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  • Prayer Request - 19 month old Rebecca

    10/09/2015 8:37:51 AM PDT · by taxcontrol · 17 replies
    None ^ | 09 Oct 2015 | Self
    Urgent prayer request for my grand niece Rebecca. She is 19 months old and has been having trouble with her stomach. The vomiting became so bad yesterday that her parents took her to see the doctor. The preliminary diagnosis is that there is nothing wrong with her stomach but they now suspect neurological problems. MRI and CAT scan are being scheduled ASAP.
  • Sweet 16 Freeper B-day (Vanity)

    10/07/2015 6:07:32 PM PDT · by Joe 6-pack · 51 replies
    Self ^ | 10/07/15 | self
    Tonight I'm wrapping up the end of my 16th year on FR. Old enough to drive now!!
  • Border soldier guilty in Fed Court, case to appeal (Waco related?)

    10/07/2015 12:01:06 PM PDT · by don-o · 40 replies
    Radio Legendary ^ | October 1, 2015
    Brownsville, TX – U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen found former Cossacks Motorcycle Club Sergeant at Arms KC Massey of the III% Militia guilty yesterday, September 30, of being a felon in possession of a firearm. It is a highly politicized and closely watched development in border disputes between the Obama Administration and certain states in deep conflict with current federal enforcement methods regarding illegal immigration. For several months, he and other volunteer militiamen patrolled a brushy area of the Rio Grande in the Southmost neighborhood of this city located outside the border fence near the airport. It is a stretch...
  • Would Any Candidate Utter These Words?

    10/07/2015 10:13:58 AM PDT · by mononymous · 13 replies
    Mononymous1/Wordpress ^ | 10/7/2015 | Mononymous1
    Any candidate for president or even the nomination, that is... (1) I intend to go to Washington D.C. not to build up its powers but to tear it down and release the shackles that have for over 50 years slowly but surely bound the American people. The only power to be projected from Washington will be on the international stage. (2) How unfortunate, how revolutionary an act it is that the preservation of the political system established by the constitution of the United States should be entrusted to the maggots that currently infest the political class. If lesser men have...
  • Murder, Motive, and Challenging an Approach

    10/06/2015 8:50:26 AM PDT · by jfd1776 · 11 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | October 5, 2015 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    September was another month of murders in Chicago. We have seen the murder rate – and the attempted murder rate, too – skyrocket in recent years, in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, St. Louis … all homes of half a century or more of liberal policies, all laboratories of Leftist solutions, all booming centers of the modern welfare state and the omnipresent leviathan. How could this happen, we ask ourselves? Why is the murder rate up? Every time a murder or mass killing occurs, the Left immediately aims the focus of the investigation in the direction of the weapon. Was it...
  • Obama forces successful supermarkets to be sold to a failing company that shuts them down

    10/05/2015 4:35:04 PM PDT · by grundle · 50 replies
    wordpress ^ | O0ctober 5, 2015 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Obama forces successful supermarket chains to sell supermarkets to a failing company that shuts them down The Obama administration recently forced successful supermarket chains Albertsons and Safeway to sell some of their supermarkets to the Haggen supermarket chain.Six months later, Haggen declared bankruptcy, and said it would close at least 100 of its supermarkets.Grocery strategist Burt P. Flickinger said:“This is the fastest (failure) in modern supermarket history… In all of retail, I haven’t seen anything like this.”This does not surprise me. Obama is a cronyist, and everything he touches turns into bantha pudu.
  • Another Week In Which The War on Christians Intensifies

    10/03/2015 1:06:16 PM PDT · by American Faith Today · 9 replies
    American Faith Today ^ | October 3, 2015 | American Faith Today
    Another Week In Which The War On Christians Intensifies Broadcast in Politics Conservative 22 minutes 4 seconds until Show American Faith Today American Faith Today unfollow Call in to speak with the host (347) 989-8387 h:428673 s:7972989 upcoming Play Host Christian persecution Oregon shooting Christians in other countries Academic elites gay agenda Shots fired. That's a common refrain to alert law enforcement and it's a common refrain to alert Christians of the actions of our enemies against us. We saw another shooting taking place in Oregon and it would seem that this individual did not have much love for those...
  • Atheist Socialist Right Wing Watch “exposes” Julio Severo, again…

