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'Lord' films run rings around the rest because of words

(Vanity) Why are so many liberal women "mean girls"?


20 Great Google Secrets

3 Fibs and a Truth About Sex

A Grief Observed- On Being a Priest in a Dying Church

A Jewish Screenwriter's Candid Response to The Passion

A Mother's Salute - My son laid down his life for freedom.

A Nation of Wimps

A neo-nazi 'angel of death'

A Reading List for the Counter-Intelligentsia

Abortion is a matter of 'aesthetics' -

Academia under seige

advice requested

All you HTML Guru's belong to us!

All You Need To Know About SARS

Amazing Grace: The Story of Ashley Smith

Analysis of Video (Warning: graphic description)

Announcing: Freeper Activism Skills Exchange Thread

Another Dual Citizenship Question.

Anyone here ever file a patent? Yeah, it's a vanity.

Are Euthanasia Advocates Taking Over America's Hospice Industry?

Are There Any Christians in America?

Are We Contacting The Media and Holding Press Conferences at the Sites of Democrat Crimes?

Are you being targeted for euthanasia? (Schiavo case only the tip of the iceberg!)

At War With Faith: Art and the Cultural War

Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing (Absolutely Incredible)

Autism linked to mirror neuron dysfunction

Berkeley Intifada (The fires of Jew-hatred rage through Berkeley)


BISHOP SWING'S MOST EXCELLENT EURO ADVENTURE Great Moments in Ecumenical Understanding, ECUSA-Style

BREAKING: The Secret to Man's Aggression: in His Finger?

Bump Lists to Become Keywords

Bush to Press: "You're Assuming That You Represent the Public. I Don't Accept That."

Can I buy a device to allow a phone call to come in whil I am on the computer?

Caption this Picture (so very strange indeed)

Carving up 10 anti-war arguments at holiday gatherings

Childrens Books which never got published.

Chinese baby girl is still alive in this pic(SHOCKING!)

Choose a Church: Denominational Branches


Christmas carols for the psychiatrically challenged

CLAIRE FOX: Sex abuse is just an excuse to attack the Church

Clash of the century (world's great faultlines are religious rather than economic)

Clinton Jokes [Red Alert Humor Break]

College often not worth time, money

Coming out of the conservative closet

Communicate! Let the Sons of....

Computer Geek freepers, I need help covering my tracks.

Confronted with our own decadence

Conservative Alternative Newspapers

Divorce Tale/ NY / HELP. (Need a roomate? ;-) )

Dr SEUS's Birthday on Wed March 2. No Christmas, No Lincoln, No Washington, No Jefferson

Equipment-Woes, Gift-Woes, Mother-in-Law-Woes

Everything on my hard drive got destroyed

Fan-Mail, Not an Equal, Successful Life? Mad Momma and Guilt and Shame,

Farewell Gayborhood!

Felos Stunned by Hemlock Link

FINALLY! Interviewer Exposes Anti-American Peace Protesters

First Class Passengers Give Up Their Seats to Returning Soldiers!

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'


Freeper Prayers are Needed for a Good Friend....

Fun with the Dialectizer!


Gays in Society: The Growing Clash

Gimme that Organized Religion (This was in the Guardian ?!)

Good talk show that can be heard on the net..

Goodbye, testosterone

Google News Adds Advanced Search Capabilities (Will Be of Much Use to Freepers)

Growing Up With Ronald Reagan

Has Anyone Subscribed to the Online Dating Sites? Need Opinions

Heath Suspended For a Month(Attempted To Create List Of Policy Makers' Sexual Orientation) POLL

Hey, anyone use very cool.

Home Schools: The Hope Of America

Homeless youths out on the street wonder: 'Why is my life like this?'

Homosexual Rape and Murder of Children

Honda commercial destined to become advertising legend

How Do I Find a Daily Home Mortgage Rate on the Web?

How does a cat land on its legs when dropped?

