Since Mar 9, 2002

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Why am I BeAllYouCanBe? A handle I picked because it is more that a slogan -- it is something we should all try to be every day.

In 1980 the Army the recruiting slogan was, Be All That You Can Be.

In 2001 the Army slogan became, An Army of One.

In 2006 the slogan became, "Army Strong."

Vietnam veteran served 1966 - 1967, one year in Germany, 2nd tour 1968 - 1969. 67N2F Single rotor, single turbine, observation utility helicopter, (UH-1B/C) HUEY, mechanic, crew chief.

After all is said and done this "Army of One is really pretty good operation!". My Son who served in Iraq March 2003 November 2003 is also a Freeper.

UPDATE DesertDog returned safely in November 2003 and is trying to get his civilian life back together!! My daughter is also an Army veteran.

2008 My son-in-law joined the Army as a chaplin and needs to finish divinity school before being active -- most likely in 2010.

We don't complain we don't brag we ADJUST!!!

I am a Freeper because it the best method to examine the world and find the TRUTH.

My long term goal is to be the grand-father that is an anchor for the future of Texas and the US of A. A person who has the wisdom to do right and know what is right.