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Bio/Chem Preparations: Overview ^ | October 8, 2001 | Philip L. Hoag

Posted on 10/08/2001 4:35:19 PM PDT by FresnoDA

Philip L. Hoag

The Biological Threat

"Mere months before the attack on Pearl Harbor shocked America out of its slumber, millions listened to and preferred to believe, those who told them that they need not rouse themselves, and that all will be well if only they continue to do all the pleasant and profitable and comfortable things they would like to do best." - Walter Lippmann

The first recorded instance of biological warfare goes back to 1348 and 1349. The Tartars used catapults to hurl the bodies of black plague victims (yersenia pestis) over the walls into the city of Caffa in the Ukraine. The black plague eventually spread from this city to Europe where it killed one third to one half of EuropeÕs population. Bubonic plague has killed hundreds of millions of people during the span of recorded history. In 1754 American colonists intentionally distributed blankets from people infected with smallpox to the Indians. Due to their lack of immunity, the resulting smallpox epidemic killed 90% of the Indians exposed. Over the next 100 years the epidemic continued to move westward and facilitated the expansion of European populations on the North American continent. The Spaniards likewise brought smallpox and measles to Mexico and South America. The total death toll to Native Americans by white man's diseases is estimated to have been about 75 million. It was the white man's diseases more than his technological edge that caused the decimation of the indigenous populations on the North and South American continents.

The Japanese had an extensive biological warfare research program during World War II. Evidence indicates that the Japanese used biological warfare in China against the nationalist forces there.

Chemical Warfare

Chemical warfare is the use of poison gases and other toxic chemicals in time of war to kill or incapacitate an enemy. Modern nerve gases and chemical warfare agents are a by-product of insecticide research. They are composed of organic chemicals known as organophosphorus compounds that inhibit the production of cholinesterase. These chemicals are widely used for insect control and in higher concentrations they are lethal to mammals.

The Historical Use of Chemical Warfare

Chemical warfare was used extensively during World War I. In 1935, Italy used chemical warfare agents and caused nearly 15,000 casualties in its war against Ethiopia. The Japanese used chemical weapons in their war against the Chinese just prior to World War II. Since 1945, chemical weapons were used in Yemen in 1962, Red China in 1969, Cambodia in 1978 by the Vietnamese, North Vietnam in 1979 to repel the Chinese, Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war starting in 1980, the Soviets in Afghanistan from 1981 to 1990 and in the Ethiopian-Eritrean Civil War by the Soviet bloc forces starting in 1978.

The U.S. used CS and CN tear gas and a hallucinogenic called BZ during the Vietnam War and in Laos in 1975. In its war with Iran, Iraq used mustard gas and the nerve gas agents GA and Tabun. In 1986 Libya used chemical agents against Chadian troops.

Chemical aerial bombs, rockets and artillery shells are inexpensive to produce. Small and efficient processing plants can turn out chemical weapons by the ton.


Chemical agents usually cause burns, asphyxiation and neurological damage. Symptoms resulting from the exposure to chemical agents include sweating, tearing, excessive salivation, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, convulsion and death.

The psychological effect of chemical agents on troops in the battlefield has proven to have a greater effect than the actual physical danger of the chemical weapon itself. Much of a chemical wea pon’s effectiveness lies in the panic and disorientation it produces in unprotected soldiers and civilians.

Desert Storm and Chemical Warfare

There were rumors circulating after Desert Storm that some U.S. troops had encountered a new type of chemical war gas which penetrated or compromised the current military-issue activated carbon N.B.C. air filters and masks. This chemical agent is purported to be a strain of hydrogen cyanide called, Prussian Blue. It is further alleged that it was developed in the U.S. by a company called Product Ingredient Technology (P.I.T.) of Boca Raton, Florida. This P.I.T. plant was financed and constructed by a Dr. Barbouti of Ishan Barbouti International (I.B.I.) who also built the Pharma-150 chemical-biological complex at Rabta, Libya. P.I.T. exported Prussian Blue to Iraq a year or so before the Persian Gulf War.

An informant, Peter Kawaja, who tried to alert the federal government about P.I.T. was raided in 1990 by eight heavily armed federal agents who removed evidence, tapes and documents not only implicating the involvement of foreign agents but also high ranking U.S. government officials. The evidence has been sealed by a federal magistrate under the guise of "national security."

The Ongoing Russian Chemical Weapons Program

The Soviet war machine places a high priority on the use of chemical warfare agents. As much as 30 percent of the Soviet Union’s arsenal is related to chemical warfare.

