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Snappy Answers To Stupid Antiwar Soundbites

Snappy Answers To Stupid Antiwar Soundbites

'Crats': rodents harass Israeli soldiers

2012 Presidential General Election Results [Unofficial]

ACLU Blubbers That Terrorists Might Be Deported

America's Politically Correct Racial/religious Caste System Pyramid

And Vindictiveness For All (Fred Reed)

Arctic Sees Massive Gain in Ice Coverage [twice the size of Germany: "colder weather" to blame]

Are we too lazy with our generosity?

Army teams going to Africa as terror threat grows (35 new wars!)

ASK obama a question.. CNN wants you!

Comrade Lysenko in Copenhagen: How Stalin’s favorite scientist paved the way for today’s global...

Converting Denmark into a Muslim Country

Devastating Video, Obama talks about job Ayers gave him

Educrats Punish Promotion of Black Conservative

European Fears of the Gathering Jihad: A "clash of civilizations" within Europe itself?

FLOODING WALTER REED WITH CARDS FOR SOLDIERS - I will pay for the first 50 FReepers to send one

France moves to pay for mosques to curb terrorism -Must Read

Front-line troops disproportionately white, not black

Hitler was a Leftist

Homosexual Agenda Index of Links

Islamic group urges Catholic school to move to Muslim faith

It's still Christmas!

Jimmy Carter: ‘I oppose a Palestinian State’--An American statesman speaks

Libya Elected to Chair U.N. Human Rights Body

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months

Marijuana Use Causes Brain Damage Confirmed

Marijuana Use Causes Brain Damage Confirmed

Mohammed, The Mad Poet Quoted....

Monster--Fidel Castro: International Criminal.

More Racism Accusations Arise

Myths and Facts about Global Warming

NYP: 'POST-IT' BLUNDER - Spies forced to 'cover up' Atta

Obama: "Show your loyalty to the black masses, strike out and name names"

Paper, rapped for outing Obama note, claims campaign pre-approved leak

Police face huge training challenges in Afghanistan

Public Schools Teach the ABCs of Islam

Reds Still ANSWER Anti War Organization

Roots of rotten mortgages

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

Saving Specialist Gray

The President clinton Speaks To The Nation 1998

Tiger's troubles widen his distance from blacks

Times Cuts Patriotism from Marine's Letter

UN is guilty of anti-Semitism

Was Gandhi as non-violent as the peaceniks would have us believe?

What Charles Duelfer Missed

Where are Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Obama on this ?