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Pro-KLA Terrorist Paper advocates Ethnic Cleansing plan by KLA/KPC/TMK in UN run Kosovo
Koha Ditore (via Decani Monestary ) ^ | March 4, 2003 | Pietr Rogel

Posted on 03/11/2003 4:01:19 AM PST by vooch

Beware Of Serb Plans To Colonize Kosova

Piter Rogel

Trans. M.M.
March 4 (Koha Ditore)

There are many reactions in Kosova concerning the latest Serbian movements inside and outside Kosova (establishment of Municipalities' Union, and Djindjic's initiatives), which aim to establish two 'entities' under the Serbian sovereignty in Kosova. However, the Albanians should not aside the concrete steps in this direction, which are more dangerous for Kosova fate than the previous declarations of Serbian politicians. This has to do with the Serbian demographic projects, and it is indispensable to prepare effective counter-measures to defeat this threat.


In Belgrade's daily newspaper 'Politika', issued on 24 February, we can read a story of a Serb family displaced from Ferizaj, for which Covic's Coordination Center constructed a house in the Serb village Kormjan of Dardana (Kamenica) Municipality.

Kormjan is a Serb village in east of Kosova, only 4-5 kilometers away from the border with Serbia. This is the nearest village to this border (in fact, with the border with Presheva Valley), out of 50 Serb villages, 'gathered'in eastern part of Kosova.

The above-mentioned article in 'Politika' is direct confirmation that the re-establishment of Serbs displaced by 'Albanian entity' to design a 'Serb entity' in Kosova, has already started. Instead of returning to their residence in Ferizaj (which the Serbs consider to belong to the 'Albanian entity' now), this Serb family was placed in the eastern part of Kosova, which is strategic and very important, and which the Serbs have reserved it for themselves.

Six months earlier, on 24 August, in the same Belgrade daily newspaper, there was a story of the Serb village of Ropotova e Madhe (in Dardana Municipality), where 'the houses constructed by Coordinating Center were blown up', without mentioning who they were constructed for. In December last year, there was an article in 'Politika' that told of a plan to construct other new houses in the Serb village Hodefc in the same municipality this spring. At the end of last year, a new school was constructed in the Serb village Carefc (this news was published in the web site of 'Radio OK' in Vranje, Serbia). Based on the law, Dardana Municipality officials should have issued construction permits for these facilities. However, it is natural that the Serbs would not consider them anyway.

These are clear signs that the Serb colonization has already started in the eastern part of Kosova. In the maps for Kosova cantonization, it is seen that Serbs see eastern Kosova as a connection between Serbia and the largest Serb enclave south of Prishtina. There are also plans for Serbian cantonization of other zones.

In 'Politika' of 13 December last year, there was an article that told for UNMIK plan for the construction of 57 houses for the displaced Serbs of Mirefc, Merdare, and Livadice villages of Podujevo Municipality.

Podujevo Municipal administrator, Michael Verling, confirmed personally that these houses were not projected for the Serbs that previously lived here; but however, these houses will be constructed when they could 'match with the agreeable security conditions.'

'Matching with the agreeable conditions' in practice means, they will be placed near the Serbian border. If the 57 new Serb houses will be constructed close to the Serbian border, then Kosova territory will be deprived of that part.

The speech of UNMIK administrator in Podujevo, displays the UNMIK stance (and also the contradiction of Steiner's insincere declarations against parallel institutions), towards Kosova integration and Serbian colonization of Kosova. It is insanity when Kosova Assembly requests such UNMIK to undertake measures against the self-announced union of Serb municipalities, when it is clear that UNMIK has secret agreement with the Serbs.

This is not the first example that Serbia with international assistance (KFOR/UNMIK) encroaches Kosova territory in Podujevo Municipality.

In 'Politika' of 6 December last year, you can read that Medvedja Municipality in Serbia (which is led by Serbs), has financed the road construction between mountain and field villages Sekiraqe / Metergoc and Serbia. Serbian Construction Company 'Vranje' and Czech and Slovak KFOR battalion conducted the construction. It is unknown whether Podujevo Municipality officials issued a permit to the Serbian company to conduct the workings within the municipality territory.

In Belgrade's daily newspaper 'Danas' of 6 January, you can read that the criteria regulation to allocate the assembled apartments and houses for refugees and displaced persons, was put in effect.

According to this regulation, not only Kosova Serbs, but the others as well (Serb refugees from Croatia and Bosnia, and other homeless Serbs as well), have a possibility to receive the completed apartments and houses, released on a rent by Belgrade government. This is a legal basis for the new Serbian colonization of Kosova.


The colonization of eastern part of Kosova, presents a serious threat to Kosova security and integration, larger than Serbian declarations and Djindjic's initiatives. Albanians are wrong if they believe UNMIK will obstruct this and protect Kosova integrity.

