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Berkshire Hathaway Wishes Happy Torture to Ali Baba
self | 07/09/2021 | CharlesOconnell

Posted on 07/09/2021 9:52:29 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell

Talk about honor among 40 Thieves.

"Communists did the right thing. They just called in Jack Ma and say, "You aren't gonna do it, sonny," Berkshire Hathaway's Charles Munger said.

The issue seems to be, that some oligarchs are more equal than other oligarchs.

If you're one of the rapaciously greedy billionaires in the U.S. or the E.U., you get to rule the roost, deciding which politicians get elected and which wars get fought. But in exchange for the 1st world keeping Russia and China in the second-string of world economies, their dictators get to jerk their own "oligarch" billionaires around on a short string in a way that could never be done in the 1st world.

The power structure of the world has changed markedly since 1973.

To get some real idea of what's going on and who's who, you need to listen to Patrick Wood in the next, comment section.

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: ma; munger

YouTube, Patrick M Wood, Nov 24, 2020, The James Delingpole Channel

1 posted on 07/09/2021 9:52:29 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell
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To: CharlesOConnell

ChiCom Jack Ma is no victim.

2 posted on 07/09/2021 9:58:39 PM PDT by ifinnegan ( Democrats kill babies and harvest their organs to sell)
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To: CharlesOConnell

What exactly did Jack Ma do that Munger objects?

3 posted on 07/09/2021 10:03:47 PM PDT by nickcarraway
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To: nickcarraway

He disrupted the so-called natural order where we are ruled by a few gods.

4 posted on 07/09/2021 10:06:48 PM PDT by Jonty30 (Just because I coughed on you does not mean that I have covid. It means that we have covid. )
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To: CharlesOConnell

For that, Berkshire Hathaway ought to be shut down.

5 posted on 07/09/2021 10:09:19 PM PDT by TBP (Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters. )
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To: CharlesOConnell

Butt butt butt equity.

6 posted on 07/09/2021 10:10:41 PM PDT by rktman (Destroy America from within? Check! WTH? Enlisted USN 1967 to end up with this?)
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The 1-World Financial Pirates Are Idiots

What if the Chinese are telling the truth, they really, truly believe, they're not just posturing, that Covid was a bio-war attack on China by the U.S., spread from Fort Detrick by American military participants in some international war games held in China. It would be doubly bitter that the very biological agent that was used to attack them, was "Made in China". It may take decades to know for sure, if ever, (like the way we're only now getting some clarity about the killing of JFK), but it would plausibly explain why China sent 100,000s potentially infected air travelers into the U.S. at the start of the outbreak when they should have been quarantined. (The Big Guy can't talk about this because China holds the title to his family jewels.) The Chinese might have figured, hey, the Americans are attacking us, turnabout is fair play, all's fair in love or war.

(So, the witches council of the 2,100 billionaire oligarchs, after deciding that American republican democracy is history, will allow the Chinese to take over Taiwan. If the local Japanese oligarchs see that their own people are really going to challenge the Chinese, they will probably rein them in; nationalism, even of the Bushido, Japanese variety, doesn't trump money. But the Chinese will probably not be allowed to attack America, because too many oligarch pocketbooks would be hurt by that, so their own local, ruling oligarchs will tell President Xi just what to do, or they'll get rid of him.)

There are a multitude of examples from history of the blinding stupidity of the billionaire oligarchs, whose expertise at holding the rest of us hostage doesn't translate into the slightest ability to govern or even to make money without a ruthless criminal support system. It's right in the mythology of the Midas Touch. Some of the earliest modern bankers, 14th century Medici, were cutting their own throats as they cut those of the rural peasants and the urban wool workers. They kept the workers on starvation wages and allowed non-Christian loan sharks to charge them 44% interest, compounded, unable ever to be paid off, the perfect wage-slave system. But the Medici would loan money to kings and princes, try to get them hooked on loans, the kings would try to pay the loans off by waging war, but it's a chancy business, and the kings would eventually default, bankrupting the stupid oligarch bankers. E Michael Jones, Barren Metal, A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury. Labor, Benedictine Monasteries that originally opened European wild-lands to productive use in the Dark Ages, Usury, Loan Sharking.

More recently, by 1880, after the railroad facilitated carnage of the Civil War, Americans who had been proudly self-employed with only minimal dependence on a money economy, were being moved off their own farms and into millionaire owned factories, despite the best efforts of the Grange movement. The titans of Wall St., Morgan, Carnegie, Astor, Vanderbilt and Rockefeller, regarded the Revolutionary/Colonial period, Yankee tradition of auto-didactic, small farmers, mechanics/engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs, as a lethal competition threat to Financial Capitalists’ Wall St. accumulation of investment monies. The elites’ most efficient solution was to undermine this threat by strangling it in the cradle; the effort to control the intellectual uprising of the common people coalesced in the very foundation of universal, compulsory/police-enforced, deliberately dumbed-down public education. There was no public school system without built-in institutional handicapping of the vast majority of students.

