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9mm carbine vs .223 rifle (not news)

A-bomb remembrances for next week (Massachusetts Liberals bemoan US win in WW II)

ARMORED WARFARE: Stryker Vehicles in Iraq

Army Plans Four More Light Brigades - in Hawaii, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Louisianna

Assault Rifles for Hunters? (Zumbo goes mad)

Cannot log on to FR .....

Cheerleaders Shed Skirts to Wow Fans

CNN live web feed

Code Red II Hitting The Net - Windows2000 Users READ ASAP.

Fat Felines Battle the Bulge (It's Friday - Lighten Up!)

Final Update: Streaming Video/Audio Links


German inventor's "cat fuel" angers animal lovers

great movie lines

HILLARY'S SECRET WAR released! (Foreword by Jim Robinson)

In the event of a carjacking

January 6 Free Bus to Washington DC

Mars Comes Within 34.6 Million Miles of Earth, France Surrenders

Minnesota Exhibition: "Girls With Guns"

Nearly bare bunker is looking for a buyer

New Email Worm

Nude Woman On Car At Auto Show Not Planned

Patton Quotes

Remains of U.S. Servicemen Found in North Korea

Scientists Warn that Visitors are Loving Titanic to Death

The "Mother" of all IRAQ Map Links! (Must See!)

The Cult of the Viking Kitties


The Hunley Sank in 1864; Now, Raised, On Display, It's a Charleston 'Cash Cow'

They don't write 'em like that anymore [a VERY un-PC comic book rediscovered]

Tide of Lies Swamps NY Times: Employees Riot and Steal Office Supplies

Today's Toons 8/31/05

Top 10 Excuses You Would Have Heard If Rush Were A Liberal

U.S. questions Stryker armor by German firm

Useful Quotes: (for banning handguns)

WEAPONS OF THE WORLD: Folding Knives Replace Bayonets