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Steve Baldwin ^ | Steve Baldwin

Posted on 10/24/2002 10:17:40 PM PDT by I_Love_My_Husband


BY California State Assemblyman
Steve Baldwin

"In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector... the purpose of victim imagery is to make straights feel very uncomfortable; that is, to jam with shame the self-righteous pride that would ordinarily accompany and reward their antigay belligerence, and to lay the groundwork for the process of conversion by helping straights identify with gays and sympathize with their underdog status."

Homosexual authors Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen in "After the Ball: How America will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990s"

"Starting from Kindergarten, again and working its way all the way through high school. This idea of talking about it one time in high school, well we know that doesn't work. We need to start tackling this at the very early ages. This is war ... As far as I'm concerned, there's no room for conscientious objectors. We've got to be involved in this war."

Dr. Virgina Uribe, Founder of "Project 10,11 a Los Angeles Unified pro-homosexual counseling program

What AB 101 would actually do to our schools:

1) AB 101 would prohibit "discrimination" in the recruitment, hiring and promotion of teachers, faculty, and school staff based on "sexual orientation". In essence, homosexual quotas will be unofficially pursued by school administrators out of fear of lawsuits by the homosexual community. While the bill is vague on whether actual quotas will be required, It is almost certain that pro-gay attorneys will use AB 101 to argue minority status for homosexuals, thereby requiring schools to adopt and implement plans for increasing the percentage of homosexual employees.

2) The defining word throughout AB 101 is "sexual orientation." However, case law (Beaty v. Truck Insurance Exchange) defines sexual orientation as referring," to a person's sexual habits, practices, predilection or compulsions with respect to heterosexuality, homosexuality, etc." This definition of sexual orientation opens the door to litigation by those who practice other sexual habits such as bestiality, sado-masochism, etc., all claiming to have special rights under this broad definition of sexual orientation.

3) AB 101 would prohibit discrimination in financial aid and specifically mentions the Cal-Grant program. This will clearly lead to quotas in the awarding of financial aid, again simply to avoid litigation.

4) AB 101 would prohibit discrimination in curriculum. The practical effect of this is that school districts will have to adopt textbooks that place the gay lifestyle on the same moral level as the heterosexual lifestyle. All mention of families in any textbooks, video, or handouts will have to include mention of gay families. Anything less would invite lawsuits.

5) AB 101 will infringe upon the first amendment rights of free speech and religion. For example, if a Christian public school teacher happens to state his opinion that he believes in the Biblical view of homosexuality as sinful behavior, the teacher could lose his job and be charged with violating the law -- even at the University level!

6) AB 101 will prohibit campus religious groups from prohibiting homosexuals from joining their group, thus leading to a scenario in which gays could take over a campus fundamentalist group. Any campus religious group that teach the Biblical view of homosexuality could lose their charter under AB 101.

7) AB 101 states that no "interscholastic athletic association, of which any public school is a member, shall discriminate against, or deny the benefits of any program to, any person on the basis of ... sexual orientation ..." This will be interpreted by liberal judges to justify the banning of all sports competition with private religious schools that teach that homosexuality is wrong or refuse to hire homosexuals. Bear in mind that many public school athletic leagues include private religious schools.

8) AB 101 prohibits a school from sponsoring "any activity that reflects adversely upon persons because of their ... sexual orientation." This language will likely be interpreted by the courts to prohibit the use of school facilities by churches (hundreds of churches rent school facilities) who are opposed to homosexuality. The Boy Scouts, due to their stance against hiring homosexual Scout leaders, could also be prohibited from meeting on school campuses.

9) AB 101 would nullify several existing sex education codes, since the bill states that instructional materials may not "contain any matter reflecting adversely upon persons because of their .... sexual orientation." This passage will nullify Section 51551 of the Education Code, Section 2(b)(6)which states that "course material shall teach honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage." All sex education courses would have to describe the homosexual sex act or be accused of discrimination.

10) Many AIDS education courses today refer to certain homosexual acts as dangerous and unhealthy. Since AB 101 prohibits anything that portrays homosexuality "adversely," all such cautionary language will have to be removed.

11) AD 101 will infringe on the rights of parents to control the values taught to their children in public schools. The courts have repeatedly ruled that parents have this right (Hodgson v. Minnesota, Pierce v. Society of Sisters, etc), but under AD 101, young school children will now be exposed to constant positive portrayals of a lifestyle that is opposed by the vast majority of parents on moral grounds.

Gay youth are much more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual youth and therefore need extra protection.

This myth is traced to a report that, according to material distributed by Ms. Kuehl's activists, was published by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services in 1989. However, like so much of the material distributed by the gay community, it has no basis in reality. The report in question, by gay activist Paul Gibson, was simply an addendum to a official report on youth suicide released by HHS and was later dropped from the report altogether.

