Since Jun 28, 1998

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The following does not apply to the "Q-anon" whackjobs that infest Free Republic. There is NOTHING conservative about anything they do. They need to grow up, get a job and get out of mommie's basement!

I’ve been around here a long time .... and I’ve seen alot of crap on here. But what really takes the cake for me is when Conservatives “turn on each other” unnecessarily. Some of you seem to think that discource, disagreement or otherwise not being in lock-step with someone elses' opinion means "turning on" them. Not so when it's done respectfully. To think any disagreement disqualifies one as being a Conservative makes one no better than the snowflakes on the Democrat side of the aisle.

BTW, Don't confuse Conservative's with GOP-E RINO's or Q-anon whack-jobs which are fair game to attack IMO. They're just as bad as the enemy.

I happen to think we're long overdue for a good old fashioned Revolution, in the spirit of the Founding Fathers.