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Humpty Daddy
New York Post | 11-16-01 | Mia T

Posted on 11/16/2001 7:56:02 PM PST by Mia T

Humpty Daddy

by Mia T
"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful
tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean
so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master that's all."
--Through the Looking-Glass
"Punctuating everything were thoughts of Humpty Dumpty. 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall' . . . It just seemed as though the world were falling down, like Humpty Dumpty."
--Chelsea Clinton's claimed contemporaneous comtemplation of the collapsing Twin Towers, Talk Magazine

Strictly speaking, any bill-clinton/Humpty-Dumpty conceit would be more synonym than metaphor. Or as Christopher Hitchen once put it, the clinton years were "Through the Looking-Glass for real."

It is entirely conceivable then, that on the morning of 9-11, thoughts of Humpty-Daddy would race through chelsea clinton's head, a head -- if we are to believe the mother -- in imminent danger of burial by Twin Towers debris. After eight years of the parents, no one still sentient, and certainly not the daughter, would miss this latest detritus of clinton fecklessness and depravity.

What is not believable--and what not only calls into question the truth of the entire statement but reveals chelsea clinton's likely descent from abused child to abuser in her own right -- is chelsea's claim that while she was dodging debris-- virtually running for her life if we are to believe the mother--she had the presence of mind to simultaneously trash Bush and recycle clinton trash, that is to say, to claim that while she watched the towers collapse she "was worried that with the [Bush] tax cut, we wouldn't have enough money to repair New York and D.C., and to help the families of the thousands I knew must have died...Once we stopped running . . . [I] thanked God my mother was a senator representing New York."

Standard issue, balkanizing, insulting clinton claptrap. Economic and psychological non sequiturs, to be sure, and political logic of the arrogant, dimwitted clintonian sort facilitated by equally dimwitted, arrogant media.

In her new book, Political Fictions, Joan Didion indicts the fakery of access journalism practiced by vacant politicos like the clintons, whom she sees as "purveyors of fables of their own making, or worse, fables conceived by political strategists with designs on votes, not news."

The dysfunctional Humpty Dummies had a great fall, indeed. It was inevitable...




Rumor has it William Jefferson Clinton himself is to recite Honest Abe's lines in this New Year's Eve pageant. Whoever writes these scripts has a natural talent for irony. For some irrepressible reason, one cannot help but think of that costume party in "The Manchurian Candidate,'' complete with Red Queen and Abe Lincoln in stovepipe hat and fake beard.

Hillary Clinton says it's a great opportunity to unite the nation. (The way she's united New York?) But the Clintons are never so polarizing as when they are intent on uniting us. How can that be? Maybe it's their perfectly fabricated authenticity. The Nineties have had much the same effect, stirring the same vague dissatisfactions -- and sparking sudden outbursts of temper. What was it that poor, embarrassed David Brinkley, thinking his mike was off, said after the president's victory speech in '96: "We all look forward with great pleasure to four years of wonderful, inspiring speeches, full of wit, poetry, music, love and affection, plus more goddam nonsense.''

Still not finished, Mr. Brinkley added that this president "has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore, he's a bore, and will always be a bore.'' Oh, dear. The commentator's unintentionally public thoughts were all the more embarrassing for being so widely shared by any Americans still sentient four years into the Age of Clinton. But it's one thing to notice such things, quite another to say them out loud. Why belabor the obvious?

Hey, what a party! New Year's at the White House


Mindless rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy

by Mia T

John Podhoretz recently asked, "Whence comes hillary clinton's reputation for brilliance?" For the answer, he intuitively, rather brilliantly in fact, looked to her anatomy and noted,"This isn't the first time she's shot herself in the foot."

The above anatomical analysis supports the Podhoretz thesis. Notwithstanding The Pod's erroneous conclusions concerning hillary clinton's heart and nerve, he basically has it right. Anatomy is destiny...

Ian Hunter recently observed that our leaders are shrinking. "From a Churchill (or, for that matter, a Margaret Thatcher) to a Tony Blair; from Eisenhower to Clinton; from Diefenbaker to Joe Clark; from Trudeau to Chretien -- we seem destined to be governed by pygmies."

The pols understand their anatomical limitations well; they attempt to mitigate them with veneer. And so we suffer mindless alpha-beta-beelzebubba grotesquerie. . .


and rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy.

With all the media genuflecting before the press-conference podium of bill clinton, it bears remarking yet again that the clinton intellect (an oxymoron even more jarring than AlGoreRhythm and meant to encompass the cognitive ability of both clintons) is remarkable only for its utter ordinariness, its lack of creative spark, its lack of analytic precision, its lack of depth.

The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

Politicos and reporters are not rocket scientists . . .

Professions tend to be self-selected, intellectually homogeneous subgroups of Homo sapiens. Great intellects (especially these days) do not generally gravitate towards careers in the media or politics. Mediocre, power-obsessed types with poor self-images do.

Thus, clinton mediocrity goes undetected primarily because of media mediocrity. ("Mediocrity" and "media" don't come from the same Latin root (medius) for no reason.) Insofar as the clintons are concerned, the media confuse form with substance, smoothness with coherence, data-spewing with ratiocination, pre-programmed recitation with real-time analysis, an idiosyncratic degeneracy with creativity.

Jimmy Breslin agrees. In Hillary Is the 'Me-First' Lady, Breslin laments:

"At the end of all these years and years that are being celebrated this week, the national press of America consists of people with dried minds and weak backbones and the pack of them can't utter a new phrase for the language or show the least bit of anger at a business or profession or trade or whatever this business is that is dying of mediocrity."


Listen carefully to the clintons. You will hear a shallow parody of the class president. Not only do they say nothing; they say nothing with superfluous ineloquence. Their speeches are sophomoric, shopworn, shallow, specious. Platitudinous pandering piled atop p.c. cliché

In seven years, they have, collectively, uttered not one memorable word save, "It was a vast right-wing conspiracy," "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky,"and, "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."

Even the clintons' attempts at alliteration fall flat. Compare Agnew's (Safire's) "nattering nabobs of negativism" with clinton's "preachers of pessimism," an impotent, one-dimensional, plagiaristic echo (its apt self-descriptiveness notwithstanding).

Before they destroy their backs along with their reputations, media gentry genuflecting at the altar of the clinton brain should consider Edith Efron's, Can the President Think?

A wasted brain is a terrible thing.



