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More Boring News on Hillary Clinton Corruption, (Shortened title)
Rush ^ | May 20, 2015 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 05/20/2015 3:03:29 PM PDT by Kaslin

RUSH: Okay, we have more boring news from Hillary Clinton today. And The Politico, by the way, Politico has an interesting story about this that I think puts a lot of this in perspective. I do not have The Politico story right in front of me. I didn't bother to print it out because once you know it's in The Politico you know what it's gonna say. I saw it referenced on another show on TV, and it said whoever was talking about The Politico story was quoting from it and said Hillary is not running for president. (interruption) You've seen it? She's already, in her mind, president. She's running as president. That's why she's not talking to the media.

She doesn't have to do anything. She's already elected in her mind. She's trying to create the aura that she's a fait accompli, that she's already elected, that all of this is a mere formality. She doesn't need to campaign. She doesn't need to persuade. She doesn't need to spell out her issues. She's already serving as president. It's an attitudinal thing, and it's a policy thing, because it's what permits her to avoid questions. It's what permits her to not have to enunciate her policies. She's the president. She doesn't have to tell anybody anything. It's not like she's seeking the office in her own mind.

She did finally take some questions from the media yesterday, but they were not satisfied. But she doesn't care because it's not about running, it's not about seeking office. It is, in her mind, already occupied. The strategy is to sit by and don't distract from the Republicans beating each other up. That the real news is gonna be the Republicans. There isn't gonna be an Elizabeth Warren candidacy. There isn't gonna be a Biden. There isn't gonna be a de Blasio. There isn't gonna be an O'Malley, and if there is, it isn't gonna be serious.

Hillary has it locked up, Hillary's got it in the bag, and so she's going to start and has been acting presidential. And she's gonna have media cover for doing this, is what The Politico story is about, essentially.


RUSH: Anyway, speaking of sexism, ladies and gentlemen, did you see it was Fox News' Ed Henry actually forcing Hillary Clinton to have to take some questions from the media for the first time in almost -- I think it's over a month, isn't it? Like 30 or 40 days or something that Mrs. Clinton has not taken a question. And I was kind of surprised. We've got sound bite number two coming up here in just a second.

I was surprised when I found out about this, that the rest of the real reporters there didn't go after Ed Henry like they did that guy Neil Munro from The Daily Caller when he dared to ask Obama questions at one of his Bergdahl garden performances that was not supposed to feature questions. You remember they literally chased Neil Munro off the White House grounds 'cause he asked Obama a question when it was a no-questions appearance.

Anyway here it is yesterday, Cedar Falls, Iowa, and during the event White House correspondent Ed Henry, Fox News, and Hillary have this little back-and-forth.

HENRY: Secretary Clinton, can you take --

HILLARY: Yeah, uh, just, wait, wait...

HENRY: -- questions from the media as well? We haven’t heard from you in a month.

HILLARY: Yeah, maybe when I finish talking to the people here.

HENRY: Thank you.

HILLARY: How's that?

HENRY: You’ll come over?

HILLARY: I might. (laughter) I’ll have to ponder it. (laughter) But I will put it on my list (laughter) for due consideration.

Reporter Dares To Ask Question Clinton Has None Of It

RUSH: Oh, she's so funny. Oh, she's getting a question from the media to answer some questions, which she hasn't done in over a month. (imitating Hillary) "Well, you know what, I'll ponder it. I'll put it on my list." And the rest of the Drive-Bys just eat it up. The rest of the Drive-Bys just laugh. As I say, I'm surprised they didn't chase Ed Henry all the way back to Des Moines and let him not get back on the press bus.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there are rare moments -- nevertheless they happen, rare though they may be -- where I get introspective and I seriously ask myself if I have lost it with a sizable percentage of the American public. As I say, it's rare, and it usually happens about an issue.

But I'll tell you something. The fascination that people have with Hillary Clinton, I just don't. I'm not fascinated. I'm not intrigued. I'm not afraid. I'm not anything. I do not get it. Everybody in the media, I don't care what media, can't get enough of Hillary Clinton and the Clintons. I think they're a couple of frauds. I think they're phonies. I think they are dastardly, mean-spirited people. If you look at the organizations they have set up to do away with their enemies like Media Matters for America, the people they deal with and so forth, they're a destructive couple of people who get to hide behind the public face of good old boy and early feminist icon and so forth.

But even with all that, I have to struggle here to be interested in Hillary Clinton every day. "But Rush, but Rush," I know you're saying "she may be elected president." That's what I'm talking about. I don't understand how she even has a prayer. Other than the D by her name and somebody with a D by their name running for president, the eventual nominee is gonna get minimum 230 electoral votes just for showing up. I understand that. But I do not, I don't understand any aspect. She's not the smartest woman. She's none of what they have all said about her.

