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"Pedophilia Chic" Reconsidered (Part 1 of 3)

"Why Can't You Be Fair and Balanced Like Fox News?"

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9-11 Slide Show Tribute

9/11 Remembrance Archive

A Shining City on a Hill: A Tribute to Ronald Reagan

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

America's Tribes "The Map"

American Colonists' Library -- A Treasury of Primary Documents

An Olive Branch From A Libertarian

Are you Confederate but don't know it?

Ashcroft opposition to homosexual defended

Back to the 1880s

Blair plays not to the gallery but to the heart

Boat School Boys: The Current Effort to Compromise USNA Standards

Boy Scouts of America Response to 60 Minutes

Boy-Unfriendly Places

Bush Attends Largely Black Church


Bush Elite Hang Their Cowboy Hats in Virginia

Bush Inaugural Ball Weekend: Real Time Info

Bush Inaugural Ball: Dubya and Laura Photos

Bush Inaugural Weekend (Saturday 1/20/01)

Bush Inaugural Weekend: Preliminary Agenda

Bush Inauguration Ceremony: First Day Photos

Bush Inauguration Weekend & FReeper Ball Photos

Bush Inauguration: Comments, Photos, Links on FR Ball

Bush Introduced to DC High Society

Bush Leadership Style [as Commander in Chief]

BUSH WINS PRESIDENCY 19 days late Gore to go starkly, merrily insane

Bush-Cheney Transition Team Needs Help

C.S. Lewis' Christian Reponse to the Materialist (Socialist)

Capitalism: The Moral Basis

Car dealer Rick Hendrick wins pardon from Clinton

Charles Stanley's "A Nation at War" sermon.

Child Molestation and Homsexuality: New Research shows a strong connection

Civil War Books

Classical Vs. Modern Education

Communist Manifesto

Conservatism and the Founding

Conservatism, States Rights-Are these Valid Arguments?

Conservative Welfare State

Coup behind closed doors: GOP observers in Miami-Dade say Dems attempted secret recount

D.C. Chapter STILL Out FReeping at Cheney's House!!

D.C. Churches Reach Out to Bushes

Danbury Baptist Letter to Thomas Jefferson

Dixie's Censored Subject: Black Slave Owners

Dostoevsky's Three Great Novels: A Continuum Observed

Ex-abortionists: Why They Quit

Fairfax Co: prohibit residents from sleeping in rms other than a bedroom

Fairfax Man Jailed for not Planting Trees on his property

Favorite books to read to children

Finding God in 'The Lord of the Rings'

Florida Certifies Winner! Congratulations President Bush!

Former DEMOCRATS tell your STORY here! Why have you joined

Free Virginia!

Freud, Propaganda, and the Total State

Gathering for Laughs at the Online Watercooler

George Mason and Patrick Henry: Prophets Among the Rebels

Get Ready for Twenty World Trade Center Bombings: 1997 Interview

Gifted girls taking the reins from boys

Gridlock in the Senate

Help a Northerner understand the South

Historian sees "McCarthyism" (Ashcroft, Norton hearings)

Homer Never Nods - The Importance Of The Simpsons

Homosexual Adoption Controversy Divides US Pediatricians

How America became a superpower

How America Got to Rule the World

How Communism Came to America

How do we reconcile hunting with Christianity?

How the Democrats made loving Dixie a hate crime

I am having second thoughts

I'm Right, You're Wrong, Go To Hell"


Inherent Conservatism Of "South Park"

James Madison Remembered

Just what is "Communitarianism"?