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November 12, 2001 -- So Chelsea Clinton is concerned that giving Americans a tax cut would leave the federal government without the funds needed to repair New York and D.C. and to assist the families of the victims ("Chelsea's 9/11 Meltdown," Nov. 9) If Chelsea had to be concerned about paying rent or servicing a mortgage - as most overtaxed working families are - instead of how many secret service agents were protecting her that day, maybe she wouldn't find a tax cut so unnecessary, after all.
Gregg Nelson


The former First Daughter has apparently learned well from Bubba, as her statement reeks of the "I feel your pain" mentality. As one who was quite a bit nearer to the towers than was Chelsea, I do not honestly recall having feared for my life. I know that if I had though, the last thing on my mind would be the lives of total strangers or the Bush tax cuts. Chelsea's statements are thus about as plausible as "I never inhaled" and "I did not have sex with that woman."
Adam Ferentz


Is making up stories just part of the Clinton family legacy?
Gerry Dorman


What Chelsea should have been obsessing over is the fact that her father did nothing after the first attack on the World Trade Center. Perhaps Humpty Dumpty came to her mind because she was subconsciously picturing her father. New Yorkers have strength of character and tell it like it is. Chelsea is no New Yorker, rather, she's a Clinton, the complete opposite.
Patty Ferman
Stamford, Conn.


Instead of worrying about how President Bush's tax cut would make it impossible to rebuild New York, perhaps Chelsea should think about how her father's gross dereliction of his duties allowed it to be blown up in the first place.
Scott Knudsen


How is it that Chelsea Clinton is concerned that the Bush tax cut will alter our ability to pay for the damages caused by the Sept. 11 disaster? Shouldn't a graduate student at Oxford realize that the United States will issue additional debt and produce whatever money we need, or is she too busy reciting her parents' thoughts and ideas?
Frank Roughan
East Brunswick, N.J.



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1 posted on 11/16/2001 7:56:02 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Seek help.
2 posted on 11/16/2001 8:05:51 PM PST by TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig
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To: Mia T
My goodness, Mia, when you post, you really know how to post.
3 posted on 11/16/2001 8:09:08 PM PST by doug from upland
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To: Mia T
Mia, you're Free Republic's resident Performance Artist! Bravo!
4 posted on 11/16/2001 8:14:25 PM PST by Hildy
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Mia T
Hey Mia as creative as you are with your computer, you obviously have too much time on your hands. If anyone here is still looking at your posts "twice", I will be surprised.
5 posted on 11/16/2001 8:17:54 PM PST by Dagny Taggart
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Mia T
Excellent work, as usual. My favorite letter to the NY Post is the one that simply asks: "Is making up stories just part of the Clinton family legacy?"
6 posted on 11/16/2001 8:27:21 PM PST by Atticus
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Mia T
Great work, as usual. I loved the Manchurian Candidate analogy. It would be funny to see a scene with the two faces replaced. I don't have the skills or image inventory to do it.
7 posted on 11/16/2001 8:42:24 PM PST by bigeggo
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: All
Is it just me ? Or is it rather suspect that our "darling" EX first daughters 4 or 5 taxpayer funded security agents never seem to appear in these Chelsea versus evil scenarios? She just walks around while the city collapses around her. Seems to me the hired nannies would have gotten her out of there..... just wondering
8 posted on 11/16/2001 9:04:20 PM PST by uncle fenders
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To: Mia T
bumpdy dumbty
9 posted on 11/16/2001 9:09:10 PM PST by mcenedo
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To: Mia T
"Is making up stories just part of the Clinton family legacy?"

Good evening, Mia! This writer was being kind. He/she just didn't want to ask - "do all Clintons lie?"

10 posted on 11/16/2001 9:23:00 PM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: anniegetyourgun
...while [chelsea] watched the towers collapse she ..."thanked God [her] mother was a senator representing New York."

Humpty Daddy

hillary's typo

How Hillary Clinton Has Misled New Yorkers: Timeline

NEW YORK, NY - The Lazio Campaign today revealed a timeline showing how Hillary Clinton has misled New Yorkers about her association with individuals who have expressed support for the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas.

May 24, 2000 Hillary Clinton receives $1,000 contribution from pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah, Abdurahman Alamoudi

June 13, 2000 Mrs. Clinton attends fundraiser in Boston, organized by the American Muslim Alliance, and accepts $50,000 in contributions and a plaque from the group

August 8, 2000 Hillary Clinton sends a thank you note to the American Muslim Alliance for the plaque

October 25, 2000 New York Daily News reports that Mrs. Clinton attended fundraiser sponsored by the American Muslim Alliance, that she received $50,000 in contributions at the fundraiser, that Abdurahman Alamoudi gave Mrs. Clinton $1,000. Clinton Spokesman Howard Wolfson says Mrs. Clinton will return the $1,000 contribution from Alamoudi. Story also notes that Alamoudi was invited to the White House by Hillary Clinton.

October 26, 2000 NY Newspapers report that Hillary Clinton says she will return the $50,000 in donations. Daily News says, "Clinton said she routinely accepts such plaques - then stores them away. ëIíve been given literally thousands of plaques,í she said."

October 28, 2000 Lazio Campaign releases page 10 of Mrs. Clintonís FEC June 30 report that shows Mrs. Clinton filed Alamoudiís employer as the "American Museum Council," not the "American Muslim Council." Appearing at an event with Rick Lazio, Governor Pataki says, "Mrs. Clinton should say why she filed this under the American Museum Council, not the American Muslim Council."

October 28, 2000 Alamoudi speaks at a rally in front of the White House and says "I wish they added I am a supporter of Hezbollah. Anybody supports Hezbollah here?"

October 29, 2000 NY Newspapers report that Clinton campaign uses the excuse that the "American Museum Council" was a "typo." Lazio Campaign notes that when Mayor Giuliani had a similar misfiling on his FEC report, Howard Wolfson said, "The Mayor, I believe, signs these forms and is responsible for whatís in them."

October 31, 2000 (a.m.) Daily News reports that Alamoudi has been employed by Clinton State Department as "a goodwill ambassador abroad, giving lectures on religious tolerance in the U.S."

October 31, 2000 (p.m.) Fox News Channel breaks story of October 28 rally and notes that Nehod Atwad, another person Mrs. Clinton has invited to the White House spoke at the rally. Fox shows videotape of Mr. Atwad stating, "I am a supporter of the Hamas movement now more than ever."

