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U.S. Border Patrol Officer Murdered in Mexico | 2-27-03 | NumbersUSA

Posted on 02/27/2003 7:58:01 PM PST by fredtaps

ALERT---Border Patrol murdered in Mexico ======================================================

The news is just now filtering out, but another tragedy has struck our federal agents working along the Mexican border. We are not yet certain about the circumstances, but it looks bad.

Here is the first news story we saw:

U.S. Border Patrol agent is found dead in Mexico By LUKE TURF Tucson Citizen Feb. 27, 2003

Authorities are investigating the death of an off-duty 23-year-old Border Patrol agent whose body was found in Mexico.

Border Patrol spokesman Rob Daniels would not release much information about the circumstances of the death, but said foul play has not been ruled out.

"We were informed late yesterday of the discovery of the body," Daniels said. "I don't know that you can rule anything out at this point."

Details in the agent's death also aren't being released because an investigation by Sierra Vista-based FBI agents and Mexican officials is ongoing, Daniels said. He wouldn't say which Mexican officials are investigating. Funeral arrangements are pending and Daniels said the agency can't rule out foul play in the death.

FBI officials sent a liason officer with a Border Patrol officer to the Naco, Son., area where the body was found in order to aid in the investigation, said FBI spokesperson, Susan Herskovits, based in Phoenix. ---

We also have received this from friends of the Border Patrol along the border. It is part of a local church's prayer chain:

********************* Subject: Request from Allen & ***** ****

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A young Border Patrol agent, Jorge Solmon, who has family in Naco Sonora [in Mexico] has been murdered. He had gone to visit his family, and was spending time with some friends. Two men found out what Jorge did for a living and killed him. One has been apprehended and there are leads on the other.

If you remember, a couple weeks ago we prayed for another B.P. agent who'd been attacked and airlifted to Tucson. There is real concern that the attitude of those trying to enter illegally is becoming much more aggresive and even hostile. We need to pray for Allen and others who work the borders; pray for their protection, and pray for the family of this young man (mid-20s) who was killed in Naco. Blessings,

Your brother, Chuck

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God Bless the Border Patrol Agents who are engaged in war at the Southern Land Border... TOM TANCREDO FOR PRESIDENT!!!
1 posted on 02/27/2003 7:58:01 PM PST by fredtaps
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To: Marine Inspector
2 posted on 02/27/2003 8:00:47 PM PST by fredtaps
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To: fredtaps
Sad bump. May Jorge rest in eternal peace.
3 posted on 02/27/2003 8:00:59 PM PST by Cultural Jihad
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To: fredtaps
What has happend to our "Breaking News" section?
4 posted on 02/27/2003 8:03:25 PM PST by Husker24
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To: fredtaps
There is real concern that the attitude of those trying to enter illegally is becoming much more aggresive and even hostile.

I told a gathering of freepers once that this is THE biggest problem facing the U.S. Don't think they believed me. You will all see.

5 posted on 02/27/2003 8:03:59 PM PST by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
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To: fredtaps
I'll second that! This case is so reminescent of the Hispanic DEA agent who was kidnapped, tortured and killed in medico. The Mexican gov is complicit in murder and drug running as well as actively pushing their "excess" population into the U.S. The U.S. gov has to deliver a very strong message to the Mexican gov that this crap is over with..
6 posted on 02/27/2003 8:05:03 PM PST by Righty1
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To: fredtaps
Disgusting. We could always try MacArthur's solution and sow a 10 mile wide belt of radioactive cobalt along the border, and then let the Mexicans or anyone else try to cross it.
7 posted on 02/27/2003 8:11:16 PM PST by CatoRenasci (Ceterum Censeo Mesopotamiam Esse Delendam)
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To: madfly
8 posted on 02/27/2003 8:12:39 PM PST by Libertarianize the GOP (Ideas have consequences)
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To: Righty1
You are speaking of "Enrique "Kiki" Camarena from the Calexico, CA DEA office. A really nice guy and his torturous-murder is definitely a good example of crap in the drug world. Smuggling illegal aliens or drugs are all tied together. And yes many of the people in Mexico's government are involved.

We'd do better to close our borders and thoroughly screen anyone that wants access to the USA. It's way out of control.

9 posted on 02/27/2003 8:15:00 PM PST by Tactical
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To: MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
this is THE biggest problem facing the U.S. Don't think they believed me. You will all see.

Michael Savage has been saying this for quite awhile....but nobody listens to him (or Tancredo) either. How many more Border Patrolmen must die before anyone does?

10 posted on 02/27/2003 8:55:57 PM PST by nicmarlo
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To: fredtaps
Bulletin: Off-duty Border Patrol agent beaten to death in Mexico © 2003 Arizona Daily Star

At least one person is in custody and up to four others are being sought in the killing in Mexico Wednesday of an off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The 23-year-old agent, who has not been publicly identified by U.S. authorities, was apparently beaten to death near Cananea, Sonora, about 40 miles south of the U.S.-Mexican border, said FBI Special Agent Susan Herskovits and Border Patrol spokesman Rob Daniels.

