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Concerned About Bio Chemical Warfare? ^ | 4/17/02 | J.B. Stone

Posted on 02/02/2003 5:01:47 PM PST by wakingtime

Toxic Tugs - Public Poisons by J.B. Stone - 04/17/02

What do Maryland, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Johnston Atoll, and the Marshall Islands have in common?

BioChemical warfare tests were conducted in all of them behind a blinding haze of Cold War secrecy. And hardly a word of warning was ever issued, before during, or afterward the test conductors, subjects, or citizens living in surrounding areas.

Marine jets and Army artillery sprayed "harmless simulants" and live biological and chemical agents on unsuspecting citizens for 15 years on land and sea during Operation Deseret. The randomly selected human test rats onboard ships sailing with the USS Granville Hall, YAG-40, were largely unaware.

Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard & Defense) tested the Navy's ability to defend itself from gas or particle attacks by the enemy. But there weren’t any posters hanging in recruiter’s offices inviting Sailors to be used as dehumanized ciphers in scientific "research" projects. There were bigger fish to fry.

Navy ships sailing under Army orders and accompanied by 5 specially equipped Army tugboats waged their secret war from the balmy South Pacific to the chilly waters off Newfoundland. Night and day they’d pass through poisonous clouds up to a hundred miles long spread by Marine jets. The Deseret Test Center at Fort Douglas, Utah (Dugway Proving Ground) simply tested whatever the top-secret labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland could produce. Dugway dispatched the deadly materials to be tested in areas ranging from the remote Marshall Islands to as little as 50 miles West of San Francisco.

It’s not over.

Just last week they struck again. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported a contractor had unearthed leaking drums of suspected warfare agents while preparing structures for the National Missile Defense System. Most likely leftovers from the Gerstle River Project carried out at Fort Greely, linked to Project SHAD. Crewmen from Granville Hall's sister ship the USS George Eastman, YAG-39, were there in the 60’s, conducting cold-weather atmospheric tests to discover how best to distribute Anthrax spores, deadly VX & Sarin gas, and a vile assortment of highly contagious diseases.

Lax storage practices and non-existent environmental concern followed creating huge ecological disaster areas. Rockets and artillery shells filled with terminal cocktails were fired into Utah’s clear desert air and left to rust in Alaska's wilderness. No disclosure was forthcoming regarding long-range health effects of the test "conductors" or later inhabitants. Instead, those flatly ordered into these clandestine activities were coerced to sign documents stating they would never reveal their involvement in these toxic tests.

There’s more.

Long before the crew autopsied the caged monkeys that died on deck from nerve gas attacks in the South Pacific, these nondescript Liberty hulls had had huge “crow’s nests” installed on their masts. YAG-39 & 40 were contaminated in nuclear blasts from Bikini Atoll to the open ocean 450 miles Southwest of San Diego. They sailed through the radioactive fallout for a decade, collecting particles. Carcinogenic materials were used to wash down the outer surfaces of the vessels after every test. Crewmen who died from blood, bone and skin cancers came to the realization too late to take any protective measures. They had their orders and that was that.

Was anyone safe?

Surely you've heard of the Smithsonian Institution. But, I'd lay odds you’re unaware of the Smithsonian's Pacific Bird Project. Smithsonian contractors aboard the USNS Shearwater, accompanied by YAG-39 & 40 and the Army tugs, “collected" thousands upon thousands of migratory bird carcasses with 12 gauge shotguns fired by Navy crewmen. Over 2 million birds were banded and dusted down to see how far these "avian vectors" would transport deadly substances. Their instinctive navigational skills led to a greater than 90% accuracy for the proposed activities. Crewmen shot the boobies and gulls and gutted them on the helo deck for verification. They were safe from observation in idyllic spots like Christmas Island. Had anyone stumbled onto this chilling armada, those involved could offer little explanation. All communication between the various parties was discouraged and test results were closely guarded under the highest security measures. Now many of those present have permanently debilitating nerve, skin and respiratory conditions.

