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HELP- I am putting a list together of all terrorist attacks against the USA
April 30,2002 | Me

Posted on 04/30/2002 9:14:24 AM PDT by Kay Soze

List of attacks against the USA

*1979 Iranian revolutionaries seized The 52 American hostages were held 444 days

* April 1983: A car bomb at the U.S. killing 63.

* October 23, 1983: The bombing of U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, kills 241

* December '83: U.S. embassy in Kuwait bombed, killing 6.

* January '84: Malcolm Kerr, president of the American University of Beirut, assassinated.

* April '84: Hezbollah attacks the environs of a U.S. airbase in Spain, killing 18 servicemen.

*1984 September 20 A bombing at the U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut, Lebanon, kills 16 and injures the ambassador.

* December '84: Two Americans murdered on a hijacked plane in Tehran.

* June '85: U.S. seaman killed on a hijacked plane in Beirut.

* October 1985 Four Palestinian terrorists hijack the Achille Lauro carrying more than 400 passengers and crew, and kill disabled American tourist Leon Klinghoffer.

*1988 December 21 The bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, kills 270, mostly Americans.

* 1993 February 26, Terrorist bombers strike the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring more than 1,000 others.

* 1995 November 13, A bomb at U.S. military headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, kills five U.S. service personnel.

* 1996 June: A bomb at U.S. barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, kills 19 Americans and injures 500 people.

* 1998 August 7 U.S. embassy Nairobi, Kenya * 1998 August 7 U.S. embassy Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, kill 224 people and wound

* October 12, 2000: A suicide bomber attack on the USS Cole in Yemen's Aden harbor kills 17 American sailors and wounds 39 others.

* 2001 Sept 11 World Trade Center struck by two hijacked commercial planes killing 3,000

* 2001 Sept 11 Pentagon struck by hijacked commercial plane killing 189

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: arafat; israel; palestine; plo; terrorism
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Please add anything I have missed.

when I look athis and lsten to lefties say we are wrong in our fight against terrorisim... I am dumbfounded!

1 posted on 04/30/2002 9:14:24 AM PDT by Kay Soze
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To: Kay Soze
Check out this link to an August 1999 Deborah Orin article on the FALN and Clinton's clemency for several of these terrorists. They were responsible for, among other things, the 1975 bombing at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.


2 posted on 04/30/2002 9:24:09 AM PDT by mass55th
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To: Kay Soze
WACO- US Gov terrorizes and kills own civilians.

OKC- US citizens blow up government office building.

Oh, but you were speaking of foreign terrorism. Hell, the domestic stuff goes back to the civil war & reconstruction; KKK, John Brown, Dark Lantern Society, ad naseum.

3 posted on 04/30/2002 9:24:11 AM PDT by jumpstartme
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To: Kay Soze
1986 bombing of a West Berlin discotheque that killed two U.S. soldiers and a Turkish woman.
4 posted on 04/30/2002 9:24:59 AM PDT by Tai_Chung
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Comment #5 Removed by Moderator

To: Kay Soze
You forgot the Flight that was highjacked by terrorists and crashed in PA. when the passengers fought back. Sept 11,2001
6 posted on 04/30/2002 9:25:15 AM PDT by Texas Mom
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To: Kay Soze
Hostages in Lebanon: CIA station chief William F. Buckley and Colonel Higgins murdered in mid 80s.
7 posted on 04/30/2002 9:25:22 AM PDT by SMASH IMPERIALIST LIBERALISM!!
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To: Kay Soze
The '92 and '96 presidential elections...and a "near miss" in 2000
8 posted on 04/30/2002 9:25:44 AM PDT by MarineDad
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To: jumpstartme
Oh, but you were speaking of foreign terrorism. Hell, the domestic stuff goes back

Many things point to foreign involvement in the OKC bombing. Any domestic actions with even a hint of foreign involvement (or even domestic islamic and/or neo-nazi involvement) are very interesting.