The October 27, 1992 edition of the Washington Post had an article which gave some new insight into the Soviet chemical warfare program: "A scientist who objected to what he calls Russia’s ongoing development of chemical weapons has been jailed for allegedly revealing state secrets. The arrested scientist, Vil Mirzayanov, had earlier stated in an article appearing in the Moscow News that Russia has been pursuing research on a new, more toxic chemical weapon." This is a nerve gas called Novichok which is five times as deadly as conventional nerve gases. It is purported that 40,000 tons of Novichok is enough to kill all human life on earth. This alleged development runs counter to the public statements of President Yeltsin, who has urged a global ban on such chemical armaments. According to the Washington Post article, this new Russian chemical weapon is "more toxic than anything in the U.S. arsenal. The new weapon was tested in early 1992 in Uzbekistan."

What compounds the seriousness of this development is the fact that the Soviet military strategy relies heavily on the use of chemical warfare agents

Tactical Use and Limitations

The use of chemical warfare is limited by the excessive bulk of the chemical agents. This restricts the size of the area which chemical agents can be applied to. Weather, wind and the practical limitations of dispersal would generally limit chemical weapons to use against concentrated targets as opposed to large geographical areas. Chemical weapons can be very effective against troop concentrations, military facilities, fortifications and highly populated areas. Chemical agents do not pose much of a threat to a geographically dispersed civilian population.

Having chemical weapons in a nation’s stockpile deters the enemy from using its weapons on that nation. The United States has unilaterally destroyed much of its chemical weapons stockpile, which has weakened the deterrent factor in recent years.

Known Chemical Warfare Agents


Tabun (GA) - cholinesterase inhibitor

Sarin (GB) - cholinesterase inhibitor

Soman (GD) - cholinesterase inhibitor

GP - cholinesterase inhibitor

Thickened Soman (GD or VR-55) - cholinesterase inhibitor (U.S.S.R.)

Thickened Soman (VX) - cholinesterase inhibitor (U.S.)

Yellow Rain - Unknown compound that causes bleeding and rapid death. May include mycotoxins produced by the genus Fusarium fungi.

Black Rain - Unknown compound that causes instant death; used by U.S.S.R. in Afghanistan.

Novichok - Recently developed choline sterase inhibitor (U.S.S.R.). May affect human genes and thus damage could be genetically transmitted to offspring.


Ethyldichlorarsine (ED) - blister agent

Lewisite (L) - irritates nasal passages, causes skin and membrane burns,

Mustard (H, HID, HS) - causes skin and membrane inflammation, blindness

Phosgene Oxime (CX) - destroys skin and membrane tissue


A blood agent is absorbed into the body through the lungs where it is then picked up by the blood and carried to the rest of the body.

Arsine Trihydride (SA) - causes gasping and choking, asphyxiation

Cyangen Chloride (CK) - causes convulsions, asphyxiation

Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) - causes convulsions, gasping, choking, asphyxiation

Hydrogen Cyanide (PB) Penetrates current issue U.S. military gas masks. Allegedly used against U.S. forces by Iraq during Persian Gulf War. Causes convulsions, gasping, choking, asphyxiation


Chlorpicrin (PS.) - causes severe coughing, lung edema, choking, asphyxiation

Chlorine (CL) - causes severe coughing, choking, skin and membrane burns, asphyxiation

Phosgene (CG) - causes severe coughing, choking, asphyxiation


Tear gases cause eyes to smart and tear and irritate nerves in mucous membranes including nose, mouth, throat and airway.

Brombenzylcyanide (CA) - long acting

Chloracetophenone (CN) - short acting

Chloracetophenone in Chlorpicrin (CS)

Dibenz (CR)


Adamsite (DM) - arsenic compound, causes sneezing, nausea and depression

Diphenylchlorarsine (DA) - causes sneezing, nausea and depression


Buzz (13Z) - Hallucinogenic LSD derivative (U.S.)

Blue X - Unknown composition. Incapacitating variously estimated for 1-2 and 8-12 hours (U.S.S.R.)

Protecting Yourself from Chemical Warfare Agents

The only way to protect yourself from chemical agents such as nerve gases, CN, mustard gas and others when you are outside in the open is the use of a protective suit and a military grade activated carbon gas mask. The suit has to be airtight, and the mask must fit snugly and filter all air through canisters of chemicals that deactivate the chemical agent being used.

These suits and masks are used for hazardous materials handling and can be obtained from safety supply companies. The military has special chemically impregnated suits which are very expensive and difficult to obtain. When worn, these suits are hot, claustrophobic and clumsy. It is hard to manipulate equipment or to walk or run. Exertion produces more body heat, which increases the discomfort. Visibility is limited by the lens openings on the face of the gas masks which also tend to steam up. Hearing is reduced by the thick material of the hood.

The clumsy handicap which this protective equipment creates was verified by military experience in combat training exercises where soldiers had to wear chemical protection equipment. The obstructed vision resulted in poor visual target indemnification and 25 percent casualties to "friendly fire."