No one will protect Kosova integrity if the Albanians don't do this. The spring is coming and the colonization will intensify visibly in the following weeks and months, and thus it is indispensable to prepare measures against this.

First, it is necessary for the Albanians to organize strict monitoring of Serb villages along Serbian borderline, and also of the northern part of Kosova that is controlled by the Serbs.

The construction of houses and other facilities should be obstructed in the way that according to the internationals, this should be done in a way not to result with unneeded victims. All these buildings are Belgrade properties and Albanians have moral right to destroy them.

The same Serbs that come to Kosova as colonists from Belgrade criminal regime remains, have no right to live in Kosova, and these Serbs present legitimate targets for attacks. Therefore, the residents of the Serb villages situated for colonization should live in fear while the human rights of other Serbs will be respected.

The Serb villages along the borderline should disconnect from Serbia, including the electricity system and telephone services. If these Serb villages are furnished with power by Kosova (KEK) and phone services, this presents a step that prevents the colonization in a high level. On the other side, if they are furnished by Serbia, these connections should be cut completely. It would be good to destroy the electric and telephone lines that come from Serbia and are spread in Serb villages.

These are the villages that should be monitored continuously because they are adequate to become target of Serbian colonization:

Eastern Kosova: (Dardana (Kamenica), Gjilan, Novo Brdo, Prishtina Municipalities) Mali Krshlanci (small village in south of Hodanoc), Domoroc, Kormjani I Poshtem, Kormjani I Eperm, Ranillug, Gllogoc, Drenoc, Tomanc, Panqela Ropotova e Vogel, Ropotova e Madhe, Hodefci, Rajnofc, Rozhefc, Mozgova, Draganc, Kufca e Eperme, Melci, Shillova, Stanishori, Koretishta, Strazha, Parallova, Zebnica, Manishnica, Prekovica, Izvor, Bostani, Trniqevci, Broanaci, Makresh, Jasenovik, Belofc, Tirinca, Hanofci, Mesina, Businca, Grizima, Boshca, Carefci, Mocari, Strellci, Konstadinca, Kolloleqi, Carrakofci, Vaganeshi, Novoberda, Berivojca, Miganofci, Strezofci, Gragjenik, Rahovica, and Klobukar.

Northern Drenica (Skenderaj and Burim Municipalities): Baja, Suhogerlla, Cerkolezi. Podujevo: Metergoc/Sekiraqa

Besides, the whole Kosova-Serbia borderline should be monitored. The control of Stabllina-Hodanoc area in eastern Kosova is of a big importance.

It is important the Albanians to consist the majority in all mixed villages in eastern Kosova (Berivojce, Gragjenik, Rahovica, Novoberda, Mesina, Draganca, Strezoc). This is indispensable, so can these villages belong to municipalities headed by Albanians when/if the announced 'decentralization' starts to apply. Certain things should be done in order to reach this.

First, it is necessary to obstruct the buying of Albanian property in these villages by Serbs. Covic in March last year, announced that they have plans to buy the Albanians' property. It is natural that the mixed villages are main targets for the buyers, sponsored by Belgrade.

Second, the Albanians should accelerate buying Serbs' property in the mixed residences (the most important is Berivojce, near Dardana) and strategic border zones. Differently, the buying of Serbs' property by Serbian Coordination Center (SCC) should be stopped.

Belgrade newspaper 'Politika' last December, wrote that the SCC bought the houses for Serbs in Gjilan from a Serb that emigrated in Serbia. Since Kosova is still in a war with Serbia (since, differently from NATO, Kosova did not reach any peaceful agreement with Belgrade), each building in Kosova that is Belgrade's property, is a legitimate attack target.

Third, all the mixed villages (Berivojce, Rahovica, Gragjenik, Strezofc, Mesina in Dardana Municipality; Draganica and Parallova in Gjilan; Novoberda and Kllobokari in Novoberda, Cerkolezi in Burim) and the ones along the Serbian border (Mucibaba, Zajcec, etc) and in northern Kosova that are controlled by Serbs, should be resided by Albanians. There will be no justification if a certain house in the strategic villages along the Serbian border remains uninhabited.

For instance, in the mixed village of Rahovica alone, in northern part of Dardana, there are 40 uninhabited houses (Serb and Albanian). The homeless people, banished from their homes, refugees from north Mitrovica, and other people in need, should be placed in these villages.

As long as Belgrade wants to have certain strategic points with the displaced Serbs, at the same time, Kosova institutions as well, should request to be established in the strategic zones. In crisis situations (as Kosova is facing now), the placement in these houses does not present only a shelter function, but it is also important for the protection of the country.

Shelters in such zones are also natural shield against the penetration of the enemy. No reasonable government would allow these shields remain empty in critical times. TMK teams should urgently do the estimation of all strategic places ( i.e. the mixed villages, and the ones close to zones, resided and controlled by Serbs) so they can locate all the abandoned houses.

