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Let Lauren Live!
ChristtheKingMaine ^ | May 7, 2008 | Judie Brown

Posted on 05/08/2008 3:14:03 AM PDT by 8mmMauser

By Judie Brown

It has been a source of ongoing sadness to read of the difficulties Lauren Richardson’s father has had over the course of the past several months. For those of you who are not familiar with her case, Lauren overdosed on heroin on August 28, 2006. She suffered oxygen deprivation and, as a result of the overdose, is now in a coma and unable to speak out for herself. At the time of the overdose, Lauren was expecting a baby. Her parents honored what they knew would have been her wish and did all they could to keep her healthy and comfortable until the child was born. Today, though Lauren may not be aware of it, she is the mother of Ember Grace, who was born in February 2007.

Since the birth of her daughter, Lauren remains unable to speak of her concerns, but she has a loving father who is doing all he can to protect her from suffering the same fate as Terri Schiavo. However, Lauren’s mother, who has been named her legal guardian, is sadly not of the same opinion and is working with attorneys to pressure the courts to permit Lauren’s starvation.

Lauren’s father has kept hope alive, even at times when there appeared to be no hope in human terms. Lauren’s father is a man of hope in Christ and is dedicated to spending every breath he has on defending Lauren, regardless of what it might cost him in physical exhaustion and worldly goods. The most recent update for those concerned about Lauren tells us the following:

We struggle at times as we seek to share with the public the details of what is happening with Lauren because of the disagreement we have with Lauren’s mother. We cannot understand her reasoning in refusing a path of hope, healing and restoration for Lauren and insisting on causing her death by withholding food and water from her. The issue in Lauren’s case is the eternal truth that all people, no matter what their medical condition, bear the image of God and deserve basic care and an opportunity to be restored to health.

Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo’s brother, has written about Lauren in an editorial earlier this year, "False Compassion," and is working closely with Lauren’s father in order to provide expertise that he is uniquely qualified to share during a trying time like this.

There are many links on the Life for Lauren web site that will assist you in tracking this case and learning who is supporting Lauren’s ongoing care and who is opposing it. More importantly, there is something you can do to express your concerns.


The governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, is being asked by pro-life Americans across this nation to intervene in this case in order to save Lauren from what many fear is an imminent court order dictating that Lauren be starved and dehydrated to death. I am asking you to be one of those who communicates your passionate belief that Lauren’s life is sacred and deserves to be protected from those who would order her death. The governor’s e-mail address is

Further, it would mean a great deal to Lauren’s father, Randy, if you sent him a copy of your e-mail to Governor Ruth Ann Minner. Randy’s e-mail address is

During a recent visit to Anchorage, Alaska where Bobby Schindler was invited to speak, he told a reporter from The Catholic Anchor, "Once we accept that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering, we lose any type of parameters. Euthanasia is a form of abandonment. It is not compassion."

Truer words were never spoken. As I frequently tell people who argue that we pro-lifers are being heartless and cruel for fighting to defend the rights of a "hopeless case," "God is the author of every human being’s life, and He has never given permission to a single one of us to arbitrarily rob another human being of life for any reason including disability or illness."

As Flannery O’Connor once wrote on the subject of false compassion, "In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness. And tenderness leads to the gas chamber."

Lauren Richardson is not terminal – she is severely disabled. Lauren Richardson should not be murdered.

Judie Brown is president of American Life League and a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

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To: All
OpEd News (Opposite of Edification) never disappoints.


This is just a distraction, developed by the neo-conservatives and their talk show hosts during the Clinton administration. This is when they discovered just how juvenile and easily distracted the people of this great nation truly are. So much so that we would ignore the overthrow of our government while we applied all of our attentions to mindless, meaningless drivel such as sexual scandal, O.J. Simpson, Terry Schiavo, Elian Gonzalez, (just the fact that you recognize these names is testament to the success of the American propaganda machine) not to mention the "issues"; gays, abortion, immigration, all which, individually, are important to some, but as a whole are just more distractions from the things that truly matter. Like the fact that we have been taken over by a dictator who represents the richest of the rich, the military-industrial complex whose aim it is to destroy the middle class, replace their overpaid labor with third world immigrants from Mexico and China, who will work for dollars a day. Or the fact that we went to war in a country based on lies and forged documents from the CIA, under the direction of the Bush administration for no other reason than to manipulate the oil market in the favor of Bush and his bosses. Or that the most devastating act of terrorism in history took place on our shores, one year into Bush's presidency, which shows every indication of inside assistance and complicity in the way the buildings were destroyed and which buildings were destroyed. All of this and people eating live bugs and smearing themselves with hyena excrement or prostituting their ex-marital partners, or their parents for money on "Reality Television," anything which makes us say, forget the president's speech, "Who Wants To Ball My Trans-Sexual Sister" is coming on in five minutes..........................

