Since Oct 14, 2002

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After a year of lurking, I was brought here by the New Jersey SC Torricelli/Lautenberg Senatorial switcheroo, when it smacked me in the face that the rule of law could so easily be ignored by the Dems.

Working to see that liberal thought is deep-sixed, so that common sense conservative policies are CLEARLY seen to work.' Angry that Republicans have not slowed spending, or shrunk government, thereby wasting a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how tax cuts shrink budget deficits. However, I still love what 'W' and Rove have accomplished.

MEDIA IS NOW MY JOB#1 Drives me crazy to hear media referred to as "mainstream". They are not mainstream in any sense of the word, and worse...every time we use MSM, or even Lamestream Media, we reinforce their position as top dog. They are OLD MEDIA. I beg each of you to consider the subtle compliment you give them every time you call them "mainstream."

Working to defeat; Media bias, political correctness, those who foster racism and live off it by convincing minorities they are not good enough, or smart enough to succeed on their own, the abolition of Christmas, all liberal thought. I despise liberal Democratic politicians.