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To: Kaslin
Obama is not lazy in the traditional meaning of the word. He disdains the workings of government, the machinations of Congress, and the strictures of the Constitution because he operates within an entirely different system.

It is as though you said to me that my behavior were repugnant to Zoroastrian beliefs. It would not have the slightest effect on my thinking or my behavior. So he does not deign to have a relationship with Congress and he does not respond to crises because the crises are the normal part of a misshaped world which he alone knows how to transform. So it is with Obama. He is a Marxist who believes the system is illegitimate; he is utterly detached from that system except to exploit it and transform it into the utopia he and Saul Alinsky envisioned.

That is the philosophy which Obama in his youth has seized upon as a compensation for his inadequacies made all the more blatant by his terrible character flaw: his narcissism.

If Chuck Norris can refer to an old article of his, I can reproduce an old post of mine that goes back to 2009:


I think he is a narcissist who survives and prospers not by addressing problems but by manipulating people. Narcissists like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama are not stupid, they are wonderfully clever and exceedingly effective in reading their victims and manipulating them.

I think that Barack Obama has a worldview provided to him, posthumously, by Saul Alinsky which gives him a framework for analysis. In other words, Obama does not "analyze", rather he "sorts" and puts data into their appropriate slots provided by the philosophy of Saul Alinsky. He has learned a vocabulary which enables him to contrive a front of effectiveness, a seriousness of purpose and depth of character which is all a sham.

Think of Barack Obama as the professional coordinator at an Alinsky meeting. For those old enough, think of Barack Obama as the leader of an EST meeting of the 1970s. These experiences give him an eschatology, a vocabulary, a forensic ability to manipulate, and ego satisfaction. What was he doing as editor of the Harvard Law Review if he was not producing actual work? He was acting out as a community organizer with the shtick modified to fit a new venue. If one examines his career at every level the pattern is the same. As a constitutional law lecturer he produced no written work but he was evidently perfectly fit to the culture of the law school. In the Illinois Senate he voted present but ingratiated himself with the Daley machine. He barely passed go in the United States Senate but he knew the vocabulary and he passed muster with the likes of George Soros. In each instance, Barack Obama behaves as a narcissist, very shallow, producing no work product, but selling a great package.

If one takes away the Marxist belief system provided to him or reinforced in every step of his development from his mother to Frank Marshall Davis, to Columbia University, the Harvard Law school, William Ayres, to Reverend Wright, one is left with a truly hollow man. That is why Obama is such a dangerous ideologue. There is no Obama apart from a lifelong sham, a compensation for always being advanced beyond his competence because of his race and his ability to manipulate. He simply cannot stop the act and get off stage because there is nothing but the act.

Obama is a man without a soul and without a spiritual compass. His relationship to Reverend Wright reveals that he has no real spiritual quality to him for there could hardly be a more rank apostasy than in the church which he attended for 20 years. It has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with ego satisfaction. It is the opposite of the Judeo-Christian message.

Obama cannot abandon his radicalism because there is no other there there. He is a massive compensation system. His body is a life-support system for his narcissism and the narcissism is utterly dependent on the received wisdom from Saul Alinsky and the rest of them.

12 posted on 08/05/2014 6:06:30 AM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: nathanbedford; laplata; Liz; upchuck; kristinn; Lady Jag; SatinDoll; Jane Long; Diogenes; ...


14 posted on 08/05/2014 6:40:39 AM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: nathanbedford

The only problem with your brilliant analysis is in getting people to believe it.

Or maybe getting them to see it in the first place.

I agree with you 100% but I suspect that is because through the vagaries of fate (and independence of mind) I have lived up close and personal as a non-Leftist in various Leftist venues in various places. I have seen the army of Leftist narcissists Corporal Obama belongs to.

Even anti-BO commentators wildly miss the mark, often because they are hung up in looking at things within the context of electoral politics, or (as in the case of the original post) through the incomplete and somewhat trite categories of personality diagnosis.

To say, for instance, that BO is incompetent misses the mark. Yes, BO is breath-takingly incompetetent, if by competence you mean managerial ability and the array of talents needed to build or improve something.

But that sort of competence is irrelevant to BO, in the same way (as you so well explain) the usual personality measurements are irrelevant to understanding BO.

As they say, any jackass can kick down a barn. BO is a jackass, and he is kicking down the barn, but the aphorism is inadequate to describe the cunning that the Left uses to kick down the barn.

Alinsky methods are really nothing more than cunning kindergarten psychology, the use of emotion and deception to present a “reality” which permits obtaining what you could not otherwise get by “competence.”

Kindergarten psychology is available to almost any human being, although some are more cunning and even masterful in its use.

The most difficult aspect of the kindergarten method is in addressing those who see through the phoniness and deceit. They must be eliminated by whatever means because they are impervious to the baloney, and might help others to see the fraudulence for what it is.

To BO, it’s all good, if it results in more hatred, more division, more chaos, more of anything which creates the instability and gnawing fear needed for “revolution.”

And of course, getting back to the kindergarten psychology, part of the “cunning” is to condemn hatred and division, and accuse all those who see clearly what you are going of fomenting hatred and division.

It is a dreary and tedious game loved only by the shriveled souls and deformed intellects such as BO.

The problem is, it works, as reflected by the countless articles devoted to irrelevant explanations.

TY for giving me hope, nathanbedford.

16 posted on 08/05/2014 7:05:23 AM PDT by Gratia
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