Not even Conscientious Objectors escaped. The "White Coats" of the Seventh day Adventist Church participated in 153 Army Germ warfare tests from 1954 to 1973. And, because they did not smoke, or drink alcohol or coffee, "They were a cleaner piece of paper on which to work an experiment," according to Richard O. Stenbakken, Adventist clergy armed forces supervisor.

Trained as medics at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, they were transferred to Fort Detrick, Maryland where they were expected to volunteer for at least one experiment. Open-air tests were carried out in the Utah desert using Q-Fever and other "simulants" to study Anthrax attacks. Otherwise they spent quality time in the "Eight Ball," a spherical chamber more than two stories tall at Fort Detrick. Scientists charged the chamber with bacteria and viruses where Operation White Coat test subjects wore breathing apparatus directly connected to the infected air.

It's been over 40 years since Project SHAD and the related tests began. The lid of secrecy has barely been lifted enough to allow a slender crack of light to shine on the truth. The DOD has only de-classified a handful of the 113 test series performed in Project SHAD. The VA knows there were 10,000 people to life-threatening substances, but they have declined to perform any active outreach program to notify them. This sad injustice is uncalled-for.

Why would the United States carry out such a hugely hideous plan, leaving behind hundreds of square miles of highly contaminated landscape spread across the Western Hemisphere and then just walk away from the physical and sociological devastation, leaving unsuspecting citizens to solve the problems on their own?

I don't know. I've been wondering for 30 years when and how the story will end. I was only 19 years old when I was assigned to the USS Granville S Hall in 1968. And it wasn’t my idea.

TOPICS: Anthrax Scare; Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: adventists; anthrax; army; armylighttugs; bakerisland; bikiniatoll; biochemical; biologicalwarfare; carbonero; chemicalwarfare; christmasisland; deadlytoxin; deserettestcenter; desertstorm; dugway; enewitok; exposure; fortdetrick; fortdouglas; fortgreely; gaspoisoning; georgeeastman; granvillehall; gulfwar; gulfwarsyndrome; gwi; halabja; iraq; jbstone; johnstonatoll; kamisiyah; khamisiyah; kwajalein; marines; massdestruction; midwayisland; navy; operationcastle; pagopago; plague; pobsp; poisongas; project112; projectshad; radiation; radioactive; saringas; smithsonian; tabun; truk; va; vee; vxgas; weapons; yag39; yag40
"This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper...."

From T.S. Elliot's "The Hollow Men"



I know LOTS of hollow men.

They sit back in Congress, And they make our laws,

They command the Armies, They give death its Jaws,

They'd feed you SHAD and crumpets, Into your gaping Maws,

Until the day they stumble forth, Proclaiming, "That's just the way it was!"

J.B. Stone, Whitefish, Montana 1/22/03, all rights reserved!

1 posted on 02/02/2003 5:01:48 PM PST by wakingtime
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To: wakingtime
I am not a very active participant in the FreePer world, but I am glad this
resource is here!

I have had FOUR heart surgeries since I first posted my string on
Project112/SHAD, and I have included some links here for your convenience.

My apologies for NOT returning sooner!

Please see also:
2 posted on 02/02/2003 5:03:40 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime
I am looking to contact ANYONE who was in either Project SHAD or Project 112 from 1962 to 1974 in ANY branch of the Service OR as a Civilian.

This applies to:

USS Granville S. Hall, YAG-40
USS George Eastman, YAG-39
USS Carbonero, submarine
US Army Light Tugs
Fort Greely, Alaska
Fort Detrick, Maryland
Fort Douglas, Utah
Treasure Island, California
Deseret Test Center
Dugway Proving Ground
Smithsonian Bird Project
Bikini Atoll
Enewitok Atoll
Pago Pago
American Samoa
Christmas Island
Baker Island
Johnston Atoll
Midway Island


Seventh Day Adventists used in Operation White Coat

SHAD Scientists


Enlisted Men

Marine & Air Force Pilots

ANYONE with hard data about the above, military or civilian


J.B. Stone, Human Test Rat, Whitefish Montana

USS Granville S. Hall 1969, Project SHAD

PS: We have assembled approximately 150 SHAD Veterans to date. We need MORE! Reunion and gatherings planned. VA Disability Claims Filed. Class Action Law Suit with Shaw-Pittman, D.C. filed against Government & Robert Mcnamara!