How Hitler Became a Dictator

How many Freepers does it take to change a lightbulb?

How Modern Chemicals May Be Changing Human Biology

How to treat severe menstrual symptoms without taking the pill? (alternatives to abortifacients!)

Huge UK Church Survey says Pews Emptying Because Christianity no Longer Preached

Huge UK Church Survey says Pews Emptying Because Christianity no Longer Preached

I Have the Option of Moving to MS 64 bit OS for My AMD at a Great Price. Should I?

I need a New Computer Update: My terrible mail order computer experience

I Need to Purchase 2 Computers for the Children Monday and Need Freeper Imput

I Need to Purchase 2 Computers for the Children Monday and Need Freeper Imput

Invasion of the iPod people

Is Anybody Home In FReeperville?

Is Living Together Before Marriage Totally Accptable? ...Freeper Insight Needed

Is Mel Gibson's film passion for Jesus misplaced?

Is there a place on the Web to find out information about former military personnel?

Is There Love after 50?

Islamists and Anti-Americanism (It's a war to the death which they fully intend to win.)

It's when you begin to see..

John Paul II's successor: Italian or Latin American?

Just Child's Play? Parents re-thinking letting kids play war games

Killing Mr. Clippy

Lawyer-joke tellers hire...a lawyer (Update on the two old dudes arrested for telling lawyer jokes!)

Looking For a Nice Safe Community with a Fairly Conservative College

Looking for Owners of Investment Properties (Vanity Post -- not a sales pitch!)

Lost an Old Friend Today. Politics and the Personal

Lost an Old Friend Today. Politics and the Personal

Major Religions of the WorldRanked by Number of Adherents

Makin’ Better Bacon--Raise your own pigs for better meat ... and porcine ‘tiller power.’

Malnutrition 'key' to Aids

Mark Steyn: One nation under God

Mark Steyn: There's no stopping them now

Mark Steyn: Why progressive Westerners never understood John Paul II

Mark Steyn: Public execution

Mild-Mannered Young Minnesota Hotshot

Moral relativism -- a catastrophe for kids

Motherhood on Trial

Music: A Runaway Train on the Rails of Adolescence

Muslims Burn Gift Boxes From Christians--Meant for Children

My Father Died Tuesday Morning. An old soldier passes on...

My Outlook Email Has Been Frozen by an Incoming Piece of Mail!!HELP!!

My unlikely bridge to the right [NPR type moves right]

National Geographic's "In The Womb": Tracking the Messy Miracle, With Computerized Help (TV Sunday)

Nature of Friendship Among Women Explored

Need Computer Help -- Trying to Decide if I Want to Upgrade CPU

Net Nanny vs. CyberPatrol for Internet access control: your thoughts

Networked computers -- sharing a printer between them -- HELP!

New Numbers for the Curious (or FR Traffic Stats)

News! It is so Snowy in Maine this AM That I Can't Get to Work in My 4 Wheel Drive with Diff Lock

Nick Berg had "coincidental" link to Moussoui

Nicotine And Memory Loss-testing nicotine patch-may help those suffering Mild Cognitive Impairment

Night Thoughts: Chilling thoughts of times to come, unless we act

Not Tonight, Honey. I'm Logging On.

Nude Photographer, Job Probation,and The Ever-Popular Ex-Girlfriend

Office Messes (Attention Deficit Disorder & ADHD, long read)

Okay, so let me tell you about my kitties [UNABASHED KITTY VANITY]

On Heterophobia

One Woman’s Story re: HIV and AIDS - SIGN THE PETITION

PC advice, barebones system & add ons [vanity]

Plaids versus WoodstocksThe Last Battle for the Soul of the Sixties...

Political Factions: A Modest Proposal for Dealing with Islam (Madison,"Mischief of Factions!")

Post Your Christmas Decor Ideas Here...

