Delta 21
Since Dec 12, 1998

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FReeper #16810

Be strong & prosper,

be weak & die!

Stay true....

— Donald J. Trump

This site is my start page everytime I log on.

Thanks Jim. My beeber stays pretty stunned and I feel right at home here.

Hey! Its Me.

This is what I did with your tax dollars!
This kind of fun can never be had as a civilian.

The first 4 years of my military career was spent firmly encased in Heavy Armor!.

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1/11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Delta Company, Second Platoon.

"Find the bastards and Pile On!"

Call sign - Delta 21

The next 18 1\2 years were spent saving lives and property,
and guarding the Frontiers of Freedom in the U.S. Coast Guard.

A couple of tours on really old ships,

a LORAN Station in the middle of the desert,

Surf Rescue boats on the Oregon coast,

and even a "plain clothes" tour with the DOJ.

(...can neither confirm, nor deny...)

...And I dont ever want to hear any "Shallow Water Navy" Jokes!
The last swim call I took was in over 22,500 feet of water.

Road Kill Beeber AssociationZOT ZOT ZOT

I scored 96% which means I am

a hardcore conservative.

I believe in personal responsibility,

limited government,

free markets,

individual liberty,

traditional American values and

a strong national defense.

I believe the role of government should be

to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals.

Conservative or Liberal