November 2, 2000 Despite heavy lobbying from the President and Mrs. Clinton, Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind refuses to endorse his Democratic party member. NY Times reports that Mrs. Clinton refuses to discuss non-endorsement.

November 3, 2000 Letter from Mrs. Clinton to the American Muslim Alliance on White House Stationery thanking group for the plaque surfaces. Only after being questioned by reporters, the Clinton campaign releases the letter.

November 4, 2000 All NYC dailies report on the letter. Clinton camp tells Daily News that after the story of the fundraiser first surfaced, they "checked the White House archives but failed at that time to find any letter."

"After receiving queries from news organizations that received the faxed letter, Wolfson said campaign aides returned and discovered the previously missed document," the Daily News reports.

Nov 4, 2000
Lazio Campaign News Release,

0/31/00 3:45 p.m.
National Review
No Easy Ride for Hillary!
Her reluctance to speak candidly is her biggest obstacle.
By Deroy Murdock, a columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service
As New Yorkers prepare to elect a new U.S. senator on November
7, Hillary Rodham Clinton remains hounded by twin suspicions about her
honesty and commitment to Israel. Her plunging support among Jewish
voters in a recent survey suggests that these nagging questions may be
causing grave damage to her Senate candidacy.
Mrs. Clinton fueled these lingering doubts in November 1999 when she
kissed Yasser Arafat's wife, Suha, immediately after Mrs. Arafat
delivered a speech accusing Israel of murdering Arab children &emdash; with
poison gas, no less. Mrs. Clinton said she did not understand the
simultaneous translation of Mrs. Arafat's Arabic remarks. In any case,
why the smooch? Given the PLO's legacy of violence, wouldn't a
handshake have sufficed?
Mrs. Clinton sparked further questions when she claimed that she asked
President Clinton to veto an anti-Israel resolution in the United
Nations Security Council on October 7. The U.S. abstained instead.
But did she really urge that veto, or simply concoct that story
afterward to limit the damage to her candidacy after the abstention drew
fire? Mrs. Clinton has been very uncomfortable discussing this
matter. When I asked her about this at an October 17 Council on Foreign
Relations meeting, she huffed: "That question does not even deserve a
response. I have said everything about that I have to say."
Now Hillary Clinton has puzzled Jewish voters and friends of Israel with
yet another stumble. The New York Daily News reported on October
25 that her Senate campaign has returned $50,000 collected at a Boston
fundraiser attended by Muslims and Americans of Arab descent. The First
Lady posed for photos holding a plaque given to her by the event's
organizers. It expressed the appreciation of the American Muslim
Alliance for her human-rights activism. Mrs. Clinton now says she
didn't know the award was from the Alliance, even though the group's
name was emblazoned on the trophy in large letters. "I get handed
thousands of plaques," Mrs. Clinton now says. Alas for the First Lady,
the American Muslim Alliance's national president, Agha Saeed, favors
the Palestinian struggle for independence from Israel and believes the
Palestinians "have the right to resist by armed force."
Mrs. Clinton has hosted events at the Executive Mansion "to which
individuals opposed to the Mideast peace process and Israel's existence
were invited," the Daily News reported. Her Senate campaign returned a
$1,000 contribution from one of those visitors, Abduraham Alamoudi of
the American Muslim Council. According to the Daily News, Alamoudi once
declared: "We are the ones who went to the White House and defended what
is called Hamas," the Palestinian terrorist group whose 1994-1996
suicide-bombing campaign killed 130 people and wounded some 600 others.
Shortly after one of its bombs exploded in Jerusalem in August 1997,
Alamoudi told Fox News about Hamas: "I think it's a freedom-fighting
Mrs. Clinton's June 30, 2000 Federal Election Commission filing cited
Alamoudi's May 25 donation of $1,000 to her war chest. Oddly enough,
his occupation is not listed as "American Muslim Council" but "American
Museum Council." The Clinton campaign calls this a typo. (To see
Alamoudi's contribution record, search under his surname here.)
A reasonable voter might give another candidate the benefit of the doubt
here. But this is the same Hillary Rodham Clinton who is associated
with the "bureaucratic snafu" that led to Filegate.
This is the same First Lady whose Rose Law Firm billing records vanished
for two years, then magically reappeared in the White House residence
just days after the Resolution Trust Corporation concluded a
Whitewater-related probe in which the records would have been relevant.
"I do not know how the billing records came to be found where they were
found," the First Lady shrugged back in January 1996.
This is the same woman who special prosecutor Robert Ray believes gave
deceptive sworn testimony in the Travelgate affair. As Ray's October 18
report concludes: Mrs. Clinton "played a role in the decision to fire
the [White House Travel Office] employees and…thus, her statement to the
contrary under oath to this office is factually false."
As Bill Clinton's presidency wanes, a Hillary Clinton Senate term could
be waxing around the corner. For now, her Republican opponent stands in
the way. In a Zogby poll published October 31 in the New York Post,
Rep. Rick Lazio led the Dutchess of Chappaqua 47.8 percent to 42.9
(margin of error: plus or minus 3.8 percent).
Mrs. Clinton's collapsing popularity among Jewish voters also spells
trouble. On October 29, Zogby found her leading among Jews by 68.8
percent to 27.3 for Lazio. (Margin of error: plus or minus 4 percent).
Two days later, in the aforementioned October 31 poll, only 46 percent
of Jews favored Mrs. Clinton while Lazio's support climbed to 45
But the biggest obstacle between Hillary Clinton and her Capitol Hill
dreams may be her reluctance to speak candidly about the scandals that
nip at her heels like Park Avenue poodles. New Yorkers soon may decide
that they deserve better in the Senate than a politician's wife who
parachuted into the Empire State with ambitions nearly as awesome as her
allergy to the truth.



The woman who undid the peace

San Francisco Examiner
James Lafferty

James Lafferty is an independent journalist in Washington. E-mail:

By James Lafferty
A leading U.S. newspaper recently carried a commentary titled "The Men Who Undid The Mideast Peace," which placed the blame squarely on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak's predecessor.

A more accurate version might well have read "The Woman Who Undid The Mideast Peace." It would have placed the blame squarely on the person who persuaded her close friend Sandy Berger and her husband, Bill Clinton, to push Barak into concessions that have triggered the Palestinians' new jihad against Israel.

