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To: MizSterious
For those of you new to the VD threads (IE:kimmie and UCANSEE!!) here is an accurate player(no swing pun intended) list...LOL

Thanks to MizSterious for updating the VD trial information.......Will come in handy around Mid-May!!


California v. Westerfield

Participant/Witness List

Danielle Van Dam victim
David Allen Westerfield suspect

Brenda Van Dam victim's mother
Peter "Damon" Van Dam victim's father

Ronald Domnitz Judge
William Mudd Judge

Paul Pfingst District Attorney
Jeff Dusek Deputy District Attorney
George "Woody" Clark Prosecutor, DNA expert

Steven Feldman Lead
Robert Boyce Second
Marion Pasas, investigator


BINGO - search and rescue certified cadaver dog possibly used in van
Dam neighborhood search - from the (?) Riverside County Sheriff's

Blackbourne, Brian, ME - performed autopsy

Brown, Matt - FBI agent; member of investigative team for first week

Collins, James, Lt. SDPD - arrived at VDs at 10:30p 2/2/2, searched neighborhood

Duncan, Lt. Jim - spoke outside Van Dam home on 2-13; Duncan said
the couple's "lifestyle is not our focus. That is not the direction we
are going to go; we want to solve this case."

Faulkner, David Forensic Entemologist

Frazee, Jim - member of CARDA and the San Diego Sheriff’s
Department Search and Rescue Bureau. He has trained two dogs to
Mission Ready status in trailing, area search, and cadaver.

Graham, Jr. - Jeffrey Latent Print Examiner

Halley, Det. - Found bloodstains on stairway wall.

Herbert, Matt - child abuse [FBI?] agent; described as "key member
of team" by Lt. Jim Collins on stand

HOPI - Visla German Shepherd search and rescue certified cadaver
dog, works with Jim Frazee of the San Diego Sheriff's Search and
Rescue Bureau.

Keyser, Mark - Forensic Specialist, attempted jailhouse interviwer

Keene, John, Det. - Did not smell bleach in RV or in garage of DW

LeAlcala, Karen - Forensic Specialist, pulled prints from RV

Mobley, SDPD

Morris, Dave, Det. SDPD

Muren, Tim, Sgt. - Went to Dehesa w/ Collins when body was located

Newman, Ron, Capt. SDPD Captain

Ott, Michael - Forensic Specialst, attempted jailhouse interviwer

Parga, (?) - searched DW's house with Det. Keene

Peer, Annette DNA Specialist, SDPD 19 yrs - searched RV 2/5, 6, 8.

Ray, John, Det. SDPD

Redden, Paul - civilian polygraph examiner for SDPD

Savage, Dorie Criminologist - processed Danielle's room on 2/2, found
what might be blood in threshhold of doorway from garage to side
yard, on side of home and found drag marks in side yard.

Sorianno, Sean Assistant Criminologist

Sperber, Norman, DDS Forensic Dentist

Torgeson, Terry SDPD - interviewed girls at dry cleaners (female)

Vanway, Det. SDPD

Watkins, Jim, Det. Computer Foresics Lab - pulled things off DW's
son's computer

Woods, Judy, Sgt. - Went to Dehesa w/ Collins when body was located

Youngflesh, (?) - SDPD child porn investigator


Baker, DDS Danielle's regular dentist, provided x-rays to Sperber for

Belom, Kelly - Twin Peaks Dry Cleaners employee

Brady, Rich - husband of Liz, provided pot to BVD

Conklin, Dan - Dano's Towing, who first said he towed DW's RV out on Sat. Feb. 2, but actually towed it out on Sun., Feb. 3.

Danielle ? DW's former girlfriend's daughter, photos of her in bathing
suit found on computer

Easton, Barbara witness interviewed

Garcia, Bill, private investigator who coordinated the 20 person volunteer group that searched the area of Dehesa road "on a hunch", finding the body of Danielle van Dam around 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27 after another search party had checked the site on Saturday.

Gary ? DW's friend, met him at Dad's on 2/1/2

Genovese, Carmen 20 year friend of DW (male)

Halfman, Diane - retired policewoman and family friend who headed the Danielle Recovery Center and spoke to the media on several occasions.

Hamburg, Kirsten witness interviewed

Himmel, Denise witness interviewed

Hoeffs, Christina - Westerfield's neighbor, aka Mrs. Kravitz on forum noticed "unusual" lights and closed blinds in DW home on 2/1/2 SDPD dispatcher and married to highway patrolman

Keith (?) - the 68 yr old man who owned land where DW's motorhome was stored.

Layla - the van Dam's silent, bed-tearing dog

LePage, Patricia - allegedly saw Brenda dancing at Dad's with DW - BVD was asked if she knew LePage, BVD asked if Lepage was invited back to the VD house - Lepage's testimony was stipulated.

Libby, Bill - From Qualcom, was invited by BVD to Dad's on 2/1/02, wife out of town, was going to go snowboarding with Damon on Sunday, may have spent the night at the VD's prior to incident, started up the memorial fund at the church.

Lipe, Patrick - co-owner of Dad's, was at Dad's Feb, saw and spoke to DW.

Mark ? Sabre Springs resident, DW told police he saw Mark on 2/2 when he returned to neighborhood to retrieve his wallet. DW told needed to reach him.

Mills, Julie clerk at Twin Peaks Dry Cleaners

Morgan, Chris witness interviewed (believed to be female)

Nasland, Glennie - stipulated witness from Dad's

Pierce, Douglas - Millennium Children's Foundation; reported the van Dams for suspected child abuse after offering $10, 000 reward

Stone, Keith - friend of van Dams, present @ Dad's & pizza party

Terell, (sp?) Ryan - BVD asked if she knew him, BVD asked if she invited him back to the VD house.

van Dam, Derek - Danielle's brother

van Dam, Dylan - Danielle's brother

Winterstein, Susan From Laura Recovery Center, contacted Collins to advise that searchers located Danielle's body at Dehesa

Young, Cherokee - allegedly saw DW and BVD dance, Young's testimony stipulated; BVD asked if she knew Young, BVD asked if she invited Young back to the house.

FresnoDA Note....

Three Dogs are listed on the Witness list!!  LOL


387 posted on 04/30/2002 9:13:32 AM PDT by FresnoDA
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To: FresnoDA
thanks for the list flamin fres, I'll add it to my webpage, as well as links to the official transcripts. ~(:-D)
388 posted on 04/30/2002 9:17:03 AM PDT by Freedom2specul8
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To: FresnoDA
Oh I see you found it and posted it! Well, now we have a double post! So sorry! (Check the one I posted, though, for a few more names added after your orignal posting.)
392 posted on 04/30/2002 9:21:10 AM PDT by MizSterious
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