Nationally, Gibson's report was repudiated by HHS Secretary Dr. Louis Sullivan, who publicly distanced his department from it due to the fact it was full of factual errors, distortions, and, according to Dr. David Shafer, a leading authority on youth suicide, "was never subjected to the rigorous peer review that is required for publication in a scientific journal ..."

Furthermore, even if research does some day show that gay youth have a higher suicide rate, this is not an argument for special protection. Indeed some researchers believe that the aggressive campaign to convince our youth that homosexuality is normal via our public schools, the media, and the arts, has created a generation of youth confused about their sexual identity, thus encouraging depression. If this is true, the solution to countering a rise in gay youth would be to prohibit the promotion of the gay lifestyle within our public institutions such as schools.

Ten percent of society is homosexual, including ten percent of all students.

This figure is derived from sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, who based this number on a survey of 5,300 men which included mostly former or present prisoners, sex offenders, leaders of homosexual groups, and male prostitutes.

For anyone to suggest this was a representative sample is ludicrous. There have been over 30 studies since the late 1940's Kinsey study that have found the average percentage of men who are homosexual ranged from .5% to 2%. Women are about half that.

The most comprehensive study is the continuing study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau since 1988 for the National Center for Health Statistics of the Center for Disease Control. This study confidentially asks around 10,000 subjects about their sexual preferences every three months and the result has always averaged to be less than 2%. Even liberal Newsweek magazine called the 10% myth "ideology, not sound science." (see attached)


"Gay students are born that way, therefore all school policies, curriculum, events, etc. should have to treat homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality."

Despite highly publicize studies claiming that homosexuality is genetic, these studies have been seriously discredited by some of the world's leading geneticists and research scientists. Dr. William Byne and Bruce Parson, research psychiatrists at Columbia University, conducted a review of all the "gay gene" studies and concluded: "Recent studies postulate biologic factors as the primary basis for sexual orientation. However, there is no evidence at present to substantiate a biologic theory, just as there is no compelling evidence to support any singular psychosocial explanation."

The LeVay "gay gene" study, the Bailey/Pillard "twin" study, the Hamer "twin" study, all had serious mythological flaws, left out key factors, or simply could not be replicated by other scientists. Hamer, a gay activist, apparently falsified some of his information according to one of his associates. Even pro-gay sex researchers Masters & Johnson and Alfred Kinsey both ridiculed the idea of a gay gene. In the course of counseling thousands of gays these researchers saw definite patterns in the lives of homosexuals, ranging from early traumatic experiences like molestation to abusive or absent parental figures.

Furthermore, if being homosexual was unchangeable, why are so many homosexuals changing back to heterosexuality after counseling? Ex-gays have established numerous groups, such as Exodus, to help homosexuals leave the homosexual lifestyle and thousands have done so. Even Masters & Johnson reported a 79.1 percent immediate success rate for their homosexual clients and a 71.6 success rate after five years as reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry (Feb. 1984). The Kinsey Institute conducted a study in 1970 that found that 8101 of 684 gays and 93% of 292 lesbians has changed or shifted either their sexual feelings or behaviors after age 12. 58% of the gays and 77% of the lesbians reported a second shift in sexual orientation; 31% of the gays and 49% of the lesbians reported a third shift; and 13% of the gays and 30% of the lesbians reported even a fourth shift in sexual orientation. Unlike biological changes, the shifts in sexual orientation began at age 18 or later for half of both gays and lesbians. Sexual changes, five or more years after puberty, are exceptionally late and without biological precedent in development. But changes in tastes (e.g. food or entertainment) often take place around age 18.

Homosexual students need special protection in our schools against intimidation, harassment, and assault.


Existing law already protects everyone from intimidation, harassment, and discriminatory behavior against them because of, among other characteristics, their sexual orientation. Specifically:

Civil Code 51.7 makes it illegal, as it pertains to civil law, to intimidate by threat of violence against people because of their "sexual orientation." Such offenses are punishable in civil law and persons can be held liable for actual damages, exemplary damages, and a civil penalty of $25,000 to be awarded to the person denied the right provided by 51.7.

Penal Code 422.6 makes it a crime to force or use threat of force, willfully injure, interfere with, oppress, or threaten any person because of, among other characteristics, their sexual orientation. Further, it makes it a crime to deface, damage, or destroy real or personal property of any person because of their sexual orientation. Offenders are punishable by imprisonment in county jail and fines.

Penal Code 422.7 and 422.75 address more serious crimes including felonies to persons or a person's real and personal property because of their sexual orientation. Offenders are punishable by imprisonment in state prison and fines.

Education Code 33032.5 enables teachers and administrators to prevent and respond to acts of hate violence occurring on their school campuses. Hate violence is defined to include acts against persons because of their sexual orientation.

