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BREAKING: BRENDA VAN DAM DANCED WITH WESTERFIELD: (Modern Day Westside Story?)7-9-02 Trial Watch
KFMB ^ | July 9, 2002 | KFMB

Posted on 07/08/2002 10:23:15 PM PDT by FresnoDA


(07-08-2002) - Three defense witnesses testified Monday that Brenda van Dam and David Westerfield, the man accused of murdering 7-year-old Danielle van Dam, danced together the night before the girl was discovered missing.

"Mr. Westerfield and Mrs. van Dam were dancing," said Patricia LePage, describing the scene at Dad's Cafe and Steakhouse the night of Feb. 1.

Since the prosecution introduced hair and fibers found at the defendant's house and motorhome, the defense has tried to show the evidence could have been transferred in some other way, such as dancing.

The 50-year-old defendant would face the death penalty if convicted of kidnapping and killing Danielle van Dam, who lived two houses away in Sabre Springs. He is also charged with misdemeanor possession of child pornography.

In testimony near the beginning of the trial, Brenda van Dam told the court she did not dance with Westerfield.

But LePage said van Dam rubbed her hips and chest against Westerfield during several dances together, recalling the movie "Dirty Dancing." That was just part of what LePage described as "frisky" behavior exhibited by van Dam that night.

LePage said she was in a smoking lounge at Dad's with her daughter, Cherokee Youngs, when van Dam came in and struck up a conversation with the younger woman.

"Well, she did ask my daughter if she liked girls," LePage said when asked to describe the conversation. Van Dam, she said, asked Youngs if she wanted to come to her house for a party later that night.

Youngs testified about the encounter last week.

Duane Blake, a fisherman who said he goes to Dad's a couple times a week, said he caught a glimpse of the defendant dancing with van Dam.

altBlake confirmed an interview with the District Attorney's Office, in which he described their dancing as, "huggy, huggy." He testified he even thought Westerfield might be trying to pick up on van Dam.

Earlier Monday, another woman testified she saw Westerfield dance with Danielle's mother.

Glennie Nasland, who began her testimony last week, said she was on the dance floor and saw the pair turn toward each other while dancing with other people.

Nasland, who described herself as a friend of Westerfield, said she watched them for 20 seconds before they turned away again.

In other testimony Monday, Dave Laspisa said that going to the desert to look for friends, and without bringing an all-terrain vehicle, was not an unusual activity for Westerfield.

The witness, a self-employed Poway man, said he's known the defendant for 15 years and has camped with him near the Imperial County community of Glamis for 10 years.

The witness was one of several people who testified as the defense began to move away from what happened at a Poway night spot the night before Danielle was discovered missing Feb. 2 to Westerfield's weekend wanderings.

Westerfield's attorney, Steven Feldman asked Laspisa to explain why someone would avoid Interstate 8 while taking a motorhome to the desert. Laspisa said high winds and black ice were common on that route, which traverses altitudes over 4,000 feet.

Heather Mack, a security guard at Coronado Cays, testified that she saw Westerfield drive his motorhome into the exclusive neighborhood in the afternoon or evening hours of Feb. 3.

Mack said Westerfield smiled and waved at her as he drove past her security kiosk, but she never saw him again.

The witness told Dusek that she originally told a police officer that she "vaguely remembered" seeing the defendant's recreational vehicle.

Glen Seebruch, an engineering manager at Nokia, testified earlier that Westerfield called him the morning of Feb. 1 and told him he planned to go to the desert that weekend.

Feldman, told Judge William Mudd that his case may be completed by the end of the week.

Insect expert David Faulkner is expected to testify about how long the victim's body may have been in the East County before volunteer searchers found it on Feb. 27.

Feldman has said Westerfield would have had no opportunity to dispose of the body because he was under constant police surveillance from Feb. 4 until his arrest Feb. 22.

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Brenda van Dam

Verse 1

They could have danced, all night.....

They could have danced, all night....

At least, til Dad's must close......



Verse 2Photo

They could have danced, all night.....

They could have drank, all night....

But Bren, could not, decide.....



That shrill Denise.....Denise Kemal

Thought he a creep.....

It's madness.....


Patricia Le PageVarious patrons....

They won't....

Go Away............

Verse 3

Oh Lay-La....

Say, good night.....

Keith StoneLooks like Barb and Keith.....

might fight.....


We're going to swing....



All night....

