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Letting Arafat Off The Hook: Yasser Arafat As You've Never Heard Him (PA: US are the bad guys)
Various ^ | 07 february 2002 | Jack Kinsella

Posted on 02/07/2002 1:04:45 PM PST by knighthawk

It is hard to reconcile the two Yasser Arafats -- the one who donates blood to the victims of the New York City and the terrorist who hours earlier ordered his forces to threaten to kill any camera crew who shot video of Palestinian celebrations of the murders.

Who is this guy, and how does he so easily wrap most Western news organizations around his little finger? And don't think he doesn't.

CNN openly takes his side no matter how reprehensible his activities might be, but they are not alone. ABC, CNN, NBC, the BBC, CBS -- none of them ever lead a story on the Middle East with anything done by Arafat.

Every story begins with the report of Palestinian deaths 'at the hands of Israeli forces', Israeli incursions 'into Palestinian territory' [where exactly is that, anyway?], Israeli 'retaliatory raids, and on and on.

Buried somewhere in the story and well after images of 'Israeli perfidy' has been clearly burned into the viewer's [or reader's mind] one can sometimes find a report of what PA atrocity prompted the Israeli action in the first place.

Fox News avoids being biased by pretending there is no conflict taking place at all. On any given day, they either don't mention it at all, or give it a few seconds during their mid hour news break. [To their credit, when they do cover the story, they generally start with the provocation and then report the response, unlike their competitors].

Don't take my word for it. Just take a look at the coverage with an open mind and a critical eye. If you can't immediately spot it, you are obviously challenged in both areas. Take, for example, the BBC coverage of the Palestinian violation of the latest Arafat-sponsored ceasefire.

It begins, note, with the death of a Palestinian policeman, although the actual story is the fact an Israeli woman was murdered by PA terrorists. The PA policeman was killed in the subsequent, consequential gun battle. This is entirely typical. Let's take an overview look at the real Yasser Arafat, and the real Palestinian Authority, from a perspective you have never heard from the mainstream Western media.

The PA controlled press routinely runs stories like the one in which one editorial wrote that American would pay for its war with Iraq with '45,000 bodies of American soldiers who will return to the US like airmail'. The editorial was one of many similar pieces written in support of Saddam Hussein, a man Yasser Arafat called his 'brother'.

In a weekly sermon given by Arafat's personally appointed Grand Mufti, Ikrima Sabri on July 11, 1997 and carried by the Voice of Palestine, Sabri prayed, "Oh, Allah, destroy America as it is controlled by Zionist Jews...Allah will avenge, in the name of his Prophet, the colonialist settlers who are the descendents of monkeys and pigs... "

[I would like to gratefully acknowledge the Israeli website Gamla for compiling all these quotes in one place, saving me hours of research, but I have read and quoted most of these same quotes over the course of the past ten years. I am only citing those I am personally aware of having been made at the time they were made, lest anyone charge that since they are collected at an Israeli website, they are consequently untrue -ed.]

Arafat teaches his people, through his control of the Palestinian media, that it is Israel and America that are the real terrorists. "We reject the definition of Palestinian and Islamic organizations as terrorist organizations [by the U.S.]. The U.S. and Israel are the source of terrorism in the world." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov 11, 1997] Such revisionism explains how it can be that the Palestinians would celebrate the murder of thousands of Americans, believing the victims are the ones responsible for their own deaths.

In the PA view, Americans are, "the murderers of humanity, the creators of the barbaric culture and the bloodsuckers of nations, are doomed to death and destined to shrink to a microscopic size, like Micronesia. " [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 15, 1997].

Americans are responsible, in the PA's worldview, for "Everything that happens in Jerusalem is done with America's blessing, in spite of the false announcements periodically released by Washington. Whoever is familiar with the real connection between the bastard entity in our land and the bastard empire in the new world order' . . . and Palestinians "must not believe the Americans, especially since we have a long history with them, full of schemes and false promises...perhaps you remember...the plots of the infamous Jew Henry Kissinger." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 29, 1997]

US envoy Dennis Ross is the "Jewish emissary [who] failed to convince our president [Arafat] and our national [Palestinian] authority to wage war against our brothers the "Hamas" and the "Islamic Jihad" [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 14, 1997]

What kind of people are the Americans, in the eyes of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority? We're the kind of folks that espouse "the violence, torture and crazy coercion that the unarmed peace loving American Indians suffered, these included mass murder, camp burnings, the expulsion of tribes from their land, the eradication of wild life, the spreading of contagious diseases and the desecration of holy sites" not to mention the "similarity between our Palestinian problems and the history of the American Indians." [Al-Quds, Dec.14, 1997]

But 'that was 1997', you say. Surely Arafat has turned over a new leaf! Maybe the Western media is so favorable in its coverage of Yasser Arafat & Co. because he no longer feels that way.