Education Code 48900.3 states that students in grades 4-12 may be suspended and expelled if the pupil causes, or attempts to cause, or participates in an act of hate violence, which include acts against persons because of their sexual orientation.

Given the fact that discriminatory behavior and acts targeted at persons due to sexual orientation is addressed four separate times in our Civil, Penal and Education codes, it is clear that the argument that gay students need legal protection is a straw man. The real agenda is to force schools to advance the gay agenda.

"The homosexual viewpoint is not represented in our public schools and therefore that is evidence of discrimination."

This is totally false. In fact, the gay movement is so entrenched in our public schools that most people would be shocked. The homosexual point of view already inundates our public schools through a variety of ways:

Gay teacher organizations Labor union promotion of homosexuality Teacher workshops/in-service AIDS education curriculum Sex education curriculum County Dept. of Education efforts District promotion of gay clubs, parades, proms, etc. Pro-homosexual school counseling programs Alternative homosexual schools Pro-homosexual curriculum

Gay Teacher OrganizationsThere are dozens of homosexual teacher organizations within the K-12 system today. They have chapters, conventions, and are networked heavily with the gay movement in general. These groups have the support of the education establishment leadership.

One of the most active gay teacher groups is BANGLE, which held their annual West Coast convention just a few months ago at James Logan High School in Union City. Hundreds of homosexual teachers attended this convention which focused on how to promote homosexuality within the K-12 schools including using films, curriculum, counseling programs, AIDS education etc. Exhibition tables were present marketing books that promoted the gay lifestyle specifically designed for young children.

The keynote speaker was Superintendent of Instruction Delaine Eastin, who repeated myths about gay suicide and boasted about how California schools are doing "in-service training for teachers on how to provide services to our gay and lesbian youth." Incredibly, Eastin also stated that schools need to imitate San Francisco schools where students deemed to be confused are put in touch with homosexual faculty for "counseling."

Eastin also bashed Sex Respect, one of the most effective abstinence-based sex education programs in the state, even though state codes require all sex education programs to be abstinence based (See attached for more on Easton's comments).

Other major California gay teacher organizations include the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN), Gay and Lesbian Educators of Southern California (GALE) Gay Teachers and School Workers Coalition, the Homosexual Issues Committee of United Teachers of Los Angeles and of course the Gay Caucus of the National Education Association which publishes a manual instructing teachers how to promote the gay lifestyle in our K-12 schools.

What do gay teachers groups do? According to GALE's newsletter, here is their agenda:

"Maintain speakers bureau for the presentation of sensitive lesbian and gay perspectives."

"Promote in-school programs that seek to provide counseling for gay and lesbian youth."

"Inclusion of information and recognition of homosexuality into course work in various disciplines at various grade levels."

"Promote the civil rights of lesbian and gay educators and students."

Incredibly, these groups also assist gay teachers arrested for sexual misconduct and nearly all gay teacher groups publicize the "Arrested Teachers Hotline" phone number in their newsletters. This same hotline is listed in the "Gay & Lesbian Telephone Book for Los Angeles and Orange County.,, (see attached)

Labor Union Promotion of Homosexuality
The NEA has openly promoted homosexuality within our K-12 schools for years, usually behind the backs of parents who rarely had any idea what was going on. Recently, the NEA received national coverage for its promotion of "Lesbian and Gay History Month."

Both the NEA and CTA openly promote pro-homosexual curriculum. There were 15 resolutions at the 1995 NEA convention calling for a pro-homosexual curriculum. The gay caucuses with the NEA, CTA, and UTLA are substantial and control many influential positions within those organizations. At the 1996 NEA convention, about a third of the delegates wore "NEA-GLC" buttons, produced by the Gay & Lesbian Caucus, which was co-founded by Jeff Horton, President of the Los Angeles Unified School Board.

The NEA publishes "Affording Equal Opportunity to Gay and Lesbian Students Through Teaching and Counseling: A Training Handbook for Educators." This manual advises stocking school libraries with pro-gay books, ridding libraries of anti-gay books, how to conduct pro-gay sensitivity courses for students, teachers and administrators, and how to "introduce gay/lesbian issues into all curriculum areas."

In 1985, the NEA was involved in a lawsuit in Oklahoma that supported the right of homosexuals to advocate homosexuality in the classroom.

The CTA likewise has a heavy homosexual influence. The CTA's "Human Rights Department" publishes pro-gay literature and its most recent conference in San Francisco included a workshop entitled, "Combating Homophobia in the Classroom," which was really about how to promote the gay agenda. The CTA distributes a calendar to all teachers that contains dates such as "National Coming Out Day" and "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" (see attached). Gay activists within CTA urge school districts to sponsor pro-gay programs that revolve around these dates.