Come One, Come All!!!!

3 posted on 02/02/2003 5:18:40 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime


Re: Concerned About Bio Chemical Warfare? Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 20:10:56 -0500 (EST) From: Autoresponder@WhiteHouse.GOV To:

Thank you for emailing President Bush. Your ideas and comments are very important to him.

For up-to-date information about the President and his policies, please check the White House web site at

Unfortunately, because of the large volume of email received, the President cannot personally respond to each message. However, the White House staff considers and reports citizen ideas and concerns.

Again, thank you for your email. Your interest in the work of President Bush and his administration is appreciated.

Sincerely, The White House Office of E-Correspondence
4 posted on 02/02/2003 5:37:24 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime

5 posted on 02/02/2003 5:40:31 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime 11oct2002180511.html 052602biowartests.html

6 posted on 02/02/2003 6:34:08 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime
Shaw Pittman: DOD Allegedly Covered Up Medical Records U.S. Newswire
30 Oct 13:29

Shaw Pittman: Vietnam-Era DOD Secretary Robert Mcnamara, Current VA and DOD Officials Allegedly Covered Up Medical Records To: National Desk Contact: Nicole Quigley, 202-973-1328, for Shaw Pittman, LLP, or

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara is among 11 defendants named in two first-of-their-kind class action lawsuits for allegedly covering up medical records without which veterans of atomic, biological and chemical warfare testing cannot receive needed medical and other benefits. The plaintiffs include veterans, their families, and the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), who allege a deliberate and ongoing cover-up by U.S. government officials to conceal and ignore relevant records, many of which are personal medical records that would allow them to seek proper benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the often devastating long-term health effects of the government's testing of weapons of mass destruction.

Brought by the law firm of Shaw Pittman, LLP, the complaints -- one for veterans exposed to atomic detonations and the other for veterans exposed to biological and chemical tests, as well as their survivors -- aim to hold the government officials personally responsible for their involvement in illegal and unethical activities and to obtain justice for aging veterans. The complaints tell disturbingly similar stories of government and military officials protecting the government and themselves from liability for the effects of cold war atomic, biological, and chemical experiments on their own troops, sailors, airmen, and marines.

The complaints point to several smoking guns, including a White House memo that describes the classification of records as a tactic to minimize public relations risks and ultimately limit the government's legal liability. The veterans and their families also cite original test documents and reports that record large-scale radiation overexposures and medical test procedures that directly contradict government and military official statements that veterans were not used as test subjects and were not exposed to unsafe levels of radiation.

The "Atomic Veteran" plaintiffs consist of approximately 415,000 surviving veterans exposed to radiation as part of the government's atomic testing and military programs in the 1940-1950s and their survivors. The plaintiffs in the second complaint are the approximately 10,000 military personnel used as involuntary test subjects in biological and chemical warfare tests in the 1960s known as "Project SHAD" (Shipboard Hazard and Defense). Additionally, VVA serves as a named plaintiff in the SHAD case on behalf of the thousands of Vietnam-era veterans affected by the government's actions

"The VA has a statutory mandate to advocate for and protect the interests of these veterans, but instead VA officials have purposefully failed them. This is the age of Enron, when the government contends that you are personally responsible for your unethical decisions. We're holding up a mirror and expecting them to practice what they preach," said Shaw Pittman partner David Cynamon, who filed the complaints.

"America's veterans deserve proper health care for illnesses that may be due to exposure to harmful agents as a result of their military service," said VVA National President Thomas Corey. "Veterans deserve to be told the truth about their military service, as well as accountability from senior bureaucrats and other government officials. Justice for our nation's veterans is at the heart of VVA's mission. This class action will help veterans obtain the justice to which they have long been entitled," Corey added.

