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A Memo to American Muslims

A New Proposal on Stem Cell Research

A Shining City on a Hill: A Tribute to Ronald Reagan

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Murder Dallas Cops-Is the race war Barack Obama wanted breaking out?

Bush Continues Down The Slippery Slope Of Stem Cell Research

Cable Modem & DSL Tuning Tips, Tricks & Software For FR Users.

Can Science Clone A Soul?

Can't Find It? The update to information for freepers

CNN: Clinton & Reno's FBI warned 6 Years Ago of Plans To HIT Pentagon With Airplane!

Enron Links on FreeRepublic

FACT: Doctors More Dangerous Than Gun Owners

Global Disarmament - No Reading Between The Lines Required

It's Good to Be A Man

Letter to President Bush Opposing Embryo Stem Cell Research [BEST BibChr's Seen!]

Letter to President Bush Opposing Embryo Stem Cell Research [BEST BibChr's Seen!]

Man files ZERO income tax return, innocent by jury!

Michael Medved Blames Islam

Morrow: The Case for Rage and Retribution [BRILLIANT]

My Thoughts on Stem-Cell Research

Not Yours to Give

Parental-Consent Act Stirs Emotional Debate on Capitol Hil


Stem cells without benefit of embryos

Text of Fatwa By Bin Laden Ordering Moslems to Kill Americans

The President DID "Stick to his values and Vote for Life!" on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Twin Towers Memorial Image

U.S. Throws Down Gauntlet to UN Small Arms Meeting

UN Compiling "Subversives List" of American Gun-Owners /The UN Knows What's Best For U.S.

What Percentage Do YOU Pay? $50K+ Pay 92.5% of ALL INCOME TAXES!

WTC 9 to paralyzed pal: 'You're coming with us'