The CTA policy manual states, "Every district should develop a program which supports an environment and promotes education leading to an understanding of the diversity of sexual orientation."

Many local unions now sponsor conferences to train their gay members how to promote homosexuality within the classroom. For example, the San Diego Teachers Association (SDTA) recently announced that a "two-day workshop is being offered as a lesbian and gay educational issues conference.... to discuss student's concerns, curriculum issues, teacher training and political advocacy in action."

Teacher Workshop/In-Service

Few people realize that our schools use in-service to train teachers how to promote homosexuality.

* New Haven Superintendent and gay activist Guy Emanuele, hosts workshops for teachers which urge the following:- "Sponsor activities, assemblies, and curriculum for National Coming Out Day."

* "Identify gay, lesbian, bisexual contributors through the curriculum (history, literature, art, science, religion)."

* "Display in classrooms and on school bulletin boards, posters which celebrate the contributions of bisexuals, gays, and lesbians."

* "Bring in openly gay, lesbian, bisexual adults as resources in classes."

*"Wear LesBiGay positive button or T-shirt."

*The NEA supports "effective ongoing training programs for education employees for the purpose of identifying and eliminating sexual orientation stereotyping.... Such programs should attend to but not be limited to: accurate portrayal of the roles and contributions of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people through history....

*GLSTN, the gay teacher group mentioned earlier, is calling upon their members to "hold training seminars for school staff on how to make pro-gay changes in the curriculum."

*When a pro-gay workshop for teachers at West Covina Unified was canceled by the school board, 34 teachers filed suit and won. Judge Joseph Kalin ruled that the trustees and the administrator "restricted and censored the right of expression of teachers hired to stimulate and guide young minds." He then ordered the district to hold the workshop! Apparently, schools can now be forced by the courts to host such workshops!

*Parents of Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG) recently boasted in their literature how they have convinced schools throughout California to hold such workshops. One of P-FLAG's success stories is the Petaluma school district, where the superintendent has not only initiated pro-gay workshops, but requires all principals to read "Prayers for Bobbie," a pro-homosexual book.

*San Ramon High holds all day pro-homosexual in-services which are required for all teachers unless they want to forego a day's salary. The presenters included a transvestite support group and a who's who of militant gay activists. Incredible propaganda was distributed, including material claiming that homosexuality is legitimatized by the Bible! The cost to the District in lost work was about $20,000 (and yet San Ramon will still beg for more funds!).

*At Logan High in Union City, pro-gay workshops are held in which teachers are given handouts that instruct them in the numerous ways to promote homosexuality in the classroom (see attached).

*The San Diego Unified School District requires that "all school and district staff" attend a pro-gay in-service so as "to increase the level of awareness of school employees about the educational and social needs of gay and lesbian students, staff, and parents." Last year the in-service was facilitated by Jan Grabowski, who won the title "Lesbian of the Year" by the gay community for her tireless efforts to promote homosexuality in San Diego schools.

*The proliferation of in-service workshops, paid for by our tax dollars, is now so common that a cottage industry has grown up around it with dozens of private groups and activist organizations all vying for contracts with school districts to teach an in-service. One organization, Institute for Sexual Inclusiveness through Training and Education (INSITE) was organized specifically to help schools set up workshops promoting homosexuality. (see attached).

*Even the American School Board Association now provides a list of resources to help schools carry out pro-homosexual in-service and other activities (see attached).

AIDS Education
AIDS education is a mandated course that all school districts must give. The common perception is that such courses are about the biological facts concerning how AIDS is contracted. However, it has become increasingly clear that AIDS education is being used by gay activists to convince students that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle that should be emulated.

Indeed, most districts now contract out homosexual advocacy groups to conduct AIDS education courses. Such presentations routinely violate our education codes but these codes, when it comes to AIDS and sex education, are rarely enforced.

The exception to this is the celebrated AIDS education controversy known as the Bruce Budnick case. When two guest speakers from a San Francisco gay advocacy group called Community United Against Violence exposed his 11 year old daughter at Everett Middle School to explicit descriptions of homosexual practices, including how to use dildos and perform anal sex, Budnick, a liberal Democrat, went on a five year crusade to revoke the credentials of the two teachers responsible. He succeeded, but San Francisco Unified did everything they could to stonewall the inquiry and subsequent investigations.

The Community United Against Violence has set up a "Lesbian/Gay Speakers Bureau" to provide gay speakers to schools. The manual trains speakers how to handle certain questions that students might ask. Here is an excerpt:

"What about man/boy love?