It's Distractions That Are Destroying Us And We're Allowing It!


1,141 posted on 08/15/2008 4:08:00 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee; Lesforlife
Further to the heartless body part snatchers in the WND article posted above, wagglebee has a thread on the topic.


WEDNESDAY, Aug. 13 (HealthDay News) -- Three new reports challenge current guidelines on how long after cardiac death doctors must wait before taking a heart from an infant organ donor.

There's no question that organ donation saves lives, and there's also no question that there aren't enough donor organs to save everyone on the transplant list. However, deciding who is a suitable organ donor, particularly when the potential donor is an infant, is not so clear-cut.

Most people are familiar with the concept of organ donation after brain death, but organ donation is also permissible after cardiac death. Cardiac death occurs after life support is withdrawn, and the heart stops on its own. Because the heart can sometimes restart, the Institute of Medicine recommended in 1997 that 5 minutes should elapse between the time the heart stops and the organ retrieval begins. More recently, however, it's been suggested that cardiac death becomes irreversible after just one minute.

Now, in the Aug. 14 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, surgeons from Denver Children's Hospital report on three cases in infant heart donors where surgeons reduced the time between when the heart stopped and when organ retrieval began. In one case, the time was shortened to three minutes, and in the other two to just 75 seconds...............

Infant Heart Transplant Controversy Continues


1,142 posted on 08/15/2008 4:13:54 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser; BykrBayb; floriduh voter; Dante3; Lesforlife
who gained media attention in July when the Fresno County Public Guardian's office CORONER kept her off feeding tubes and a respirator for 11 days....

There, I fixed it.

1,143 posted on 08/15/2008 4:46:35 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Lesforlife

Doesn’t George Soros have his ERGO (death cult) out of Denver? I believe so. You know the kind of power Soros wields. His evil gets spread around.

1,144 posted on 08/15/2008 5:49:09 AM PDT by floriduh voter ( Florida's Governor Crist has roined Floriduh but he's having fun so what the hey?)
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To: All; wagglebee
Dead ahead...

Modern heirs to Hitler's death program guide their grim craft with steady hand. Thread by wagglebee.


NEW YORK, August 15, 2008 (C-FAM) - A group calling itself the "brain trust" met in secret recently to plot how to take advantage of conflict situations to advance the abortion and radical feminist agenda. A new group called the Global Justice Center (GJC) hosted the New York meeting on June 9 of this year. The Friday Fax was given the chance to listen to a recording of the inaugural meeting of the "brain trust", which details the GJC's plan to exploit ceasefire and peace talks to gain leverage in newly-formed governments.


Meeting participants deliberated on how human rights law precedents could be made in conflict situations to "reshape power structures," ensure gender equality, create "judicial entrepreneurs" and change norms. Some ideas included: increasing the number of women judges, increasing the number of female legislators by getting political parties to actively recruit women, and implementing affirmative action policies....

Secret Meeting to Plot Global Abortion Strategy Exposed - UN Personnel Present


1,145 posted on 08/16/2008 3:02:28 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
It is what we have been saying all along...

Thread by wagglebee.


BOSTON, August 14, 2008 ( - In an article that is sure to rock the world of organ donation, the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has backed up the objections of various pro-life groups, as well as some scientists and physicians, to certain types of organ donation which involve the removal of vital organs from patients believed to be dead. The problem, say the authors of the NEJM article, is that in many cases these patients may not be dead at all.

