M.K. Borders
Since Jul 17, 2001

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My own "Hall of DeFame"
The true test of a man, is what others say about him...

"It's a little early in the day to be so stoned. Stop mixing drugs with alcohol, it really harms your remaining brain cells." USS Alaska August 4,2018

" a pathetic and contemptible creature" Byron_the_Aussie 19 December,2001

"you don't even have a clue do you hammerhead?" 1/19/02 3:21 PM Eastern by arly

Now let ME add some things about myself.
I am a T.V. production tech turned wood worker, and a retired Artillery Captain who served 21 years in the Indiana Guard. A member of the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association (I once was a member of the NRA until they endorsed the re-election of a man who voted for Campaign Finance Reform), a part time fur trapper and the "other" person in Dubois County who will not vote Democrate.

All I ask from my government is the liberty my Grandfathers were born into.

The best description of my politics would be paleo-conservative with emphasis on "sound money" policies. Accordingly, I support the abolition of the Federal Reserve. Robert Taft of Ohio in the 1950s would be a good example of my politics.

If called to jury duty, I will never vote to convict in a matter of tax evasion. The tax law is immoral and un-American. I will not support it's enforcement.

I will never pick up the phone to the police and turn in a drug user. His body, his life, his business. In case of a minor, I will denounce him to his/her parents. Liberty requires as such.

I no longer support the concept of compulsary education. I have come to the conclusion that the tyranny of our elites began when we were convinced that education was to be forced onto all for our own benifit.

I hate the notion of retirement as practiced by our countrymen.

Retirement (IMHO) is not a "right", nor an entitlement. Retirement is a REWARD for those who make good decisions and a gift to the infirmed.

I dread the thought of living my whole life, only to end up being supported by the American Tax-payer. In keeping with such notions, I have made the commitment to NOT participate in the Social Security System.
Yes I know, I am compelled to pay into that system. So what? I may be forced to support the cursed thing, but I cannot be made to apply for it's benifits. I shall not accept Social Security nor will I make any contact with the SSI office when I come of age. I shall retire on my own abundance, or I shall work till I die as once everyman did. I encourage all who would to join me.

I support the defunding of the departments of Education, HHS, Energy, Labor, and EPA. Although I dislike the idea of a Federal goverment police force, I understand the need for the FBI as a resource to assist local authority. I would however fold BATF and DEA back into the FBI.

I distrust the concept of an Office of Homeland Defense. The true office of homeland defense can be found in the military,,, period!

I no longer have any political heros. A man who looks to politicians for heros is a man who would marry a whore.