This question is usually not phrased in this way. Members of the audience usually ask, 'What do you think about men having sex with little boys?' or 'How do you feel about men raping little boys?' It is important to immediately label the topic as intergenerational sex', to point out that it is an issue that is not exclusive to the gay community, and to distinguish between consensual sex and forcible rape.... the media has recently given a lot of publicity to the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and almost always described that group's function as encouraging child molestation. NAMBLA's main purpose is support, not sex, and not rape. NAMBLA maybe is singled out for attack because it is a gay organization."

This handbook was approved by San Francisco Unified!

Efforts to require positive opt-in forms be signed by parents before their children are exposed to such filth failed last year in the legislature. This bill was even modified to simply require that schools use only license health professionals to present the course. It also failed!

Horror stories involving AIDS education courses in California public schools are plentiful:

Conejo Valley Unified Board member Mildred Lynch witnessed a detailed description of "fisting" by two AIDS infected homosexual males during an AIDS education seminar.

At Santa Rosa High School, homosexual advocates talked about using cellophane during group sex and said that "clear is best because you can see what you want to lick."

The San Francisco PTA president witnessed AIDS presentation at Wallenburg Traditional High School at which the speakers spoke glowing of gay sex: "I feel sorry for people who have not experienced homosexual activity. They are missing out on a great satisfaction.,, One speaker also said that "The prostate gland is located between the ass and the testicles ... you can get to it through the rectum. We massage it with the penis, with the tongue, and the finger."

A Hale Middle school in LAUSD, 12 year olds were subjected to graphic descriptions of anal sex and tips on how to dispose of used condoms so parents don't find out. A pamphlet was passed out entitled, 11100 Ways to Make Love Without Doing it."

Clair Connelly, President of the Gay & Lesbian Resource Center of Ventura County and a certified Red Cross AIDS educator, has testified before Congress that the gay community is abusing federal AIDS funds to do the following in California schools:

* Conduct explicit AIDS education programs "that encourage promiscuity" and that invite children to private "educational classes" where they are "enticed into homosexual relationships."

* "Graphically demonstrate anal intercourse ... fisting, rimming, and bondage."

* "Distribute gay and lesbian pornography to students and exchange phone numbers."

* Parental consent is rarely obtained.

* Abstinence is never taught.

California's AIDS education codes require that "instruction shall emphasize ... sexual abstinence ... " but abstinence was never discussed in any of the above presentations.

Sex Education
As long ago as 1972, the gay community has strategized about how to use sex education to advance their cause. Indeed, all the major gay groups wrote a "gay rights" platform in 1972 that called for "federal encouragement and support for sex education courses prepared and taught by gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle as a viable alternative to heterosexuality."

The NEA has passed resolutions at all their conventions since the 1980's calling upon its local affiliates to agitate for sex education programs that include information on "diversity of sexual orientation." In 1993, the NEA sponsored a sex-ed workshop at the 15th national Lesbian and Gay Health Conference entitled "Gay Positive School Curricula."

There are three major sex education organizations and publishers that influence the vast majority of California sex education programs. All three openly promote homosexuality:

SIECUS. The Nation's leading sex education advocate, SIECUS produces model sex education guidelines and handouts that many districts incorporate into locally-created sex education programs. Here's the SIECUS model for sex education regarding homosexuality:

"Homosexual love relationships can be as fulfilling as heterosexual relationships ... gay men and lesbians can form families by adopting children or having their own children."

SIECUS has published articles attacking the incest taboo.

Planned Parenthood. One of the most popular sex education programs in California schools is "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives, which is promoted by PP. This text describes people who are exclusively heterosexual as extreme. Most people, the authors assert, are somewhere in between! Gay sex scenes inundate the book: "Barry, seventeen, is gay: 'I remember making out with a guy for the first time....

* ETR Associates. Based in Santa Cruz, ETR is a Planned Parenthood spin-off whose materials redefine homosexuality as a normal expression of sexuality and define all other views as homophobia. At a ETR conference in 1989, ETR leader Pamela Wilson stated, "In elementary schools we should start talking about different adult households: same sex roommates, same sex loving." ETR receives Federal Title XX funds and massive funding from the California office of Family Planning.

County Dept of Education Promotion of Homosexuality
The Alameda County Board of Education passed a resolution on October 10, 1995 which requested that all districts support equal rights for "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth."

The Alameda County Board of Education has also held workshops for teachers to devise ways to promote homosexuality in Alameda County schools. More importantly, Alameda County Superintendent Augie Scornaienchi held a workshop at the 1995 BANGLE homosexual teachers conference about what the role of County Education Departments should be in regards to the gay agenda:

* Institute mandatory pro-gay training for teachers and administrators.

* Develop strategies to incorporate the gay lifestyle in the curriculum.

* Provide gay pride information including stocking the library with pro-gay books and posters.

* Create a "Bill of Rights" for "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth.

District Promotion of Gay Clubs, Parades, Proms, etc.