    10/02/2015 6:59:13 PM PDT · by juliosevero · 1 replies
    Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo
    Atheist Socialist Right Wing Watch “exposes” Julio Severo, again… By Julio Severo Right Wing Watch, a major American socialist group, has again “exposed” me to its U.S. leftist audience for politically incorrect views.  Right Wing Watch “said”: Finally, Julio Severo is not happy with the nomination of Eric Fanning to serve as Secretary of the Army: “I am sure that in Obama’s and Fanning’s case, the Father of America would approve sentence on them and he would treat, with abhorrence and detestation, their sodomy and sodomy advocacy as an infamous crime. In the least, Obama would be expelled from...
  • Ben Stein, Meet Dad

    10/02/2015 6:40:02 PM PDT · by pabianice · 5 replies
    The Nav Log ^ | 10/2/15 | ip5683
    I was cruising the web and came upon the latest edition of Ben Stein’s Diary on The American Spectator. His essay is called “War,” and it is unusually long for Mr. Stein’s input to the Spectator. It is a bit rambling yet charming, as most of Mr. Stein’s essays are, and then, while meditating upon all the great inventions from and great work done by Americans, he says this: “… And someone had to invent the system of private property so I could be in my own home, not in a crowded tenement, and then some many people had to...
  • Here are 5 of 27 reasons why liberal men are perceived to be such girly-men...

    10/02/2015 1:07:16 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 66 replies
    American Irony ^ | 10-2-15 | The Looking Spoon
    Here is their leader... There's a recent article in the "Men's Style" section of the New York Times titled 27 Ways to Be a Modern Man.You should never judge a book by its cover, except for now. This is as bad as you'd imagine. Maybe worse. I won't list all 27, just the worst five, with comment. You can see all 27 here and I recommend you do, because it was extremely difficult to pick the worst five. 1. When the modern man buys shoes for his spouse, he doesn’t have to ask her sister for the size. And he...
  • When It Comes to the Aborted, the Left in the United States Does Get It

    10/01/2015 4:14:26 PM PDT · by DoughtyOne · 6 replies
    My own workup ^ | 10/01/2015 | DoughtyOne
    Don't let the Left kid you.  When It Comes to the Aborted, the Left in the United States Does Get It.  They (just) ignore the truth. They are just very selective in who they grace in under their compassionate care.  It's for (SOME OF) the children you know. Here is an advertisement.  Consider who is being reverenced here, and who isn't. If these kids were in the last moments of their existence in their mother's womb, non of these posibilities would be heralded. Thought: Maria would have discovered the secrets of gravity, but her mother wanted a son. Thought: Kamile...
  • 2015: 274 days, 294 mass shootings, hundreds dead

    10/01/2015 12:44:23 PM PDT · by don-o · 36 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | October 1, 2015 | Christopher Ingraham
    Today a shooter opened fire at a community college in Oregon. Early media reports indicate numerous fatalities and a number of additional people wounded. That brings the total of mass shootings this year -- incidents where 4 or more people are killed or injured by gunfire -- to 294. There have been only 274 days this year. The shootings are captured in this calendar, drawn from the the Mass Shooting Tracker. The tracker draws some criticism because its definition is broader than the FBI's definition, which requires three or more people to be killed by gunfire. But the broader definition...
  • The Shadows Of Waco

    10/01/2015 5:37:00 AM PDT · by don-o · 10 replies
    The Aging Rebel ^ | September 30, 2015
    Today GQ Magazine became the latest national publication to officially notice the ATF instigated police massacre in Waco last May 17. Staff writer Nathaniel Penn gives the incident 5,000 words and, since he is mostly clueless about the context in which the Twin Peaks massacre occurred and he knows it, he admirably resists the temptation to be definitive. He doesn’t break any news. That’s no surprise. Official Waco has been obstructing public scrutiny of what happened at the Twin Peaks for 137 days. Official Waco, particularly the loathsome Abel Reyna who started the coverup by locking up all the witnesses,...
  • The Voice Andi and Alex, Twin Sisters Sing a Beautiful Duet

