance of winning some demographic blocks ever again.

So while he can flash his famous smile, and declare that "We are the change we have been waiting for" to crowds of 75,000 in liberal havens such as Portland, Oregon, he is still lacking the broader appeal which will lead to a sure victory in the General Election. He can't win the big states, even against Hillary? To paraphrase Charles Dickens, "He was the best of candidates; he was the worst of candidates."

Which brings to mind one other thing. I suggested that Barack Obama is actually a multicultural candidate. But I think that he is multicultural based more on his policies and mindset than on anything else.

He is, as Joe Biden (Plagiarist - DE) observed, an "...African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

Until you puncture the crust, and get friendships with race-baiters like Rev. Wright.

So he's an inverted Oreo.

He is passionately committed to the environment, and refuses to wear the American flag because he doesn't like cliches.

Until you realize he has connections to terrorists like William Ayers and Bernadine Doehrn.

So he's a watermelon. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

And, as mentioned before, he his of mixed parentage.

Until you realize that he is the most liberal member of the US Senate. Worse than Hillary; worse than Kennedy; worse than Chuck Schumer.

So he's a newspaper. Black and White and RED all over.

No wonder the press loves him so much!

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1 posted on 05/19/2008 8:55:52 PM PDT by grey_whiskers
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To: grey_whiskers

A candidate for everyone unless you are a religion clinging, gun totting typical white person.

2 posted on 05/19/2008 8:58:43 PM PDT by svcw (There is no plan B.)
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To: grey_whiskers; All

Obama ain't nothing but a long-legged Mack Daddy!

Reverend Manning tells it like it is!

3 posted on 05/19/2008 9:02:02 PM PDT by Eye On The Left
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To: Eye On The Left

It’s just my opinion of course - but I’m not sure that I think Manning is any better than Wright. Have you really looked at his website?

4 posted on 05/19/2008 9:05:26 PM PDT by porter_knorr
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To: porter_knorr
Very interesting stuff on the Atlah website.

The perpetuation of racism has had a catastrophic effect upon the Black community. It has lead to an intense hatred for white people that dominates the community and it inhabitants. The problem with the Black man is between him and Almighty God.

Slavery was simply a "bump in the road" of history, and racism is not our problem. The affirmative action groups do not know God or His power. Moreover, they continue to promote death through the teachings of racism and are unwilling to change, therefore, they must be removed from office.

An act of humility by the African American community would be to honor The Civil War dead, pay tribute and honor to them for their ultimate sacrifice - their lives. By thanking the white people who died so that black people could be set free would serve as a signal that there has been a removal of hatred from our psyche.

Finally, allow Vicksburg, Mississippi, and other southern states to display their confederate flag on their lawns, state and office buildings, and over their capital buildings to remember their status as a sovereign nation of people.

The youth of the African American population is in serious trouble. With role models such as Russell Simmons, Snoop Doggy Dog, Jay-Z, and Ice-T, they have led our young people into a state of greed, hatred, lawlessness, and outright rebellion.

A national organization will be established to reach every pregnant Black woman in America. She will participate with her unborn child in the salvation plan of Almighty God.

The nation of Africa is facing tremendous obstacles that cannot be solved with money. We must remove the false leaders of the day like "The Magnificent Seven" - Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, T.D. Jakes, Louis Farrakan, Don King, and Cornell West - and replace them with men and women who will repent, and preach righteousness, and truth.

Calling the witch doctors of the Ivory Coast and African continent to confess their compliance and input in the removal of Blacks from the continent of Africa.

5 posted on 05/19/2008 9:10:01 PM PDT by M203M4 (True Universal Suffrage: Pets of dead illegal-immigrant felons voting Democrat (twice))
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To: porter_knorr

You thought I was being serious?

6 posted on 05/19/2008 9:11:14 PM PDT by Eye On The Left
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To: porter_knorr
I’m not sure that I think Manning is any better than Wright.

He's a lot better than Wright, although he's a racist also. Uses phrases like "white trash" and "trashy white woman", etc. But at least he isn't a revolutionary Marxist like Rev Wright.