Many districts are now actively promoting activities outside the classroom which advance the gay agenda:

District pro-gay advisory committees. Some districts have formed official committees whose full time task is to develop strategies to promote the gay lifestyle and coordinate all the pro-gay events and activities. The San Diego Unified School District has a "Task Force on Lesbian/Gay Issues."

Los Angeles Unified has the "LAUSD Gay and Lesbian Education Commission," which recently sponsored, "Models of Pride 111, a Conference for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth," for students as young as 15. The Gay and Lesbian Education Commission also lobbies on gay issues unrelated to education, such as the gay marriage issue (see attached) our tax dollars at work! This commission received $72,000 last year from LAUSD. Many other districts are now following the lead of San Diego and Los Angeles Unified.

Parades. Gay teachers from San Leandro High School routinely take dozens of gay students to march in the annual "Gay Freedom" parade in San Francisco.

Gay student clubs. As reported in Newsweek (11/93), gay clubs are being formed on high school campuses all over the country. Often this is done with the full support of gay teachers and faculty members. Recently a national organization was established, the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League, based in Washington DC, primarily to assist K-12 students in organizing gay student clubs.

Gay Proms. In 1994, the Los Angeles Unified began sponsoring a gay prom which attracts gay students from 30-plus K-12 public schools in Los Angeles County. A LAUSD press release announcing the prom stated that for the first time gay students "will openly experience the magic that heterosexual students have always taken for granted. They will dance, romance, and dine without fear of exposure or rebuke." (see attached)

National Coming Out Day. Many districts are hosting gay speakers to coincide with "National Coming Out Day." For example, Montgomery High School in San Diego County issued a memo on October 11, 1995 announcing "In commemoration of National Coming Out Day and Gay and Lesbian History Month, we will have a guest speaker .... police officer Pat Cooley will share his experience working as an openly gay officer in the San Diego Police Dept..."

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. Los Angeles Unified declares each June to be "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" and encourages all schools to introduce children to homosexual role models that month.

Student Newspapers. Like many high school newspapers, Poway's Unified newspaper, the Iliad, annually publishes a homosexual issue "In recognition of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Month of October." The 199S edition lists Richard the Lion Hearted, Julius Caesar, Peter the Great, Alexander the Great and numerous other famous people throughout history as gay (without a shred of evidence) and urges students to contact the Gay Youth Alliance, a San Diego-based, adult gay organization notorious for youth recruitment. This is done with the consent of Poway's administration which, as is the case with all high school newspapers, approves the content before publication.

District Political Activity. LAUSD sent 1145 young men and women form L.A. on a district-sponsored outing to Youth Lobby Day," according to a report to LAUSD by its Gay and Lesbian Education Commission. Youth Lobby Day is when gay youth from all over the state lobby legislators to support pro-homosexual bills, usually during school hours.

Pro-Homosexual School Counseling Programs
While many school districts today have counseling programs that encourage the gay lifestyle, the forerunner of all such programs is "Project 10,11 developed by Los Angeles Unified in 1984.

Founded by lesbian activist Virginia Uribe specifically to promote homosexuality at the High School and Junior High levels, this program targets students believed to be "confused about their orientation," then puts them in touch with gay community groups for "counseling." Some of the questions asked to determine if a child is confused are highly leading: "Do you feel like you just don't have any information about what its like to be a gay or lesbian?"

If the student answers "correctly" to any of the questions, they are given pro-gay literature and referred to adult homosexual groups. LAUSD refers students to the "Gay and Lesbian Community Center." Project 10 literature encourages students to "find their lover at the local gay center." There is no parental consent required for counseling in California, so parents will have no knowledge of Project 10. Project 10 materials advise students not to consult with their parents until they are firmly entrenched in the homosexual lifestyle because "parents ... are part of a guilty society, a homophobic society."

The main Project 10 textbook is "One in Ten: Testimony of Gay and Lesbian Youth" which actually describes the seduction of children by gay teachers. Here is one passage:

"I am a sixteen-year-old lesbian. I have been a lesbian since I was twelve. I had known my dance teacher for three years before I was asked to give a special dance presentation in another city.... 'I want to make love to you. Let's go to bed. (my teacher said). She positioned me on the bed with my head on a pillow and my legs spread as wide as she could get them. Before long she was getting her face closer to me and kissing me; using her mouth and tongue on my c .... I became a lesbian and a woman that weekend...

Project 10 distributes literature which clearly encourages promiscuity. This is illegal and punishable by law.

The LAUSD allows Uribe to work only part time so that she can travel the state training other districts how to set up Project 10 style counseling programs.

Pro-homosexual counseling programs are now being aggressively promoted by the Unions. The NEA publishes a flier titled, "Teaching and Counseling Gay and Lesbian Students," which states, "The Association further believes that every school district should provide counseling by trained personnel for students who are struggling with the sexual/gender orientation."

