Since Oct 23, 2005

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In America, the gap between the rich and the poor is the middle class. Focusing on the economic extremities of rich and poor, or punishing the rich, accomplishes nothing positive and policy that favors the poor encourages poverty.

Those who wield the power of the state against it's citizens should not have financial incentive to do so.

A government that tries to protect it's citizens from the rigors of life inevitably must remove the freedoms that expose them to those rigors.

Good character, patriotism and national loyalty can not be legislated, but without these qualities we can not stop the disintegration of our nation.

The society that pities and protects the criminal fosters crime. Citizens burdened by crime live in fear and anger. Unable to deal with actual criminals they will criminalize his tools and motives and thus do away with their own freedoms.

Socialism is like heroin. It is easy to get high on it, but your life goes to hell trying to maintain the habit. Only the pushers benefit.

Conservatives build traditions, bring people together and create wealth. Liberals destroy tradition, fragment society and plunder it's wealth.

Having congress investigate big business over charges of corporate fraud is like asking Al Capone to get to the bottom of racketeering.

Listening to a liberal complain of lost rights is like listening to a perverted shepherd complaining about a frisky ram.

Democrats complaining that our nation's security isn't good enough is akin to termites complaining that the structure is unsound.

No where in the U.S. Constitution does it mention your right to be loved, appreciated or accommodated. That is entirely up to you.