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To: Sub-Driver

I was thinking of giving McCain the benefit of the doubt, but the more I see Bush’s face on FOX giving us a bad luck penny in his pathetic endorsement of McCain without actually endorsing McCain, and I can see right through it, that the message from this loser and a bunch of white haired check pants Republican “moderates” who want open borders and cheap labor for their big corporate and Agra businesses who I now seeing standing behind some McCain operative, the more I look at the fake smiles and phony white teeth of these pathetic old school get along to get along big spending Republicans who along with Bush destroyed the Republican majority in the name of Amnesty for illegal aliens, the more I am taken back. The more Bush supports McCain, the odds I won’t vote for this guy goes way, way up, even despite what Romney has stated recently that implies we now need to gather around John McCain.

The more I see Bush’s face on FOX telling us this crap, the more I am now seriously rethinking any chance I would vote for McCain.

FOX just had some very ugly old woman, some woman who would gladly trade in her Harry Truman old lady’s dress for a white haired old school open borders check pants Republican pair of threads, telling us all how the real message of all of this is that conservatives have no power, that America and fellow Republicans have rejected the conservatives, the same messaging that is coming now from Bush that actually we all DO want open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens and all Republicans agree. Which means to me, with Bush and ugly old ladies like this witch with their Bushie “hee, hee, see! Everyone agrees with me, hee, hee, hee, see, AMNESTY, hee, hee!” . . .

Last night I received the very horrific news that the brother of a good neighbor of mine was shot dead in the Mission District of San Francisco. The person shot was a loving person, tall and handsome man, who enjoyed children, who would offer to help other neighbors and family do repairs, a religious man. The family that I speak of does not live in San Francisco. But now he is dead. He was shot dead by Mexican gang activity in the Mission District. No doubt, by an illegal alien.

I spit on Bush and the lie in his message he is now trying to tell us. I spit in the face of this ugly old woman who I just saw on FOX.

And the more I see and hear from these type of damn stupid hucksters and their phony smiles and white teeth and check pants, man, for sure this is going to sink any chance McCain has for ever getting my vote in the General, or for that matter from conservatives. And without them, McCain cannot win and it doesn’t matter how delusional Bush and his check pants friends think otherwise.

The worst thing for McCain is more of this type of talk from ugly old ladies on FOX news, or the face of George Bush giving us this “hee, hee, hee, see!” crap.

To hell with them. And tell Bush to come to the San Francisco Bay Area and start cleaning up all this Mexican gang graffiti off fences, walls, and homes of our legal residents. I say to hell with them all.

Let me ask a question to Buffalo Bush and his endorsement. HOW MANY MILES OF THE BORDER FENCE HAS BEEN BUILT? It was too many miles short to save the life of another good American who is now dead. But you check pants got your white teeth, right?

229 posted on 02/10/2008 10:41:52 AM PST by Brian_Baldwin
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To: Brian_Baldwin

Amen! I agree with you 100%.

To hell with the good old boys and ugly women. They will be the end of a country we all dearly love and some of you have risked your lives for.

Ron Paul is the TRUE conservative.

233 posted on 02/10/2008 11:01:05 AM PST by bimboeruption (Proud daughter of a Normandy Invader)
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