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"The GOP hopes to steal another state house in Mississippi in the off-year races" --CBS

$300,000 Grant Used To Eliminate Bitter Beer (finally, a good use of tax dollars!)

(politically incorrect) T-SHIRT SLOGANS

*How Many FReepers Served in The Armed Forces?*

...What Is The BEST Rifle?


A Layman's Look At "The Communist Manifesto"

Abortion Ban Supporters Hit by Vandalism

Abortion Clinic Workers Refuse To Help Mother Screaming to Save Live Child who Subsequently Died

Absentee forms found burned

Activism: Email is a waste of time - Use Fax Instead - Free Fax Services

Again, Jews Fault Mormons Over Posthumous Baptisms

Alexander Hamilton on Gun Control: The Federalist - (Howard Nemerov, authority on 2nd Amend.issues)

An American in Africa (Do yourself a

Analyzing The 2nd Amendment

Ann Coulter at Cornell

Another suggestion: who "outed" Plame [A shrewd reader at Free Republic has found this article...]

Are political polls accurate? CA recall study of 20 polls says...NEVER TRUST POLLS AGAIN!

Beating in Jerusalem ends gay Palestinian Americans' plans

Berlin’s New Anti-American Axis -- Lead by East German Joschka Fischer ... [Must Read This! ]

Bill Clinton's December 1969 letter to his ROTC Director, Colonel Eugene Holmes.

Black Admissions Drop 30 Pct. at Berkeley

Blacks And Opportunity

BLATANT RE-POST -- Democratic operatives planned, engineered Wellstone political rally

Breaking: John Kerry Honored by Vietnamese Communists

By Accident, Utah Is Proving an Ideal Genetic Laboratory

Caucasian Club founder decides to leave school (Update)

Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source

Court Decides Reparations Suit Against Democrats

Dead White Guys - Or - What Your History Books Never Told You

Democrats sue over alleged GOP stacking of poll watchers

Disabled golfer wins right to use cart

Diversity Machine at Dartmouth injects fear, hate and recrimination...Trustee speaks out!


Double standards: Walter Williams says GOP held to higher expectation of decency than liberals

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles - Thread 2

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles - Thread 5 (Last Call)

Effectiveness of Various Ammunition

Emory Professor Resigns After Probe (History of Guns in America)

Entrants [ILLEGAL ALIENS] seeking work arrested Neighbor complaints bring action

Facts On Guns

FAKE HATE CRIME! Black Woman Admits Carving 'KKK' On Her Own Chest -- Just Like I Told You!

FAKE HATE CRIME! Black Woman Admits Carving 'KKK' On Her Own Chest -- Just Like I Told You!

FBI Files Show Kerry Met With Communists More Than Once

FIDEL'S EXECUTIONER (this should be read by the little airheaded idiots who wear "Che" t-shirts)

FR EXCLUSIVE: Yemeni National Captured in Arizona, Five Yemenis May Still Be At Large

France's Wake-Up Call-The Muslim coup d'etat Islamists are planning in France has hit a roadblock.

Freemasonry In The US Officer Corps?

FReepers Against Voter Fraud - (Thread 2)

Front-line troops disproportionately white, not black Numbers refute long-held belief

Gay California teachers 'come out' in classroom

Gay-rights decision protested at E. Kentucky school (420 out of 900 involved in boycott)

GLSEN (Gay and Lesbian Educational Network) Assault on Broward County Public Schools!!!

Gordon B. Hinkley (LDS Prophet) comments on War

Hiss Was Guilty

History Prize Rescinded for Controversial Book About Guns

Homeland Security’s Intent On Creating Civil War-Military No Longer Nation's Only Standing Army

Homosexuals Brainwashing Children (SHOCKING video from Massachusetts grade school!)

How staged sex crime fooled Supreme Court

How To Defeat Gay Arguements

Individualism, Islam and the Leftist Insurrection

It Ain't Over.....Yet!

It Has Started! Illinois Begins to Confiscate Registered Guns

JESSICA LYNCH REALITY SHATTERS AMAZON MYTHS - Time to Fix Clinton-era Policies on Women in Combat

Kelly: In the face of such evil, pacifism is immoral

Kwanzaa: A Holiday That Can Improve the Black Community (Vanity)

Kyoto critics better duck

Leader of Gay Pride Organization is Charged with Sexual Abuse

Leftist Professor's Hatemail to U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet (my title)

Liberal Sports writer admits "Rush Limbaugh Was Right"

Lieberman's Remark Shows Liberal Racism: Remark about Condi Rice crosses a line.

Limbaugh's hypocritical critics

Man stabs Jewish teenager in anti-Semitic attack (Yells "God is great")

Marching with Stalinists

MISANDRY! (Hatred of Men):The Feminist Assaults On Fatherhood

Mixed feelings over San Pedro film event (Tora! Tora! Tora! banned)

MOTHER'S DAY BANNED . . . (To "Protect" Kids Of Same Sex Parents)

MSNBC Conservative: Carlson Didn't Vote For Bush, May Not Support 2008 GOP Candidate

Myth: The Founders Established A Wall of Separation Between Church and State

Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History


Predictions of Federal Tyranny

Privatizing foreign policy (Bolton kicking butt at UN, Israel has a good friend)

Racism in Congress: The Black Caucus

Reagan Memorial Photo Gallery (Don't watch without a box of tissues nearby)

Remembering The Zebra Killings: Having white skin in the wrong place at the wrong time

Saddam's Links to Al Qaeda

School Cancels Diversity Day Rather than Include Viewpoint of Christians and Former Homosexuals

Scouting is for Honor, Not Sex and Politics

Self-Inflicted Tragedy (Rachel Corrie)

Sierra Vista, AZ Deanie-Weenie After Freep Report

Sobering assessment of Al Qaeda training tapes **MUST READ**

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies (Index)

Stiffing the troops serving overseas

Suspicion about imams grows as terror links pile up. (The Flying Imams)

Swiss Gun Laws- and some rebuttal to HCI "spin"--

Telling It Like It Is (In the Middle East)

The 2004 Election is Over, Now

The Church of the Left

The Confederate Constitution

The greatest document of the American gun debate


The Myth of the "Palestinian" People

THE POST: Here's what Democratic Underground didn't want you to see

Thunder on the Border-- (Minuteman Project)

To Tell the Truth

Top Egyptian Cleric Justifies Suicide Terrorism

Turkish man and fiancee arrested in Germany, suspected planning to attack U.S. military

US Army discharges couple over Yom Kippur

What's Holding Blacks Back? [Long but excellent!]

When Liberals Seize a State -- A MUST READ!!!

When the Bad Guy is Black

White Guilt? Go to Blazes.

Why socialists hate rich people: Neal Boortz reveals underlying envy, laziness infecting America