    09/30/2015 11:37:02 PM PDT · by DoughtyOne · 16 replies
    YouTube ^ | 09/29/2015 | The Voice
    Folks this is unusual for me, but I ran across a very pretty duet by twin sisters from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They appeared on The Voice on Tuesday the 29th. The performance was very nice and I wanted others to be able to enjoy it. This is a live performance on the show, and there are some interruptions, but the listen is well worth it. The song lasts about a minute and thirty seconds. I hope you enjoy these two young women's singing as much as I did.
  • Goodbye Big Bang, Hello Black Hole? A New Theory Of The Universe’s Creation

    09/30/2015 7:10:11 PM PDT · by lbryce · 40 replies
    Universe Today ^ | September 18, 2015 | ELIZABETH HOWELL on SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
    Could the famed “Big Bang” theory need a revision? A group of theoretical physicists suppose the birth of the universe could have happened after a four-dimensional star collapsed into a black hole and ejected debris. Before getting into their findings, let’s just preface this by saying nobody knows anything for sure. Humans obviously weren’t around at the time the universe began. The standard theory is that the universe grew from an infinitely dense point or singularity, but who knows what was there before? “For all physicists know, dragons could have come flying out of the singularity,” stated Niayesh Afshordi, an...
  • CHURCH OF CHRIST: Preaching a Plan of Salvation instead of the Man Jesus Christ

    09/28/2015 12:01:53 PM PDT · by damonw · 28 replies
    “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” (Romans 5:19) I find that when many Church of Christ’ers talk about salvation or being saved, they do not even use or have the correct definition of save, saved or salvation in mind. The terms in Hebrew, Greek and English predominantly means to deliver, to rescue from harm or danger, to deliver from sin, to preserve and protect. These actions come from outside of us. They are not something we do. We are merely recipients. Webster’s defines salvation as...

    09/28/2015 11:55:25 AM PDT · by damonw · 40 replies
    There is the commonly heard CoC 5 step plan of salvation which is “Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, and Baptism“. But this is by no means the standard CoC plan of salvation. Many CoCers include living a faithful christian life, growing in the faith or continuing in the way of Jesus as a 6th step. And Walter Scott originally had 6 steps in his plan of salvation which he said was “Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Remission of Sins, Gift of the Holy Spirit and Eternal Life”. But before he had 6 steps Scott only had 3 steps in his plan and they...
  • CHURCH OF CHRIST: A Lesson on The Trump Card Fallacy and The Obvious Fallacy

    09/28/2015 11:51:11 AM PDT · by damonw · 1 replies
    If you have ever debated with hard-line Church of Christ members you are probably aware that many of them will resort to using some very fallacious tactics in defending their truth claims. One ex-Church of Christ writer from the site correctly claims… The Church of Christ denomination uses four main tactics in debating their pet doctrines. These tactics are generally used by all cultic groups. They are: 1. Change the subject 2. Take scripture out of context 3. Straw man arguments 4. Ad hominem attacks (attacking you instead of the issue) The way to counter these tactics is very...
  • The Vicious Circle of the Leviathan State

    09/27/2015 5:45:30 AM PDT · by jfd1776 · 7 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | September 26, 2015 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    By John F. Di Leo - Reflections on the latest tax hike request from the City of Chicago... Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked for a massive tax increase. No surprise there. Massive tax increases have been the stock-in-trade of the Democratic Party for a century, so it barely merits comment nowadays. It’s what you expect when you elect Democrats (the sad thing is that you expect an equal level of opposition to taxes when you elect Republicans, but contrary to the laws of physics, such an equal and opposite reaction rarely appears). The oddity of this new one –...
  • In Search of Godly Leadership

    09/26/2015 1:13:37 PM PDT · by American Faith Today · 6 replies
    American Faith Today ^ | September 26,2015 | American Faith Today
    So we continue to obviously be at this period of time in which many of us are pretty heavily focused on examining candidates who hope to be a nominee for and indeed the next President of the United States. There are a lot of people siding with a particular candidate for various reasons and there are a lot still undecided. I wanted to spend some time today talking about what makes a good Godly leader, as best I can as this is the most important aspect of a leader to me and no doubt for many other Christians as well....
  • Breaking Blockbuster: Prima Facie Evidence that Francis is, in fact, Antipope