1 posted on 07/08/2002 10:23:15 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: MizSterious; spectre; Amore; Travis McGee; BunnySlippers; DoughtyOne; Hillary's Lovely Legs; ...
PING....) ) ) SHOW TUNE TIME.....!!
2 posted on 07/08/2002 10:23:48 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: UCANSEE2; FresnoDA; Mrs.Liberty; demsux; MizSterious; Jaded; skipjackcity; RnMomof7; spectre; ...
REPING...) ) )
3 posted on 07/08/2002 10:25:39 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: truth_seeker


4 posted on 07/08/2002 10:26:25 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: spectre; Jaded; MizSterious


Amazing post by Jameson at her Spectres Wife mentioned, Talk About Lawsuit Fodder....guess I am off the hook, for now!!

Here is the link.....

"Cops think Damon guilty"
Posted by jameson on Jul-08-02 at 04:58 PM (EST)
Damon van DamI have been in contact with a person in San Diego says a cop working on the Westerfield case from the beginning told her they believe Damon was molesting his daughter and may be involved in her death.

I was told that I needed to contact this person, that I needed to call her as she had no computer. I went to a safe phone and called her - - no fake names, I called her home.

She did not hesitate to tell me her story. I asked her about the Internet, she said she had no computer - she does follow the case, spoke to someone who does follow the forums, was asked if she would talk to me - - and she agreed.

What is important is not the suspicion that Damon had been inappropriate with his daughter - we have kicked that around for months. What is important is that the police - - some of them - - believe there is evidence of that - but her body yielded no evidence in that way so they can't prove he did it - - especially not that he did that night.

Point - some SDPD believe that Damon is involved and think they have the wrong man on trial.

I am going to protect the source - - if LE wants to come here for that information, I will gladly put them in touch with this person.

I post this believing the source to be honest.

If this is true - - if there is evidence that child was molested before her death - - it needs to come out. Let the chips fall where they may. We may see the killer convicted.

5 posted on 07/08/2002 10:27:41 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: FresnoDA
Do you need the huge ping list?
6 posted on 07/08/2002 10:36:00 PM PDT by Jaded
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To: Jaded; FresnoDA; All
Does anyone know what Brenda was so upset about this morning? It's been rumored that she was trying to speak with Dusek. Any truth to it?
7 posted on 07/08/2002 10:41:28 PM PDT by Karson
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To: All

8 posted on 07/08/2002 10:46:29 PM PDT by Freedom2specul8
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To: FresnoDA
LePage said she was in a smoking lounge at Dad's with her daughter, Cherokee Youngs

Not to detract from the topic here, but does anyone party in bars at night with their mothers??!!!

9 posted on 07/08/2002 10:50:08 PM PDT by Canticle_of_Deborah
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To: goldenstategirl
I know one mom and daughter who does that.. they bought a house together and apparently are just happy with their lifestyle. Did you catch that the mom drinks highballs in memory of her dad?
10 posted on 07/08/2002 10:51:56 PM PDT by Freedom2specul8
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To: FresnoDA
The diary. Danielle's diary. Someone needs to introduce it into evidence. Do the police have it? Or is it gone like...

VD master bedroom - steam cleaned
Throw rug - laundered
Layla dog bed - gone
Stairway outside Danielle's room - vacuumed
Damon's van - sold
VD carpet - replaced
VD house - painted

11 posted on 07/08/2002 10:52:28 PM PDT by BigBobber
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John Jamieson and Valpal1's comments

Combining your excellent posts...along w/some extra comments

Here's what I think the prosecution has proven "beyond a reasonable doubt":

1. What.. Homicide and kidnapping

2. Who - deceased victim Danielle Van Dam

3. When - Sometime between 2/1 and 2/17 (Exact date and time of death and date and time of dumping both unknown)

4. Where removed from her home-, and killed somewhere within the area between her home and body location on Dahesa Rd.

5. How - Exact cause of death unknown. More than likely suffocation, determined by elimination method Danielle van Dam is dead, her pajamas were removed and her nude body was illegally dumped off of Dehesa Road Person(s) who dumped her is also unknown, But a suspect was arrested and charged. Manner of death is also unknown, posion, drugs, stabbing, strangulation and bullet have been elminated. ME could not elimate suffocation.

Young girls don't just die, she's seven, not seventy-seven. Accidental suffocation of seven year olds generally involve appliances like refridgerators or accidental asphyxation by caught clothing. Course, it's highly unusual for children to disrobe for hide-n-seek or for corpses to shed clothing that strangled them, so nudity in an accidental suffocation is a red flag to investigators and most manuals will tell you in such cases to look for pornoghaphy and autoerotic paraphanalia. Although that would also be highly unusual behavior in a seven year old as well.

There is ample proof that she had no organic desease or defect (natural causes). Claims that she could have died by her own acts of misadventure do not explain the location of the body. Claims that her nude body was placed there to cover up an accidental death that no one caused lack basic logic.

