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One more thing I forgot to include in my previous response to your comments.

I'll just answer this since I answered your other comments in private e-mail (why do you send them both public and private, by the way? Could we just pick one?)

When black Americans look back in time and ask the question "who stood with us during our civil rights battles?" -- obviously, the persons and groups that share your viewpoint (such as the Birch Society) are totally invisible.


However, the Birch Society did make it clear whose side THEY were on! Numerous Birch Society officials, including National Council members, chapter and section leaders, and prominent authors they recommended were often racists, segregationists, or otherwise connected to White Citizens Councils or even more noxious white-supremacy organizations. Why is that?

Because they were supporting States' Rights, I suspect. My caveat to you would be that the Communists were using Black Americans, simple as that. They used them the way a pimp uses his girls. And those girls will look back at the mean cops who arrested them, and then at the pimp who bailed them out, and spoke nicely to them... (and then put them back on the front lines,) and they'll make the wrong decision, again and again.

It's difficult to ultimately decide that the principles of those unsympathetic to you are better than the goals of those who were nice, and stroked you, and smiled at you. But I'd advise black Americans to think it over. Look at Cuba, whose prisons are 85% black. Look at North Korea and China, and ask how many people they murdered. Look at what Communists did to Angola, slaughtering thousands of Angolans because to the Communists, they were utterly expendable.

Everything good to you isn't good for you.

30 posted on 10/06/2003 6:55:44 AM PDT by wizardoz (Palestinians blow up over the least little thing...)
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To: wizardoz
Well, Wizard, I admire your candor but you are simply on the wrong side of history.

No thinking person allies himself with anyone or any group that is morally defective just because that person or group might have some political ideas that resonate.

That's why even IF one could make a case for seductive conclusions and proposals offered by the KKK, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, etc. -- no honorable, decent person would find it acceptable to become an adherent or promoter of their viewpoints.

There is something particularly noxious and specious about using "State's Rights" as a device for denying basic human rights to your fellow citizens because of one's self-perceived racial superiority --- in much the same way that Communists used their theories of "inevitable" historical development to justify mass murder to advance "social progress".

Finally, with respect to Don West and Highlander Folk School: I haven't seen the evidence yet to confirm that he was a Communist Party member. I have about 70% of the FBI files on Highlander Folk School and his name wasn't even mentioned in the documents I have. However, as I pointed out in my original posting, Don West and Myles Horton were associated for a very brief period of time (about 6 months) before their relationship soured and a parting-of-the-ways occurred. So--what, one wonders, did Don West actually contribute in the context of his alleged "Communist" motivation?

Also--since I was asked, rhetorically, "where did the money come from?" to start Highlander....there is nothing mysterious about it.

Several books and doctoral dissertations have discussed Highlander Folk School (HFS) history in exhaustive detail and a major portion of Highlander's papers are archived at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin in Madison WI as well as the Tennessee State Library Manuscripts Division in Nashville.

Lilian W. Johnson donated her farm for the creation of HFS and Myles Horton sought (and received) modest financial assistance from acquaintances he met during his education at Union Theological Seminary (and elsewhere) plus within the labor movement. During the winter of 1932-1933, Highlander cash on-hand dwindled to $250. By April 1933, the school had 8 students---hardly an inspiring financial success!

History is often the story of determined individuals working against established authority or orthodoxy. Even Birchers should be able to appreciate how difficult it is to "go against the flow" of prevailing wisdom or customs.

Highlander Folk School did nothing in its long history to deserve the venomous attacks it received from racists and non-racists fearful of a society undergoing change. Unfortunately, as was so often the case, the John Birch Society chose to ally themselves with mean-spirited attacks that seldom were based upon facts---as even the FBI recognized over time.
32 posted on 10/06/2003 8:58:18 PM PDT by
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To: All
"When black Americans look back in time and ask the question "who stood with us during our civil rights battles?"

Considering that the vote FOR the Civil Rights Act was 92% Republican and 62% Democrat, one has to wonder at the choice they eventually came to make.

I do believe, in fact, that the NAACP is a Communist front. They care nothing about the color of one's skin (all legal battles on that front won long ago) as much as political ideology that favors communist regimes. Explain their relentless attacks on Justice Brown, Condoleeza Rice, Justice Thomas and Colin Powell recently?

46 posted on 10/23/2003 10:33:48 AM PDT by Qwinn
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