    09/25/2015 5:47:57 AM PDT · by SatinDoll · 31 replies
    Barnhardt ^ | Sept. 24, 2015 | Ann Barnhardt
    I just had a conversation with someone a few hours ago about how incredibly dark these days are, and how A.) we should implore our Blessed Lord to arise from His slumber on the fantail of the boat and save us from these heretical/apostate jackals and B.) how Our Lord will surely give His Remnant Church a “trail of breadcrumbs” so that we can know where we need to be and where His Church is so that we can stay close to Him. And… it’s happening. Here’s the deal. In order for a pope to be validly elected, there can...
  • I'm officially killing the Armed American Radio weekly posts. (Vanity)

    09/25/2015 5:16:11 PM PDT · by RandallFlagg · 9 replies
    Armed American Radio ^ | 9-25-15 | RandallFlagg
    Since the show seems to have turned into a three hour long informercial for USCCA, and how Mark talks over almost all of his guests, I'm ending the thread posts. Since I've discovered this guy named Bill Frady, and his daily Lock and Load Radio show, I've become seriously addicted. I apologize to those on the ping list, but Frady's a LOT better. And, Bill actually replies to me when I send him messages. Mark Walters and Seanto have NEVER replied to any of my inquiries.
  • A Texan at last!

    09/24/2015 6:18:50 PM PDT · by uscga77 · 101 replies
    We are now here in the great state of Texas. We have left behind that state that had me shaking my head incessantly. Of course, if we want to remember what it was like in good ol' Cali, we can take a ride into Austin. Maybe not.
  • The Waco Information War

    09/24/2015 3:25:44 PM PDT · by don-o · 30 replies
    The Aging Rebel ^ | September 24, 2015
    Since the dawn of mass media a century ago, villains have always sought to control how people think and act by controlling what they are allowed to know. Yesterday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled for the villains. The villain the court invited to stand on its shoulders is McLennan County Criminal District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna. Reyna has emerged as the tyrant in charge of the coverup of the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco last May 17. He may be a tyrant on behalf of the something bigger than himself, like the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security or Texas...
  • I just added items #1,126 through #1,137 to my list of Obama’s lies and lawbreaking

    09/24/2015 11:18:48 AM PDT · by grundle · 7 replies
    wordpress ^ | September 24, 2015 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    I just added items #1,126 through #1,137 to my list of Obama’s lies and lawbreaking The complete list can be found at are the new entries:1,126) For not doing their jobs, Obama defended Muslims but jailed a ChristianIn May 2013, the Obama administration sued Star Transport, Inc., a trucking company based in Morton, Illinois, because it fired Muslim truck drivers who refused to drive trucks that were carrying alcoholic beverages.However, in September 2015, the Obama administration put Kim Davis, a Christian court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, in prison because she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.Here’s my...
  • Invading Islamic “Reformation” in Luther’s Germany

    09/22/2015 5:37:57 PM PDT · by juliosevero · 7 replies
    Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo
    Invading Islamic “Reformation” in Luther’s Germany By Julio Severo Reports from various European news outlets are confirming mass migration rampage events by hordes of Islamists whom the Western media insist in portraying as “refugees”. One of these reports says, Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria I saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror. This huge mass of people – sorry – but it’s an absolute wilderness … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting “We want Germany”. So what, Germany...
  • "Help with computer"

    09/22/2015 3:50:56 PM PDT · by Dick Vomer · 41 replies
    self ^ | 9/22/2015 | me
    I've been unable to even pull up a local bank on my internet browsers ( Firefox and Safari). The website itself will not load. Just spinning until the request times out. What's odd is that my wife us
  • A Voice in Waco

    09/22/2015 8:49:25 AM PDT · by Robert Teesdale · 150 replies
    The Aging Rebel ^ | 9/22/2015 | Don Charles Davis
    A member of the Desgraciados Motorcycle Club named George Bergman appeared at an examining trial last Friday in Waco. Bergman had just arrived at the Twin Peaks restaurant last May 17 and was walking to the Don Carlos restaurant on the other side of the parking lot to use the bathroom there when he heard a gun shot. He was detained, found to be in possession of two, small, legal knives incarcerated for hours and finally arrested. He spent 20 days in jail before being released on $80,000 bail. He lost his job and continues to suffer from injuries suffered...
  • [September 8, 2015] US District Court Judge's Order to Release Kim Davis