9 posted on 04/30/2002 9:28:22 AM PDT by Cachelot
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To: Kay Soze
Also, this link to information about the assassination attempt on President Truman by two Puerto Rican Nationalists in 1950:

Truman Assassination Attempt

10 posted on 04/30/2002 9:29:26 AM PDT by mass55th
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To: JohnHuang2;piasa;infowars;Sabertooth;dennisw;FITZ
11 posted on 04/30/2002 9:30:06 AM PDT by Travis McGee
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To: Kay Soze
Here is a link for The Journalists Toolbox. It has some interesting links that you could use.
12 posted on 04/30/2002 9:30:14 AM PDT by areafiftyone
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To: Cachelot
I know, but until it can be proven....
13 posted on 04/30/2002 9:30:38 AM PDT by jumpstartme
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To: Kay Soze
March 1994- A muslim cab driver shot at a bus full of Jewish kids on the Brooklyn Bridge and killed one, Ari Halberstam.
14 posted on 04/30/2002 9:30:54 AM PDT by newwahoo
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To: mass55th
Didn't Puerto Rican nationalists also conspire to assasinate FDR in Miami sometime in the 1930s?
15 posted on 04/30/2002 9:30:57 AM PDT by Paid4This
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To: Kay Soze
Please add anything I have missed.

The list is already too long.....

16 posted on 04/30/2002 9:33:46 AM PDT by Mopp4
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To: Kay Soze
On Jan. 25, 1993, during the morning rush hour, a lone gunman pulled out an AK-47 and opened fire on commuters outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., killing two CIA employees and wounding three other people.

A terrorist attack on US soil

17 posted on 04/30/2002 9:35:09 AM PDT by CJ Wolf
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To: Kay Soze
This was another Muslim terorist attack that was thwarted by an a fearful collaborator. Nobody remembers it, but I do because I went through that subway station almost every day back then.


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Director of the Office of Intelligence and Security, Rear Admiral James A. Kinghorn, today presented Superior Achievement Awards with Bronze Medals to two New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority police officers for their heroic efforts in preventing terrorist activity aimed at New York City’s Transit System.

Rear Admiral Kinghorn, who is the National Security Advisor to Transportation Department Secretary Rodney E. Slater, presented the special recognition awards to Officers John Kowalchuk and Eric Huber during the General Session of the American Public Transit Association’s Annual Meeting on Oct. 5, 1998 in New York.

On July 30, 1997, Officers Kowalchuk and Huber were on patrol at the Long Island Railroad Flatbush Avenue Terminal in Brooklyn when a civilian provided them with specific information about the manufacture of explosive devices in a nearby Brooklyn apartment. The devices reportedly were to be used against New York City buses, subways and trains. Upon hearing the information, the police officers immediately notified the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and escorted the informant to a local precinct to continue investigating the incident.

Information, later obtained from the informant during an NYPD Detective’s Division interview, led NYPD bomb squad and emergency services units to an apartment address where four explosive devices were recovered and several suspects arrested. Two of the suspects received gunshot wounds during the raid but none of the police officers were injured.

18 posted on 04/30/2002 9:35:44 AM PDT by newwahoo
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To: Kay Soze
Here's a brief chronology of terrorist events involving the United States in one way or another (U.S. Citizens, U.S. Soil, U.S. Military Bases, etc. etc.) since 1970.

This is by no means a complete list, and I've left out simple murders (that didn't appear to have any political motivation) of American nationals, etc. In the end, it becomes somewhat subjective as to which perps you define as terrorists, and which ones qualify as just a violent nutcases without political aims.

1971- March 1. Washington DC. The US Senate office building is damaged by a bomb planted by the Waether Underground.

1972- May 11. Germany. The Red Army Faction kills a U.S. Army officer and injures 12 servicemen in a series of coordinated bombings.

1974- April 13. Subic Bay, Phillipines. Members of the New People's Army kill three sailors near the naval base.

1975- January 24. New York. Members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN), a Puerto Rican nationalist group explodes a bomb in a bar in New York.

1975- January 28. Washington. The Weather Underground sets off a bomb at the State Department building.

1975- August 4, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 5 members of the Japanese Red Army attack the American Consulate. 4 are wounded, 53, including Consul Robert Stebbins are taken hostage. All are released when the Japanese government bows to the terrorists demands.

1977- March 9. Washington. Hanafi Muslim terrorists seize three buildings, including the D.C. City Council Chambers taking 134 hostages. One man is killed, twelve are wounded. After a two day standoff, the hostages are released.

1977- May 17. Madrid Spain. The October 1 Antifascist Resitance Group bombs the US cultural center in Madrid.