Make no mistake. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a staunch supporter of the Palestine Liberation Front since her "romantic radical" undergraduate days at Wellesley. Those radicals -- most of them the indulged sons and daughters of America's upper class -- viewed Arafat, a committed terrorist who has transformed the Palestinian territory into a thugocracy, as a "freedom fighter."

Some of those radicals, of course, grew up as they entered adulthood. Clinton, unfortunately, did not. She was the first major voice in the Clinton administration to call for a Palestinian state and, according to White House sources, she was the leading behind-the-scenes force for openly backing Barak over Netanyahu -- an unprecedented interference in the internal politics of a friendly democracy.

It was Clinton who gazed admiring as Suha Arafat committed a blood libel against the people of the Israel by accusing the Israeli government of employing toxic gas against Palestinian women and children. Far from denouncing such outrageous rhetoric, Clinton embraced Arafat's wife and kissed her cheek.

White House sources also say the first lady was the first to suggest that the president dispatch political strategists James Carville and Stan Greenburg to Israel to aid Barak's election bid.

They also acknowledge that it was she who suggested the administration pressure Barak to cede 90 percent of Israel's hard-won "buffer zones" on the West Bank and to agree to making Jerusalem a divided city.

Worse, far worse, the administration acted on her advice in persuading Barak to assent to an open-door "right-of-return" policy for the sons and daughters of Palestinians living in Israel prior to 1948. That terribly naive concession has the potential to double Israel's population within a decade -- giving the Palestinians the demographic upper hand in any election.

Would they then vote for measures to guarantee Jews equitable status or would they vote to confiscate their lands and expel them?

To ask the question is to answer it. An unlimited "right-to-return" concession would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish religious state, and Clinton surely knows that.

Is it any wonder that she was booed vigorously at a recent rally of Jewish Democrats and is studiously avoiding any uncontrolled public gatherings where her presence would evoke a similar response?

That includes, of course, the World Series, where Clinton, a longstanding Yankees' fan, cannot afford to show up at either Shea Stadium or the "House that Ruth Built."

No wonder polls currently show her holding only a slim lead among the Empire State's crucial bloc of Jewish voters -- a group of yellow-dog Democrats that normally should be in her camp by a landslide margin.

In fact, if her longtime pal Bob Shrum hadn't persuaded Al Gore to leapfrog Joe Lieberman over several front-running vice-presidential candidates, she could well be tied or trailing.

Rick Lazio, the youthful congressman from Long Island, still trails Clinton in statewide polls, but he is starting to pick up steam as he campaigns in traditionally Republican upstate New York.

It would not beggar anyone's imagination to see Lazio squeak by on Election Day. If that happens, part of his boost over the top will come from upstate Republicans returning to the fold. But equally significant aid may well be coming from Jewish New Yorkers increasingly aware of the identity of the woman who undid the peace process by pushing for such an untenable peace in the first place.


Posted on 10/29/2000 09:34:47 PST by BobS

He said Clinton's forceful criticism of Arafat during the last few weeks has not made him regret his group's decision to support her.

"The idea is to win the election," he said. "[So] she must change her tune. But that doesn't mean anything. It's just at the spur of the moment that she must say these things, and we understand that."

Hillary handed 50 grand by Israel's sworn enemies


"Boston, June 13, 2000 - The American Muslim Alliance Massachusetts chapter held a successful fund-raiser for First Lady Hillary Clinton at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston on June 13, 2000. . .

And Hillary clearly understood that her hosts were concerned the U.S. war on terrorism might be too harsh.

In her speech, "Mrs. Clinton vowed to pursue fairness and justice in the issue of secret evidence and the Anti-Terrorism Act," the AMA Web report notes.

Then there's the $1,000 contribution the first lady accepted (then returned this week) from Abdurahman Alamoudi, the American Muslim Council official who attended the Boston event. "We are the ones who went to the White House and defended what is called Hamas," the New York Daily News says Alamoudi once boasted.

Beyond trying to cover up her fund raising with Arafat sympathizers, Mrs. Clinton may have even attempted to hide Alamoudi's American Muslim Council ties. Her campaign's FEC filing actually lists Alamoudi's employer as "The American Museum Council."


Hillary Caught in Pro-Arafat Fund-Raising Cover-Up

MUSLIM DONORS CITE E-MAIL: Say Hil Camp Knew 50G Fund-Raiser Was Theirs

News/Current Events News Keywords: HILLARY CLINTON, MUSLIM DONATIONS
New York Daily News
Published: October 28, 2000 Author: Larry Cohler-Esses
Posted on 10/28/2000 03:40:12 PDT by


A Muslim group whose leader approves of armed Palestinian resistance to Israel disputed Hillary Rodham Clinton's assertion that she didn't know the group sponsored a Boston fund-raiser for her.

The group provided an e-mail yesterday to show there had been contact between the organization and the Clinton campaign the day before the event.

Tahir Ali, chairman of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Muslim Alliance, spoke with Clinton campaign finance director David Rosen on the eve of the June 13 Boston fund-raiser, according to the text of an e-mail Ali sent to his members that same day.

"I just talked to David Rosen, financial director," the e-mail says. "He indicated that Mrs. Clinton will be at the Park Plaza Hotel before 3:30 p.m. tomorrow. [So] try to be there before that."

Ali provided the e-mail to the Daily News after the Clinton campaign insisted that the American Muslim Alliance did not sponsor the fund-raiser, which the organization says generated $50,000 for her Senate campaign. The campaign is returning the money.

Ali has conceded that his group was not the original sponsor of the event, but said it assumed sponsorship about a week before it took place.

A spokesman for Clinton, who accepted a plaque from the group in Boston, insisted yesterday that the campaign was not aware that the American Muslim Alliance sponsored the event.

When asked about Ali's e-mail citing his conversation with Rosen, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said, "He [Rosen] does not remember speaking with Mr. Ali, but in any case that is irrelevant. When we found out that this organization claimed credit for hosting the event, we decided to return the money raised at it."

Clinton's contact with the anti-Israel group has jolted her campaign, which has been courting Jewish voters and in recent weeks has condemned Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for failing to halt a wave of Mideast violence.

Ali's e-mail provided new details about the relationship the alliance was seeking to forge with the First Lady.

"We plan to ask her to include a few 'qualified' Muslims in her campaign," the e-mail informed its members. It notes also that the national chairman of the alliance, Agha Saeed, wanted to invite Clinton to be keynote speaker at the group's upcoming national convention.