  • What P***es Me Off About The European Migrant Crisis

    09/20/2015 7:31:57 PM PDT · by OddLane · 16 replies
    Freedomain Radio ^ | September 8, 2015 | Stefan Molyneux
    Not always a fan of Molyneux, but when he's right, he's right.
  • Obama Nominates Open Homosexual to Lead the U.S. Army

    09/19/2015 2:55:38 PM PDT · by juliosevero · 25 replies
    Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo
    Obama Nominates Open Homosexual to Lead the U.S. Army By Julio Severo Eric Fanning, a longtime Pentagon official who is an open homosexual, has been nominated by U.S. President Barack Obama to lead the U.S. Army. Eric Fanning “Eric brings many years of proven experience and exceptional leadership to this new role,” Obama said in a statement, the Washington Post reported Friday. “I look forward to working with Eric to keep our Army the very best in the world.” His words and actions are radically opposed to the words and actions of the Father of America. As recorded in...
  • Obama doesn’t defend innocent students if their name isn’t Mohamed

    09/17/2015 1:58:20 PM PDT · by grundle · 30 replies
    wordpress ^ | September 17, 2015 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Obama doesn’t defend innocent students if their name isn’t Mohamed On the one hand, I think it’s good that Obama defended Ahmed Mohamed (the innocent clock making teen in Irving, Texas who was wrongly arrested) and invited him to the White House. On the other hand, during Obama’s presidency there have been students who were not named Mohamed who got in trouble with the police for similar non-dangerous things, but were not defended by Obama or invited to the White House. In 2010 in Forest Hills, New York, a 12 year old girl named Alexa Gonzalez was arrested for writing “I...
  • Ex-Nobel committee exec regrets Obama Peace Prize [Buyer's Remorse]

    09/17/2015 1:40:04 PM PDT · by Jan_Sobieski · 29 replies
    RT ^ | 9/17/2015 | Staff
    Former Secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee Geir Lundestad reportedly notes in his new book that the body “didn't achieve what it had hoped for” when it gave Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt and conferred the prestigious award on him in 2009. While it is quite rare for Nobel officials to openly discuss the nuts and bolts of their secretive committee, the former director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute has apparently owned up in his memoir ‘Secretary of Peace’, to be released on Thursday, that the panel had expected the award to somewhat challenge Obama, who received...
  • The Man and the Signal that Triggered the Waco Shooting

    09/17/2015 7:52:52 AM PDT · by Robert Teesdale · 32 replies
    Motorcycle Profiling Project ^ | 8/6/2015 | Motorcycle Profiling Project
    The leaked video from the Don Carlos parking lot capturing a small piece of the conflict in Waco may not show us exactly what transpired on May 17th, but it very well may reveal the key witness and what triggered the shooting. The man in the blue shirt must be identified. The leaked video shows a man in a blue shirt surveying the Twin Peaks parking lot and the bikers gathered there. He does not look like a patron waiting for a table or taking a break from a meal. This man is completely absorbed in observing the gathering and...
  • Why Does GOP Let Libtards Run The Debates?

    09/17/2015 6:57:02 AM PDT · by Mr. K · 43 replies
    Free Republic ^ | 9/17/2015 | Mr. K
    So I started watching the debates, and it was nothing but "He said this about you- what do you say about that?" Over and over. Why does the GOP let the libtards run the debates? Every single election... It's not like FOX news was any better this time around (ok marginally) but how about a debate moderated by Rush, Sean, and Mark Levin? Would HilLIARy and Bernie Sanders sit through questioning by Rush and Hannity and Levin? (would they survive being asked ACTUAL questions?)
  • Wher Can I find the Net Worth of Those in Congress?

    09/17/2015 5:48:03 AM PDT · by rfreedom4u · 14 replies
    9/17/2015 | Rfreedom4u
    Where can I find a list of the net worth of those in Congress starting with the year they were elected? Then an ongoing net worth of each time they are reelected? I'd like to compare how the net worth increases or decreases (yeah right!) the longer one serves in Congress.
  • Is the Republican Party looking a gift horse in the mouth?

