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Survivors outraged after learning Tsarnaev's family's trip to US paid for with American tax dollars
MyFox Boston ^ | 4/24/15

Posted on 04/25/2015 5:40:39 PM PDT by Impala64ssa

The family of the convicted marathon bomber is in America, on your tax dollars, and survivors are outraged after learning the news.

As of Thursday, family members of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been staying at the Hampton Inn in Revere under very tight security, just one of the things tax dollars are paying for. FOX25's Sharman Sacchetti investigated how much this trip is costing you.

Sources say these family members are being called as witnesses and not only that, at least three agencies are working around the clock to protect and transport them. This is all part of the defense team's strategy to save Tsarnaev. While it's unclear when their flight started, we know the last part of it came through Amsterdam and landed at Logan Airport and cost nearly $2,500 per person.

The cost to put them up at the Hampton Inn at the government rate: almost $200 per night, per person. And a source says at least three agencies, the FBI, US Marshal's and Revere Police are involved in constant protection.

“I think you're probably talking about $100,000 plus in that neighborhood in terms of security and out of pocket costs associated with travel,” former US attorney Michael Sullivan said.

And that's just for this trip.

Lawyer fees or even what all witnesses during the trial cost is still unclear. One defense witness, Mark Spencer of Arsenal Consulting, charged $375 per hour and billing taxpayers for $150,000.

Governor Charlie Baker said, “It's a federal trial, it's a federal case, the feds ultimately need to make the decisions about this.”

Baker was non-committal about how resources are being used, even state ones.

Sullivan told Sacchetti that while he understands taxpayer outrage, the whole point is to make sure it's done right.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; News/Current Events; US: Massachusetts; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: bostonmarathon; tsarnaev
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Video at link. After sponging off the taxpayers receiving all the gov't goodies, now these parasites are put up in a nice hotel with all expenses paid. HOOBOY this Amereeca is one great town!
1 posted on 04/25/2015 5:40:39 PM PDT by Impala64ssa
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To: Impala64ssa

Hmm. Well, if the family were white cops, and the victims were black thugs, now that would be something the media could sink its teeth into.

2 posted on 04/25/2015 5:42:50 PM PDT by 9thLife ("Life is a military endeavor..." -- Pope Francis)
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To: Impala64ssa

Im outraged!

3 posted on 04/25/2015 5:43:02 PM PDT by MeshugeMikey ("Never, Never, Never, Give Up," Winston Churchill ><>)
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To: Impala64ssa

Why wouldn’t we pay for people to come here and attack us?

4 posted on 04/25/2015 5:43:26 PM PDT by TBP (Obama lies, Granny dies.)
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Yet more misguided LIB government thinking. The “not my money” syndrome also comes into play. Screw this terrorist family. Kick them out of this country forever and kill their terrorist relative soon. PC is killing us.

5 posted on 04/25/2015 5:52:22 PM PDT by hal ogen (First Amendment or Reeducation Camp?)
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To: Impala64ssa

I’m not a survivor but I’m still outraged.
The only additional expense for his family that might be justified is additional rope....

6 posted on 04/25/2015 5:54:53 PM PDT by Lurkinanloomin (Know Islam, No Peace - No Islam, Know Peace)
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To: Impala64ssa

Seems to me that there’s still some outstanding warrants for at least one of the party; would be interesting to see how the feds handle a local officer showing up to place them under arrest.

7 posted on 04/25/2015 5:56:31 PM PDT by kingu (Everything starts with slashing the size and scope of the federal government.)
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To: Impala64ssa

I guess they never heard of wifi and a web cam. Sick that I’m paying for this.

8 posted on 04/25/2015 5:56:57 PM PDT by Organic Panic
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To: Impala64ssa

Allow his home country to pay if they want him to get treated more lightly. (I know, this is the result of high minded outrage at how law was for sale in the case of the well placed and the indigent. But if they CAN pay they SHOULD...)

9 posted on 04/25/2015 5:57:55 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Embrace the Lion of Judah and He will roar for you and teach you to roar too. See my page.)
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To: MeshugeMikey

Obama has a bleeding heart for the families of Islamic terrorist and American traitors. Remember Obama’s obscene embrace to the mother of Bowe Bergdahl, the deserter and the VIP reception he gave to his parents at the Rose Garden, something I have not seen Obama do with the parents of our fallen heroes.

10 posted on 04/25/2015 6:05:40 PM PDT by Dqban22
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To: Impala64ssa

Alternate suggestion: a bullet to the back of the head (a la KGB), and then bill the family for the ammo.

11 posted on 04/25/2015 6:06:10 PM PDT by Wheelman81
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To: Dqban22
I will not likely ever be able to forget his act with "Bo's Mom"

His embrace of islam...matches!