Saeed has said in interviews that while he supports Palestinian efforts to gain a state through peace talks, if this fails he backs their right to use armed force in accordance with a UN resolution that he says endorses this.

The state Republican Party is trying to capitalize on the issue by hiring a phone-bank company to call voters with Jewish names.

Reading from scripts, the solicitors identify themselves as working for the GOP and accuse Clinton of taking $50,000 from a group supportive of anti-Israel terrorists.

With Joel Siegel

All information copyrighted.

The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

Mia T

Mindless rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy

"Hillary's people are very bright," said a well-connected Democrat yesterday. "But they think everybody else is stupid."
Stupid is as stupid does, says Off the Record. . .


Don't lose
Your head
To gain a minute
You need your head
Your brains are in it.
--an old roadside ad, Pushme-Pullyou

11 posted on 11/17/2001 5:28:51 AM PST by Mia T
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To: uncle fenders; Atticus
...while [chelsea] watched the towers collapse she ..."thanked God [her] mother was a senator representing New York."

Humpty Daddy

Olson Book's Chilling Warning: Clinton's Terrorist Pardons Sent Signal

News Max
Published: Oct. 14, 2001 Author: Carl Limbacher and Staff
Posted on 10/14/01 8:23 PM Pacific by
concerned about politics

In a bone chilling chapter of her new book "The Final Days," late heroine-author Barbara Olson warned that ex-president Bill Clinton's pardons of terrorists who had repeatedly bombed buildings in New York City "send a signal" that the U.S. isn't serious about fighting terrorism.

In words that now seem like a harbinger of her own Sept. 11 death at the hands of the Middle Eastern terrorists, Olson cited example after example of how U.S. officials strenuously warned Clinton that pardoning FALN Puerto Rican separatists who had waged their own bombing jihad on America posed a threat to national security.

In August 1999 Clinton pardoned 16 FALN terrorists without even being asked, in a move that was widely seen as a cynical ploy to win Hispanic votes for his wife's New York senate bid.

The group had planned and executed 130 bombing attacks on New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. from 1974 to 1983. Miraculously, the FALN managed to kill just six Americans. But hundreds more were seriously wounded.

Law enforcement officials were stunned when Clinton decided to pardon the FALN bombers.

"The FBI's assistant director of national security, Neil Gallagher, said that the people turned loose by Clinton 'are criminals, and they are terrorists, and they represent a threat to the United States,'" Olson wrote.

In a subchapter eerily headlined "Pardons for Terrorists Send a Signal," she reported:

"President Clinton had not bothered to consult with relatives of victims of FALN terrorism. In fact, the survivors of those murdered and those whose lives had otherwise been destroyed by the terrorists were not even informed that their attackers were being released."

Olson continued:

"Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder.... conceded that the nation owed much greater consideration to the victims. And Holder's boss, Janet Reno, explicitly acknowledged that groups aligned with the FALN still posed a threat to national security."

In comments turned gut-wrenching in light of last month's attacks, former Justice Department pardon attorney Margaret Love told the late author that Clinton's terrorist pardons should have set off alarm bells.

"We should have seen a big flashing red light because of the FALN cases.... That was a foreshoadowing of what happened later."

Love was referring to Clinton's January 2001 pardons of drug dealers and international fugitives, not the attacks on the U.S., which no one foresaw. But it's nearly impossible now to read those words as anything but prophesy of the terrorist acts that murdered Olson and nearly 6,000 others last month.

In a moment of now legendary heroism, the late author telephoned her husband, Solicitor General Ted Olson, from American Flight 175 to warn that terrorists had hijacked her plane. Mr. Olson had the terrible task of telling his wife that two planes had slammed into New York's World Trade Center minutes before.

Barbara Olson's phone call was the first warning the government had that Washington, D.C. had come under similar attack.

In comments sure to irk those who argued for eight years that Bill Clinton's private life was nobody else's business, the late author contends that the terrorist pardons were payback for Mrs. Clinton indulging her husband's decades of rampant philandering.

"Hillary had done a lot of heavy lifting for her husband, much of it, such as the various bimbo eruptions, that required her to hold her nose. She had to cover for her husband and lie."

Olson called the FALN pardons Bill Clinton's "first return on her investment."

Though a lively debate has raged ever since Sept. 11 over whether the ex-president did as much as he could to stop Osama bin Laden, the one-time congressional Clinton investigator is the first to raise the FALN pardon question at any length.

Perhaps now Sen. Clinton, who has made herself newly available on the TV talk show circuit since the World Trade Center attacks, will be asked whether she agrees with Olson that her husband's terrorist pardons "sent a signal."




"My client had nothing to do with the low-rent, trailer-park trash politicians who infested our country for the past eight years."

--Michael Rosen, lawyer for Thomas Gambino, son of late Mafia boss Carlo Gambino

New York Post via The Wall Street Journal

(Michael Rosen was understandably eager to distance his client, a convicted loan shark, from the clintons. Another Thomas Gambino reportedly paid $50,000 to roger clinton in an unsuccessful effort to get a pardon for his father, Rosario Gambino.),

It's not easy to play fair against Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, who, in the words of the authors, "operated like a crime family, expecting friends and aides to protect them even against their own best interests." What's amazing, of course, is that's exactly what Clinton friends and aides have always done, from Susan McDougal to Webster Hubbell to flocks of nameless White House special assistants. Even Jim McDougal died just in time to deprive the independent counsel of a key witness against Mrs. Clinton, thus derailing what the authors report to have been her likely indictment for perjury and obstruction related to the Whitewater investigation....     

Reading the tumultuous events of the Lewinsky probe in a comprehensive narrative is unlike attempting to make sense of it in daily doses. Something different comes through the heavy accumulation of detail of, for example, the duplicity of the Justice Department, or the sharklike behavior of the White House. One begins to get a choking sense of the atmosphere of corruption and ruthlessness the Clintons inhabit -- and, worse, have forced the rest of us to inhabit. Taken in one piece, the habitual, even casual abuse of power on display begins to resemble conditions one normally associates with a state of totalitarianism, where such concepts as truth and justice are only paid lip service. In the end, then, it makes you wonder when there will be fresh air again.

-----Crime-family values

"I did not have any involvement in the pardons that were granted or not granted," insisted Sen. KnowNothing, seeming to forget her presence at the New-Square/Oval-Office schmooze that secured pardons for the four Hasidic felons who set up a phony school in Brooklyn to swindle the government out of millions intended for the poor.