    09/15/2015 6:52:38 PM PDT · by Corky Boyd · 46 replies
    Island Turtle ^ | September 15, 2015 | Corky Boyd
    The Republican Party is facing a crisis. It has a candidate who is likely to win the nomination and could very well win the Presidential election. Yet they are doing their very best to see a repeat of the past two presidential cycles – nominating uninspiring candidates who have no chance of winning. The RNC would rather have a Democratic president, rather than support a reformer who would change the corrupt political structure of Washington. And they ignore the will of the people who are desperate to see that change happen.... Donald Trump has caught the imagination of not only...
  • Hitler’s Strident Anti-Marxism

    09/14/2015 5:21:59 PM PDT · by juliosevero · 130 replies
    Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo
    Hitler’s Strident Anti-Marxism Anti-Semitism and the Nazi Fight against Soviet Marxism By Julio Severo How could mostly Christian Germany be duped into the Nazi ideology? Rev. Erwin W. Lutzer, in his book “Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross of Christ was used to promote the Nazi agenda” (Moody Publishers), explains how German Christians embraced Adolf Hitler as a savior against Marxism: “Many churchmen were duped. Father Falkan, a Catholic parish priest, said, ‘I must admit that I was glad to see the Nazis come to power, because at that time I felt that Hitler as a Catholic was a Godfearing...
  • Parenting advice.

    09/13/2015 10:01:59 PM PDT · by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget · 45 replies
    My mother was a very stern parent and happened to hit on the best punishment a child could ever have for a transgression. She made me copy pages from the dictionary in cursive as punishment. I would sit for hours copying every word, every definition, every punctuation mark. It was terrible punishment to endure as the child, but in retrospect one of the best gifts she has ever given me. It vastly expanded my vocabulary beyond that of my peers. It made school easy. It taught me discipline. If you are a parent, give it a try. It will be...
  • God ****** Know-it-All Young People Make me Furious

    09/13/2015 9:16:11 AM PDT · by mylife · 118 replies
    Facebook ^ | 9/13/15 | Some Irrate ol Fogey
    The problem with young people today is that they think they know everything. When I was a lad, young people were ignorant – and we were smart enough to know it. We understood that wisdom came with experience, maturity and age. Knowledge was the purview of the educated, the wealthy and the gainfully employed, not feckless pinheads with an over-inflated sense of self-worth and Wikipedia book marked on their laptops. In my day young people didn’t presume to understand important issues let alone have an opinion on them. If my old dad told me the piano teacher from down the...
  • Death to America by 10,000 "Syrian" Refugees

    09/12/2015 12:39:21 PM PDT · by American Faith Today · 27 replies
    American Faith Today ^ | September 12,2015 | American Faith Today
    Well, we now know that our so called compassionate, so called Christian, so called protecting the interests of Americans president has called for the resettling and integration of an additional 10,000 "Syrian" refugees into our country over the next year. The truth of who these people probably are, in many cases, that the media of course conveniently covers up so they can sell their ratings sob stories and cause discord and collapse in wealthier countries and in Christian nations of course goes unannounced. We have our own problems already with immigration, particularly illegal and with refugees that we've taken in...
  • My 9-11 story...

    09/11/2015 9:54:28 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 57 replies
    American Irony ^ | 9-11-15 | The Looking Spoon
    People who lived through JFK's assassination say they remember where they were and what was going on the moment they heard the news. Given the greater magnitude of the tragedy the same has to be true for 9-11, I know it's true for me. Sometimes, I recall that day, and it feels like it was yesterday instead of 14 years ago. It wouldn't be cliche to say it changed me. It did. I was 20 years old and still feeling as invincible as I did when I was a teenager. A decade earlier I watched as a child the Berlin...
  • Various Debates with Multiple Hardline Church of Christ Members

    09/08/2015 9:05:52 PM PDT · by damonw · 8 replies
    This post is very long so please go to blag to read all the debates - Damon This post is text of debates between myself and several CoCers. To that simultaneous series of debates, this response was posted by a commenter named Ex-CoC, they said,,,, “This is the most helpful information I have come across, I am a former coc, and have had doubts and confusion on the teachings. All the people who posted pro coc just made me feel a whole lot better I was far away from the lot of you. Damon you could afford to be a...
  • Labor and the State: A Lesson in Counter-Productivity