1979- February 14. Kabul, Afghanistan. The US Ambassador to Afghanistan is killed in a botched rescue attempt.

1979- June 20. Chicago. Serb nationalists hijack an American Airlines flight from NY to Chicago.

1979- June 25. Belgium. NATO Commander Alexander Haig escapes a bombing attempt by a matter of feet. The Red Army Faction claims responsibility.

1979- November 4 Tehran, Iran. 52 Americans taken hostage. Held for 444 days. President Carter autorized a failed rescue attempt on April 24, 1980 which resulted in the deaths of 8 soldiers. Canadian embassy officials smuggled six Americans out of Iran under Canadian passports.

1979- December 2. Puerto Rico. Two US Sailors are killed on a bus by Puerto RIcan nationalists.

1980- October 5. Los Angeles. Armenian nationalists bomb the Turkish Consolate in LA, injuring one person.

1981- March 7. Columbia. Kidnappers kill American Chester Allen after holding him hostage for six weeks.

1981- August 31. Ramstein, West Germany. A bomb detonated in the US Air Force base kills two Germans, and injures 18 Americans. The Red Army Faction takes responsibility.

1981- September 15. The Red Army Faction attempts to assassinate General Frederick Kruesen, US commanding general in Germany. the General and his wife suffered minor injuries.

1981- December 17. Verona Italy. Brigader General James Lee Dozier is kidnapped by the Red Brigades. Dozier is freed by Italian commandos after 42 days in captivity.

1982- June 1. West Germany. Coordinated attacks by a terrorist group called Revolutionary Cells take place in four US bases, including US Army Headquarters in Frankfurt.

1982- July 19. Beirut, Lebanon. The President of American University, David Dodge is kidnapped. He is held for a year.

1983- April 18, Beirut, Lebanon. US Embassy destroyed in car bombing. 63 killed, 17 were Americans. Islamic Jihad calims responsibility.

1983- October 23, Beirut, Lebanon. US Marine barracks attacked by truck bomb. 241 Marines killed. At the same time, the French barracks in West Beirut were attacked, killing 58 French Paratroopers.

1983- November 6. Washington DC. Armed Resistance Unit sets off a bomb near the Senate chamber at the Capitol building.

1983- December 12. Kuwait. Al-Dawa terrorists attack the American and French embassies in Kuwait with truck bombs. Five are killed.

1983- December 31. New York. the FALN stages four coordinated attacks on police headquarters, the FBI headquarters and the Federal Courthouse in NY. Three are wounded.

1984- January 1. Beirut Lebanon. The President of American University, Malcolm Kerr is killed by Islamic Jihad. 1985- April 12, Madrid Spain. Bomb explodes near US base. 18 Spaniards killed, 82, including 15 Americans wounded.

1985- June 14. Beirut, Lebanon. TWA 847 hijacked. there are 104 Americans, and 49 other passengers on board. A US Navy diver is killed by hijackers. 39 passengers are held hostage for weeks. Hezbollah masterminded the hijacking.

1985- June 19. San Salvador, El Salvador. Thirteen, including 4 marines and 2 U.S. businessmen die in an attack on an outdoor cafe.

1985- August 8. Frankfurt Germany. Car bombing at US base at Rhein-Main. 2 killed, 20 wounded. Another soldier is found dead later, murdered for his ID. The Red Army Faction claims responsibility.

1985- October 7. Mediterainian Sea. Terrorsits from the Popular Liberation Front hijack the cruise ship Achille Lauro. 69 year old Leon Klinghoffer, an American is killed, and his body is thrown over in his wheelchair. The remaining hostages are released after two days.

1985- November 24. Malta. Hijackers kill an American passenger on Egypt Air 648. Before the hijacking is over, 60 more are killed.

1985- November 25. Frankfurt Germany. A car bomb near the PX injures 35.

1985- December 18, Rome & Vienna International Airports. Simultaneous attacks on the US and Israeli check in areas. 20 killed.

1986- April 2. Greece. A bomb kills four on board a TWA flight for Greece. The plane was able to land safely.

1986- April 5. Berlin, Germany. Two off duty US Servicemen and a Turkish national are killed when a bomb is detonated in a West Berlin Disco. 229 wounded, including 79 Americans. Lybian involvement.

