Since Nov 25, 2000

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I find I gain much strength from knowing there are many like minded individuals here on Free Republic. This is among my favorite places to find the real news and the real people who are the heartbeat of America. I know we do not always agree on everything but at least we can openly discuss the news. I tend to lean Libertarian in many of my beliefs but have an open mind when it involves intelligent discussion.
I tend to not be politically correct and I may offend some who are. But that is my right to say what I think and call it like I see it. Too many people fold when confronted and ignore the truth so as to not offend someone. Silence can be misconstrued as a sign of weakness. Make no mistakes....... I am not one of the sheeple who blindly follow political or social facades.

I have 3 grown sons who live nearby also and 2 grown step sons. I a NRA member. I can sympathize with my vote. I am a Union member and caught a lot of flack from my "brothers" because I didn't vote the line the officials preached. (They hated my Sore/ Loserman poster I proudly displayed after the 2000 election). br>
I also believe my 1st Amendment Right is guaranteed and protected by my 2nd Amendment Right. A clean environment is important but not mandantory if it comes between energy independence or one's ability to make a living.

The saying "United We Stand and Divided We Fall" is ultimately important for our survival as a nation. We have to challenge with urgency the socialist and Islamic threats that seek to suppress our thoughts. We have to stop rewarding complacency with handouts. We must squelch the current open border policy and get control of immigration. We must hold congress and the President accountable for their inability to make a stand on what is right for America. Unlike Congress, who lacks the ability to solve complex problems, I believe the people can solve those same problems. We have to elect people who can get the job done. This forum has the ability to bring people together for a common good, but we have to defend at all costs, our freedom of speech.

Sooooooooooo ....have a great day! Let Freedom Ring!