    09/08/2015 4:04:32 PM PDT · by jfd1776 · 1 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | September 8, 2015 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    Like many speakers, as a starting point for anecdotes, or as an establishment of credentials, I sometimes start out my lectures by mentioning how long I’ve been with my current employer, how long I’ve had my license, or how long I’ve been in my industry. Last week, I caught myself as I mentally added up the latter, and realized that I have been in the workforce now for forty-four years. Yes, that IS a long time for a 52-year-old. But it is probably a story worth recounting, particularly when Labor Day rolls around, because as I think back on my...
  • Anti-Marxist Conscience of the Brazilian Evangelical

    09/08/2015 3:49:28 PM PDT · by juliosevero
    Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo
    Anti-Marxist Conscience of the Brazilian Evangelical By Julio Severo A people with no memory is not able to build a good future. So it is fundamental to remember those who played a vital role in the formation of the anti-Marxist conscience of Brazilian evangelicals. Even though many American missionaries had a significant influence in this formation, the most important impact came from American televangelists, who had a vastly higher reach of audiences, both evangelical and non-evangelical. Pat Robertson in 1978 In 1978, Brazilian TV Tupi broadcast, from Monday to Friday, “The 700 Club,” hosted by charismatic televangelist Rev. Pat...
  • It’s not too late for the Senate to stop the President’s dangerous Iran deal from becoming...

    09/07/2015 7:38:55 AM PDT · by blueyon · 26 replies
    Joel C Rosenberg blog ^ | 9/06/15 | Joel C Rosenberg
    "It’s not too late for the Senate to stop the President’s dangerous Iran deal from becoming U.S. law. Here’s how to follow the Constitution." ConstitutionUPDATED: It’s late, but not too late, for the Senate to stop President Obama’s dangerous Iran deal from becoming U.S. law and putting the American people and our Arab and Israeli allies in grave danger jeopardy from an Iranian nuclear weapons program. We need to urge the Senate leadership immediately to: Declare that the President has not fulfilled the terms of Corker-Cardin. Declare the President’s Iran deal a foreign treaty, as per the Constitution. Hold a...
  • Erin Brockovich takes on EPA

    09/05/2015 10:52:44 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 11 replies
    The Hill ^ | September 4, 2015 | Kevin Cirilli
    Erin Brockovich is joining Navajo Nation's political battle against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The famed environmental activist will visit Navajo Nation on Sept. 8 to view the affects of a devastating EPA mining leak and could potentially testify on Capitol Hill later this month.
  • Black Lives Matter - But Not to Democrat Politicians

    09/05/2015 7:58:17 PM PDT · by jfd1776 · 7 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | September 5, 2015 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    Something changed in America in the summer of 2014. A criminal, as low a lowlife as a man can be, knocked down a store proprietor and robbed his shop for drug supplies, sauntered down the middle of the street, attacked a policeman, and died in the struggle… exactly as it often goes, when a violent thug attacks a policeman (that’s one of the main reasons that, traditionally, criminals don’t attack policemen!). … And instead of America uniting in sudden recognition of the dangerous job of the modern big city policemen, America was divided, as an incomprehensible movement developed around the...
  • For not doing their jobs, Obama defends Muslims but jails a Christian

    09/04/2015 4:42:10 AM PDT · by grundle · 26 replies
    wordpress ^ | September 3, 2015 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    For not doing their jobs, Obama defends Muslims but jails a Christian In May 2013, the Obama administration sued Star Transport, Inc., a trucking company based in Morton, Illinois, because it fired Muslim truck drivers who refused to drive trucks that were carrying alcoholic beverages.However, earlier this week, the Obama administration pursued federal action against Kim Davis, a Christian court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, and a federal judge put her in jail.Here’s my take on both of these incidents: if someone refuses to do their job, they should be fired. An...
  • Bullet strikes, blood stains where they fell [Waco]

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    Radio Legendary ^ | September 3, 2015
    Waco – There is a declivity between the decorative stuccoed walls that mask the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at the rear of this doomed building. Lee West stands there in the 100-degree heat, explaining where he thinks there are huge holes in what is known of the story of what happened there on May 17. He gives the names of bikers he has interviewed whom he has interviewed – their recollections of being there. Suddenly, he locks eyes with the interviewer, and the thousand-yard stare says it all when he zones back in. There is a fleeting look of...