Key experts in the medical field have, since its inception, considered the 1968 invention of 'brain death' and the more recent criteria of 'cardiac death' as unsupportable criteria for true death. If it is true, however, that brain death and cardiac death are invalid as criteria for true death, it would make morally illicit vital organ donation, since such donation would in some cases result directly in the killing of the donor for the purpose of harvesting his organs........

New England Journal of Medicine: 'Brain Death' is not Death - Organ Donors are Alive


1,146 posted on 08/16/2008 3:08:46 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee; Lesforlife
Professor Pope links to a skit by Monty Python on the same topic.


Link to the YouTube clip...

Monty Python- 'Bring out your Dead!'

The Dead Collector
: Bring out yer dead!
[A man puts a body on the cart.]
Large Man With Dead Body: Here's one.
The Dead Collector: That'll be ninepence.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm not dead!
The Dead Collector: What?
Large Man With Dead Body: Nothing. There's your ninepence.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm not dead!
The Dead Collector: 'Ere, he says he's not dead.
Large Man With Dead Body: Yes he is.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm not!
The Dead Collector: He isn't.
Large Man With Dead Body: Well, he will be soon, he's very ill.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm getting better!
Large Man With Dead Body: No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment.
The Dead Collector: Well, I can't take him like that. It's against regulations.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I don't want to go on the cart!
Large Man With Dead Body: Oh, don't be such a baby.
The Dead Collector: I can't take him.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I feel fine!
Large Man With Dead Body: Oh, do me a favor.
The Dead Collector: I can't!
Large Man With Dead Body: Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won't be long.
The Dead Collector: I promised I'd be at the Robinsons'. They've lost nine today.
Large Man With Dead Body: Well, when's your next round?
The Dead Collector: Thursday.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I think I'll go for a walk!
Large Man With Dead Body: You're not fooling anyone, you know. Isn't there anything you could do?
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I feel happy! I feel happy!
[The Dead Collector glances up and down the street furtively, then silences the Body with his a whack of his club.]
Large Man With Dead Body: Ah, thank you very much.
The Dead Collector: Not at all. See you on Thursday.
Large Man With Dead Body: Right.

1,147 posted on 08/16/2008 3:20:17 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Science runs counter to the goals of the death dealers and may be bad for their business...

Thread by wagglebee.


SYDNEY, Australia, August 14, 2008 ( - A team of researchers at the Wake Forest University in North Carolina has extracted stem cells from amniotic fluid that have been found able to grow new organ tissue. This could be used, the scientists say, to treat newborns with serious health problems diagnosed in utero.

The technique of creating tissue from amniotic fluid and placental stem cells, said Dr. Anthony Atala, could potentially work to cure "any abnormality that would not be lethal before a baby is born"..........

Stem Cells in Baby's Own Amniotic Fluid Used to Help Form New Organ Tissues


1,148 posted on 08/16/2008 3:27:31 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Trueblackman; kristinn
May we all pause a moment for prayer for this great and extraordinary FReeper, Trueblackman. Prayer thread by kristinn.

Prayer Thread for Trueblackman


1,149 posted on 08/16/2008 3:35:54 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Rudy Ridge and The McCain Scrutiny...

Aren't things bad enough? In the lineup of losers, McCain may be losing least and wind up as President, sort of by default over the Obama Nation. Some days it looks like he pushes his loser button a few extra times to assure his own defeat. Lord help us!

Thread by wagglebee.


If John McCain picks a pro-abortion running mate, he's likely to lose. If he picks a pro-abortion Catholic as his running mate, he will definitely lose.

Right now McCain is skating on the thinnest of ice. At best, the election is tied. In many polls, he is 4-5 points down. He has yet to crack 45 percent in any national poll and is behind in key states. At worst, he is facing a blowout. Now is not the time to mess around with a guy like Tom Ridge..........

If John McCain Picks a Pro-Abortion Catholic Running Mate, He Will Lose


1,150 posted on 08/16/2008 3:45:44 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Democrats Kissling babies...Or why we persevere as the death camp marches ahead.

Thread by wagglebee on the embrace of the death dealers.


NEW YORK, August 15, 2008 ( - Pro-Abortion leader Francis Kissling has published an article acknowledging that the new Democratic Party platform favors the cause of abortion and sex education, even more so than in previous years.