Kosova institutions should then send people in need, to these houses. This should be an order addressed to the owners to give the uninhabited houses, since it is a national interest to reside the strategic zones, and if possible, to give a compensation to the owners.

If the Albanians will not 'conduct the works' with these strategic positions, the Serbs will do this instead. There is a plan for the return of displaced Serbs in Rahovec, and if this village will be resided only by Serbs, then it is a real danger that the village will belong to Serbian administration unit. Albanians should be vigilant and active if they don't want to face unpleasant surprises. This spring will be critical for the obstruction of Serbian colonization plans for Kosova.

Naturally, these are only direct and short-term measures. In a long perspective, this should be indispensable to ensure the Albanians' interests.

However, it is necessary the Albanians not to hesitate, and lay on UNMIK and internationals, since no one, except the Albanians themselves, will protect Kosova.

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KEYWORDS: balkans; campaignfinance; clinton; warcrimes

1 posted on 03/11/2003 4:01:19 AM PST by vooch
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To: *balkans; Hoplite; Torie; Voronin; kosta50; Gael; joan; ABrit; bluester
Please note the editor and publisher of this paper is none other than Veton Surroi who was feted and lauded by the Clinton administration as a 'moderate'. Also note that the TMK/KPC uses US taxpayer funds. According to Clinton's official report to Congress, UNMIK & Kfor have operational control over the TMNK/KPC. And finally note that the KPC Jihadists label all anti-KLA "serbs".

For example this article labels people 'serb colonists' when the reality is that these people are poor refugees who are Roma, Jewish, Serbs, and anti-KLA Albanians.

2 posted on 03/11/2003 5:32:30 AM PST by vooch
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To: Fusion
3 posted on 03/11/2003 5:33:07 AM PST by vooch
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To: vooch
Surroi's terminology -- Serbs as "colonists" -- is the same as that used by Kosovo's nazi puppet regime in the 1940s. E.g., Mustafa Kroja, leader of Albania, in 1942: "The Serbian population of Kosovo should be removed as soon as possible . . . All indigenous Serbs should be qualified as colonists. . . . Serbian settlers should be killed."

It just shows that things haven't changed in 60 years, except the Albanian nazis have new sponsors.

4 posted on 03/11/2003 6:37:51 AM PST by Gael
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To: vooch
Maybe the author of this article and those who agree with the view therein would prefer that the 60,000 albanian residents of Belgrade (who miraculously survived genocide in 1999) move to this region and 60,000 refugees live in Belgrade. If Serb land is sold at the normal market pricesm then it should be a fair swap. Who could possibly object?


5 posted on 03/11/2003 9:38:27 AM PST by Voronin (NATO is dead. Stuff it and mount it as proof)
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To: vooch
Please note the editor and publisher of this paper is none other than Veton Surroi who was feted and lauded by the Clinton administration as a 'moderate'

Bump for shining the light of truth on these SOB's.

6 posted on 03/11/2003 11:39:32 AM PST by bob808
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To: Gael
except the Albanian nazis have new sponsors

tragically, those sponsors used my taxdollars to promote the KLA

7 posted on 03/11/2003 6:41:51 PM PST by vooch
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To: Voronin
actually acording to the premise of the article....The 60,000 Albanians living in Belgrade could "exchange" their Belgrade apartments with the colonists' places in KosMet.........
8 posted on 03/11/2003 6:45:30 PM PST by vooch
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To: homeagain balkansvet; smokegenerator
9 posted on 03/12/2003 4:44:47 AM PST by vooch
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To: vooch really depends on what exchange means....


10 posted on 03/12/2003 7:44:41 AM PST by Voronin (NATO is dead. Stuff it and mount it as proof.)
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To: Voronin
well, one could predict that the 'exchange' would be presided over a group of impartial international experts consisting of

Bob Dole
Jamie Rubin
Peter Jennings
Bill Clinton
Gen. Clark
Paddy Ashdown
Susan Sontag

11 posted on 03/12/2003 7:52:19 AM PST by vooch
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To: vooch
With research and statistics provided by the International Crisis Group (who's motto, I have decided, will be "where we go, Crises will follow).


12 posted on 03/12/2003 8:14:39 AM PST by Voronin (NATO is dead. Stuff it and mount it as proof.)
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To: Voronin
Yes, I complety forgot about those fine upstanding gals and guys at the ICG..........

but who would pay for all this consulting ? I mean such first rate unbiased advice can't come cheap.

I bet it can be arranged for the IMF to loan Belgrade a partly $75 million in 'structural adjustment funds' to pay the ICG experts and the board of directors of "International Peace Commission on Voluntary Real Estate Exchanges"

13 posted on 03/12/2003 8:29:58 AM PST by vooch
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To: vooch
Cynic. ;o)


14 posted on 03/12/2003 9:34:41 AM PST by Voronin (NATO is dead. Stuff it and mount it as proof.)
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