Mia T, Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton Effectively Pleads 5TH in Press Conference by Invoking Spousal Privilege

by Mia T
So many pardons 4 sale.
So many rodhams & clintons to nail.
Hey, hey Mary Jo!
Can you spell R-I-C-O?

Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton Holds News Conference

by Mia T


WASHINGTON- February 22. Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton held her premiere press conference today on Capitol Hill, ostensibly to answer questions about the peddling of White House pardons by her brother and her campaign treasurer. Notably absent among the press queries were any about her own involvement not only in those pardons, but in the larger universe of sold pardons--the incipient clinton scandal du jour--Pardongate.

KnowNothing's brother, Hugh Rodham, secured two of the 141 clinton midnight pardons, one for a cocaine kingpin and the other for a snake-oil swindler. Rodham netted a quick $400,000 for his "work" according to various rodhams and clintons and their assorted lawyers. KnowNothing's campaign treasurer, William Cunningham III, himself a law partner of longtime KnowNothing adviser Harold Ickes, helped obtain last-minute pardons for two convicted felons.


Displaying a willingness to throw her brother (along with her husband) to the wolves, Sen. Victim Clinton was quick to make a distinction between her big, bad brother's pardon "work" and that of her campaign treasurer, "a fine lawyer and a fine man." The "family" connection of brother Rodham to Clinton made brother Rodham's "work" bad, bad, bad, whereas the campaign treasurer Cunningham's connection to the senator and her campaign coffers made his securing of two pardons in record time a sterling example of highminded, effective public service.

KnowNothing is apparently not the best of thinkers. If the "family" connection makes lobbying for cocaine-kingpin and snake-oil-swindler pardons bad, bad, bad for brother Rodham, then the "family" connection makes lobbying for the Hasidim 4 (see Keating 5) pardons bad, badder, baddest for the wife, First Lady and senator-elect. Moreover, pardons for votes is arguably worse than pardons for dough.


KnowNothing specifically declined to answer when asked whether she discussed the pardons with her husband, effectively pleading the 5th. Turning aside questions about the pardon decisions her husband had made, she told reporters they should address those issues with him and his staff. She refused to say whether he should agree to appear voluntarily before congressional committees investigating the pardons. Interestingly, no one asked her whether she would agree to appear voluntarily before those same congressional committees.


"I did not have any involvement in the pardons that were granted or not granted," insisted Sen. KnowNothing, seeming to forget her presence at the New-Square/Oval-Office schmooze that secured pardons for the four Hasidic felons who set up a phony school in Brooklyn to swindle the government out of millions intended for the poor.


KnowNothing noted that her"best memory" was that she never spoke to her brother or to Mr. Cunningham about the pardons. With variations of "I don't have a memory" and "my best memory, and avoiding the more obvious "I don't recall" and "my best recollection," KnowNothing reprised the Ruffian standard used during the clinton years to commit perjury without penalty.


...or more precisely, envelopes. During her denials of involvement in any of the pardons, KnowNothing made the curious claim: "People handed me envelopes, I passed them on [and never opened a single one. Honest.]"


Reprising the role of victim that enabled her to win a senate seat in spite of record-high personal negatives and public failures, the senator peppered her answers about big, bad Hugh (understanding that the subtext was big, bad Bill) with "saddened" and "disappointed" and "heartbroken" and "shocked."


This session today was cut short by a staffer when reporters appeared dissatisfied by Senator KnowNothing's lack of candor.

In the end, this press conference full of poses, poll-tested phrases and prevarication was just another display of the clintons' utter contempt for the people. Bill Clinton committed the same error last Sunday in his shameless, lie-filled New York Times Pardongate Apologia.

The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.


Don't lose
Your head
To gain a minute
You need your head
Your brains are in it.
--an old roadside ad, Pushme-Pullyou
HIM: "I didn't have sex with that pardon."

HER: Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton Effectively Pleads 5TH by Invoking Spousal Privilege

Connect the dots, Helen...

Can you spell R-I-C-O?

12 posted on 11/17/2001 5:43:46 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Atticus

Humpty Daddy- revision of animation

by Mia T
In light of evidence of obvious coordination with the Mother, the prior animation was not quite accurate...




13 posted on 11/18/2001 5:58:17 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Republic
Puppetry as child abuse.
14 posted on 11/18/2001 6:03:30 AM PST by Mia T
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To: big ern
That's what is so sad about people like Chelsea. They have been so protected all of their lives; they have no conception of reality. I, for one, don't want them running our country. I want someone who has experienced life, not traveled life through a tunnel.
15 posted on 11/18/2001 8:04:01 AM PST by freekitty
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To: anniegetyourgun
...while [chelsea] watched the towers collapse she ..."thanked God [her] mother was a senator representing New York."

Humpty Daddy

Bill Clinton may not be the worst president America has had, but surely he is the worst person to be president. There is reason to believe that he is a rapist ("You better get some ice on that," Juanita Broaddrick says he told her concerning her bit lip), and that he bombed a country to distract attention from legal difficulties arising from his glandular life, and that. ... Furthermore, the bargain that he and his wife call a marriage refutes the axiom that opposites attract. Rather, she, as much as he, perhaps even more so, incarnates Clintonism

---GEORGE WILL, Sleaze, the sequel

The rape took place while Bill was running for governor. Hillary came bursting into the room to talk to two people, one of whom I personally know. She said "You won't believe what this &^%$#@#$%^ did now. He tried to rape some b*tch."

It was the job of these two to squelch the story.

doug from upland to Shaun Hannity, WABC, 10/16/00

You had questioned the gentleman who drove you and Mr. Clinton from the airport. You asked him about me and if I would be at the gathering. Do you remember? You told the driver, "Bill has talked so much about Juanita", and that you were so anxious to meet me. Well, you wasted no time. As soon as you entered the room, you came directly to me and grabbed my hand. Do you remember how you thanked me, saying "we want to thank you for everything that you do for Bill". At that point, I was pretty shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me? You repeated your statement, but this time with a coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the last eight years. You said, "Everything you do for Bill". You then released your grip and I said nothing and left the gathering.

What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping quiet about the assault I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two weeks before? Were you warning me to continue to keep quiet? We both know the answer to that question.