1987- April 24. Greece. 16 US servicemen are injured in a bomb attack. Revolutionary Organization 17 November claims responsibility.

1987- August 10. Greece. Revolutionary Organization 17 November injures 10 US servicemen in a bus attack.

1987- October 26. Phillipines. The New People's Army kills four Americans near Clark Air Force base.

1987- December 26. Barcelona, Spain. Catalan seperatists detonate a grenade in a USO bar, killing one serviceman and injuring 9 others.

1988- April 14. Naples, Italy. The Japanese Red Army detonates a car bomb outside the USO club in Naples. Five are killed.

1988- June 28. Athens, Greece. Captain William Nordeen is killed by a car bomb planted by Revolutionary Organization 17 November.

1988- August 8. La Paz, Bolivia. Simon Bolivar Commandos attempt to assassinate Secretary of State George Schulz.

1988- December 21, Lockerbie, Scotland. Pan AM 103 en route to New York is destroyed by a bomb in flight. 259 people on board, including 189 Americans and 11 on the ground are killed.

1989- March 10. A bomb destorys the van driven by the wife of Capt. Will Rogers, Captain of the USS Vincennes. She escapes without injury.

1990- March 17. Fort Meyers, FL. Pablo Escobar's minions firebomb the DEA office in Fort Meyers.

1993- January 25. Langley, VA. Mir Amal Kansi, a Pakistani, kills two CIA employees, and wounds three others outside of CIA headquarters.

1993- February 26. New York City. Truck bomb explodes in the parking garage of the World Trade Center. Six killed, 1,040 injured. The blast causes $300 million worth of damage. Six men were convicted, they have strong Al Qaeda ties.

1995- March, 8. Karachi, Pakistan. Two employees of the US Consulate are killed by unidentified gunmen.

1995- April 19, Oklahoma City. Car bomb explodes in front of the Federal building. 168 killed in blast, including 19 children in a day care center. 600 wounded. One person dies in rescue effort.

1995- Spetember 13, Moscow. An RPG is fired at the Amercian Embassy, causing minor damage.

1995- November 13, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Car bomb kills Seven. Five were civillian advisers for the National Guard.

1996- June 25. Dharan, Saudi Arabia. Truck bomb explodes at Khobar military complex. 19 killed, nearly 500 hundered injured. Hezbollah.

1996- July 27. Altlanta, Georgia. Pipe bomb explodes during Olympic games. 1 killed, 111 wounded.

1997- November 12. Karachi, Pakistan. Four employees of Union Texas Patroleum are murdered in retailiation for the guilty verdict for Mir Amil Kansi.

1998- June 21. Beirut Lebanon. Rocket propelled grenade explodes at US embassy. No injuries reported.

1998- August 7. Nairobi, Kenya. Truck bomb destroys US embassy, killing 213, 12 of whom were Americans and injuring several thousand. Bombers have Al Qaeda ties.

1998- August 7, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Truck bomb destroys US embassy, killing 11, injuring 86. No American deaths. Coordinated with the Nairobi attack, bombers have Al Qaeda ties.

2000- October 12. Aden, Yeman. USS Cole is attacked when entering port. 17 sailors killed, 39 injured. Bombers have Al Qaeda ties.

2001- June 12. Phillipines. Abu Sayyaf, with ties to Al Qaeda, behead Giliermo Sobero one of three American hostages.

2001- September 11.

2002- January 25. Karachi, Pakistan. Daniel Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter taken hostage by The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty. Murdered on or about 2/21.

The list gets even longer if you include hijackings that didn't result in death, or hijackings of American owned aircraft that were not en route to or from an American destination without any American's aboard. And longer still if you include unsuccessful bombing attempts, or other events like the 1975 murder of Myrna Opsahl during a bank robbery stage by the SLA. In the 60's, there were a number of bombings at government facilites, Universities, etc. in protest of the Vietnam war. I didn't include the Unabomber, who killed three and injured 29 in a letter bombing spree that lasted almost 20 years...

19 posted on 04/30/2002 9:37:43 AM PDT by Slainte
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To: Paid4This
"Didn't Puerto Rican nationalists also conspire to assasinate FDR in Miami sometime in the 1930s?"

Here's a link to that:

Click here

20 posted on 04/30/2002 9:45:02 AM PDT by mass55th
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