The Real Story Behind Rev. Wright's Controversial Black Liberation Theology Doctrine
Monday , May 5, 2008
FoxNews/Hannity's America
[special Friday night edition--original airdate May 2, 2008]

(some key excerpts)

JOSE DIAZ-BALART, TELEMUNDO NETWORK: "Liberation theology in Nicaragua in the mid-1980's was a pro-Sandinista, pro-Marxist, anti-U.S., anti-Catholic Church movement. That's it. No ifs, ands, or buts. His church apparently supported, in the mid-'80s in Nicaragua, groups that supported the Sandinista dictatorships and that were opposed to the Contras whose reason for being was calling for elections. That's all I know. I was there.

I saw the churches in Nicaragua that he spoke of, and the churches were churches that talked about the need for violent revolution and I remember clearly one of the major churches in Managua where the Jesus Christ on the altar was not Jesus Christ, he was a Sandinista soldier, and the priests talked about the corruption of the West, talked about the need for revolution everywhere, and talked about 'the evil empire' which was the United States of America."

REV. BOB SCHENCK, NATIONAL CLERGY COUNCIL: "it's based in Marxism. At the core of his [Wright's] theology is really an anti-Christian understanding of God, and as part of a long history of individuals who actually advocate using violence in overthrowing those they perceive to be oppressing them, even acts of murder have been defended by followers of liberation theology. That's very, very dangerous."

SCHENCK: "I was actually the only person escorted to Dr. Wright. He asked to see me, and I simply welcomed him to Washington, and then I said Dr. Wright, I want to bring you a warning: your embrace of Marxist liberation theology. It is contrary to the Gospel, and you need, sir, to abandon it. And at that he dropped the handshake and made it clear that he was not in the mood to dialogue on that point."

The Real Story Behind Rev. Wright's Controversial Black Liberation Theology Doctrine:,2933,354158,00.html

Obama's Church: Gospel of Hate
Kathy Shaidle,
Monday, April 07, 2008

In March of 2007, FOX News host Sean Hannity had engaged Obama’s pastor in a heated interview about his Church’s teachings. For many viewers, the ensuing shouting match was their first exposure to "Black Liberation Theology"...

Like the pro-communist Liberation Theology that swept Central America in the 1980s and was repeatedly condemned by Pope John Paul II, Black Liberation Theology combines warmed-over 1960s vintage Marxism with carefully distorted biblical passages. However, in contrast to traditional Marxism, it emphasizes race rather than class. The Christian notion of "salvation" in the afterlife is superseded by "liberation" on earth, courtesy of the establishment of a socialist utopia.

From "45 Communist Goals":
#27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion.

7 posted on 05/19/2008 9:20:01 PM PDT by Eye On The Left
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To: grey_whiskers

Obama reaches out across the vast sea of endless stupidity

8 posted on 05/19/2008 9:24:21 PM PDT by Eye On The Left
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To: Eye On The Left
So this explains his appeal to disaffected lefties, guilty elitist white liberals, and to black people: but it also shows how he (despite the talk of 'transcending' race) is failing to appeal to Middle America and the Reagan Democrats.

Unless he plays the Webb card...
9 posted on 05/19/2008 9:27:28 PM PDT by Grammar Nazi ("Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað.")
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To: Eye On The Left

I don’t see it easily on the website anymore - but here’s a post that I copied and pasted from Manning’s website a while back.

I didn’t know how serious you were, I figured with the pimp not terribly serious, but I think it’s important to see what all people may see when they research Manning, and if it’s worth it.

10 posted on 05/19/2008 9:27:44 PM PDT by porter_knorr
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To: Grammar Nazi

Most people haven’t the slightest clue what Liberation Theology is. That it’s a revolutionary communist ideology. And even if they did, probably half of those wouldn’t have the smarts to be concerned anyway. Over the course of several decades, America has been severely dumbed down as a nation. An increasingly serious problem.

11 posted on 05/19/2008 9:40:25 PM PDT by Eye On The Left
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To: grey_whiskers

The candidate for everyone. Everyone who hates America or hates white people or hates capitalism. Gosh, he might have a majority in this country where prosperity and liberal indoctrination have led people into a state of ignorance, indolence and hedonism.

The pied piper, leading the children to their doom.

12 posted on 05/19/2008 9:48:58 PM PDT by Rocky
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To: Eye On The Left

Pastor Manning on Reverend Wright and “God bless America”:

13 posted on 05/19/2008 9:53:15 PM PDT by cynwoody
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To: cynwoody

Very nice! Thanks for the link.