"I believed that he had done it. I believed her that she had been raped 20 years ago. And it was vicious rapes, it was twice at the same event." Asked point blank if the president is a rapist, Shays said, "I would like not to say that it way. But the bottom line is that I believe that he did rape Broaddrick."

Christopher Shays, Shays Shocker: Clinton Raped Broaddrick Twice

It's no longer acceptable to say that the abuse and mistreatment of women is cultural. It should be called what it is: criminal."

-- Hillary Rodham Clinton, addressing the UN, 3.4.99  

As we've learned from the Juanita Broaddrick story (non-story, I should say) and countless others, the Clintons will do their best Muhammad Ali impression and play rope-a-dope one more time. Like they said - they've got to "get back to the business of the American people." You know - degrading the military, censoring the Internet, and bombing other countries. There's no time to deal with rape allegations or small details like a contempt charge.

---No Person is Above the Law

"Who is Juanita Broaddrick? I've never heard of her!" cried Betty Friedan, the founder of modern feminism. Friedan's outburst came at last Fridayís conference, entitled "The Legacy and Future of Hillary Rodham Clinton." Held at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. D.C., the event offered a chilling microcosm of an angry, divided America.

For nearly an hour, a five-woman panel had been debating whether Hillary qualified as a "feminist heroine." I thought Broaddrick's claim of having been raped by Hillary's husband had some bearing on this point, so I broached the subject during the question-and-answer period. Friedan's dyspeptic denial followed.

Was Friedan telling the truth? Maybe. And maybe all those millions of Germans who professed ignorance of the death camps were telling the truth too. The problem is, having admitted her ignorance, Friedan showed no interest in exploring the matter further. And that was the problem with the Germans too.

Totalitarian impulses flourished at the conference. Taking a page from Soviet psychiatry, some Clintonites suggested that Hillary hating might be a mental illness. . .

---Richard Poe, The Hillary Conspiracy

The clinton Rapes: Credit where credit is due...
Even hillary hagiographer, Gail Sheehy, concedes that hillary clinton deserves no less than half of the credit for the clinton rapes.
She made the money, she laid out the political strategy. She fought his political enemies for him. She gave him a beautiful child. She was an excellent mother. What more could you want in a political wife? So these other little escapades on the side were just, you know, white noise.---GAIL SHEEHY
Historically, hillary clinton has always been a co-equal partner in clintoncrime.
Specifically, hillary clinton raped, too. For two decades, for power, for all intents and purposes, hillary clinton both provided and pinned her husband's prey as he raped them, again and again.
In a novel twist of logic and reality during the First Rapist's impeachment trial, the co-rapist portrayed the endless string of clinton rapes as significant clinton public policy, euphemistically dubbing chronic clinton predation "ministering to troubled young girls."

Mia T, First Rapist's Rose-Garden Escape: The Full Story

With Carl Limbacher and Staff
Thursday August 3, 2000; 9:35 AM EDT
Shays Reveals Details of Clinton's 'Horrific' Broaddrick Rape
Arkansas nursing home operator Juanita Broaddrick told impeachment
investigators she was raped not once but twice by Bill Clinton during a
brutal attack in a Little Rock hotel room 22 years ago, Connecticut
Congressman Christopher Shays revealed Wednesday.
Shays was one of forty moderate congressional Republicans to visit the
Ford Building evidence room during the House impeachment probe, where
Broaddrick's accusation and documentation of other alleged Clinton
crimes were made available for review.
Five days after Clinton was impeached by the House, Shays told the New
York Times that the evidence was, "very alarming and very unsettling,"
involving, "conduct by the president that is alleged to be pretty
In his comments to the Times Shays made no mention of the second attack
on Broaddrick.
But when asked about the Ford Building evidence on Wednesday by WELI New
Haven talk-radio host Tom Scott, Shays replied, "I believed that he had
done it. I believed her that she had been raped 20 years ago. And it
was vicious rapes, it was twice at the same event."
When Scott asked Shays if he believes the president is a rapist, the
congressman replied, "I would like not to say it that way.
But the bottom line is that I believe that he did rape Broaddrick."
Shays comments to Scott were first reported by National Review Online
late Wednesday.
The reactions of other House members who viewed the evidence at the time
suggested that Clinton's assault on Broaddrick was more disturbing than
what has been reported in the press since.
Just days after the impeachment vote Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon told the
Arizona Republic that what he saw in the Ford Building left him
"nauseated." Delaware Rep. Mike Castle was reduced to tears, according
to CNBC's Chris Matthews.
The shocking presidential rape evidence briefly moved Shays into the
pro-impeachment column, he told the Times after the vote. But a personal
meeting with Clinton, Shays said, changed his mind.
Not a single U.S. Senator viewed the Ford Building evidence before
voting to acquit Clinton on two articles of impeachment.
In 1999, Georgia Congressman Bob Barr told that the Ford
Building materials would remain sealed unless the American people
demanded their release.

Shays Shocker Clinton Raped Broaddrick Twice.

National Review Online
By NR staff

Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays said on a talk radio show Wednesday that, based on secret evidence he reviewed during the impeachment controversy, he believes President Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick, not once, but twice.

Talk-show host Tom Scott of Clear Channel Broadcasting, New Haven (WELI 960) asked Shays about the mysterious impeachment "evidence room," prompting the GOP moderate to say that Broaddrick "disclosed that she had been raped, not once, but twice" to Judiciary Committee investigators.

Shays, who is often hailed by the New York Times for his independent judgment and good sense, found the evidence compelling:

"I believed that he had done it. I believed her that she had been raped 20 years ago. And it was vicious rapes, it was twice at the same event." Asked point blank if the president is a rapist, Shays said, "I would like not to say that it way. But the bottom line is that I believe that he did rape Broaddrick."

And Shays voted against impeachment!


by Mia T
It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope.
We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth,
and listen to the song of that siren
till she transforms us into beasts.
Is this the part of wise men,
engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty?
Are we disposed to be the number of those
who, having eyes, see not,
and having ears, hear not,
the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?
For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost,
I am willing to know the whole truth;
to know the worst, and to provide for it.
-----------------Patrick Henry
In a dark time, the eye begins to see.
----------------- Theodore Roethke



16 posted on 11/20/2001 3:00:17 AM PST by Mia T
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Just look around this chamber. We have members from virtually every racial, ethnic, and religious background. And America is stronger for it. But as we have seen, these differences all too often spark hatred and division, even here at home. . . This is not the American way. We must draw the line. Without delay, we must pass the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. And we should reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

bill clinton, State of Union Speech, January 27, 2000

"I'm sorry, but the president is one of the crudest men I have ever encountered in government service," says one female agent. "He has no respect for women."