The sheer idiocy the Masters of the Universe ran on themselves, is that the plan to stupidify the children of the common workers being run in their names by experts, backfired on them, they had too many irons in their witches' cauldrons, they didn't understand enough about ordinary functioning of reality to avoid harming their own children. The Third Generation Rockefeller Boys emerged as intellectual cripples, from the deliberate dumbing down process of compulsory, universal schooling: They all had dyslexia. The guy in charge, at one time, of deliberately dumbing down the children of the workers so they would be mindless consumers and harmless drone factory workers, Fabian Society founding member John Dewey (icon: yellow flag, black wolf dressed in white sheepskin climbing a flagpole, maroon flag with black letters “F.S.” for Fabian Society) was funded for his experimental Lincoln School by John D. Rockefeller II.

Dyslexia expert Dr. Samuel Orton informed university psychology department educationists in 1931 that whole-word/look-see, early-primary reading indoctrination--from Fun with Dick and Jane to Green Eggs and Ham, vs. phonics and Western Civ classics--causes deleterious brain changes in Kindergarten-Grade 3. Whole-word/look-say is associated with the vast increase of dyslexia. The Lincoln School at which whole-word/look-say was taught, was attended by Rockefeller’s 4 younger sons Nelson, Lauarance, David and Winthrop, some of the most powerful men in history who regulated the fates of millions of people. All four, Nelson, Laurance, David and Winthrop, had dyslexia.

The idiot Rockefellers have opened up a new Pandora's Box letting a spawn of evil onto the world, in the form of something called Technocracy, as studied by a dedicated writer, Patrick Wood. It seems that a real stinker bad-guy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wrote a book in 1970 that got David Rockefeller's short-span attention, "Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era". It was building on a failed, geek movement at Columbia in the 1930s, Technocracy, it envisioned no money, just energy-usage credits, but like all old, failed, bad ideas, as soon as it caught the attention of some really stupid smart-guys, it became the latest hot-shot, whiz-bang master plan, the Trilateral Commission.

The Rocket Scientists who ran the 1 Child Policy, the greatest act of murder in human history.

China was a convenient testing lab for 1 World Technocracy, because the Cultural Revolution against the Four Olds had razed the ancient Chinese culture, so the ground was open for the evil Wizards of International Financial Capitalism to use China as a disposable guinea-pig for their idiotic theories, everything okay as long as western oligarchs didn't have to suffer for their failures. Deng Xiao Peng was recruited for the Technocracy in the shadow of Mao. Milton Friedman was the financial capitalists' egghead wizard, building on generations of Wall St.'s careful work supporting the Bolshevik Revolution and the Chinese Long March (supported by Owen Lattimore at the Rockefeller funded Institute of Pacific Relations), to bring all of humanity into one centrally exploitable system. The Chinese bought into the One Child Policy on the basis of modeling demographics, literally on rocket science, killing 100,000,000s of baby girls and upsetting China's sex ratio, making China prone to be militarily aggressive and adventurous, making Japan's death-wish with people's refusal to marry seem like a side-show with its irrevocable population decline founded on abortion.

Now China has all the latest whiz-bang gadgetry. The billionaire oligarchs are particularly charmed by the Chinese social credit system, where everyone in the country has to make nice smiley faces while they swallow President Xi's propaganda wholesale, otherwise they will move out of the Green Light rating that allows them to function in their jobs, and if they go out of Yellow Light into Red Light, they can't even go out to the store to get something to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This may be the model for technocratically supported vaccine passports, internal passports. Soon, you may be under the same system as the Chinese, courtesy of your local branch of the world-wide Technocracy.

The intellectual paragon, Rocky, salutes the World with...

7 posted on 07/09/2021 10:19:16 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell (CharlesOConnell)
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To: CharlesOConnell

The world’s billionaires will be dealt with as easily as Jack Ma was dealt with.

Idiots, indeed.

8 posted on 07/09/2021 10:23:40 PM PDT by Jonty30 (Just because I coughed on you does not mean that I have covid. It means that we have covid. )
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To: Jonty30
Hegel called the way that God, looking down above the tower of Babel, comes down and flicks it with a little puff of wind, scattering all the masters of the universe all over the world in confusion, "the cunning of reason", die List der Vernunft. The smart guys' own traps entrap themselves.
9 posted on 07/09/2021 10:32:11 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell (CharlesOConnell)
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To: ifinnegan

Jack Ma, a Chi-com, was also an innovator who thought he was big enough to openly criticize the Party.

He found out who really wielded power.

This Jerkshire Hathaway doofus likes the way China does things.

If he lives long enough he might find out the same.

10 posted on 07/09/2021 10:36:33 PM PDT by jdsteel ("A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it." Sorry Ben, looks like we blew it.)
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To: CharlesOConnell

China thinks it is being smarter than the world. They are just as prone to being displaced, as God wills it.

11 posted on 07/09/2021 10:38:47 PM PDT by Jonty30 (Just because I coughed on you does not mean that I have covid. It means that we have covid. )
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To: Jonty30

Perhaps, but I doubt that’s the way Muner phrased it.

12 posted on 07/09/2021 10:43:47 PM PDT by nickcarraway
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To: CharlesOConnell

Time to boycott anything owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

13 posted on 07/10/2021 1:39:05 PM PDT by TBP (Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters. )
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To: CharlesOConnell

Perhaps Mr. Munger would like us to do to him what he supports China doing to Jack Ma.

14 posted on 07/10/2021 1:41:12 PM PDT by TBP (Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters. )
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To: CharlesOConnell

#CancelBerkshireHathaway #CancelCharlesMunger

15 posted on 07/10/2021 1:43:43 PM PDT by TBP (Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters. )
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