14 posted on 05/19/2008 10:08:32 PM PDT by Eye On The Left
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To: Eye On The Left

Not to worry. That’s all media folks.

15 posted on 05/19/2008 10:08:33 PM PDT by Randy Papadoo (HRC/BHMO/JMc........Which pile of doggy poop will you step in?)
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To: Eye On The Left

Naughty word warning!!!!!!
Funny as ...heck though:

16 posted on 05/19/2008 10:50:42 PM PDT by Uriah_lost (The good guys must breed and continue to do so, or it is all for naught- A Smart Man)
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To: Eye On The Left
You hit the nail on the head!!

See what Publik Edukatioon does fer Demokratic politicians - turnout in their mindless masses of lemmings PLUS they sway & swoon on command too!!

17 posted on 05/19/2008 11:44:19 PM PDT by prophetic (God, let Obama speak utter foolishness and confound the wisdom of his counselors)
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To: grey_whiskers; All
Why don't we seize the opportunity provided by the MSM's deification of Obama to permanently de-claw the IRS and get God back into the public school classrooms?

This post (<-click), while addressing taxes, helps to explain why government "leaders" like Obama are actually in contempt of the Constitution that they have sworn to defend, foolishly following in the footsteps of FDR's dirty federal spending politics.

In fact, the article referenced below shows that Obama is the #1 federal spending proposer in the Senate for '08; Clinton is #2.

Obama, a big-shot federal spender
And this post (<-click) exposes how corrupt justices then began using FDR's politically correct license to ignore the 10th A. to unlawfully stifle traditional family values, including the USSC's scandalous legalization of abortion in Roe v. Wade. Note that the post first references two non-abortion cases in order to show Roe v. Wade in a different, troubling perspective.

In fact, consider that the states have the constitutional power (10th A.) to authorize public schools to lead non-mandatory (14th A.) classroom discussions on the pros and cons of evolution, creationism and ID, as examples, regardless that atheists, separatists, pagan-minded judges and the MSM are misleading the people to think that doing such things in public schools is unconstitutional.

The people need to reconnect with the Founder's division of federal and state government powers. The people then need to wise up to the major problems that, since the days of FDR's dirty politics, Congress has not only not been operating with the restraints of the federal Constitution, particularly where constitutionally unauthorized federal spending is concerned, but the USSC has wrongly been ignoring the 10th A. protected power of the states to address religious issues.

The bottom line is that the people need to get in the faces of judges, demanding that judges uphold their oaths to defend the 10th A. protected powers of the states to address religious issues - or get off the bench. The people also need to send big-shot, Constitution-ignoring federal spenders like Obama home as opposed to trying to send people like him to the Oval Office. The people need to get in the faces of members of Congress, demanding a stop to constitutionally unauthorized federal spending while appropriately lowering federal taxes - or get out of DC.

Lincoln put it this way.

"We the People are the rightful master of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution." --Abraham Lincoln, Political debates between Lincoln and Douglas, 1858.

18 posted on 05/20/2008 12:02:56 AM PDT by Amendment10
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To: All

Awesome video:

The same kind of terrorists who support Obama did this:
Never apologize for them.
Never appease them.
Never forget.

19 posted on 05/20/2008 2:23:06 AM PDT by cyberella
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To: grey_whiskers

Obama is the weakest front-runner the Democrats have had in a long time. He is getting less support from his own party than any of their previous nominees going back decades.

And in a time when nobody wants to admit to being a republican, he is polling about even with the republican candidate.

But somehow he is universally appealing?

He found how to win the democratic primary. Get the radical left on your side, and then take 95% of the African-American vote because you are black.

If Hillary was getting 95% of the white vote, or even 95% of the female vote, she’d be cleaning his clock.

20 posted on 05/20/2008 5:26:56 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT (Green, but not gullible)
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To: Grammar Nazi

Webb is a very smart man with very bad ideas. But he would make a much better President than Barack Obama. Its scary, but true.

At least Webb has military experience, he has some leadership skills and experience, and he did something real with his life before he joined the radical anti-war left.

If it wasn’t for Webb’s strong anti-war views, I would be more afraid that John McCain would pick Webb. Webb hates George Bush, but I bet he has an admiration for McCain.

21 posted on 05/20/2008 5:41:26 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT (Green, but not gullible)
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