Airtight shelters with the right carbon air filtration filters are the best protection. Maintaining a positive air pressure inside the shelter, slightly above normal pressure, insures that chemical agents will not leak into the shelter.

Breathe No Evil, by Stephen Quail and Duncan Long, is probably the most comprehensive book on the subject of chemical and biological agents available to civilians today. This book can be obtained from Safe-Trek Publishing, 90 Safe-Trek Place, Bozeman, MT 59715, (800) 424- 7870.

History of Biological Warfare

The first recorded instance of biological warfare goes back to the 1300s. The Mongol army used catapults to hurl the bodies of plague victims over the walls into the city of Caffa in the Ukraine. The plague eventually spread from this city to Europe where it killed one third to one half of Europe’s population. The early New England colonists intentionally distributed blankets from people infected with smallpox to the Indians. The white man’s diseases, more than his technological edge, resulted in the decimation of the indigenous populations of the North and South American

The Japanese had an extensive biological warfare research program during World War II. Evidence indicates that the Japanese used biological warfare in China against the nationalist forces there.

Plagues are not something strictly relegated to the ancient past. The influenza of 1918 killed over 20 million people throughout the world, including vast numbers in the United States.

Global Government and Biological Warfare

Dangerous new organisms have been produced in laboratories and at least one has been released upon an unsuspecting and defenseless world. There is substantial evidence indicating that AIDS is the direct and intentional product of the global government’s population control program. It is well documented that the outbreak of AIDS was caused by the U.N. World Health Organization’s immunization of central Africans with a contaminated smallpox vaccine. Every person who was immunized developed AIDS. The origin and spread of AIDS has nothing to do with green monkeys. AIDS is a synthetically created virus.

It was discovered that between 1976 and 1985 some of the oral polio vaccines in the United States were made from a virus which was grown on the kidney tissues of African green monkeys. This resulted in the contamination of the vaccines with simian retroviruses. These retroviruses were found to cause leukemia and cancerous tumors in laboratory animals.

We are periodically seeing new reports of strange diseases and viruses appearing out of nowhere. The real possibility exists that some of these are perhaps being created and intentionally released into the world as part of the global population reduction scheme.

Gulf War Bio Warfare

Research done by Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer center resulted in the discovery of micoplasma incognitus as the cause of Gulf War syndrome. Normal laboratory blood tests do not detect micoplasma incognitus. The only way to detect this micoplasma is to use a sensitive genetic marker analysis. Even with this method it is still difficult to detect because it is found mainly inside the cells and not in body fluids like a conventional bacteria.

Micoplasma incognitus causes chronic fatigue, recurring fever, night sweats, joint pain, stomach upsets, stomach cramps, headaches, skin rashes, heart pain, kidney pain, thyroid problems, and in extreme cases, autoimmune-like disorders. The effects of micoplasma incognitus are suppressed by the antibiotic doxycycline but it does not cure the underlying disease.

The big question is how did such a wide spectrum of U.S. service personnel, including some who never left the U.S., contract micoplasma?

Almost all military personnel who participated in the Gulf War were inoculated with one or more mysterious vaccines. The standard F.D.A. approval sequence for this vaccine, as determined by the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, was bypassed. The DOD could legitimately give these drugs as an "Investigational New Drug," but only after informing a person of the potential risks and benefits, and giving them the freedom to choose whether or not to participate.

Interviews of Persian Gulf War veterans indicates that immunizations were mandatory and were given without informing personnel of the risks involved. In some cases individuals were ordered under threat of court martial not to discuss the vaccinations they received with anyone including their physicians.

Persian Gulf War veterans were administered botulism toxoid, pyridostigmine and in some cases anthrax vaccine. One survey indicated that as much as 90 percent of the veterans have suffered illness since serving in the Gulf war, and as many as 10,000 have died as a result. Interestingly enough 700,000 service-related immunization records have inexplicably disappeared and now blood samples from some sick veterans are showing traces of a compound called squalene, a component of an experimental HIV immunization.

Starting in December of 1997, the U.S. Department of Defense started inoculating all members of the armed forces with anthrax vaccine. Tests have determined that this vaccine is only marginally safe and that it provides little or no protection from airborne anthrax, Airborne anthrax is the only form of anthrax which can be effectively used in bio-warfare.


The bioengineering of new viruses and the subsequent creation of incurable diseases poses a significant threat to life on this planet. Evidence would indicate their creation and application is part of a global population reduction program.

Required reading on this subject is the book, Emerging Viruses – AIDS & Ebola by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, (800) 336-9266, Web<
htm>. Information on Gulf War Sickness can be obtained from Captain Joyce Riley of the American Gulf War Veterans Association, (800) 231-7531, E-mail <> Web<>.

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