The flier, dated 1994, then goes on to claim the 10% figure as the amount of population that is gay, even though it had been widely discredited by then, and goes on to recommend placing progay books in the library, use pro-gay curriculum, and "work with the school district and community groups to develop a list of organizations and agencies that can assist or provide referral for gay and lesbian students..."

The last point means that K-12 students would be put in touch with adult homosexual groups, a common feature of all prohomosexual school counseling programs.

Many California Public schools have pro-gay counseling programs, but there is little outcry since most people are unaware of such programs. As mentioned previously, no parental consent is required. We do know that, in addition to Los Angeles, Project 10 type counseling programs are active in schools throughout the Bay area and in San Diego Unified.

Alternative Homosexual Schools
Most of America's big cities have established public schools for gay students taught by gay teachers and administered by gay administrators. New York City was the pioneer in this regard, when they founded the Harvey Milk School. Los Angeles Unified has now followed suit.

Called the Eagles Center, it is a totally gay alternative high school with two locations -- West Hollywood and East L.A. -- and it will soon be opening another branch in the South Bay beach communities.

Funded by both Federal and State funds, Eagles Center was founded in 1992. Nearly all of the teachers and counselors at the Eagles Center come out of the adult gay community. Eagles Center received $3,000,000 last year, meanwhile many students in Los Angeles Unified do not have textbooks.

Needless to say, the students are subjected to unrelenting homosexual propaganda with no info allowed about programs that have successfully counseled homosexuals to return to the heterosexual lifestyle.

Pro-Homosexual Curriculum
The ultimate goal of the public school homosexual agenda has always been to control the curriculum. This has already been accomplished with both sex and AIDS education curriculum, but the main target is now classroom instructional materials. This is illustrated by a column titled "Recruit, recruit, recruit!" by Donna Minkowitz in "The Advocate," the nation's leading gay publication:

"'Next, we'll hear from a gay woman who say it's all about recruiting, Montel Williams announced. That gay woman was me I was about to go on Williams shows and talk about children, sexual choices, and the reason we need pro-gay curricula in our public schools ... I am increasingly impatient with the old chestnut that our movement for public acceptance has not increased and will not increase the number of gay men and lesbians in existence.... Firmly believing this, I wanted to go on the show to argue the morality of teaching kids that gay is OK even if it means that some will join cur ranks." (See attached)

And the gay community now has help in high places. While ten years ago those who advocated pro-gay textbooks were on the fringe, today the major players in the education community have all decided to promote pro-gay textbooks. The NEA, CTA, American School Board Association, American School Counseling Association, American School Health Association, and most importantly, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) have all issued position papers or statements to the effect that they support the homosexual agenda regarding textbook development.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

ASCD is the nation's most influential organization when it comes to curriculum and has had a tremendous impact on our public schools. In recent years however, ACSD has been dominated by those who openly advocate pro-homosexual curriculum. Gay teacher organizations recently announced that "ACSD.... has made a commitment to maintain an on-going list of organizations and curriculum materials for educators ... 11 ACSD is listed as a resource by virtually every gay group.

The ACSD Bible is "Equity, Education and Safer Schools, Colleges and Universities," a massive directory of gay teacher organizations, gay curriculum items, gay videos, gay publishing houses, etc.

Multi-culturalism/Diversity Curriculum

A major vehicle for bringing the gay agenda into the classroom is by way of "multi-cultural" and "Diversity" curriculum which are currently the rage in California's public schools. Homosexuality is always tagged onto such curriculum.

Los Angeles Unified School District, for example, distributes a "Educating for Diversity" curriculum, a mandatory curriculum that parents can not opt their children out of. The curriculum contains all the usual pro-gay propaganda and lists as a goal: "Homophobia will be identified and challenged."

Union involvement with pro-gay curriculum
The teacher unions often hold workshops on how to infuse the curriculum with pro-gay themes. Los Angeles Unified official Kathy Gill stated at a United Teachers of Los Angeles "Elementary Curriculum Workshop," in 1994 that educators need "to include gays and lesbians in the curriculum as early as pre-K."

Lesson Plans

Much of the gay agenda is not just in textbooks but in lesson plans that are usually developed by the district office and revolve around specific themes or events. For example, Los Angeles Unified sent "Board Memorandum #8111 to all schools as a directive to follow a pro-gay lesson plan to "be used during June, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month," but added that the lesson plans "are intended for year-round use" (see attached). The same directive announced a new poster, "What is a family," that portrays homosexual couples and is designed for all schools, including elementary schools.