Former Navy crewmember of the USS Navarro in 1963 and plaintiff Robert Bates said, "I wasn't asked if I wanted to be a human guinea pig. I wasn't told that I was part of an experiment until thirty years later. And now, I can't get my complete medical records from the government so that I can get needed benefits." Bates suffers from congestive heart failure and joint problems thought to be related to the chemical warfare tests.

The Shaw Pittman complaints allege a policy that government and military officials began in the 1940s and current officials continue to carry out in order to keep veterans from claiming their just medical benefits. For example, government and military officials admit that Project SHAD medical records were and remain "classified" and unavailable to veterans attempting to claim VA benefits for health problems arising from biological and chemical agents used on them by their own military. The government contends that other relevant records disappeared, were destroyed, or never existed.

"They tell you that they can't give you benefits until you prove you were involved, but they keep the documents that can prove it in a sealed vault behind their desks. This is not the government my husband intended to serve," said Pat Broudy, whose husband died due to lymphoma, a cancer known to be caused by radiation exposure. Her husband had served in the occupation of Nagasaki, Japan, trained on a radioactive target ship, and participated in mock assaults on ground zero following atomic detonations in the Nevada desert but was denied VA benefits.

Shaw Pittman began representing veterans as a result of a pro bono project that relied on the firm's litigation and scientific expertise. "As Americans, we expect our government and military officials to adhere to a basic standard of legal and ethical conduct. We've seen Congress and the Administration rightly insist that corporate officials be held legally accountable for their actions. They need to know that they can't hide behind their organizations anymore," said Shaw Pittman attorney Douglas Rosinski.

The complaints were filed October 29, 2002 in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Shaw Pittman, LLP has offices in Washington, D.C., New York, Northern Virginia, London and Los Angeles. The firm provides business and technology legal services on a global basis. It can be accessed online at
-0- /U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/
10/30 13:29

Copyright 2002, U.S. Newswire
7 posted on 02/02/2003 7:36:27 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime

Project SHAD/112 LINKS

IF YOU HAVE MORE, PLEASE ADD THEM: MilitarySecNoLonger.htm 11oct2002180511.html 052602biowartests.html
052602biowartests.html MilitarySecNoLonger.htm Oct-2002/RT-Times-October2002-Page15.pdf 20020715-9999_1m15gas.html 165501.html 165501.html military_veterans_page.htm fveteranswithdisabilitiesveteranswithdisabilities?page=5 Rumsfeld020520.htm chi-0110230264oct23.story!NEWSROOM/localstoryA42276A.htm


No, that's not ALL the SHAD links on the Net.

I went through 390 of them out of 1300+ now finds!

And to think only a year and a half ago, there were maybe 6 to 10


I guess diligence DOES pay off!


Please notify me of any broken or expired links.

Thank you for your attention to this CRUCIAL matter!
8 posted on 02/04/2003 12:32:17 PM PST by wakingtime (Go, Granny, Go!!!)
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To: wakingtime
Well, as I suspected....

Your impending death by BioChemical Warfare is NOT HIP.

My oh my.

I guess I'll just go quietly and die with the rest of them.

I forgot.

This is a place in which to posture and preen....

Not to actually expect any action out of anyone.

This is not a PC topic.

This is not a fictitious topic.

This is not a pretty topic.


Just sit there, smug in the assurance you have either the most computers in the neighborhood and you can download stock quotes faster in more languages than your neighbors.

Yes, you have the fastest broadest banded baddest flattest screenest multiple ported snazziest rig on the block...

Too bad it can't think FOR you.....!

NO problem.

You most likely think that YOUR attitude will solve the world's problems and that YOU can run things better than they have been, are, or will be.

Too bad you AREN'T running things, ain't it?

Oh, I see...

You're much too safe.

Nothing like this could happen to YOU!

Of course.

You're the bloggiest, postin' est, most latte laden cat out there....

