Since Oct 11, 1998

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We are proud Veterans. We served during the Vietnam War. We will never let our active duty and new fellow Veterans be treated the way the Vietnam Vet was treated. We thank our service men and women who serve today, and their families too. They have served unprecedented tours and deserve our support. Thank a service member, and please remember to thank a spouse, their children, their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, and friends who worry about them and miss them too.

When they come home, HIRE THEM. Support them and let them know they are valuable to you.

The families are forgotten, the letters and care packages have been long forgotten, the support has diminished. But... the tours are still real to the service member, they aren’t sleeping in hotels. And it’s very real to the families.

God Bless America (God is being run out of our Nation, please prevent it, help us to stop the moral decay of our nation.)