Either the minimal forensic evidence in DW's home and RV was left there through prior casual contact (cookie sale) and transference or it didn't. But it most certainly did not get there by Danielle wandering over and accidently suffocating in the nude while no one was around

6. Why - Criminal intent or to prevent discovery of other crime (felony murder).

7. Defendant --David Westerfield, neighbor of Danielle.

8. Known previous contact--Danielle van Dam was once in David Westerfield's home to sell him girl scout cookies. Brenda and DW had spoken in a bar and grill called "Dads" on 2 separate occasions.. Stipulated by both sides.

9.Known evidence --Danielle's dog hair, her hair and blood found in motorhome. Blood from both Danielle and David Westerfield on DW's jacket. DW had scratches on his arm and possibly legs. Fibers with common source.. found on or near Danielle's body and David Westerfields home. Child pornography, both legal and illegal found in DW's home office. Danielle was found nude, with her necklace on. Various fibers, hairs vegetative growth located on and around her body.

Special Notes

12 posted on 07/08/2002 10:54:46 PM PDT by Freedom2specul8
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To: goldenstategirl
I'm off topic too but these people depress me. They all party at Dad's and most seem to stay till last call.
It's sorta pathetic.
13 posted on 07/08/2002 10:54:56 PM PDT by 2rightsleftcoast
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To: Karson
I heard that on RR today. It was during the noon break, he was talking with River the reporter at the court house who said Brenda was running up and down the hall wanting to talk to Dusek. The other lawyer got her calmed down, but did not say what it was she was so upset about.
14 posted on 07/08/2002 10:55:23 PM PDT by calawah98
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To: truth_seeker; Jim Robinson; All
I understand you are concerned about the usage of the rehashed trial thread photographs with many of the VD threads and I am sure you are aware...these are the common POOL pictures posted on the public domain at are used by many freepers, with Middle East Updates, US Government Updates, etc.....I am sorry you are offended by the photos...though most all of them are of the different players in the Westerfield/VD trial, and most are actually court room shots. It is interesting that you do not find these photos relevant to the VD threads and discussions.....never the less, to prevent any further confusion, I will carefully place a disclaimer anytime I post a photo from either Yahoo or the NBC San Diego site.

Thank you for your concern in keeping these threads up to date, succinct and accurate. If any of my posts offended you or distorted the news stories or articles (which I ALWAYS hyperlink for sourcing) I APOLOGIZE....

Thank you for your kind words today, and I will look forward to your input tommorrow.


15 posted on 07/08/2002 10:56:59 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: All; greenishness
Do you need the huge ping list?

I have one.

ALSO, would like to welcome greenishness to the PING LIST and the threads.

I will use the PING LIST on this thread.

I won't even post on the other thread. The (Why deal with facts or reality when you can just believe you know is true, cause CTV told you) crowd has taken over that thread.

Jaded and bvw are fighting for air.

The posters over there make it obvious they know absolutely nothing about the trial. They each have some small set of tidbits they have gleaned from somewhere. Some of their info is OK, but is overridden with STAR or NATIONAL ENQUIRER type sensationalism. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Give me a thread where people are willing to be open minded, to discuss theories, argue them, both sides, but using facts and testimony. Here is my ping list, with a modification :

Mrs. Liberty;
Travis McGee;
Hillary’s Lovely Legs;
Doc Savage;
Snow Bunny;
Republican Wildcat;
Fred Mertz;
MdmKoochie ;
notpoliticallycor ewrecked;
lady reaper;
John Jamieson;
let freedom sing;
Luis Gonzalez;
Greg Weston;
Wednesday’s Child;
Donzerly lights;
sunshine state;
Blue Screen of Death;
it’s me;

16 posted on 07/08/2002 11:02:58 PM PDT by UCANSEE2
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BUMP to your HUGE ping list...but one question...why no photos to go along with it...give it some, shall we say...spice?
17 posted on 07/08/2002 11:04:45 PM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: ~Kim4VRWC's~
POST #12. A very nice, OPEN MINDED summary of various theories. I am impressed. Very good, (and hard) work.
18 posted on 07/08/2002 11:04:49 PM PDT by UCANSEE2
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To: goldenstategirl
Not to detract from the topic here, but does anyone party in bars at night with their mothers??!!!

I worked in a bar for three years, and YES. They do.

19 posted on 07/08/2002 11:05:48 PM PDT by UCANSEE2
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To: BigBobber
To be fair, the following:

VD carpet - replaced VD house - painted

Had to be done after the police investigations. They had left so many holes in the wall, that these repairs had to be done. They were not done before the police were finished.

20 posted on 07/08/2002 11:07:47 PM PDT by UCANSEE2
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