Daniels said the agent's name will not be released until his family is located and notified of his death. The agent was assigned to the agency's Naco, Ariz. station, he said.

Herskovits said Thursday afternoon that U.S. authorities are working with Sonora State Police and the federal judicial police.

"Based on the information we've been able to obtain on the death of the border patrol agent, we believe that five people were involved in his murder," she said. "Two of them have been captured and we believe the agent was struck numerous times with a 50-pound boulder."

A Mexican official, however, said only one person is in the custody of Sonora officials and that they are searching for others.

Mexican authorities, meanwhile, have notified U.S. agencies along the border to be on the lookout for three people they believe were involved in the killing and might be trying to cross into the United States.

11 posted on 02/27/2003 9:09:53 PM PST by Marine Inspector (DHS BCBP II)
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To: nicmarlo
I listen to savage..More people should.

Here is why..Michael Savage:

The Paul Revere Society 9-Point Program

1. Make tax cuts permanent.
2. Close the borders now.
3. Deport all illegal immigrants now.
4. Eliminate bilingual education in all states.
5. Require health tests for all recent foreign born immigrants.
6. Eliminate as many entitlement programs as possible.
7. Reduce the number of Federal Employees.
8. Oil Drilling on U.S. Soil.
9. Tort Reform "STOP LAWYERS".

Cover Story in
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The Paul Revere Society (PRS) will assert the values inherent in these pillars of freedom. We will seek to educate the citizenry about our nation's freedoms.

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Visit the site at:

12 posted on 02/27/2003 10:48:53 PM PST by Pro-Bush
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To: Marine Inspector
I'm so sad for this guy, I am flooded with images of the BP guys marching around FLETC, how hard their training was, the hell they went through to get that job. I'm so mad, I'm gonna send all these news stories to my congressman and demand Justice for him. We should flood the politicians and not let this guy be another forgotten Border Patrol agent.
On a lighter note, HAPPY LAST DAY OF INS!!!!
welcome to BCBP! I heard that they are gonna give our berettas to border patrol (they should give machine guns to BP) and we're gonna get the H&K 40's.
M. Garcia came to JFK a few weeks ago, but had NO answers for us re the new DHS.
13 posted on 02/28/2003 4:22:13 AM PST by fredtaps
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To: Free the USA; B4Ranch; FITZ; Yaelle; pgyanke; Tancredo Fan; Fish out of Water; seamole; Ajnin; ...
Naco Border Agent murder update.

Anyone wanting ON or OFF this BORDER PING LIST please click "private reply" below to instantly freepmail me.


prayers for safety of those guarding our borders.

14 posted on 02/28/2003 8:06:37 AM PST by madfly
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To: fredtaps
On a lighter note, HAPPY LAST DAY OF INS!!!! welcome to BCBP!

Wish it was happy. I'm going from one screwed up agency into what looks like a great big cluster fuck.

I heard that they are gonna give our berettas to border patrol (they should give machine guns to BP) and we're gonna get the H&K 40's.

Since we've got Customs Inspectors with us now, we are hoping to get Glocks once the Beretta's are gone.

M. Garcia came to JFK a few weeks ago, but had NO answers for us re the new DHS.

Same from Bonner. Which leads me to believe, no one in Washington has any clue what is going on.

Our ADD, ADDI and DADDI were all summoned to Washington this week, so maybe they will bring back news. Of course they may have been summoned to get fired. LOL.

Right now it's just a waiting game.

15 posted on 02/28/2003 8:54:56 AM PST by Marine Inspector (DHS BCBP II)
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To: fredtaps
The Arizona Daily Star

Friday, February 28, 2003

Border agent is slain in Sonora


Aaron J. Latham / Staff
Widow's grief: Rocio Silva Romero Salomon, who was married to the slain agent, is consoled by supporters at his funeral.

One in custody, three sought in beating death

By Ignacio Ibarra and Carmen Duarte

Jorge Luis Salomon

See a series of powerful images from the funeral of 23-year-old U.S. Border Patrol agent Jorge Luis Salmon in Naco, Sonora Thursday, Feb. 27, attended by nearly 500.

NACO, Sonora - An off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent was beaten to death south of Cananea, Sonora, this week after three Mexican men he befriended and drank with learned he was a federal agent.

Mexican officials say one man is in custody and three others are being sought in the killing of Jorge Luis Salomon. The 23-year-old agent's body was discovered Wednesday near Bacoachi, a small town about 40 miles south of the border, his head smashed repeatedly with heavy rocks.

Francisco Javier Rosas Molina, 18, was in the custody of Mexican authorities who continue their search for three others, who like Molina are from the Cananea area. They are: Jose Arturo Arreola Lopez, 20, Jesus Cesar Abusto Villa Villareal and Edna Yardis Montoya Medina.