Kissling notes that the new platform "derives its moral authority from 'a woman's right to choose safe and legal abortion'", unlike older ones that spoke merely of "privacy."

She is also delighted that the platform makes no mention of making abortion "rare", and for the first time mentions "sex education", which is frequently used to promote contraception, abortion, "alternative sexual lifestyles" and extra-marital sex.

"A notable omission is the Clintonian phrase 'safe, legal and rare,' replaced by a more honest and modest goal of reducing unintended pregnancy through better health care, family planning and comprehensive sex education. Sex education was not even mentioned in the old Platform," Kissling writes.

Kissling dismisses the claim recently made by some Obama supporters that the new platform has pro-life elements: "The progressive pro-life desire to see the Platform commit to reducing abortions was subtly undercut; this year, the Platform merely 'recognizes' that sex ed, family planning and good health care will have the effect of reducing the need for abortion."....................

Abortion Leader Confirms that Democratic Platform is More Pro-Abortion than Ever


1,151 posted on 08/16/2008 3:51:59 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Major Psychological disturbance. Thread by wagglebee.


Washington, DC ( -- One of the leading researchers into the aftereffects of abortion on women says he believes the chair of the American Psychological Association task force that issued a recent report saying abortion poses no mental health risks for women violated APA's own ethics rules.

Dr. David Reardon, the head of the Illinois-based Elliot Institute, says the report is tarnished by the fact that the lead author, Dr. Brenda Major, has violated the APA's own data sharing rules.

He tells Major consistently refused to allow her own data on abortion and mental health effects to be reanalyzed by other researchers...........

Researcher: APA Chair Withholding Info on Abortion's Mental Health Risks


1,152 posted on 08/16/2008 3:57:05 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Sun
McCain Scrutiny redux. Thread by Sun on the New Crist Minstrals.


This can be a deciding factor in a close election, and it looks as if the election will be a very close horse race.

Most voters know that Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge are pro-aborts, but they might not know about Florida's Gov. Charlie Crist. He is sneaky, calls himself pro-life, but is not........

I won't vote for Sen. McCain if he picks pro-abort running mate like Gov.Crist,et al


1,153 posted on 08/16/2008 4:09:47 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
When I rail against the Obama Nation of Islam, one can accuse me of exaggeration to make a point. If I suggest Barry whatever is responsible for killing babies, it is easy to imagine I am simply extrapolating his support for pro-choice just to an extreme. Here from Professor Pope's blog on Medical Futility we hear a colder story embraced in facts, with testimony from Jill Stanek to drive home the reality. When I call this evil person a Stalinist or Marxist, likewise I may be accused of exaggerating to make a point, but it is simple, really.

Know how a Stalinist/Marxist would behave or react to a situation and you can predict the behavior of this puppet of the devil.

Professor Pope links us to a YouTube on Barack and babies marked for death. If elected President, this critter would not dirty his own hands or stain his suit but would turn thumbs down in a heartless gesture to all such victims, to all the Terri Schiavo's of the country. Thanks, Leslie, for the tip.


Unmasking Tragic Choices: "Kill and Destroy"


1,154 posted on 08/17/2008 4:02:16 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
The candidate of uncertain name, parentage, and origin and with certain Marxist leanings declares about Terri Schiavo.

From the Dakota Voice...


Barack Obama says his biggest mistake was to vote to help Terri Schiavo avoid being starved and dehydrated to death, according to LifeSiteNews.

"It wasn't something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped. And I think that was a mistake," Obama said at the debate. "And as a constitutional law professor, I knew better ... and I think that's an example of inaction, and sometimes that can be as costly as action."

Obama was referring to his vote in March 2005, when the Senate passed a bill by unanimous consent that permitted Schiavo's parents and brother to make their case before federal courts to keep their brain-injured daughter alive via feeding tube. Terri Schiavo's husband Michael, who had guardianship over her while engaged in public adultery with a girlfriend, had a state judge remove her feeding tube, dehydrating her to death, because he claimed she never wanted to live in a so-called persistent vegetative state (PVS).

Seems pretty outrageous that anyone, much less a presidential candidate, would say voting to help keep a disabled woman alive, helping her avoid the death by starvation and dehydration her husband (who was living with another woman and fathering children by the other woman) was determined to subject her to.

