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Bush good, demonrats bad.

And now a few words from this year's Americal Idol thread troll.

To: skateman
I asked you to think before you posted. You’re in violation of that. You don’t have the intellect or analytical ability to see any options beyond your own preceived limited thought process.
You’re wasting my time by lighting up my Post notices and drawing me to your useless, juvenile comments.

You and your leaders have called for me to be suspended or banned. You have flagged the mods to investigate and get rid of me. You have called me a woman. Your friends have called me gay because I think some gay guy is the best singer. You bring up old comments to stir up old issues which have been addressed.

Now, you are stalking me. I asked you to stop twice today. Please stop, for God’s sake. What kind of sick person are you? You’re bordering on psychotic.

10,133 posted on Monday, May 11, 2009 5:19:46 PM by nufsed (Release the birth certificate, school and passport records.)
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