Think again. The quotes above are those from a period of relative peace between the PA and Israel, not during the intifada now ripping the nation of Israel to pieces.

Arafat, for all his promises of peace with Israel and all his rhetoric about sympathy for the American victims of terror, sings a completely different song when he is addressing, either in person or by proxy, his own people in his own language.

"The suicide bombers of today are the noble successors of their noble predecessors...the Lebanese suicide bombers, who taught the US Marines a tough lesson in [Lebanon]... These suicide bombers are the salt of the earth, the engines of history...They are the most honorable [people] among us..." [Al Hayat Al Jadida Sept. 11, 2001].

Al Hayat Al Jadida is the official Palestinian news organization, a newspaper that receives $100 million per year in American aid! Note the date -- September 11, 2001, the same day four US aircraft were converted to suicide bombs that killed more Americans than were killed at both Pearl Harbor and the D-Day invasion of Normandy combined.

Only a few days before, the same paper carried the comments of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine figure Maher Taher speaking from Damascus. "Hit American interests and threaten them. The United States is a fundamental enemy which takes part and holds responsibility to the elimination of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian villages." [Al Hayat Al Jadida Aug. 28, 2001]

Two weeks later, Taher's exhortation against the Palestinian people's 'fundamental enemy' was carefully implemented as those hijacked aircraft plowed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Five days before the attack, the PA official daily paper reminded its readers that, "The United States of America and the Zionist State are two identical cases of historical development. Each of them came into existence by invasion and mass extermination of the original residents, and [each] still occupies land belonging to others..." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sep. 6, 2001]

The Western media says nothing in this regard. Not CNN, not ABC, NBC, CBS, the BBC, none of them! What's the deal, here? This is the same media that can root out the Pentagon's most secret plans and splash them across the front page.

The same media that rooted out Bill Clinton's intimate moments in the closet of the Oval Office. The same media that rooted out Richard Nixon's secret tapes, the White House plumbers secret missions, Oliver North's secret deals with Iran, Gary Condit's darkest secrets.

Nothing escapes the Western press, yet things published in newspapers across the Middle East never see the light of day. Don't they have anybody on staff at any of these organizations that can read Arabic? Of course, they do. So why is it that a little internet news website like this one has to bring this information before you, many of you for the very first time?

For the same reason that the still photos and video footage of Palestinians wildly celebrating the murder of thousands of American civilians who were guilty of nothing more insidious than being American citizens has mysteriously vanished from web archives, network feeds, news programs and news magazines. Because they are scared. Not that they have no reason to be scared. Arafat, through his various agencies, has threatened them with death.

They know if they cross Arafat their reporters will be kidnapped or murdered. Their sources of information will dry up. They will pay for telling America the truth with their lives. Investigative reporters know that they can report anything that American or Israeli public figures do with impunity. Because America is a free society, as is Israel.

But they must do their best to conceal the fact that Yasser Arafat is the leader of the world's premiere terrorist organization. They must rely on Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to tell Congress that Yasser Arafat is the 'father of modern terrorism'. They can't for the simple reason that its true. And the proof of that fact is their silence.

Link here

The following collection of quotes from PLO officials was compiled by Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Founder and CEO of Navon Consulting Ltd., All of the quotes were delivered after the signing of the Oslo agreements.

"[Our aim is] to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian one." (Yasser Arafat, Closed session with Arab diplomats in Europe, January 30, 1996. Quoted in the Middle East Digest, March 7, 1996)

"The struggle against the Zionist enemy is not a matter of borders but relates to the mere existence of the Zionist entity." (PLO spokesman Bassam-abu-Sharif, Kuwait News Agency, May 31, 1996)

"The strategic goal is the liberation of Palestine from the Jordanian [sic] River to the Mediterranean Sea, even if this means that the conflict will last for another thousand years or for many generations." (Faisal Husseini, interview with Al-Arabi [Egypt], June 24, 2001)

"After the establishment of a Palestinian State in all of the West Bank and Gaza, the struggle against Israel will continue." (Israeli Knesset member Azmi Bishara, Ha'aretz weekly supplement, May 22, 1998)


"Only a Palestinian State can continue the struggle to remove the enemy from all Palestinian lands." (Yasser Arafat, reported in Jerusalem Post, November 18, 1994)

"The Oslo II Agreement is a delayed realization of a stage in the PLO's 1974 phased plan." (A-Datsur [Jordanian Newspaper], Sept. 19, 1995


"If Israel rejects our demands there will be a reaction and we have a 30,000 man armed force." (Yasser Arafat, Israel Radio, June 7, 1996)