But then, this is par for the course for a man who vehemently refused to protect the lives of infants born alive after failed attempts to abort them.

It's also in character for a man who has pledged to torpedo the sanctity of marriage and undermine the American family.

And it's also not a surprise from someone who would go on video and pledge to gut the United States military.

How can any sane American even consider voting for Barack Obama?

I'm not big into prophetic predictions of judgment and such, but I don't see how, if the majority of Americans elects Barack Obama to the presidency, this nation can escape judgment on a truly Biblical scale.

Obama: It Was a Mistake to Help Terri Schiavo


1,155 posted on 08/17/2008 4:09:54 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All;; narses
On this day as I rail against the critter even more, has a thread on this Obama Nation and Terri. All are urged to check out this thread. Thanks, narses, for the ping.


WASHINGTON, D.C., February 28, 2008 ( - Barack Obama, the young, dynamic contender for the US Democratic presidential nomination, is continuing to send strong signals to members of his party that he is the strongest anti-life candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

At the last Democratic debate before the March 4 primary showdown in Texas and Ohio that could effectively decide the Democratic nominee, both Sen. Hillary Clinton - a fierce abortion supporter who is aspiring to be the first female president of the United States - and Sen. Obama - who is vying to be the first black US president - were asked which votes they would take back in their senatorial careers. Clinton cited her vote for the Iraq war; Obama said his vote for Terri Schiavo.

“It wasn't something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped. And I think that was a mistake,” Obama said at the debate. “And as a constitutional law professor, I knew better ... and I think that's an example of inaction, and sometimes that can be as costly as action.”.......

Obama: "Biggest Mistake" Was Vote to Help Terri Schiavo


1,156 posted on 08/17/2008 4:16:49 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; BykrBayb; Daniel T. Zanoza
As in Hospice Woodside, Pinellas Park...

Thread by Daniel T. Zanoza with thanks to BykrBayb for the ping...


Hospice has developed a good reputation for providing compassionate care for dying patients. A key principle of this care is: hospice neither artificially prolongs life nor hastens death.

Unfortunately, this principle is no longer consistently followed in hospice care (as discussed in the previous article in this series). This lack of consistency requires a “buyer beware” attitude when evaluating which hospice might be appropriate to provide truly compassionate end-of-life care............

Part VI Some Hospice Care Providers Hasten Death


1,157 posted on 08/17/2008 4:30:50 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
How does a government choose who can live and who must die? Thread by wagglebee.


The Queen no longer sends telegrams to people on their 100th birthday - it's cards these days, and at the present rate it won't be long before she's just about keeping the Post Office in business.

Some of the people who reach that age - or even mere chicks of 80 and 90 - lead vigorous and fulfilling lives. But an awful lot don't, so it's small wonder that the question of how they should live comes up more and more...........

How should the end come? (Euthanasia in the U.K.)


1,158 posted on 08/17/2008 4:35:39 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; coffee260
One more thread today about this greatest threat to America I can imagine at the moment...

Thread by coffee260


It seems like Barack Obama’s heated answer about The Born Alive Infant Protection Act is making some headlines out there. The Brody File has decided to break out this clip of video by itself rather than having you sit through the whole 5 minute interview. The transcription is below. Clearly, the conversation over this bill has gotten Obama riled up. He truly believes The National Life to Right Committee is lying about this controversial infanticide bill which he opposed. He is adamant in saying that the bill he opposed in the Illinois State Senate was NOT the same as the federal legislation that pro-choice Senators even voted for. The National Right to Life Committee is pointing to a document that shows how Obama voted against a bill that had the federal language in it so they say Obama is misleading people because of past conflicting stories. The Obama campaign says the Illinois bill had added language that would have watered down Roe. The whole thing can get a little confusing. In future posts we will lay out the arguments on both sides. For now, research it yourself. Just remember, everything you read on the Internet isn’t always true!

Watch the video above and the transcription below.

Obama Gets Heated on Born Alive Infant Protection Act


1,159 posted on 08/17/2008 4:47:19 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All

Video above not working at the moment. Hmmmmm

1,160 posted on 08/17/2008 4:49:33 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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