Since Sep 12, 2004

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I'm retired, in the Florida panhandle (where the beaches are dunes of sugar and the Gulf is a stunning blue-green . . . You can't beat this area for family-friendly, affordable vacations. Best months are May and October to avoid the heat, yet enjoy the beaches.). The panhandle is politically conservative, which is a refreshing change from my former home in the Atlanta area (where Cynthia McKinney used to be my representative).

The most important aspect of this life (yes, there are things more important than FreeRepublic, though not many . . .) is preparing for the afterlife. If you don't know of the grace of God delivered through his son, Jesus Christ, I implore you to find out more. We can all be "screw-ups" in this life, but it won't matter in the end for those who know Jesus. Even Democrats can be saved, (ha, ha), according to God (as hard as that is to believe) because "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26, NIV)

I want to thank Jim Robinson for creating a place like this. It is truly addictive. I've lurked for years and have enjoyed every minute of the incredible amount of time I've "wasted" here.