Pro-gay handouts are frequently used in the schools because, unlike textbooks, they can be collected each day, thereby avoiding angry parents. Project 10, the pro-gay counseling program, produced numerous fliers that have been distributed in schools all over the state. One flier is about how Abraham Lincoln was supposedly gay. The flier quotes heavily from a book on Lincoln by a gay activist who maintains:

"Lincoln's sexual imagination is tinged with asshole images .... for his taste in men, Lincoln was clearly an ass rather than a crotch man... "(see attached article)

A popular series of fliers, each lionizing a famous gay person, is now appearing in various California schools. The intention, of course, being to convince students that you can still be famous even if you are gay. The people profiled include body builder Bob Paris, movie mogul David Geffen, Harvey Milk, musician K.D. Lang, tennis star Martina Narvatilova, and RuPaul, the famous transvestite (see attached).


Pro-gay videos are becoming more commonplace in the schools. Two of the most popular ones are "Out of Suburbia, the Stories of Eleven Lesbians" (see attached). The current hottest seller is "Its Elementary -- Talking About Gay Issues in the School," which was recently promoted by Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl at a State Capitol screening. This film is a training film which trains teachers how to educate children as young as six on issues regarding homosexuality. The film shows gay advocates demonstrating how to teach children that being gay is no different than being black or Jewish, a totally false analogy which has been repeatedly rejected by the Supreme Court. This film is being aggressively marketing to school districts around the country with the suggestion that districts mandate it as an in-service.

Most homosexual videos are now ordered over the Internet thanks to numerous web sites set up by the gay community, in particular a group based in Oakland called "Project 2111 which is a project of GLAAD, a gay teacher group. The web site is operated by the "Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network," ( and contains a large array of gay books, gay videos, and other resources for public school teachers.

Project 21 is also very active in promoting pro-homosexual books to school districts over the mail, through the internet, and at various teacher conference and workshops. Project 21 markets books by Alyson Press, a outfit which also sells pro-pedophile books (see attached).

Alyson Press is also one of the most popular publishers of gay books for school children and are the publishers of the infamous "Daddy's Roommate," and "Heather has Two Mommies." Based in Los Angeles, Alyson Press publishes many other books such as "Gloria Goes to Gay Pride," "How Would You Feel If Your Dad Were Gay,"

and "Young, Gay and Proud."

Alyson Press, being the advocates they are, gives their books to school libraries for free. But the dark side to Alyson is that they also publish pro-pedophile books that glorify sex with minors. Here's an excerpt from a Alyson book dealing with how to "minimize the risk" for "men who are involved with partners under the legal age of consent.":

"Avoid situations where a number of men have sex with the same boy, or group of boys, over a period of time."

Alyson Press publishes "The Age of Taboo," an anthology of pedophile writings and the publisher, Sasha Alyson, maintains that "man/boy" love is a "civil rights" issue. Who would have ever thought that our schools, whom we trust with our children, would help maximize the profits of those who promote pedophilia? Incredibly, such views have not stopped the gay community from promoting Alyson Press as the nation's premier publisher of gay textbooks for youth.

Project 10 also distributes lists of gay books to school districts.

Steve Baldwin represents the 77th Assembly District located in san Diego County. The district stretches North from El Cajon South to Chula Vista. 

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Dump Davis. Now. Now. Now.
1 posted on 10/24/2002 10:17:40 PM PDT by I_Love_My_Husband
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To: I_Love_My_Husband
Sick freaks want to be affirmative actioned into the schools?

Things like this are why I vote Republican.

"Gay " is evil.


2 posted on 10/24/2002 10:24:27 PM PDT by Z in Oregon
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To: Z in Oregon
Hi Z...thanks for showing up to the thread!

This is why I vote republican too! This and the illegal immigration thing.

I accidently found this, but it sickened me, and since we're in the middle of elections...soon, I hope some people read this and dump Democrats.
3 posted on 10/24/2002 10:29:44 PM PDT by I_Love_My_Husband
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To: I_Love_My_Husband
If the Democrats find out that Republicans object to the teaching of "fisting" in our public elementary schools, they'll really bash the Republicans over the head with it and the Republicans will have to explain.
4 posted on 10/24/2002 10:30:42 PM PDT by Lancey Howard
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To: dd5339; TxBec
Interesting read. Glad we don't live in Kalifornica! TX, is this fodder for the homeschool list?
5 posted on 10/25/2002 6:37:56 AM PDT by Vic3O3
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To: Vic3O3
I added it, but I put a *graphic* warning..
6 posted on 10/25/2002 6:58:58 AM PDT by TxBec
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To: I_Love_My_Husband
California is now a child abusing pedophiliac state. Your children are not safe there in public schools.
7 posted on 10/25/2002 7:19:30 AM PDT by yendu bwam
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To: TxBec
Bump for exposing lies and distortions.
8 posted on 10/25/2002 9:07:21 AM PDT by dcwusmc
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