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"I'm just a bill" schoolhouse rock lesson right now on House floor

"Thank You, Mr. President" from the Jerusalem Post

'Gay Marriage' Bill To Be Launched

10 Concepts Liberals Talk About Incessantly But Don't Understand


After Action Report - Lexington, KY Tea Party - IMAGE INTENSIVE

Answering Scandal with Personal Holiness

Archbishop Viganò issues ‘severe warning’ to Pope Francis in wake of his support for Fr. James Martin

Baltimore Archbishop: Catholic Voters Can’t Vote for a Candidate Who Stands for an Intrinsic Evil

Baltimore Archbishop: Catholic Voters Can’t Vote for a Candidate Who Stands for an Intrinsic Evil

Biden beatdown in UK Parliament…

Biden on Crack

Bill Clinton Caught on Tape Napping At MLK Celebration-"Bill Has A Dream"

Bishop urges abortion-rights politicians to not take Communion

Blair and Bush nominated for Nobel Peace prize

Bush News Conference on Pickering Nomination (Way to Go Bush!!)

Camille Paglia Pummels Couric

Catholic Caucus - Prayers for Priests

CLINTON're gonna LOVE this!!!

Condi Rice sticks it to the Stanford bleeding hearts

Consequences of Jimmy Carter's implementation of human rights

democrats admit that Biden isn’t all there

Do you have a Pope in your belly?

Enough Is Enough: Time to Finally Follow the Science on Masks

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: We Are in the Midst of a Fascist Power Grab, But We the People Still Have Options

Fireworks for Justice Kavanaugh! Trump Wins!

Five Myths about Same Sex Marriage

FR Daily Humor/Bizarre News Thread

Generation Wrecked

Gerard Alexander: Why are liberals so condescending?

Glenn Beck: “Dear President Obama…”

Glock 43: The Best Concealed Carry Gun In The World?


Habemus Morons! NY Times vs. CBS on Benedict XVI

HTML Sandbox 2014

Huffington Post Ripping Obama A New One Over GruberGate….Simply Amazing

I Am Andrew Breitbart (video)

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries

Iraqis Reconcile as Al-Qaeda Retreats

It was wrong to kill her. [JimRob on Terri Schiavo]

Jen Garner's Baby on Board (popcorn)

Jon Stewart's Special Comment on Keith Olbermann (Should not be Missed)

LIVE THREAD: Rumsfeld Testifies Regarding Treatment of Iraqi Prisoners

Lux Mundi! A Word to the Scoffers, Secularists & the Discouraged

Magna Carta Day: The Forgotten History of Magna Carta Day and What It Commemorates

Mark Levin Interviews Jeffery Lord On Ron Paul Supporters

Mark Steyn: Why progressive Westerners never understood John Paul II

Mark Steyn: The Pope's Divisions

Mark Steyn: The Uses of Multiculturalism

Marriage: What Matters (Look at Old Europe to see what same sex marriage is doing to marriage)

Media shreds its credibility

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Wants Rick Santorum To Win Presidency

Neo Anti-Catholicsm

Nervous Kerry to Dems: "Go Easy on Rumsfeld"; Repsonse: "Why are you trying to F**K me on this?"

New study: Many highly educated people mistakenly believe they’re left-wing

New Theory Suggests Start of Universe

Not a transitional Pope: Benedict may surprise (Cardinals spill the beans from the conclave

Obama's Democracy Problem

Obama's Schadenfreude ( Great Read! )

Operation Counter-Bork: Freepers Must Act Now to Save Nomination of Conservative Judge

Overpopulation Hoax

PleaseReadBeforeJudging] Why Only Catholicism Can Make Protestantism Work: Bouyer on Reformation

Pope John Paul II: Generation X continues to lose our greatest leaders, but their values remain

Pope Presses Obama On Abortion Stem Cells

Pope Says Attempts to Destroy Family as Institution Deeply Wounds Society

President Bush in "Pop Culture Void"

President Ford evac of Saigon and a U.S. Senator

President Nixon on John Kerry (audio tapes...MUST HEAR)

Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism

Reasons Why the 2020 Election is Deeply Puzzling (Good Concise List)

Rescued: Data the Kerry/Edwards Campaign Tried to DELETE from its site! (Grampa Dave found cache)

Revised & Updated! -- THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC -- (FR dictionary, more help for newcomers!)

Roman stone carving says Pope will live (anti-Catholic posters alert!)

Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" translated into Latin

Socialism Isn't Christianity

Spirituality for All the Wrong Reasons

Subsidiarity and Human Dignity

Surgeon Shows CDC Top Evidence On Why Wearing Masks Work

Tata builds the 'Nano home'

The 50 Points of the Retrosexual or Neosexual Code for Real Men Today

The Choice (LYAO Bush vs. Edwards Video)

The Church They Love To Hate

The Danger of Centering Prayer by Rev. John D. Dreher

The Free Republic Catholic Caucus

The meaning of Scott Brown’s win, by Charles Krauthammer

The Mistaken Revolution - Vatican II

The Mystery at the Heart of Physics That Only Math Can Solve

The Myth of Camelot

The New Catholic Manliness

The Pathology of the Rich Socialist

The ULTIMATE GOP convention video thread (make CD's to hand out)

The Wilding of Sarah Palin

The World Health Organization's rankingof the world's health systems

Today, I Was "Unprofessional"… (Telling Crapweasels where bears do their business)

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Goes to Spin Alley

Truth about Ahmadinejad's Genocide Call to wipe off Israel & "Palestinian" support for it

US satellites 'spot Iraqis hiding suspected arms' (pretty interesting)

Veneration of Mary Preserves Us From Unbelief and Impurity

Veneration of Mary Preserves Us From Unbelief and Impurity

Video Expose' Shows Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Hiding Statutory Rape

Visit to a former soviet gulag

Where Iraq's WMDs Went-Saddam's agents on Syrian border moved banned materials.

Why Can’t They “Just Get Along”? V-Day meets P-Day on campus.

Why Vegetarians Should Be Allowed to Eat Meat

Why we are in Iraq

Would like freeper help (My Beeber Was Stuned!)

Would like freeper help (Stuned my beeber origin)

WWJD? In his own Words:

[Catholic Caucus] Pius X Condemns Modernism: Relevant Then, Relevant Now


“Social Justice” Defined