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56 Deceits Michael Moore

A theory--French UN Madness

BUSH SCORECARD / GOALS / AGENDA ........ Update #1 12/23/02 w/FReeper input


Cicada website and timetable

Coount Claus von Stauffenberg 60th anniversary of plot

Duplicity of the left (post 31 within Steyn column)

Electoral map

Electoral map

Electoral map (needs Java runtime

Employment numbers explained

End of America ? Neal Boortz


Fahrenheit Debunked (many links)

Florida 2000 - What Happened? (good summary)

Flu: Sambucal by Nature's Way

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

HTML Sandbox

Interactive electoral map

Is UN Imploding?

Kerry Computer

Kerry Edwards Get it On

Link posting format
<a href="">very cool interactive electoral map</a>

logon codes for various sites

Medical Savings Accounts First for Frist,2933,73969,00.html

Millenium Challenge Account (new Bush foreign aid policies)

More Fahrenheit 911 Distortions from Moore

More virus, spyware tips

Mother of all Connections (links Saddam and al Qaeda) Weekly Standard

Mutual Incomprehension - John Derbyshire (US v. THEM)

Remarks to the Commonwealth Club Michael Crichton (Theme: Environmentalism is really Urban Atheism)

Sadddam=Dead Man Walking (Col Graf von Schenk Stauffenberg)

Senatorial Prospects '06;o=time;s=senatorial%20prospects

side bars etc.

Spyware etc

Tax Cuts Work ! GWB proves the Laffer Curve Right

That Kyoto is a Fraud

When the Press misses a story / Why 2004 Bush win -- perfect,1,879507.story

Who is Lying about Iraq? by Norm Podhoretz

Why So Gloomy (Global Warming)