Since Feb 11, 2004

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"Were from North California and south Alabama And little towns all over this land." -Hank Jr ' A Country Boy Can Survive '

I am proud to be a 4th generation native Californian.
However, I am not proud of the current political
climate. Still, the California haters out there in Freepernation
need to understand that there are millions of conservative
Californians. Unfortunately we are still outnumbered.

The media paints California as if we march in liberal
lockstep and way too many Freepers just accept what
the lousy MSM feeds them. So you ask “Why do you
stay there?”. My answer is that although many fine
(and not so fine) folks leave the state there are many
of us who do not live by politics alone. I can snow ski
and water ski during the same weekend. Likewise, I
can fish for trout, bass, catfish, sturgeon, salmon,
or albacore and rockfish within a max of 3 hours
depending on which direction I point my 4wd. My
family, friends, and work is here as is my history. Besides,
why move and help to crowd someone else’s paradise
like what was done to my little piece of God’s Country
(commonly referred to as the Motherlode)?

Some of the FR California haters post blanket cheap
shots to score points with fellow haters. Well, shame
on you for showing such liberal style ignorance. What
you really know about California and ALL Californians
can fit in a pig’s ass. And, I dare say that some Cali
haters reveal a tinge of jealousy because of all of
the positive attention and advertisment the state has
received over the past 50 plus years. Let me remind
you that many of those accolades have come from
transplants thinking they have found nirvana. Natives
don’t understand that crap because this is the only
place we have lived. To us it is what we know which
is no different than many of you. So cheers or go to
HELL depending on which way you choose to take
this rant.