KKK is a LEFT-WING HATE Group- PROOF!! Aug 25th Rally


Making Boys More Like Girls

Marbury v. Madison

Massachusetts Colleges Build 'New Version' of 'A Boy'

Memo to Visiting Yankees From the Southern Tourism Bureau

Missing Men on Campus

Mississippi's Flag [WT Lead Editorial]

Misused Symbols and Scapegoats: Why I Stand Up for the Confederate Flag

Mother's Arms

Multicultural Conservatism: What It Is, Why It Matters

NAZI (Hitler was a socialist)

NEA Resolutions Passed at the 2001 Convention in Los Angeles

New Gender Gap: From kindergarten to grad school, boys are becoming the second sex


Next Stop: Pedophilia (part 2)

Nothing 'gay' about bigotry: Casey Brooks recoils at in-you-face homosexual zealotry

Odd, troubling origins of today’s anti-war movement

On This; Saint Crispin's Day

Our Aaron Burr

Oz vs. Narnia

Planned Parenthood's Founder: A racist

Please help me understand Iran-Contra

Please Welcome 388 New Freepers!

Pray for the Families of the Deceased

Q: Should the GOP do more to reach out to black voters?

Quiet Riot

Reading List for the Counter-Intelligentsia

Real Story of Flight 93

Reappearance of Natural Law

Red Zone Vs. Blue Zone

Renaissance of Anti-Intellectualism

Republican protestors storm Miami-Dade election office - Photos

Rescuing Washington's birthday

Road to irrelevance: The John Birch Society in middle age-Part 1

Root of America -- The Tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of Calvinists

Silent Cal Speaks: Why Calvin Coolidge Is The Model For Conservative Leadership

Slavery's legacy shackled the black vote

Sociological View of the Decay of Modern Society

Sore-Loserman Nationwide Rally Reports and Photos: 11/25

Southern Girls Know

Southern pride rising ... rankling

Surgeon General: Youth Violence Epidemic Not Over

Texas education Miracle: RAND report challenge raises more questions than answers

The "Right" of Abortion: A Dogma in Search of a Rationale

The Cookie Crumbles The Girl Scouts go PC

THE PARTY PARTY: Why young, degenerate Republicans love drugs, guns and Bush

The Purpose of Free Republic

The real 'Jane Roe'

The Red Zone: 145 years ago

Toys for Boys & The Last Man Did Not Fail

Trannie Revisited: Out of the Sunlight and Into the Shadows? (Thread 10)

Trefoil tattoos -- 'not your mother's Girl Scout'

Tricky Dixie: The Mainstreaming of Confederate Ideology


Truth About Psychiatry - Straight From the Horses' Mouths

Truth about the Scopes Trial

U.S.S.S. Visits Freeper—Thread 3 (was: Secret Service Recognizes Title....."COMMANDERLESS IN CHIEF")

USO Canteen FReeper Style...Virginia

USS Reagan Christening Ceremony

Va. Senate passes bill that would let county limit sleep to bedrooms

VICTORY IS OURS! Sore/Loserman Rally FReports! Thousands Take to the Streets!

Virginia Election Night Thread: Earley v. Warner

Virginia GOP lawmakers back bill on alien licenses

Virginia Gov. Gilmore To Head RNC For Bush

Virginia Judge: must allow confederate license plates

Virginia Parents Protest Fairfax County School Board

Virginia Voters: Attention!

VIRGINIA!!! Any news from your Forbes-Lucas Congressional Race?

Virginia: A New Motto

Visiting Richmond, VA


We Waste Our Children's Time

What Can a Christian, Conservative, African-American Female Do to Wake up the Sheeple in D.C.?

What Is Paleoconservatism?: "Man, Know Thyself!"

What was the real reason for the Civil War?

What's your favorite Free Republic thread...and why?

What, Really, is Conservatism To You?

When students are unteachable

Where can one find conservative history books?

Who Controls the Media, and Why

Who is Antonio Gramsci? You Better Learn!!!

Who is the Cheap Labor Lobby?

Why Did Steven Kirsch Spend $1,081,078 Against Bush On 11/6

Why September 11th Won't Go Away

Winn-Dixie: Cross-dressing got man fired

Women and Social Security Reform

YATES: "Understanding the Culture War: Gramscians, Tocquevillians and Others"

Your Favorite Patriotic Quotes