Mexican officials Thursday notified U.S. officials to be on the lookout for the trio because they suspect they might try to flee north across the border.

The Sonora state prosecutor in Cananea, Saul Ballesteros, said Salomon had apparently met Rosas Molina earlier this week near the border at Naco, shortly after Rosas Molina's release from jail in Bisbee on drug trafficking charges. Records of his custody could not be immediately confirmed at the jail.

"He struck up a conversation and began a friendly relationship, giving him a ride and spending several hours drinking and talking with him and some of his companions," Ballesteros said.

Salomon had initially confided in Rosas Molina that he was an agent, but later, when the conversation with the young man's companions turned to their involvement in drug and people trafficking, Salomon told the group he was a construction worker.

"That's when Rosas Molina identified him to the others as a Border Patrol agent, and that appears to be the reason that they killed him," said Ballesteros.

Salomon was beaten and his head bashed repeatedly with rocks. His Ford pickup was stolen, along with other belongings, including a gold chain and medallion, said the prosecutor.

A passer-by discovered the body early Wednesday and notified Mexican police. Later, police received a tip about the slaying and robbery of a U.S. Border Patrol agent. That caller led police to Rosas Molina, who had the agent's truck and medallion, said Ballesteros, adding that Rosas Molina has admitted involvement in the slaying.

Ballesteros said there is "no evidence to suggest the agent, Jorge Luis Salomon, was involved in drug trafficking or people trafficking."

Border Patrol spokesman Rob Daniels said Salomon joined the Border Patrol in late 2000 and was stationed in Naco, Ariz.

"The Border Patrol is like a really big, close family. Whenever something like this affects one of our people, it affects the entire agency. It doesn't make any difference whether you worked with, knew or didn't know the agent. You're still affected."

Salomon was buried Thursday in Naco, Sonora, where his mother and father reside.

Jorge Luis Salomon Sr. said his eldest son had always dreamed of being a law enforcement officer and worked hard to become an agent.

"I wasn't happy about it, but it's what he wanted," the father said as he followed the hearse carrying his U.S.-born son's body to San Jose Catholic Church, about two blocks from his home. "I have always been very proud of my son, of all of my sons."

Townspeople and officials from both sides of this border town of about 10,000 stood solemnly outside the crowded church during the funeral Mass while armed state police stood nearby.

"We are here in support of a fellow law enforcement agent," said Naco State Police Commander Ramon Valles.

"We are also here to try and control the recent breakout of violence in northern Sonora," Valles said, referring to the killing of drug trafficker Cesar Jaime Castro Medina, alias "El Jaimillo." Castro Medina was kidnapped last week from his Nogales, Sonora, home by 10 men armed with assault rifles and dressed in black. His body was found later, riddled with bullets.

Valles also noted the recent execution-style killing of a taco vendor in Hermosillo.

"Those cases and this case are different. It looks like this one was a robbery," he said.

"However, people who are committing the violence in northern Sonora are not from here. They are people who are traveling through here. Sonora is a trampoline for drugs into the United States."

He said up to 400 Mexican law enforcement agents have recently converged in the northern part of the state to try to keep it calm. Checkpoints and patrols are being conducted by the Mexican army and state, federal and county police, Valles said.

State police looked on Thursday as the silver casket - decorated with depictions of Mary holding Jesus in her arms after his crucifixion - was carried out of the church. It was placed in a blue hearse, adorned with red roses and white carnations spread across its hood as it traveled slowly over paved and dirt streets to the town cemetery.

Wailing women, including Jorge Salomon's widow, Rocio, were comforted by men as about 100 mourners walked behind the hearse.

"My daughter is so distraught. She's inconsolable," said Alberto Silva Nóperi, the agent's father-in-law.

Musicians also were in the procession, some playing as they walked with mourners, others playing from the bed of a pickup truck.

Some families watched the procession from their front doors.

"I came to support the family," said Ester Laguna, 57, who walked behind the hearse. "This is my 10th funeral in about four months. There is so much death because of violence and social ills. People have to give of themselves to better this community," Laguna said.

"Meanwhile, who knows what tomorrow may bring," she said. "It could bring another death."

About 500 were at the cemetery where the casket was opened for a final goodbye.

16 posted on 02/28/2003 8:58:39 AM PST by Spiff
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To: Spiff
It seems to me the young man used poor judgement in his choice of drinking companions, and unfortuately, it cost him his life.

I am heartbroken for his family.

17 posted on 02/28/2003 1:03:21 PM PST by DLfromthedesert
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To: Spiff
Was his body discovered on Wednesday, 2/26? If so, it seems odd that his funeral occurred so soon. Don't they do autopsies in Mexico?
18 posted on 02/28/2003 3:13:15 PM PST by DumpsterDiver
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