Since Dec 20, 2002

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Proud to be a native son of New Jersey, Crossroads of the American Revolution, birthplace of the concept of a Bill of Rights.

I have been blessed to have been able to travel and work in many different parts of the country. I am always amazed at the history, variety and greatness of the United States and its people. There is no such thing as a "bad' part of our country. States may have problems and bad politics, but everyplace has a sacred stake in the American experience.

I grew up in a region deeply immersed in the history of the American Revolution. A few hundred yards from my home is a hillside where part of Washington's Army encamped for a whole winter and my property sits on the edge of a 1777 battlefield. When I was young, I remember friends finding musketballs and cannonballs in the woods and creeks near my home. I was raised from a young age, knowing that George Washington actually did sleep here......several different times. The spirit of those who gave so much over 220 years ago means a great deal to me. I believe that if you subscribe to the principles of the Revolution, liberty, freedom, individual rights, that you have to be willing to stand up and defend those things. I also believe that as a people we must be willing to preserve when possible, the landmarks and tangible links to our struggles for freedom.