12 posted on 04/25/2015 6:08:58 PM PDT by MeshugeMikey ("Never, Never, Never, Give Up," Winston Churchill ><>)
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To: Lurkinanloomin

I used to live up there and I’m pissed about it.

This song pretty much sums it up:

“They wouldn’t be no loss,
they aint worth a toss
It’s about time they all dropped dead.

Take ‘em all, take ‘em all
Put ‘em up against a wall and shoot ‘em
Short and tall, watch ‘em fall
Come on boys take ‘em all”

Take ‘em all - Cock Sparrer

13 posted on 04/25/2015 6:51:21 PM PDT by 2CAVTrooper (Making harmless people defenseless, does not make dangerous people harmless)
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To: Impala64ssa; Liz

Obomba/Holder Undercut FBI (sent in Boston magistrate
and public defender to read Tsarnaev his Miranda Rights
BREITBART Details are emerging that when U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler read Dhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights,

she went to his hospital room accompanied by a federal public defender (meaning taxpayer-funded) and an assistant U.S. attorney

from the Massachusetts prosecutor’s office.

The FBI was only partway through questioning Tsarnaev to get intelligence to determine who else was involved in the plot and how

broad it was. The FBI told federal lawmakers in classified briefings this week they were “stunned” when this judicial officer and

lawyers showed up to read him his rights.

Tsarnaev was providing what the FBI called valuable intelligence, when he was read his rights and then immediately stopped talking.

-——via Liz

14 posted on 04/25/2015 7:13:54 PM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge)
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To: piasa

It seems like there have been several of these terrorist incidents where the perps have been prematurely read their “rights”.

15 posted on 04/25/2015 7:55:30 PM PDT by The_Media_never_lie (The media must be defeated any way it can be done.)
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To: Impala64ssa

Courtesy of the enemy islamist President.

16 posted on 04/25/2015 8:20:12 PM PDT by onedoug
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To: Organic Panic
As the parent of a Murdered Child, please hold your expression of sympathy as the crime happened 26 yrs ago.

Crime victims get the shaft any way you go in the civilized world.

I paid taxes to have my Jeremy's killer go thorough two 30 day physche evals. His Juvy stay, before they decided to try as adult. 2 yrs in jail awaiting a BAD plea deal. Had to travel at MY expense to fight his parole hearing sites. Had to pay for his less than 'good behavior' prison time. His meals, medical care and any education he took.

No victim of violent crime should be forced to pay taxes to support the perps who did it.

He now walks a free man and I CCW.

I and Nikki's mom pay taxes to keep this CRETIN on TN DEATH ROW.

Ashley Nichole 'Nikki' Read, age 8, she would have been 33, in March. RAPED and KILLED by David Keen. nearly 25 yrs ago. He has been on TN Death Row for nearly 21 yrs. ALL State and Federal Appeals are FINISHED. DNA proved he raped her, he confessed he both raped and strangled her to death with her own shoe laces before he threw her little body in the river. Yet TN Gov Bill Halsam refuses to set an execution date or sign the execution warrant.

Nikki was raped, strangled with her own Shoelaces, wrapped tightly in her blanket and thrown in the river barely still alive, where she finally drown to death. we are going into the 26th year of waiting for Justice, is obscene.

2 juries decided and all appeals courts UPHELD that the Death Penalty was the right course of action. The Death Penalty.

david keen child rapist, murderer

615) 741-2001

Tell TN Governor to do his Constitutional Duty, that 2 juries decided and all appeals courts UPHELD was the right course of action. The Death Penalty.

Nikki age 8

17 posted on 04/25/2015 11:00:48 PM PDT by GailA (IF you fail to keep your promises to the Military, you won't keep them to Citizens!)
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To: GailA

I know that yours isn’t a cry for sympathy, so I will offer empathy instead. Our family member was murdered in 2002, and while healing happens, it IS aggravated by the judicial system! The States are worse than the Federal Government.

Our ‘’trial’’ was at the Federal level, and our transportation and rooms were paid for via the government.

The last trial took place in 2004, and all appeals have been denied so we await what might never happen. An execution.

I’ve read so many accounts of the state governments causing further injury to murder victim survivors, that I had to stop! The prosecutors at the federal level saw themselves as speaking up for us, the family, but I’ve read accounts where plea deals so reduced sentences that it wasn’t worth going to trial for, and how prosecutors at the state level tend not to see themselves as acquiring justice on behalf of the injured families.

In any event, high profile trials cost millions whether they are death penalty cases, or not.

And I really AM sorry you lost your little one. In this country, at least till these days when it seems nearly anything goes, loosing a child in this manner was the worst thing that could happen to anybody. It’s a feeling and an impact like none other.

I do hope the marathon victims actually achieve victory, and that justice is truly served.