She is one of the most devious. Nurse Ratched is who she really is. The current scandals are not fun because they're not scandals. They aren't gonna matter a hill of beans. It's like I mentioned yesterday, and again, I'm gonna have to preface this. I'm not criticizing Steve Hayes. Do not misunderstand me. But he's part of the Drive-By Media, the mainstream media inside-the-Beltway business, and they have a particular way of looking at things like every other group of people does, and his story yesterday, "Hillary's Worst Day," of a bunch of bad days on the campaign. I said, "To who? To whom?" She hasn't been hurt yet. She's not in danger of losing the nomination.

We've got another piece today, got it right here, Ron Fournier who's been in the Clintons tank since the eighties, has written another piece on how he's so profoundly disappointed in Mrs. Clinton and that she's not what he's always thought she was. And it isn't gonna matter. What scandal? You and I all know, the Clintons are out, they've been selling access, what they've been doing would land a Republican in jail. But there is not one serious effort to do anything about it other than talk about it and laugh about it and try to be the smartest person in the room and analyzing it and characterizing it. It's criminal. (interruption) It matters to who? It doesn't. It doesn't matter to the Millennials.

If the Republicans or somebody like me happen to be the one pointing it out to them, they will automatically reject it because it's not coming from people who they think look at Hillary objectively. So all this criticism of Hillary from the media on the right, from talk radio, it doesn't persuade anybody because it's disqualifying. They don't think we're objective about Hillary. They think we've got a long held bias against her and that we'll lie and make things up about them. And what happens is, it rallies people to their defense. (interruption) I know it's coming from the left, in addition to us.

It's coming from the Washington Post, but the low-information crowd doesn't read that either. There was something at Yahoo News that they might have seen. I mean, I guess it has potential. I just had 27 years here of nothing affecting them. Twenty-seven years, nothing takes them off their game. Twenty-seven years, nothing changes their popularity. Twenty-seven years, nothing changes their political prospects. Twenty-seven years, nothing affects them. And I just, after 27 years, it's funny to watch people "Oh, wow, oh-ho-ho-ho, we might have 'em now."

Yeah, been there, done that. Twenty-seven years. There is no been there, done that. There is, no, we got 'em now. And part of what bothers me about that is that couldn't happen if the people of the country weren't lackadaisical about it. But the people of the country are willing, if she's got a D by her name, then whoever votes D is perfectly willing to give her a pass on all of this.

Anyway, I'll give you some examples here. Here's a media montage of the Drive-Bys today just thrilled that she's taking questions because, you see, the Drive-Bys that support Hillary, they also live in formulaic little enclaves, and a presidential campaign is a formula, and there are certain things that you have to do if you're running for president. One of them is you have to talk to press. You have to do press conferences. You have to take questions. You have to do this. You have to make personal appearances. You have to go out there unpaid. You have to go out there and do the rubber chicken circuit. She's not doing any of that. It's got them worried. They don't think this is the route to victory. So Ed Henry forces her to deal with the press yesterday, and they're all just thrilled about it.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Hillary Clinton taking questions from the media for the first time in weeks!

WILLIE GEIST: Hillary Clinton taking questions from the media for the first time in four weeks.

CHARLIE ROSE: Clinton answered reporters' questions for the first time in nearly a month.

CHRIS CUOMO: Hillary Clinton now, she's doing something she hasn't done for nearly a month: Took a sparse five minutes' worth of questions.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Hillary Clinton finally answered questions in Iowa for five minutes!

STEVE DOOCY: Hillary Clinton, she finally answered some questions over five or six minutes.

RUSH: See that? Five or six minutes. And they're thrilled. They're excited. Made their day. And this insults my intelligence. You know, this idolatry, this falling for, this making them bigger than life insults my intelligence. Anyway, here's George Will. This is last night on Special Report with Bret Baier on the Fox News Channel. Bret Baier said, "Hillary Clinton and the media today, what did you take away from it, George?"

WILL: The fact that she has allowed what we will call her strategic reticence to become the issue of the campaign indicates, not for the first time, how little aptitude she has for her chosen profession, which is public life. Second, she didn't say an awful lot except that she wants the e-mails that she obviously wanted to conceal for a long time -- there's no other reason for having her own private server -- she did wants them out as fast as possible. The problem is, we have seen from the IRS and its complicity with the Justice Department, how long you can take if you really want to drag your feet. And there's no question that they could get the e-mails out a lot faster if they really wanted to. Question is, why don't they?

