John Leland 1789
Since Mar 23, 2007

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Born in northern California. As a teenager I spent my summers in the Redwood and Giant Sequoia forests.

Grew up in church from age 2 but played it for a game until genuinely being converted to Christ at age 21. God called me to preach the Gospel two months later. Since then I’ve served as a pastor, evangelist and foreign missionary.

Baptist; premillennial; pretribulational; dispensational; King James Bible; old-fashioned; loathe contemporary (worldly) styles of worship; would rather be with old-fashioned Smoky Mountain and Blue Ridge Mountain Christian patriotic people than any people I know in America.

U.S. Air Force from age 17 to 23 (6-1/2 years including the final two years of the Viet Nam era). Believe in a strong, second-to-none military establishment. Without a fear of God, however, America will not remain safe regardless of the strength of our military.

Married a Missouri farmer’s daughter who had never been out of the state and barely been off the farm. She has been a loyal and loving wife; has given me seven children. Our grown children are all Christian missionaries, serving Christ, for which we are very grateful.

I Believe in free enterprise and capitalism, until it becomes unpatriotic and favors the economic building up of nations who have sworn to the destruction of our Nation. Having served in China and seen first hand its economics and its repressive politics, I believe China is using a form of “capitalism” designed to eventually cut America’s throat.

In Christian evangelism I believe in globalism (as if there are no borders). In economics I believe in patriotic nationalism.

I believe in the free enterprise system, but that it cannot be the saviour of the United States. I believe that America will fall to the status of a third-world nation, or worse, unless She experiences a genuine spiritual revival of biblical Christianity and its corresponding missionary activity and moral uprightness. I believe that God is willing to continue to bless America, but that He is just as willing to judge and destroy America if we don’t, as a nation, repent.

I believe that we have had some men in our history who, though they had what are, in our opinion, faulty economic views, were greater men for their love for Jesus Christ and for their moral uprightness. I would not consider Jimmy Carter in this category, but I would consider men like William J. Bryan in this category. In other words, I believe that building a sound nation, in every respect, has more to do with a having the fear of God in our national bosom than it does always having the correct economic position. Why, the United States is a socialistic country today, and the only reason we have not yet seen the demise we deserve is God’s grace and a praying remnant of genuine believers who love Christ. Psalms 33:12; Proverbs 14:34