18 posted on 04/26/2015 3:02:32 AM PDT by PrairieLady2 (`)
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To: piasa
Survivors outraged that Tsarnaev's family's trip to US paid for with American tax dollars

Thanks for the heads-up. Frankly, I'm surprised Bostonians are surprised....b/c the US govt mandates that struggling taxpayers foot the bill for these people to go back and forth between America and their "supposedly" hostile homelands on the taxpayers' dime.

Taxpayers footed the bills for the entire buck-sucking Tsarnaev's for a long, l-o-n-g time. When these immigrants get to the US they claim "asylum" b/c that triggers endless monthly Social Security checks ......that's just for starters.

No doubt why Bostonians IN DROVES (above) protested last fall's illegal onslaught at the US border. Bostonians were still reeling from the Boston Marathon bombing---and had now discovered immigrants wanting "asylum" from 144 counties were illegally crossing the border into the US......and were coming to Massachusetts.

BACKSTORY Immediately after the Boston bombing, then-Democrat Mass Gov Deval Patrick ordered Massachusetts govt agencies to conceal welfare documents from taxpayers. But sources who saw 500 pages of welfare documents (requested by a state legislator) told News Center 5 that the entire Chechnyan immigrant Tsarnaev family collected upwards of $100,00 tax dollars free and clear. MA taxpayers financed the killing and maiming of their own friends and neighbors.


MASSACHUSETTS TAXPAYERS WERE UNKNOWINGLY FORCED TO FINANCE THE TSARNEV BROTHERS' DIRTY DEEDS BIGTIME ---After the Boston bombing, Massachusetts Democrat Gov Deval Patrick refused to divulge info WRT massive public assistance to the bomber killers/Chechen immigrants.

But state welfare officials were forced to come clean b/c the info is available to lawmakers. State Rep David Linsky called on the Mass Dept of Transitional Assistance to provide the info..... issuing an ultimatum, giving them 24 hours to provide the info.

The Boston Herald published the state's response: 'My office is working to fully comply with your request,' DTA interim commissioner Stacey Monahan wrote, saying they were only providing a summary 'given the great interest in this matter.'

Chechen immigrants--the bombers' parents----were eligible as legal, non-citizen residents who claimed "asylum" status and met the eligibility criteria for DTA, DTA interim commissioner Stacey Monahan said in a letter to David Linsky, Chairman of the Mass House Post Audit and Oversight Committee.

Multiple state agencies, on orders from Democrat Gov Patrick, refused to comment on the bomber brothers' welfare haul.

<><> WRT Tamerlan receiving UI benefits, Labor dept spokesman Kevin Franck refused to comment....

<><> Univ of Mass-- Dartmouth spokesman Robert Connolly refused to comment on the financial aid app of 19 -year-old soph Dzhokhar. 'It is our position - and I believe the accepted position in higher education - that student records including academic records and financial records (including financial aid) cannot under federal law be released without a student’s consent.'

<><> The FCC would not discuss whether the suspected bombers had govt-paid Obamaphones.

<><> Cambridge housing officials would not comment on if the brothers had Section 8 rental subsidy offered by the HUD to low income households.

<><> Chechen immigrants--the bombers' parents--were legal, non-citizen residents who claimed "asylum" status and met the eligibility criteria for endless SS checks.

<><> In sum, while planning the bombing, the Chechneyan immigrants received every conceivable tax-paid public benefit available out there.


Benefits for entire family of bombing suspects likely exceeded $100k
WCRB ^ | 4/29/2013 | By Janet Wu / FR Posted by Alistair Stratford IV

BOSTON — State lawmakers have launched an investigation into whether the suspects in the Boston bombings improperly received public benefits. The House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight is reviewing hundreds of documents collected from state agencies that may have provided benefits to the suspects or their families since 2002.

Sources who have seen the 500 pages of documents sent to the House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight told News Center 5 that the entire Tsarnaev family, including:

(1) the two bombing suspects' parents (mother absconded--wanted for shoplifting),

(2) the two suspects themselves,

(3) their trouble-making sisters (one arrested for bomb threats),

(4) the widow of the suspect killed, and,

(5) their child.

Could also include benefits for their Chechen "student" pals who tampered w/ bombing evidence (one is now in jail, the other going to trial).

(Excerpt) Read more here:

19 posted on 04/26/2015 4:08:06 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: All

(1) foreign nationals in the US must at least avoid criminal activity,

(2) foreigners must stay off public assistance,

(3) the US govt is supposedly disinclined to grant "asylum to fearful refugees” from
war-torn regions" ("asylum" means a free ride on the US gravy train and endless SS payments)


On-the-book govt mandates force struggling taxpayers to foot the bill for the refugees to travel
back and forth between America and their supposedly hostile homelands on the taxpayers' dime.

20 posted on 04/26/2015 4:14:39 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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