Among the comments clinton made in presence of Secret Service agents:

. Frequent speculation on the oral sex skills of women
the president saw or met in receiving lines;

. References to the size of a woman's breasts, legs or figure;

. Sexual jokes.

After the Monica Lewinsky story broke, however, clinton toned down his rhetoric and behavior in front of his Secret Service agents, but those who guarded the president say enough of them saw and heard things which could be damaging to clinton.

"It depends on who Ken Starr calls," says one ex-agent. "The people who are on the job today are not necessarily the ones who know the most."

Turnover In clinton's Secret Service Detail 'Highest That Anyone Can Remember'

In the months that follow, reporters drop the issue. Feminists say little or nothing. Rape crisis center workers acknowledge that Broaddrick's case, including her reluctance to come forward, is typical of victims of sexual assault. But they decline to speak against clinton. Some cite the federal funding they receive as a result of the Violence Against Women Act, which was signed into law by clinton.

Why does the press continue to ignore the Juanita Broaddrick story?

The Placebo President:
How a Rapist can be a Policy Feminist
placebo effect n.
A beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment
that arises from the patient's expectations concerning
the treatment rather than from the treatment itself.
Every woman adores a Fascist,
The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you.
----Sylvia Plath
The placebo effect immediately came to mind
as I listened to Shelby Steele,
a research fellow at the Hoover Institution,
debunk the following pernicious spin intended to save clinton.
To wit:
A proven felon and utter reprobate can remain president;
clinton can be a failed human being but a good president.
The error in these statements arises, says Steele,
from the belief that
virtuousness is separate from personal responsibility
so that one's virtuousness as an individual is determined by
one's political positions on issues rather than on
whether or not in one's personal life there is a
consistency and a responsibility.
Steele's contention is that this compartmentalization,
rather than being the amazing advantage
the clintons would have us believe,
in fact, spills toxicity into, corrupts, the culture.
If mere identification with good policies is what makes one virtuous
then those policies become, what Steele calls, iconographic,
that is to say they just represent virtuousness.
They don't necessarily do virtuous things.
If clinton's semantic parsing strips meaning from our words,
clinton's iconographic policies strip meaning from our society,
systematically deconstructing our society as a democracy. . .
I would take Shelby Steele's thesis one step further.
I maintain that iconographic policy functions like a placebo,
producing a real, physiological and social effects.
The placebo effect is, after all, the brain's triumph over reality.
Expectation alone can produce powerful physiological results.
The placebo effect was, at one time, an evolutionary advantage:
act now, think later
bill clinton is the paradigmatic Placebo President.
Placebo is Latin for "I shall please."
And please he does
doling out sham treatments, iconographs, with abandon.
To please, to placate, to numb, to deflect.
Ultimately to showcase his imagined virtue.
Or to confute his genuine vice.
clinton will dispense sugar pills (or bombs)
at the drop of a high-heeled shoe...
or at the hint of high treason...
clinton's charlatanry mimics that of primitive medicine.
Through the 1940s, doctors had little effective medicine to offer
so they deliberately attempted to induce the placebo response.
The efficaciousness of today's medicines
does not diminish the power of the placebo.
A recent review of placebo-controlled studies
found that placebos and genuine treatments
are often equally effective.
If you expect to get better, you will.
Which brings me back to the original question:
Can clinton be a failed human being but a good president?
Clearly he cannot.
These two propositions are mutually exclusive.
clinton's fundamental failure is a complete lack of integrity.
He has violated his covenant with the American people.
Because clinton has destroyed his moral authority as a leader,
he can no longer function even as a quack;
the placebo effect is gone.
And so the Placebo President must now go, too.

17 posted on 11/20/2001 3:05:13 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T I've been saying for years....he's nothing but a male slut, and despite all attempts to redeem himself, that is his legacy.
18 posted on 11/20/2001 3:06:19 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: Mia T
19 posted on 11/20/2001 3:09:52 AM PST by Fiddlstix
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by Mia T

Not Joe Klein's Primary Colors. And not Jack Stanton.
bill clinton is straight out of
Stanley Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.
clinton is Alex,
one of the few truly amoral characters in either film or literature;
not quite as Kubrick (or Burgess) had imagined him, however,
but rumpled, wrinkled, paunchy, edematous,
stripped of the youth-excuse
after 30 additional, pathetic, recidivistic years
of marauding, stomping, raping, gangbanging, deceiving and destroying.
Like A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, the story of bill clinton
is the story about a society that has lost its capacity for moral choice.
But unlike in the less fabulous and no more ironic fable,
clinton is not mere nascent symbol but nihilistic agent.
clinton, like Alex, is the leader of the gang, the "droogies."
Eerily prefigured by the rocking, crooked phallus,
clinton's a conscienceless sadist
who thrills at risk and gratuitous destruction,
whose sexual and non-sexual impotence
is at the root of his obsession with "the old inout."
When Alex kills a woman during a rape, Alex is sent to prison.
When clinton rapes women, girls, his country and God knows what else. . .
and kills? --- check out those fourscore-plus deaths, please!
And don't forget the wag-the-dog, desperately-seeking-a-legacy bombings,
or the cold-blooded Ricky Ray Rector execution---
not clinton but society is imprisoned,
imprisoned in clinton's
besmirched, semen-stained, feckless presidency.
A risible and repulsive result;
yet not even the punch line.
While Alex is conditioned in prison with aversion therapy,
transmuted into a moral robot who becomes nauseated
by the mere thought of sex and violence,
bill clinton and his Thought Police,
in a perverse reverse aversion,
have conditioned society's collective brain
into not mere acquiescence but twisted admiration.
In the end,
if clinton's arrogant, ruthless, reckless nature is restored to him,
it seems the joke will be on all of us,
for it will be a victory for infinite victimhood and irresponsibility,
for seduction, for violence, for nihilism, for anarchy.
We will have set apart clinton as the hero
by making his victims less human than he;
we will have allowed clinton to carefully estrange us from his victims
so that we can enjoy the rapes and the beatings
as much as clinton himself does.


20 posted on 11/20/2001 3:12:04 AM PST by Mia T
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