"We decided to liberate our homeland step-by-step. Should Israel continue, no problem. If and when Israel says 'enough' we will return to violence. But this time it will be with 30,000 armed Palestinian soldiers and in a land." (Nabil Sha'ath, senior PLO official, in a speech in Nablus, January 1996)

"The Palestinian Authority does not exclude the return to the armed struggle, and it will use its weapons." (Muhammad Dahlan, senior Gaza PLO official, Jerusalem Report, Nov. 28, 1996)

"Everything you see and hear today is for tactical and strategic reasons. We have not given up the rifle. We still have armed gangs in the areas and if we do not get our state we will take them out of the closet and fight again." (Faisal Husseini, speech at Bir-Zeit University, November 22, 1993)


"Abraham was neither Jewish nor a Hebrew, but was simply an Iraqi. The Jews have no right to claim part of the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Abraham's resting place, as a synagogue. Rather, the whole building should be a mosque." (Yasser Arafat, quoted in the Jerusalem Report, Dec. 26, 1996)

"There is no tangible evidence of any Jewish traces/remains in the old city of Jerusalem and its immediate vicinity." (Statement issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Information, December 10, 1997)

"All the events surrounding Kings Saul, David and Rehoboam occurred in Yemen, and no Hebrew remnants were found in Israel, for a very simple reason - because they were never there." (Arab historian Jarid al-Kidwa, on PLO education program, June 1997, quoted in Ha'aretz July 6, 1997)

"Jerusalem is not a Jewish city, despite the Biblical myth implanted in some minds. There is no tangible evidence of Jewish existence from the so-called 'Temple Mount Era.' The location of the Temple Mount is in question. It might be in Jericho or somewhere else." (Walid Awad, Director of Foreign Publications for the PLO's Ministry of Information, interviewed by the IMRA news agency, Dec. 25, 1996)


"The Nazis probably killed less than one million Jews and the Zionist movement was a partner in the slaughter." (Quote from a book written by Abu Mazen, Arafat's number 2 man and senior Oslo negotiator)

"It is a well-known fact that every year the Jews exaggerate what the Nazis did to them. They claim there were 6 million killed, but precise scientific research demonstrates that there were no more than 400,000. (PA Television, Aug. 25, 1997)

"[The Holocaust] is a forged claim by the Zionists regarding the alleged acts of slaughter perpetrated against the Jews." (PA newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, Sept. 3, 1997)

"The persecution of the Jews is a deceitful myth which the Jews have labeled the Holocaust and have exploited to get sympathy." (PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda July 2, 1998)

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"Kill a settler every day.... Shoot at settlers everywhere.... Woe to you if you let them reach their homes safely or travel safely on the roads.... I want you to kill as many settlers as possible.... Do not pay attention to what I say to the media, the television or public appearances. Pay attention only to the written instructions that you receive from me."

- Yasser Arafat, addressing his people at a public event, July 2001

"Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel ...

-- Zuheir Muhsin, late Military Department head of the PLO and member of its Executive Council, Dutch daily Trouw, March 1977

Al-jihad,al-jihad, al-jihad, al-jihad, al-jihad, al-jihad: "Holy war, holy war, holy war, holy war
Is Peace With Israel Possible?: The Islamic Verdict
Chronology and victims of terrorism since 1968 (Against Israel and the US)

1 posted on 02/07/2002 1:04:46 PM PST by knighthawk (
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To: golitely; dennisw; TopQuark; Alouette; veronica; weikel; EU=4th Reich; BrooklynGOP; Jimmyclyde...
If people want on or off this list, please let me know!
2 posted on 02/07/2002 1:05:42 PM PST by knighthawk
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To: knighthawk
I wonder what CNN is planning to get Arafat for Valentine's Day?
3 posted on 02/07/2002 1:13:14 PM PST by nickcarraway
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To: knighthawk
The reason the mainstream media are so positive about Arafat is that "the people loved darkness more than light."
4 posted on 02/07/2002 1:36:22 PM PST by My2Cents
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To: knighthawk
BUMP. Thanks for posting this.
5 posted on 02/07/2002 1:56:56 PM PST by Helix
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To: Helix
It's time the world sees Arafat and his PA for what they really are: a bunch of terrorists.
6 posted on 02/07/2002 2:12:57 PM PST by knighthawk
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To: My2Cents
The reason the mainstream media are so positive about Arafat is that "the people loved darkness more than light."


However, it does not apply to all Americans, and to some in other countries as well.

7 posted on 02/07/2002 6:29:57 PM PST by EternalHope
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To: knighthawk
Arafart was not donating blood; He was feeding.
8 posted on 02/08/2002 9:39:40 AM PST by sheik yerbouty
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To: sheik yerbouty
9 posted on 02/08/2002 9:54:22 AM PST by knighthawk
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To: Timestax
10 posted on 05/31/2002 2:46:28 AM PDT by knighthawk
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