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A History of the Baptists, Chapter 11 - Other Baptist Churches in the Practice of Dipping

A man walks into bar ... and starts a church: Minn. seminarian holds unconventional services

A TSA Scanner in Every Neighborhood

America's One Child Policy

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part One

Apparitions of the Virgin MaryA Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part Two

Are We Justified By Faith Alone? What Still Divides Us.... (Ecumenical)

Benedict and the Koran

Breaking: Thomas Jefferson Nullifies Nationalized Health Care!

CBO: Health Bill Would Force Families to Buy Insurance Costing a Minimum of $12,000 Per Year

Chinese woman leads dozens to Christ with 70¢ tract

Christian Education and Schooling - Avoid Public School

Chuck Norris - Obama: Muslim missionary? Part 1

Chuck Norris - Obama: Muslim missionary? Part 2

citizenship of the child at its birth is determined by...

Congress May Bring Back The Draft


Democratic Senator: Health Care Law to Address 'Mal-Distribution of Income'(COMMUNISM HAS ARRIVED)

Dems: More children will be born, and therefore it will cost us millions more

Did Martin Luther Act Infallibly in Defining What Books Belong in the Bible?

Downfall coming through coalition of Islamists and Marxists?

Fallout from Repeal of Don't Ask-Don't Tell

First Steps for Surviving What’s Coming Our Way

Gendercide: China's shameful massacre of unborn girls

Grand Jury Calls for Investigating Homeschoolers (Response...)

Hawaii guv suddenly 'mum' on Obama birth 'certificate'

Indiana--Post your voting experience here

Is Dispensationalism a Recent Doctrine?How Do YOU Define 'Recent'?

JOIN THE FIGHT! VFW Says Pay And Benefit Changes Will End All-Volunteer Military

Just how moral are we supposed to be? [82% of Catholics do not believe a definite right & wrong]

Just how moral are we supposed to be? [82% of Catholics do not believe a definite right & wrong]

Mass exodus

Minimizing marriage

Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

Nullification – Our Nuclear Option (health care)

Obama Announces U.S. Military Secrets to the World

Obama slammed by black Chicago residents: ‘Worst president ever’ (Video)

Obama's New 'Gay' Force

Obama: "Allah Right By Me" - New York Post Front Page Image (Online)

On Gay Rights, Divided Highway Ahead

Papal Primacy. Russia Heads the Resistance Against Rome (Catholic / Orthodox Caucus)

Planned Parenthood Launches ‘Social Change Initiative’ to Teach Parents How to Educate Children....

Pope Benedict on Homosexual “Marriage”

Presbyterian Church gives OK to ordain leaders who are gay

Remember the LONG-TERM Causes of the Financial Sector Meltdown (an email pre-formatted for sending)

REVOLUTION! ... or what? (Vanity)

Sign Me “Off” For the Christian Jubilee: On the Disturbing trend of “De-Baptisms” in Europe

Social Justice Entering Our Churches

Sola Scriptura and the Early Church

Sola Scriptura: Death by a Thousand (or Ten) Qualifications?

Suppressed Information About the Covid-19 Vaccine' | Vol 01 Date: 03/20/2021

The 70 Weeks of Daniel (Dispensational Caucus)

The Amish come to Israel, ask Jews for forgiveness

The Apostasy of the Religious Right - The Manhattan Declaration

The health care bill and its application to conservative Christians. (Opt out of KenyanCare)

The king of the bibles

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

The Personal Testimony of a Teacher on the Failing Educational System In America

The Third Wave of Homeschool Persecution

The White House Attack on Religion Continues:Repealing Conscience Protection

The Xinjiang Procedure

Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses


Today’s slavery (Human trafficking is the second fastest-growing illegal industry in the US)

TSA Images Thread - Pics, Bumper Stickers, T-shirts, you name it, you post it

TSA Told To Tell Children That Groping Them Is A Game... Horrifying Sex Abuse Experts

U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 7 (Send this to your reps so they don't violate Constitution)

U.S. State Department is Building… Mosques (Surprised?)

What Muslim Leaders Say About Islam Dispels the Myth that Jihadists are a "Fringe" Element

[Chapter 1] Great Cities of the Bible: Babylon; The City of Occult

[Chapter Five] Great Cities of the Bible: Rome-The Light Extinguished

[Chapter six] Great Cities of the Bible: Jerusalem-Destined For Glory