I should have known!
9 posted on 02/05/2003 9:10:25 PM PST by wakingtime (Take a deep breath, now ...... Hold it for 30 years! Like I had to.)
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To: wakingtime
10 posted on 02/08/2003 3:21:05 PM PST by wakingtime (Don't Post No Comments...wheezers!)
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To: wakingtime
11 posted on 02/08/2003 3:25:31 PM PST by wakingtime (I can't get NO respect!)
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To: wakingtime
"The Dragon Goes North"

Chemical and Biological Warfare Testing in Alaska

Richard A. Fineberg


Foreword by the Honorable Mike Gravel, US Senator

Preface - xii

I Introduction - 3

The Dragon



2 The United States and CBW: Policy "Roots" - 8

Chemistry and Biology in War

The Geneva Protocol

No First Use

Retreat from Policy

The Cold War Buildup

Dugway, 1968: The Turning Point

3 The President's Statement - 24

The Chemical Arsenal: No First Use

The Geneva Protocol: A Redefinition

The Biological Arsenal

Biological Research: The Best Offense Is a Good Defense


Destruction of Germ Warfare Stockpiles


4 Mismanagement, Deception and Death - 39

The Gas That Sailed

Death in Maryland

Earthquakes in Colorado

What Shall We Do with a Concrete Coffin?

Nowhere to Go

5 Journey to the South - 63

Introduction to Chemical Warfare

Germ Warfare

Nerve Gas: The Trump Card

An Exercise in Futility

Stability Operations

Drive Safely: Good Friends Are Hard to Find

The Dragon

6 Dragon on the Last Frontier - 85

VX Lake

Testing Tularemia in Alaska

The Almost Test

7 CBW and Public Health in Alaska: An Appraisal - 109

Death at Fort Greely

Paralysis in Fairbanks

Epidemiology: The Need for Further Research

Biological Warfare Testing: A Special Horror

8 CBW, Secrecy and National Security - 127

Secrecy and Public Policy

National Security: The Enemy Threat

The Lesson of VX Lake


A 135; B 137; C 148; D 164; E 169



§ § §

The basic problem is, we have a system, then, with a lot of people who don't know what it means to be accountable to the public. The Congress is the enemy, just as the press is the enemy. And the public is seen by members of the Executive in general as the great beast, treacherous, ignorant, irrational, not to be respected, either individually or in the mass. - Daniel Ellsberg

…the only effective restraint upon the executive policy and power in the areas of national defense and international affairs may lie in an enlightened citizenry – in an informed and critical public opinion which alone here can protect the values of democratic government… - Potter Stewart, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, concurring in the Court’s decision to allow publication of the Pentagon Papers


GOT POWERPOINT? (MICROSOFT POWERPOINT) "- ... Development of guidelines for approving classified research. Potential policy changes resulting from Project SHAD. New DoD Directive 3216.2. ..."

JB: Here is part of the content on the slides. Not all of it converts to text in this format, but this will give you an idea what's on it...




DDR&E Updates to Human Subject Research Policy HSRRB Off-Site³Human Subjects Protection Program Best Practices² Frederick, MDSeptember 5, 2002

Patty Decot Assistant Director for Regulatory Affairs Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology Office of the Director, Defense Research & Engineering Human Use Policy Oversight Groups Kitchen Cabinet Members Regulatory Affairs-Human UseLooking Forward--Near Term Human Subjects Issues: DEPSECDEF approval of revised DoDD 3216.2 Full use of revisions to 10 USC 980 to enhance medical trauma product development Development of guidelines for approving classified research Potential policy changes resulting from Project SHAD New DoD Directive 3216.2 Updates the Directive to reflect 32 CFR 219 (³The Common Rule²) New title: ³Protection of Human Subjects and Adherence to Ethical Standards in DoD Supported Research² Located at the DoD web site for directives: www.dtic/mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/d32162_032505/d32162p.pdf Outline of Changes to DoDD 3216.2 Enhanced Protection of Research Subjects Better Definition of Medical Monitor New Policies Training Enhanced Protection of Subjects Minimizing command influence on subject recruitment: Individual recruitment -- No unit officers or senior NCOs in chain of command present Unit recruitment -- Ombudsman with no connection to the unit or to the research must be present Subjects are protect from expenses not otherwise provided or reimbursed if primary support of research is from the DoD