RUSH: What do mean, why don't they? We all know they don't want to. Hillary is out there, "I want those e-mails out." That's BS. You don't want those e-mails out, just like you don't want the truth of Benghazi out. She doesn't want the e-mails out. The Justice Department originally said (paraphrasing), "You know what? There's a lot of paper to go through here. Mrs. Clinton destroyed what's on her server, supposedly. Actually it's not, but she says it is. So we gotta go through a lot of paper. We can't release any of the investigation of these 30,000 e-mails until January 2016." Federal judge said (paraphrasing), "Wait, wait, wait, wait no. You're gonna not wait that long. You're gonna roll this stuff out as you translate it. You're gonna roll this stuff out as you read it. You're gonna roll this stuff out starting as soon as you can and there's gonna be a daily dose of this stuff or a weekly dose."

Now, the Clintons and the Obamas will go find a different judge to appeal this judge and delay the release of these e-mails even beyond January. But George Will's right here. She continues to display just how little aptitude she has for this, for her chosen profession, which is public life. She didn't say anything. And, by the way, what she did say, you see how easy it is with the media? She took six questions, and now those subjects are all old news. She took six questions on whatever. She answered those six questions and now she's done. Those questions have been asked and answered, and it's old news. "Don't ask me anymore about the e-mails. Don't ask me anymore about whatever else, 'cause it's old news. I dealt with." That's part of the technique, too. And the media is largely acquiescent with this.

Hillary's tiny little staff personally reviewed all 55,000 of her e-mails in just a little bit more than a month, and the State Department says they don't have nearly the personnel to deal with that many e-mails that fast. They need the rest of this year and half of January of next year. So you tell me Hillary's tiny staff is more efficient and gets more work done than an entire State Department assigned? And they're only doing half as many e-mails as Hillary's staff personally reviewed. There's a total of like 55 or 60,000. She has released half of them, about 30,000. There are 30,000 that she claims that she destroyed. But the first 30,000 that she released, "I want those e-mails out there. I turned 'em in." The State Department said not 'til January. Judge said, "No, you're gonna get 'em out much sooner than that as you get them done."

But we don't even need the e-mails. We had the news yesterday from Judicial Watch, official State Department documents that everybody and their uncle lied about Benghazi. They knew 10 days in advance it was a terror attack, and they knew the group. They lied to everybody. They lied to the families of the four fallen heroes who were killed in Benghazi, lied to their faces while standing next to their flag-draped coffins.

Everybody knows it, and nothing happens. Not a single thing happens. Everybody knows -- well, I mean, not everybody, but those of us in this sphere of interest, everybody knows now. And we knew from the get-go because the Clintons and Obamas were involved in the lie, we knew the video story was a lie.


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1 posted on 05/20/2015 3:03:30 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Hillary is not running for president. She is just fund raising, as she gets to keep what is not spent on her campaign. I wonder what her $ goal is.

2 posted on 05/20/2015 3:18:49 PM PDT by abclily
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To: Kaslin
For over 6 years 0bama has desensitized America to crime and corruption in gov't. After a few years of getting away with crime without any culpability, Americans see it as normal. Nothing Hillary does will negatively affect her campaign. Crime and corruption is now expected and normal.

Other than helping the Islamists realize their dream of the Caliphate in the Middle East, normalization of crime in gov't is 0bama's most devastating legacy.

3 posted on 05/20/2015 3:21:58 PM PDT by CivilWarBrewing
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To: All
The craven Hillary finally deigned to answer media questions on one of her endless "presidential listening tours".......

Fox's Ed Henry seemed jubilant that he nailed her---getting to ask hot topic questions about the nefarious Foundation, and her emails from Blumenthal that she tried to keep hidden.

But Hillary played Ed Henry like a she mocked him in dulcet tones.

The cunning Hillary knows how to keep her brain-
dead supporters from straying off the reservation.

A CONSERVATIVE THINKING LIKE A CLINTON IS NAUSEATING BUT IT MUST BE DONE: Hillary's mocking answers were calculated to keep her supporters enthralled.....b/c she knows they hate Fox News, "judgmental" Republicans, and they don't give a fig that the Clintons got filthy rich using the corrupt Foundation.


REFERENCE Morning Joe ran the Mark Halperin video-- asking assembled Hillary voters to name a single accomplishment of Secy of State Hillary.....the silence was deafening. The brain-dead Dems said they didn't care about lack of accomplishments or the Clinton corruption. They support Hillary because they hate judgmental Republicans, and Bill and Hillary know how to beat them, and b/c Hillary is a ‘strong woman’.

4 posted on 05/21/2015 8:26:17 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: All
Hillary's latest campaign slogan

"A vote for me is a vote for a Fully-Fornicating Society
without the nuisance of an actual child being born."

5 posted on 05/21/2015 8:29:29 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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