Prayer Needed

Preliminary Clinical Description of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Public Sex, Marrying Within the Family, and Dry Wells

Rednecks: The Virtues Thereof

Replying to a Leftist Socialist...Freeper Input Needed

Request for DC Family Vacation Advice

Requiem for a Rock Musician


Rice on race: It matters and always has

Scott Peck vs. Satan

Shocking Questions: Yes, There Are Answers (Warning: graphic sexual content)

Social Security Reform: If the Poor Must Work, Let It Be for Me!

Sodomy: A Public Health Risk

Some can sail over high school

Sowell: Race and IQ [Part III]

Sowell: Race and IQ [Part II]

Sowell: Race and IQ [Part I]

Spotting the Losers: Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States

Spouse Moved Out and I am Picking Up the Pieces, How did you manage starting out again

Steyn: EU just won't take 'no' for an answer

stock market simulation game for freepers(vanity)

Struggle to return to Christian values

Study Finds Kids Need Authority, Faith

Surgeons and Democrats

Taglinus FreeRepublicus - 28th Edition

Teaching Girls and Boys Differently - Psychologist Doctor Tells Why Divergences Run Deep

Technological oddity: TWO Laptop WIFI adapters fail at same time

Technological oddity: TWO Laptop WIFI adapters fail at same time

Teens criticize 'CHIMP' math (fuzzy math alert)

Ten Books Every Student Should Read in College

The 10 Worst Album Covers

The Age of Autism: Julia Part 2 of 2

The Age of Autism: The Amish anomaly Part 1 of 2

The Cad is Back, Stranger-Brother,and Dependent Mom

The Gay Strategy: Cooking the Frog

The Jesus thing

The Jesus War (New Yorker Piece on Mel Gibson, "The Passion")

The Joys of Politically Incorrect Living.

The New White-Wine Pietists

The Nightmares of Choice:The Psychological Effects of Performing Abortions

The Other Limbaugh: New Book Call To Arms Against 'Christian Persecution'...

The Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Terrorism

The Real Atrocity in Tolkien's Middle Earth

The Religion of peace a few items of interest

The Selfish Child

The Undeniable Truth: Hitler was a Leftist


The weighty truth about public education

The Worst Thanksgiving Recipes

They Blinded Me with Science

They Blinded Me with Science

This woman had an abortion 14 years ago-now she'll put the full horrors of the operation on TV. Why?

Thomas Sowell "My Platform" Conservative Radicalism.


Top 10 Best Westerns of All Time:

Top 10 Ways To Get The Office Babe

Trade services jobs attractive to middle-aged workers

True Doctor Stories (Humor break)

Unaffectionate Man, How to Hold Hands, and Suicidal Ex-Boyfriend

Up Against Fanaticism

Updates at

Useless eaters: disability as genocidal marker in Nazi Germany

Vanity: Encrypting Email

View The Trailers of Ten New Conservative Films Being Released In The Next Two Weeks!

Wanted: Systems Guru. For small businesses, hiring the right geek is a special challenge


Warren McGraw Unhinged (WV Democratic Supreme Court Justice Goes Insane - Must Hear Audio!)

Welcome to the "Hard Times Saloon!"

What Has the Feminist Movement Done to Modesty -- And American Girls?

What If People Bought Cars Like They Buy Computers? (Vanity)

What's Really Behind the Episcopal Controversy (Vanity)

When Should We Marry? PMS, and Prayer

Who is George Soros? "NGOs, Behold Your God." (Older but essential read)

Who Is The Father? Actual replies from women on welfare forms

Why are Retailers Embarrassed About Christmas?

Why I Love Christmas and Christians: A Jewish Appreciation

Why I Outsource Offshore

Why No One is Married: The Tragedy of No-Fault Divorce

Why People Fear Guns

Wife-subduing air raid siren confiscated

Women Need More Mental Health Treatment After Abortion, New Study Finds


Young men like this

[Sowell] Economic deprogramming

“In Defense of a Despised Faith ”-Christianity