Medical Monitor Better definition of the medical monitor Appointed if more than minimal risk Defines who may function as such Shall be independent of the research team May be assigned responsibilities by the IRB New Policies Modifications to 10 USC 980 All human subjects research conducted or supported by DoD shall have an assurance of compliance that is acceptable to the funding agency DoD Supported International Research: Shall comply with 32 CFR 219 Shall comply with all applicable requirements Research misconduct requires all components to establish procedures to monitor and review the ethical conduct of research Based on recent OSTP federal policy DoD Instruction has been drafted by DUSD(Lab & BS) Training All DoD personnel involved in human subject research are required to be aware of policies Awareness of requirements for protection of subjects commensurate with involvement and compatible with OHRP policies Research ethics training incorporated in continuing education program Human Use Regulatory Affairs Advisor Focus on Training & Education for decision makers above IRB (e.g. COs and OSD Senior Staff ) Developed as a research effort in Advanced Distributed Learning Research product deliverable 1Q/FY03 Classified Research OSTP requested comment from Departments and Agencies on Clinton Memorandum of March 27, 1997 (Federal Register, Volume 62, Number 92) Secretary Cohen endorsed Clinton policy in December 13, 1999 memorandum Policy is still in effect but was not incorporated into the revised DoDD
3216.2 Policy currently undergoing revision HSRS Work Focus on consistent interpretation of Common Rule and resulting guidance Determination of Annual Review date Non-Biomedical Issues Public Use Data Files Confidentiality Decision Tree to help determine if work is human subjects research Financial Conflict of Interest Policy governing classified research Conference to simplify and unify policies and interpretations from federal offices Issues in DoD Human Subject Research Policy Adverse publicity Ethics, Conflict of Interest, Fraud, Genetics research HHS Office of Human Research Protection - Federal Wide Assurance IRB accreditation Education requirements IRB members ³Second Level² Staff Scientists/Investigators Approving Officials Multi-Service Collaboration Regional -- WRAMC, NNMC, MCMC, & USU and BAMC & WHMC Research programs at sites that are geographically separated HIPAA The Way Ahead How do we ensure: Personnel at all levels are keeping current ­ the HQ staff, Institutional officials, IRB members, and PIs Personnel at all levels are continually striving for improved competence and knowledge Points of Contact Director, BioSystems Dr. Robert Foster
703-588-7420, DSN 425-7420

Assistant Director for Regulatory Affairs Mrs. Patty Decot
703-588-7402, DSN 425-7402
12 posted on 02/08/2003 3:35:50 PM PST by wakingtime (You've GOT to question a "Government that would GAS ITS OWN PEOPLE!")
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To: wakingtime
Quite the one man band.
13 posted on 02/08/2003 3:42:22 PM PST by Kozak
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To: wakingtime

14 posted on 02/08/2003 3:52:03 PM PST by wakingtime (OK, All Together Now...Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbayaaaggghererrkkk Hack, Cough, Stillness!)
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To: Kozak

I see my message got through to you.

There are perhaps 6 to 10 SHAD Veterans LEFT ALIVE with
the good sense and PATRIOTISM to speak the truth to the
American Public.

Stay Smug.

That'll Work, for sure!!!


~ The End ~

(OK, All Together Now...Kumbaya my
Lord, Kumbaya....)

Kumbayaaaggghererrkkk Hack, Cough,

Writhe, Convulse,

What was tha.......









~ End ~
15 posted on 02/08/2003 4:21:35 PM PST by wakingtime (OK, All Together Now...Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbayaaaggghererrkkk Hack, Cough, Stillness!)
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Comment #16 Removed by Moderator

To: wakingtime

Sorry for the late reply. But I have moved my SHAD page to



17 posted on 06/10/2004 4:55:54 PM PDT by tugboatsf
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