Since Dec 20, 2001

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I am a 100-percent diehard conservative. That means I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-death penalty, anti-tax, anti-socialism, and despise Democrats and RINOs with a passion that words can never describe.

I also believe that the best place for a pedophile or a rapist is a jail cell, where they can spend eternity. We have tried Megan's Law and variations thereof, and it is not working. The fact Sarah Lunde and Jessica Lunsford were abducted and murdered within two months of each other by released sex offenders in Florida is proof positive of that.

I am a firm believer in the use of common sense and personal responsibility. If you put a cup of hot coffee between your legs, remove the lid and burn yourself, that is YOUR fault. It is YOUR fault if you get fat from eating fast food. It is YOUR fault if you get cancer from smoking cigarettes. I think abhorrent and abnormal sexual behavior does not belong in the public square, the church, or public schools. Period.

abortion is homicide.

Marriage is sacred.